Chapter 68 – Confucian Scholar

The seventeenth floor of the Heartburn Tower, Li Ziye stared blankly at the empty scene in front of him, unable to come back to his senses for a while.

Is this it?

Is Little Red Riding Hood okay?

What just happened? Did he stab that fish with a sword?

Is it dead?


After a brainstorm in his mind, Li Ziye turned around and looked at the entrance of the last floor, unable to help but show excitement in his eyes.

Stepping into the Five Realms and finally having the time to beat all the planes is finally coming!

Thinking of this, the smile on Li Ziye’s face gradually became distorted again.

Waited for a long time, finally waited until today!

Outside the Heartburn Tower, when Yan Xiaoyu and the others were sent out, everyone’s expressions were shocked.

“The Divine Child of the Tianyu Temple and the Confucian Scholar Bai Wangyu have been eliminated?”

“And the Confucian Scholar Wenxiu, who is the second disciple of the Confucian School, is said to be not much weaker than Bai Wangyu.”

“Damn, what happened? The three strongest people have all been eliminated. Who is left in the tower now?”

“Left, Li Ziye is still left!”

“Li Ziye? Which Li Ziye, who is Li Ziye?”

“Don’t you know? The legitimate son of the Li Family from Yuzhou City!”

“The son of that nouveau riche? Is that kid so powerful? Did he eliminate Yan Xiaoyu and the others alone?”

“It’s hard to imagine that there is still a genius who can surpass Yan Xiaoyu and Bai Wangyu under the sky.”

“Now I understand why the Meihua Immortal Sword personally rushed to Yuzhou City to take him as a disciple. He is indeed a rare talent, terrifying!”

Outside the tower, everyone saw Yan Xiaoyu, Bai Wangyu, and the three others being eliminated, and for a while, they couldn’t accept it and discussed it.

“Divine Child.”

On the side of the Tianyu Temple, several strong men stepped forward and rescued Yan Xiaoyu, stuffing a pill into his mouth.

“Senior Brother.”

On the side of the Confucian School, many disciples also stepped forward to help Bai Wangyu and Wenxiu, giving them pills to take.

In front of the tower, after the three took the pills, they woke up one after another after a short time.

“Divine Child!”

“Senior Brother!”

Seeing this, the people on both sides showed a look of joy on their faces.

“Divine Child, what exactly happened?”

On the side of the Tianyu Temple, Liu Rongnü looked at the Divine Child who had just awakened and said in a deep voice, “With your strength, plus the divine art given to you by the Temple Master, this task should have been a sure thing. How could you be injured like this?”

Yan Xiaoyu did not answer, and his gaze turned to Bai Wangyu on the side of the Confucian School, a touch of anger flashing across his pale face.

Damn it!

In front of the disciples of the Confucian School, Bai Wangyu, who had just awakened from a coma, felt the angry gaze of the Divine Child not far away and responded with a calm smile.

“Senior Brother, is that person the legitimate son of the Li Family that you mentioned?”

Beside him, Wenxiu, the Confucian Scholar, spoke, looking at the top of the Heartburn Tower with a calm expression.


Bai Wangyu nodded and said, “Junior Brother, are you not reconciled?”


Wenxiu shook his head, a smile of relief on his face, “As a Confucian Scholar entering the tower, I just wanted to see the extent of my own cultivation. Even though I have reached the seventeenth floor, that’s enough. As for whether I can carve my name in the heavenly book, it’s all up to fate.”

“Junior Brother’s temperament, Senior Brother admires.”

Bai Wangyu said softly.

“Senior Brother is too modest.”

Wenxiu smiled and said, “From the performance of Senior Brother after entering the tower, it seems that Senior Brother has never thought of competing for the opportunity to carve his name in the heavenly book, but has always been making a wedding dress for that legitimate son of the Li Family. Compared to Senior Brother’s realm, Wenxiu is still quite different.”

“Compared to us, Brother Li needs the opportunity to carve his name in the heavenly book more. And, more than living up to expectations, I hope to see a miracle!”

As the two were talking, on the last floor of the Heartburn Tower.

Li Ziye walked over, and at this moment, all the pressure on him disappeared.

However, Li Ziye still didn’t dare to be careless.

Little Red Riding Hood once said that even if he defeated everyone and successfully reached this last floor, what awaited him was the test of the Confucian Scholar.

The quiet last floor of the Heartburn Tower, without a sound, Li Ziye carefully looked around, afraid that something terrible would happen suddenly.

“What, are you afraid of something?”

At this moment, not far away, an old voice sounded, and a man appeared in the tower, holding a scripture in one hand and quietly drinking tea.

Li Ziye was startled to see the sudden appearance of the old man, but quickly regained his composure, took a step forward, and respectfully saluted, “Junior Li Ziye, I pay my respects to the Confucian Scholar!”

The identity of the person who can appear here is self-evident.

The current head of the Imperial Academy, Confucian Scholar Kong Qiu!

“I didn’t expect that you really did it, the kid from the Li Family, not simple.”

Kong Qiu put down the scripture in his hand, showing a calm face, and asked, “The old man is very curious, did you ever think before this that you would be standing here?”

“I did.” Li Ziye grinned.


Kong Qiu was slightly surprised and said, “With so many young talents and the unparalleled arrogance of Yan Xiaoyu, where did your confidence come from?”

“If a person has no dreams, what’s the difference between them and a salted fish.”

Li Ziye said matter-of-factly, “Besides, I’m not bad.”


