Chapter 77 – Omen of Polar Night

“Lecturer Li is starting class!”

“Lecturer Li is starting class, hurry!”

“Exciting, isn’t it?”

“What do you think? Hurry, there won’t be any seats left if you’re late!”

At the Imperial Academy, in the northern courtyard classroom, most of the students hurriedly rushed over just to grab a good spot.

In the classroom, Li Ziye held a self-made insulated tea cup, pretended to blow on it, took a sip of tea, then pursed his lips and spat the tea leaves back into the cup.


Instantly, many of the Imperial Academy students below were almost sick to their stomachs.

Li Ziye looked down at the students in front of him with disdain. This was the standard tea-drinking action for a teacher. What do you know!

“Alright, let’s begin the class!”

Seeing that almost everyone had arrived, Li Ziye put down the tea cup and said, “Today, I will continue the previous lesson on personal hygiene.”

Below, dozens of Imperial Academy students’ eyes immediately lit up at the mention of the topic.

Outside the classroom, many students who hadn’t secured a spot were also eagerly waiting for this moment.

Li Ziye took out a sketch and pinned it to a wooden frame, grinning as he said, “Due to pressure from above, we will be using stick figures today. You can imagine the specific details yourselves.”


The students below couldn’t help but curse when they saw the simple outline of a woman on the sketch. They felt cheated!

Disappointed, the crowd immediately got up to leave.

“Alright, everyone can leave!”

Seeing the situation, Li Ziye didn’t stop them and picked up his insulated cup again, taking another sip of tea. “I was actually going to teach you some tips on having sons.”


The students who were about to leave were taken aback by his words and looked at the young man in front of them with suspicion.

Tips on having sons?

“L-Lecturer Li, is that true?”

A slightly older student opened his mouth and then asked with determination. He had been married to his wife for a while and had already had two daughters, but he had never been able to have a son, which had always been a sore spot for him.

“Of course it’s true.”

Li Ziye grinned and said, “Have I ever lied to you?”

The crowd looked at each other and simultaneously flashed a look of disdain. He had stood them up in the previous class!

“Cough! Cough!”

Li Ziye also realized that he seemed to have fooled these guys and coughed lightly to cover up his embarrassment. He looked ahead and said, “Let’s continue the class. Do you know who determines whether a child is a boy or a girl?”

“Of course it’s determined by the wife!”

A student below replied, and the entire class burst into laughter.


Li Ziye said disdainfully, then felt unsatisfied and added, “Ignorant!”

“Lecturer Li, are you saying that if a man can’t have a son, it’s the man’s fault?” The student who had spoken before was not convinced.

“You got it right.”

Li Ziye looked at the students below and said, “If you can’t have a son, it’s your fault, and it has nothing to do with your wife.”

“How is that possible!”

“Lecturer Li, you can’t just say that.”

The classroom suddenly became heated, and the students refused to accept it.

In an era of male superiority and female inferiority, it was not easy for men to admit their mistakes. Moreover, not having a son was a big mistake. How could these proud students accept it?

Li Ziye took a sip of tea from his insulated cup, then spat out the tea leaves again, following the proper teacher’s tea-drinking process.

The students below, who were still spouting nonsense, were suddenly too disgusted to speak.

“Aren’t you going to speak?”

Seeing the situation, Li Ziye put down the insulated cup and said, “Then I’ll continue.”


Li Ziye took out another sketch and pinned it to the wooden frame. “First, let’s talk about the determining factor for the gender of a child. Yes, it’s the chromosome.”


The people below were stunned at the mention of this, wondering what it was.

“You bunch of useless people, you obviously didn’t pay attention in my previous classes.”

Li Ziye scolded them and continued, “Chromosomes are similar to the Genuine Qi you cultivate when practicing martial arts. You can’t see or touch them, but they really exist. Men have XY chromosomes, and women have XX chromosomes. When you and your wife have a child, the chromosomes in your bodies will split in half and then recombine freely to form a pair. So, if you don’t provide the Y chromosome, how can your wife have a son?”


The students in the classroom listened to this unheard-of statement and looked at each other in disbelief.

This was too shocking and outrageous!

“Lecturer Li, we’ve never heard of these things before!”

A student questioned, “Could it be that you made it up?”

“Good question.”

Li Ziye grinned and said, “Learning means learning to question. These statements were told to me by the Confucian Scholar, and I also thought it was nonsense. How about we go ask the Confucian Scholar together?”

“Hiss!”The people below heard the words and immediately took another breath of cold air, shaking their heads, “No, no!”

Li Ziye looked at the group of cowards in front of him, sneering in his heart, “I don’t believe it, I can’t cure you.”

I don’t believe you really dare to ask the Confucian Scholar.

“Instructor Li, how can we have a son?”

Among the dozens of Imperial Academy students, someone was more concerned about this issue and hurriedly asked.

“Eat more alkaline foods.”

Li Ziye began to talk nonsense in a serious manner, “The Y chromosome likes an alkaline environment. Eating more alkaline foods is beneficial to the survival of the Y chromosome, and the probability of having a son can also be increased.”

