Chapter 79 – Capture demons?

“Are you sure? What exactly is it?”

In the tent of the Huyan tribe in the Desert North, the Great Sovereigns of the Chisong, Bai Di, and Helan tribes all arrived and looked at the Huyan Great Sovereign in front of them, asking.

All four Great Sovereigns were men, and except for the Great Sovereign Bai Di, the other three were all strong and sturdy men.

Compared to the others, the Great Sovereign Bai Di looked more like a man from the Central Plains, gentle and refined, with a slightly pale complexion for some unknown reason, completely lacking the fierce aura of the men from the Desert North.

However, everyone present knew that the most terrifying among the four tribes was this Great Sovereign Bai Di.

“It should be the legendary monster!”

The Huyan Great Sovereign looked at the gazes of the three Great Sovereigns and said in a deep voice.


On the left, the Helan Great Sovereign, wearing a fox fur cloak, squinted his eyes and said, “Are there really monsters in this world? Could it be that you, Huyan Great Sovereign, are just using this as an excuse to borrow troops from us?”

“Helan Great Sovereign, those monsters were seen by people from our tribe with their own eyes.”

The Huyan Great Sovereign looked at the man opposite him and said coldly, “If you don’t believe it, you can go to the north and see for yourself whether the traces left behind are from monsters. You’ll know at a glance!”

“I, as the Great Sovereign, don’t have that kind of free time.” The Helan Great Sovereign said indifferently.

“What’s all the fuss about? Whether those things are monsters or not, send troops over. I don’t believe they have three heads and six arms.”

On the right, a burly man with a red face spoke, his voice like thunder, “The men of my Chisong tribe are the most brave. Even if they are demons, they are not afraid!”


The Great Sovereign Bai Di, who had not spoken all along, spoke in a calm tone, “If they are really monsters, the men of your Chisong tribe are not enough to even get between their teeth.”

“What do you mean, Great Sovereign Bai Di!”

The Chisong Great Sovereign, upon hearing this, showed a look of anger, slapped the table, and stood up suddenly, saying, “Don’t think that I’m really afraid of you. If you’re not convinced, let’s go outside and practice!”

“Just you? You’re not worthy.” The Great Sovereign Bai Di said coldly.


The Chisong Great Sovereign was furious and was about to step forward to take action.

“Both Great Sovereigns, the main issue is important, so please refrain from speaking.”

At the main seat, the Huyan Great Sovereign spoke, advising, “The appearance of monsters in the world is an undeniable fact. I remember, there was a legend on the grassland that when the polar night arrives, there will be monsters that eat people. Those monsters likely come from the dark night in the extreme north.”

“The extreme north?”

A strange light flashed in the eyes of the Great Sovereign Bai Di, “In recent years, there have indeed been many strange occurrences. The phenomenon of the polar night, which should only appear in the extreme north, has now appeared in the Desert North. Perhaps, it is really indicating something.”

“What is the strength of those things?”

The Helan Great Sovereign, wearing a fox fur cloak, touched the ring on his left hand and asked.

“Not very strong, their strength is equivalent to between the first and second realms, but they are extremely fast, and they have claws and teeth that are harder than stone, making them difficult to deal with.” The Huyan Great Sovereign replied.

“Then they are no different from the wild beasts on my grassland.” The Chisong Great Sovereign said loudly.

“Of course there is a difference.”

The Huyan Great Sovereign said in a deep voice, “The ferocity of those monsters is not something that wild beasts can compare to, and they are extremely cunning. We must not be careless.”

“There is an important question, can those things really not leave the darkness?” The Great Sovereign Bai Di asked calmly.

“So far, we have not seen any monsters appear outside of the dark night.” The Huyan Great Sovereign replied.

“No, it’s still not possible.” The Great Sovereign Bai Di asked seriously.

At this, the Huyan Great Sovereign was taken aback, not knowing how to answer.

He really didn’t know the answer to this question.

“Huyan Great Sovereign, you have too little information. How can we rest assured to send troops to help you?” The Helan Great Sovereign said coldly.

Upon hearing this, the Huyan Great Sovereign’s face looked a bit ugly and said, “The territories of our four tribes are adjacent. We all prosper together and suffer together. Do you all think that those monsters will only attack my Huyan tribe?”

“At the very least, we have not found these things in our territories.” The Helan Great Sovereign said indifferently.

“You, Helan Great Sovereign!”

The Huyan Great Sovereign’s chest heaved up and down with anger. After a long time, he suppressed his anger and said, “Helan Great Sovereign, you should be clear that in recent years, the dark night has been spreading southward. In the future, more and more monsters will appear. If our four tribes do not unite, we will eventually be broken down one by one by those monsters.”

“Enough talk, let’s fight!”

The Chisong Great Sovereign slammed the table and shouted, “My Chisong tribe agrees to send troops.”

The Helan Great Sovereign frowned, thought for a moment, and nodded in agreement, “Fine, regardless of whether those things are monsters or not, let’s first send some people to guard outside the dark night, just in case.”

After the two made their statements, the Great Sovereign Bai Di nodded and said, “Since the two Great Sovereigns have agreed, I have no objections. Let’s send troops.”

The three Great Sovereigns reached an agreement, and the Huyan Great Sovereign’s face immediately showed a happy expression. He looked outside the tent and shouted, “Good, bring the wine!”

After a while, the soldiers of the Huyan tribe entered the tent with wine and filled the cups of the four Great Sovereigns.

“For the friendship of the four tribes!”

The Huyan Great Sovereign stood up with his wine cup and said.

