Chapter 6 – Reap what you sow, Li Tianjiao

"Extra Edition! Li Ziye of the Li Family in Yuzhou City has become a disciple of Plum Blossom Sword Immortal."


"Extra Edition! Li Ziye displays the Tai Chi Sword Technique again, and a strange phenomenon occurs with ten thousand swords bowing down."


"Extra Edition! Plum Blossom Sword Immortal says that Li Ziye of the Li Family possesses the aura of a Sword Immortal."


"Extra Edition! Fairy Qin is interested in becoming Dao companions with Li Ziye of the Li Family."




In the backyard of the Li Residence, Li Ziye spewed out his tea upon hearing the rumors spread by the servant boys in the residence.


"I didn't ask anyone to spread this news."


Seeing the strange look from Slovenly Zhang, Li Ziye immediately explained, "I only asked someone to spread the news that Old Qin wanted to accept me as her disciple. I really don't know anything about being Dao companions."




Slovenly Zhang responded indifferently, "I believe you."


Yeah, right!


"Young Master, Fairy Qin has arrived."


Just then, another servant boy rushed over in a hurry and said.


"Oh no."


Li Ziye's expression changed, could it be that Old Qin came to question him?


However, before Li Ziye could react, a graceful figure walked into the backyard. Her steps were not fast, but she had already arrived at the lakeside in an instant.


Qin E'nuo glanced at Li Ziye without saying anything, then shifted her gaze to Slovenly Zhang beside him and calmly said, "So, you're here."


"Fairy Qin, long time no see."


Slovenly Zhang opened his eyes and smiled lightly.


"Not that long, we just met two days ago."


Qin E'nuo walked forward and said, "I'm curious, why did you help him?"


"He has money. Money can make the devil be the worker."


Slovenly Zhang said naturally, "Didn't you also accept his Fish Intestine Sword and Heavenly Silkworm Soft Armor and fix matches for him?"


Qin E'nuo fell silent and after a moment, she said seriously, "I saw his talent in martial arts."


"Martial arts talent?"


Slovenly Zhang's face revealed a strange smile.


On the side, Li Ziye also coughed a few times and choked on his tea.


"Qin E'nuo, have you not checked his meridians?" Slovenly Zhang said with a gloating expression.




Qin E'nuo furrowed her eyebrows and said, "Why should I check his meridians? I observed that his martial bone is extraordinary, his organs and blood are vigorous, and his hidden potential is definitely beyond ordinary people."


"The old man and I thought the same before." Slovenly Zhang smirked.


Upon hearing this, Qin E'nuo sensed that something was wrong. She immediately stepped forward and grabbed Li Ziye's arm.


Gradually, Qin E'nuo's expression changed.




Slovenly Zhang couldn't help but burst into laughter when he saw this.


He had been waiting for this day for a long time.


All eight meridians were blocked, and genuine Qi couldn't circulate. Even if his organs and blood were vigorous, so what?


As Li Ziye would put it, he had become a bomb ready to explode?


"You two deceived me!"


Qin E'nuo let go and her eyes were filled with intense coldness as she said in a cold voice.


"We didn't deceive you."


Slovenly Zhang laughed loudly, "From beginning to end, neither I nor this kid said anything. It's just that you believed too much in your own eyes and trusted those rumors."


Li Ziye's face also showed a hint of embarrassment. He touched his nose and felt quite embarrassed. After all, it wasn't something to be proud of.


Qin E'nuo clenched her delicate hand tightly, her chest trembling with anger. The look she gave the two of them seemed as if she wanted to devour them.


"Qin E'nuo, you publicly announced in front of the entire Yuzhou City that you were accepting this kid as your disciple. It's too late to regret now."


Slovenly Zhang said with glee, "Or maybe you can find a way to help him open his eight meridians. Isn't that more challenging than simply accepting a genius?"




Li Ziye spoke up, sincerely saying, "As long as I can open my eight meridians and successfully embark on the path of martial arts, I don't care about any cost. Old Li lacks everything except money."


After hearing the young man's words, Qin E'nuo gradually regained her composure from her anger. It was too late to turn back now.


"I don't know how to open the eight meridians." Qin E'nuo suppressed her anger and said slowly.


Li Ziye trembled upon hearing this, and his expression turned gloomy.


If even Qin E'nuo didn't know how to open the eight meridians, did that mean he had no chance in martial arts?


"There's one more thing I need to tell you."


Qin E'nuo sneered, "The reason I was so eager to accept a disciple was because I made a bet with the Old Ancestor of the Vermilion Bird Sect. Three years later, the disciple I accepted will have a match with his disciple. If I lose, the consequences will be unbearable for you."


"The disciple of the Old Ancestor of the Vermilion Bird Sect is?"


Li Ziye looked at Old Zhang and swallowed his saliva, a bad premonition rising in his heart.


"Huo Lin'er."


Slovenly Zhang grinned and said, "One of the four great geniuses in the world, she's even stronger than the Third Prince."


Li Ziye's body trembled upon hearing this. He was doomed.


A gentle breeze brushed past, and the atmosphere became awkward with the three of them by the lakeside.


A hopeless situation!


Qin E'nuo didn't expect to have accepted a useless disciple, and Li Ziye didn't expect that Qin E'nuo had made a bet with someone else.


Who had tricked whom?


For a moment, the three of them didn't know what to say.


"Don't bother saving me."By the lake, Li Ziye regained his senses and said a word before jumping into the lake with a splash.


"Let me drown!"


On the shore, Qin E'nuo and Slovenly Zhang exchanged a glance and silently looked away.