Kong Qiu laughed heartily and said, “The confidence you have, there really is no one else in the world like it.”

“Confucian Scholar is too kind. I am unworthy of such praise.”Li Ziye rarely humbled himself and said, “Please sit.”

“Thank you, Confucian Scholar,” Li Ziye replied without any politeness, sitting across from the Confucian Scholar and picking up the tea that had been poured on the table, drinking it all in one gulp.

I’m so thirsty!

I’ve been busy all day and haven’t even had a sip of water.

Kong Qiu looked at the young man in front of him, who showed no restraint, and smiled, “In the past hundred years, except for the current emperor, you are the first person to dare to sit in front of me and drink tea.”

Li Ziye was taken aback and looked at the tea cup in his hand. He hadn’t committed any taboos by just drinking a cup of tea, had he?

“Don’t overthink it,” Kong Qiu smiled, “They just dare not.”

Li Ziye smiled awkwardly and explained, “I was just really thirsty.”

“According to Forgetful Language, you have always wanted to see me. Is there something you want to ask?” Kong Qiu said.

“Yes!” Li Ziye quickly put down the tea cup and asked, “Where is my fairy master?”

“Right here in the Imperial Academy.”

Kong Qiu replied truthfully, “The medicinal king that the Imperial Academy sent to Li Garden was exchanged by the Plum Blossom Sword Immortal for a year of time. Without that medicinal king, you would not have been able to stab Yan Xiaoyu with that sword, and of course, you would not be standing here today. So, everything has a cause.”

Li Ziye was shocked to hear this and clenched the tea cup tightly in his hand. No wonder the fairy master had not come to find him.

So that’s how it is!

“In addition, I promised the Plum Blossom Sword Immortal to do something for you. Tell me, as long as it is within my ability, I will fulfill it for you,” Kong Qiu said.

“I want the Confucian Scholar to free my fairy master,” Li Ziye said without hesitation.


Kong Qiu was slightly surprised and said, “Think carefully. I rarely make promises to others. If you miss this opportunity, perhaps there will be no more.”

“I know.”

Li Ziye responded lightly, but he had no intention of changing his mind, “I just want the Confucian Scholar to free my fairy master.”


Kong Qiu chuckled and looked at the woman outside the tower, saying, “Your guess was indeed correct.”

Outside the tower, Qin E’nuo’s eyes flashed with light, “Confucian Scholar, please keep your promise.”

“As you wish,” Kong Qiu nodded in agreement.

“Who is the Confucian Scholar talking to?”

Li Ziye looked around and felt a little creepy.

“He’s talking to your master.”

Kong Qiu said calmly, “Change your request. Your master doesn’t want you to interfere, and her staying in the Imperial Academy may not be a bad thing.”

“My fairy master doesn’t want me to interfere?”

Li Ziye was taken aback and a little anxious, “Why?”

“Her cultivation has reached a bottleneck. Perhaps she can find her own path in the Imperial Academy,” Kong Qiu said truthfully, “Change your request, anything is possible.”

Li Ziye hesitated for a moment and said, “Then, Confucian Scholar, will there be any more tests to come?”


Kong Qiu shook his head, “After you finish talking to me, you can carve your name on the Heavenly Book.”

“No more?”

Li Ziye was surprised, “Little Red Riding Hood said that the Confucian Scholar’s test was actually the most difficult.”

“Little Red Riding Hood?”

Kong Qiu was taken aback, then understood and smiled, “Are you talking about Forgetful Language? He’s not wrong. If I’m not willing, do you have a chance to go to the Heavenly Book? In fact, the so-called test is just to see if I’m happy or not.”


Li Ziye couldn’t help but spit out the fragrance after hearing this.

Too hasty!

“After carving your name on the Heavenly Book, can I open the Eight Meridians and step into the Five Realms?” Li Ziye hurriedly asked.


Kong Qiu shook his head, “Everyone’s destiny is different. It depends on luck, kid, state your request.”

“Confucian Scholar, can I save this request for later and bring it up again in the future?”

Li Ziye asked tentatively. He was very clear about the weight of the Confucian Scholar’s promise. It would be more valuable to save it for later than to use it now.

“You greedy kid.”

Kong Qiu saw through the young man’s thoughts at a glance, but did not refuse. He smiled and said, “Alright, go up. The time to open the Heavenly Book is limited. We’ll talk about other things after you carve your name.”

“Thank you, Confucian Scholar!”

Li Ziye’s face showed joy, and he respectfully bowed before looking up at the top of the tower, feeling excited.

Whether or not I can achieve success in one go depends on today.

Kong Qiu waved his hand, and righteous qi surged, sending him on his way.

The next moment, Li Ziye’s body rose up and slowly flew towards the top of the tower.

“He’s coming out, he’s coming out!”

Outside the tower, the onlookers were excited to see this.

On top of the tower, the righteous qi was surging, the Heavenly Book was floating, and the ancient and mysterious aura made it difficult to see clearly.

“Is this the Heavenly Book?”

Li Ziye stood on the tower and looked at the stone tablet in front of him. After a moment, his eyes narrowed sharply.

On the Heavenly Book, three names were clearly engraved from top to bottom.

Kong Qiu, Li Taibai, Fu Jinglun!

What was unbelievable was that the Confucian Scholar’s name was at the top.

“How is this possible?”Li Ziye was profoundly shaken. Li Taibai was the name of the first Sword God, yet the name of the Confucian Scholar existed even before the first Sword God?

Could it be that the Confucian Scholar has lived for at least a thousand years!

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