“For the friendship of the four tribes!”

The three Great Sovereigns also stood up, raised their wine cups, and said.

The four Great Sovereigns looked at each other, then drank the wine in their cups in unison!The agreement for the four tribes to send troops was reached, and soon, the warriors from the four tribes gathered and rushed to the place where the extreme night fell.

However, no one expected that this was just the beginning of a real nightmare.

Great Shang Capital City, Li Garden.

For many days, Li Ziye was busy and happy. In addition to teaching at the Imperial Academy from time to time, most of his time was spent practicing the Fei Xian Jue and his own Turtle Shell technique.

After more than ten days of practice, Li Ziye’s Fei Xian Jue’s fourth move and two parts of the Turtle Shell martial arts had made considerable progress, enough to spar a few moves with Little Red Riding Hood and the little monk.

Of course, the end result was still getting beaten up, but in Li Ziye’s words, there was a difference in getting beaten up.

Getting beaten up without dignity, and getting beaten up with dignity!

Li Ziye always believed that he was getting beaten up with dignity, at least he fought back.

Although he couldn’t win.

“Old Bai, Little Monk.”

The three of them sat in a row on the steps in front of the west wing, and Li Ziye, with a swollen face, said with a depressed look, “Do you think I can beat Huo Lin’er in three years?”

“No, you can’t beat her.”

Bai Wangyu shook his head without hesitation.


San Zang recited a Buddhist mantra and also replied, “You can’t beat her.”


Li Ziye felt even more depressed at the words. What kind of people were they? Couldn’t they comfort him a little?

“Brother Li, you haven’t practiced for long enough.”

After giving him a scolding, Bai Wangyu timely handed him a red date and comforted him, “Huo Lin’er has been practicing martial arts for a longer time than you, and her talent is rare in a hundred years. Brother Li, don’t think too far ahead.”

“I’ve worked hard.”

Li Ziye said somewhat disheartenedly. He thought that by opening the second Divine Hidden Technique, he could spar with experts like Little Red Riding Hood and San Zang a few moves, but he didn’t expect that the gap would still be so big when it came to a real fight.

“I think Brother Li needs a turning point.”

San Zang thought for a moment and said, “The fact that Brother Li has gained the recognition of the Heavenly Book shows that his potential is definitely not bad. However, how to tap into this potential requires Brother Li to think about it himself.”


Li Ziye looked at Little Red Riding Hood beside him suspiciously and asked, “Do I have potential?”

Bai Wangyu hesitated for a moment and said, “You should.”

“Young Master!”

Just as the three were talking, a servant boy hurriedly walked in from outside the west wing and respectfully said, “News has come from the palace that in seven days, the Crown Prince will marry the Princess Qing Qing of the Southwest Wangfu!”

“So soon?”

Li Ziye was surprised to hear this.

Bai Wangyu frowned beside him. This seemed a bit too hasty.

Princess Qing Qing had only arrived in the capital city half a month ago, and the Crown Prince’s wedding was a very complicated process. To set it for seven days later, was it too rushed?

To Li Ziye’s left, San Zang remained silent, lost in thought.

Seeing this, Li Ziye gave a meaningful look to Little Red Riding Hood beside him, indicating that she should keep an eye on the little monk in the next few days.

Bai Wangyu understood and nodded gently.

“Young Master, something bad has happened.”

At this time, another servant boy hurriedly walked in from outside the west wing and said urgently, “Last night, two young men in the city were found with their hearts removed, reportedly the work of a demon.”

“Hearts removed?”

Li Ziye was startled. Was it the work of a demon from “Painted Skin”?

“Brother Li, do you think the demon you and the Southwest Wang’s son encountered back then did this?” Bai Wangyu asked.

“How would I know?”

Li Ziye said irritably, “What kind of world is this, where heart-stealing demons are running around.”

At this point, Li Ziye looked at the two people beside him and said, “One of you is a disciple of the Confucian School, and the other is a Buddhist disciple. You should have learned the method of subduing demons. Go and catch that demon!”

Bai Wangyu and San Zang nodded at each other and then nodded to Li Ziye.

Makes sense!

“Brother Li, come with us.” Bai Wangyu said.

“Go where?” Li Ziye asked in confusion.

“Amitabha, to catch the demon.” San Zang recited the Buddhist mantra and replied.

“I’m not going.”

Li Ziye shook his head vigorously. “Whoever wants to go can go, but I’m not going. I’m the most afraid of demons.”

At night.

The cold wind blew, and the streets were empty.

“I knew it wouldn’t come, but you guys insisted on making me come.”

At this time, three people walked down the street, with Li Ziye in the middle, hugging himself to keep warm and complaining, “Let’s go back. The demon might be resting today.”

“No rush.”

Bai Wangyu said calmly, “We just came out. We have to wait a little while.”

“Then you guys have to protect me!” Li Ziye urged anxiously.

“Brother Li, rest assured, we will definitely protect you.” Bai Wangyu said.

“Phew, phew!”

As the two were talking, a cold wind blew across the street, making the already quiet night even more eerie.

“It’s here.”

San Zang felt it and said with a slightly serious expression.


Bai Wangyu nodded, squinting his eyes.

“Jie Jie!”

At the next moment, a mass of black mist surged on the street, and the piercing laughter spread throughout the street.


Li Ziye saw the large mass of black mist surging towards him and was so scared that he quickly hid behind the two of them.

“Go, Brother Li, it’s time to show your strength!”Bai Wangyu was not one to waste such a natural meat shield. He grabbed the person in front of him and hurled them directly towards the dark aura ahead.

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