"Qin E'nuo, you better think of a solution. This kid has no bottom line. If you don't care about anything, he will dare to admit defeat directly in the competition three years later. This kid is not afraid to do anything," Slovenly Zhang reminded.


Bottom line? This kid has no bottom line.


This kid never plays by the rules.


How can a normal person dare to send someone to beat the prince on the night before the competition?


Qin E'nuo narrowed her eyes slightly and after a long time, she said, "Let him refine his body. Cultivating external skills might be an option."


"Refine his body?"


Slovenly Zhang smiled faintly and said, "What level do you think he can achieve with his thin arms and legs? Without tempering his genuine qi, even if he refines his body, he won't become powerful."


Qin E'nuo fell silent, her eyes showing a thoughtful look. After a while, she said slowly, "Then there is only one way."


After speaking, Qin E'nuo looked at the center of the lake, her eyes filled with cold light, and said, "Forcefully break open his meridians."


Slovenly Zhang's expression froze when he heard this and he said, "Do you want to kill him? The meridians of an ordinary person are fragile. If forcibly broken, it will undoubtedly result in death."


Qin E'nuo sneered and said, "It may not work for ordinary people, but he might be able to endure it. Don't forget, he has money in the Li Residence. For every inch of meridian broken, he can use hundreds of potent medicines to repair it until all his meridians are broken."


"That's truly a terrible method."


A strange look flashed in Slovenly Zhang's eyes as he said, "Are you sure it will be his meridians that break first, and not him being tortured to death by you? Even with mountains of potent medicine, it cannot guarantee that he can withstand the pain of shattered meridians. Moreover, it will have to be broken hundreds or even thousands of times."


"We won't know until we try," Qin E'nuo said calmly.


While the two were talking, the center of the lake remained calm.


"Hey, where is that kid?"


Slovenly Zhang suddenly snapped back to his senses and looked towards the center of the lake, anxiously saying, "He didn't really drown, did he?"


Qin E'nuo frowned and also looked towards the center of the lake.


"Save him!"


Slovenly Zhang immediately stood up and said.


"No need for that trouble."


Qin E'nuo waved her hand, grasped her sword, and her genuine qi surged as she slashed towards the lake surface.




In an instant, the sword opened the gate of heaven, and the entire lake surface split apart like a hanging waterfall, dividing into two.




At the same time, a figure emerged from under the water on the left side of the split lake surface. When he turned his head and saw the lake surface being split by a sword, he was startled.


"Damn, what's going on?"


Li Ziye shivered and exclaimed.


"This stinky kid scared the hell out of me."


On the lake surface, Slovenly Zhang breathed a sigh of relief. If something had happened to that kid, he would have lost a thousand jars of Intoxicated Blossom Brew.


In the lake, as the water receded, waves surged.


Li Ziye swam to the shore and looked at Qin E'nuo, who was holding a sword, with admiration in his eyes. He almost went up to kiss her.


"Do you want to learn?" Qin E'nuo said calmly.


"Yes." Li Ziye nodded vigorously like a drumstick.


"It will be a little bit painful." Qin E'nuo said casually.


"That's fine, I can handle a little pain." Li Ziye nodded vigorously.


On the side, Slovenly Zhang's mouth curved slightly. That little bit of pain was truly something.


"Prepare a large amount of potent medicine. I will write down the names of the medicines, and you should prepare as many as possible," Qin E'nuo said calmly.


"How many is as many as possible? Can you give me a rough estimate?" Li Ziye asked.


Qin E'nuo thought for a moment, then turned and pointed to the room behind her, saying, "Just fill that room."


"Damn it!"


This time, even Li Ziye, who had seen and experienced a lot, couldn't help but curse. Filling a room with potent medicine, did Old Qin think potent medicine was as cheap as cabbage?


"You can choose not to prepare, but then three years later, you can wait to be beaten to death by Huo Lin'er," Qin E'nuo said calmly before turning and leaving.


Li Ziye was stunned for a moment, then after a while, he came back to his senses and looked at Slovenly Zhang beside him, asking, "Old Zhang, do you know what Old Qin is planning?"


"I don't know," Slovenly Zhang shook his head decisively. He only cared about watching the show, and it had nothing to do with him.


Li Ziye looked suspicious, wondering what was going on. Why did he have a bad premonition?




Half a day later.


Li Residence study.


Li Baiwan saw the list of potent medicines on the table, and his face, full of fat, trembled uncontrollably.


"H-How much?" Li Baiwan stuttered.


"Younger Brother said, fill a room," Li Youwei said softly.


"Damn it!" Li Baiwan couldn't help but curse.


"Adoptive Father."


Li Youwei brought the list of potent medicines over and smiled, "I will take care of this. I will find a way to get the silver."


"Young Wei," Li Baiwan's face twitched, "Do you know how much silver this will require?"


"I know."Li Youwei gave a faint smile, saying, "It's just silver, not as important as my younger brother's dream."




Li Baiwan shook his head helplessly, saying, "Alright, I'll leave this matter to you."


Li Youwei smiled and didn't say anything more, turning around and leaving the study.




Two hours later, in Yuzhou City, all the potent medicines in hundreds of pharmacies were sold out.


A day later, in the three major cities adjacent to Yuzhou City, hundreds of pharmacies also had mysterious buyers who bought up all the potent medicines.


Ten days later, there were no more potent medicines to sell in half of the cities of the Great Shang Royal Dynasty.


The terrifying wealth of the Li Family in Yuzhou was revealed, shocking the world.


At this time, Li Ziye of the Li Residence was drinking tea at the Yuelai Inn, not with Qin E'nuo, but with the Third Prince of the Great Shang.


"Third Royal Highness, please."


In the prince's room, Li Ziye raised his cup and smiled.

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