“What are alkaline foods?”

The students below listened with confusion, asking as if they understood.

“This involves trade secrets.”

Li Family grinned and said, “The Li Family will soon launch a medicinal diet formula that can increase the probability of having a son. Of course, it only increases the possibility, and it does not work for everyone. Also, there is no gender discrimination. If you don’t urgently need a son, there is no need to buy it.”

“Where can I buy it?”

The students below were all wealthy and immediately asked.

“Not available yet.”

Li Ziye smiled, “And because the medicinal materials and ingredients are very precious, even if it is officially launched, there will be quantity restrictions, and it is not possible for everyone to buy it.”

The people below heard this and looked at each other. Can’t even buy it with money?

Li Ziye looked at the expressions of the people below, his mouth slightly curved.

These guys, don’t they understand the concept of scarcity marketing? The more I don’t let you buy it, the more active you will be when the time comes.

By the way, the Confucian Scholar’s sign is really useful. Should I invite this great god to the Li Family shop for some publicity?

Half an hour later, many students finished their classes and left. Li Ziye sat calmly in front of the painting, drinking tea. After standing for an hour, his waist was sore.

“Brother Li, did the Confucian Scholar really tell you all this?” Bai Wangyu walked over and asked curiously.

“You can go ask the Confucian Scholar and find out,” Li Ziye replied.


Bai Wangyu also sat down without saying a word. This kid knows he doesn’t dare.

“Old Bai, am I a business genius?” Li Ziye smiled triumphantly.

“Will they really buy it?” Bai Wangyu asked in confusion, “Brother Li already said that the medicinal diet may not work.”

“That’s exactly why they will buy it,” Li Ziye laughed, “People have a mentality of luck and rebellion. If I tell them it will definitely work, they won’t believe it and will suspect that I am advertising. But if I say that it doesn’t work for everyone, they will try it. The more you don’t let them do something, the more they will want to do it. Just watch, when the Li Family shop launches this medicinal diet, it will be full of customers.”

“Brother Li, you really are a cunning merchant,” Bai Wangyu couldn’t help but say.

“Thank you for the compliment!” Li Ziye grinned, unashamedly responding.


Bai Wangyu really didn’t know what this kid’s thick skin was made of.

“Let’s go home and chat with the little monk, see if we can get some good stuff out of him.”

Li Ziye had rested enough and stood up, walking out of the classroom.

Meanwhile, in the Desert North, the northern part of the Central Plains, the Mo Bei Eight Tribes lived here all year round, each with their own territory.

And on this day, at the northernmost part of Mo Bei, near the polar region, the territory of the Hu Yan tribe, night suddenly fell, as if the endless night divided the heavens and the earth.

The shepherds of the Hu Yan tribe didn’t take it seriously at first, until…

The monsters arrived!

The monsters shrouded in black mist, numbering in the hundreds, appeared from the depths of the night, crazily preying on the shepherds on the grasslands.

In one night, the grassland flowed with blood.

The northernmost branch of the Hu Yan tribe was wiped out in one night.

“Great Sovereign, there are monsters!”

A man covered in blood, who had survived by chance, rode a horse to the tent of the Great Sovereign of the Hu Yan tribe, and then passed out due to exhaustion.

Half a day later, the young man woke up and hurriedly told the tribe what had happened, causing a stir throughout the Hu Yan tribe.

Some believed, some didn’t. The Great Sovereign of the Hu Yan tribe immediately sent people to investigate. In less than a day, the people who went to investigate returned and told everyone present what they had seen in the tribe.

Shocked, they were all shocked!

The tribe was full of white bones, with no survivors, extremely tragic, exactly like the legendary scene of monsters eating people!

“Immediately contact the Great Sovereigns of other tribes to discuss the matter of resisting the monsters!” The Great Sovereign of the Hu Yan tribe made a decisive decision and said in a deep voice.


For a while, the entire Hu Yan tribe at the northernmost part of Mo Bei began to be on guard.

However, the news from Mo Bei did not reach Great Shang until nearly a month later.

Back in Li Garden, Li Ziye returned from the Imperial Academy and had been pestering the little monk, claiming to exchange martial arts knowledge.

Of course, exchanging martial arts was a lie. The real goal was to find a way to coax some secret techniques from San Zang of the Buddhist Sect.Old Li had his own set of troubles, indeed. The Fei Xian Jue was simply too difficult to master; the complexity of each move doubled in difficulty. By the fourth stance, just the footwork alone consisted of thirty-six steps, practicing it nearly made Li Ziye cough up blood.

In his spare time, Li Ziye naturally wanted to extort some powerful techniques to have up his sleeve.

After all, one cannot have too many skills!


A quarter of an hour later, Li Ziye fell off the wall, crashing onto the ground like a paper doll.


Seeing this, San Zang hurried over, apologizing anxiously, “This humble monk did not do it on purpose.”

“Ouch, my bones! My vertebrae, my lumbar disc!”

Li Ziye lay on the ground, rolling and crying out, “Little monk, you must compensate me!”

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