Chapter 69 – Carved out some loneliness?

On the top of the Heartburn Tower, Li Ziye gazed at the celestial book, his heart churning.

The Confucian Scholar has lived for over a thousand years?

The first generation Sword God, Li Taibai, is already dead, so how is the Confucian Scholar still alive?

Can mortals really live for a thousand years?


Can he also live for so long?

Or should he ask the Confucian Scholar for tips on maintenance?

Lost in thought, Li Ziye once again drifted off track out of habit.

“What is that kid doing? Is he ever going to start carving?!”

Below, the crowd looked up, their necks aching, complaining.

Behind the crowd, Qin E’nuo clenched her delicate hands, gritting her teeth, wishing she could go up and slap the guy to death.

It’s already this late, and he’s daydreaming again!

“Brother Li, really.”

In front of the Confucian School’s disciples, Bai Wangyu saw the situation above and couldn’t help but smile bitterly. This kid is really something else!

“Senior Brother, what is he doing?”

Beside him, a Confucian Scholar named Wenxiu showed a curious expression and asked.

“He’s probably daydreaming.”

Bai Wangyu helplessly said, “It’s an old habit of his.”


Wenxiu chuckled lightly and said, “At this time, with so many people watching, the young master of the Li Family is indeed extraordinary.”

“Li Family kid, are you going to start carving or not?!”

At this moment, someone among the onlookers finally couldn’t wait any longer and couldn’t help but shout impatiently.

On the Heartburn Tower, Li Ziye was startled by the person below, and he looked down and retorted, “It’s none of your damn business whether I carve or not.”

“Damn it!”

The person being scolded also had a bad temper and shouted angrily, “You’re too arrogant, come down and fight me!”

Li Ziye’s face also showed a look of anger and said, “I won’t come down, bite me!”

The people around looked at the two quarreling, each with a strange expression on their faces.

Truly, bizarre!

Not far away, the experts from the Divine Temple also had unpleasant expressions when they saw this scene.

They actually lost to this kind of idiot twice in a row?

Similarly, the disciples of the Confucian School shook their heads in frustration.

It’s a disgrace to the Confucian way!

“Senior Brother, I admire you, I admire you!”

Wenxiu recovered from his shock and said with a look of admiration.

The eldest senior brother of the Confucian School, who always adheres to etiquette, can actually get along with the young master of the Li Family for so long. The cultivation of the eldest senior brother is indeed not something ordinary people can compare to.

“Heh heh.”

Beside him, Bai Wangyu also smiled awkwardly, but the tightly clenched hands exposed his true thoughts.

This idiot, it’s already so late, and he’s still arguing with people!

“Plum Blossom Sword Immortal.”

Finally, an instructor from the Confucian School couldn’t bear to watch any longer, walked up to Qin E’nuo, and said with an embarrassed expression, “Do you think we should stop this?”


Qin E’nuo responded indifferently, her expression indifferent, revealing nothing of what she was thinking.


Frost was unsheathed, and the sword energy surged. In the shocked gazes of the crowd, the Fairy slashed directly at Li Ziye in front of the celestial book.

“Damn it, who?!”

Li Ziye sensed it and quickly dodged.

Swish, the sword energy passed by his ear, and a strand of hair fell, drifting away with the wind.

“You, Fairy Master.”

Li Ziye looked over with an angry expression, about to scold, but then he saw the familiar beautiful figure and immediately put on a brilliant smile.

“Don’t say another word. If you do, the next strike will cost you something.” Qin E’nuo said coldly.


Li Ziye sucked in a breath of cold air at her words, then quickly nodded and said, “Fairy Master, spare me, I know I was wrong.”

In front of the tower, the onlookers also felt a chill down their spines at the way the master and disciple were interacting.

If that sword just now had been a little off, Li Ziye would have been done for.

Both the master and disciple are truly extraordinary!

On the Heartburn Tower, after being reprimanded by Qin E’nuo, Li Ziye finally regained his composure, looked at the celestial book in front of him, and reached out to touch it. Suddenly, he realized that he didn’t know how to carve.

Use a pen?

Or a sword?

So, with everyone watching, Li Ziye’s gaze looked down again, grinned, and said, “Fairy Master, how do I carve again?!”

“Damn it, don’t stop me, I’m going up there to kill him!”

At this moment, everyone outside the tower was boiling, and the hot-tempered man who had been arguing with Li Ziye earlier was even trying to climb up to attack him.

“Big brother, calm down!”

Seeing this, the people behind hurriedly reached out to stop him and advised, “This is the Confucian School’s territory, and private fighting is not allowed!”

Not far away, Qin E’nuo, who transcends the ordinary, was also heaving with anger, her hand gripping the sword, her veins bulging.

She really wanted to kill this idiot with one strike!

In front of the Confucian School’s disciples, Bai Wangyu turned around to look at the about-to-go-wild Plum Blossom Sword Immortal, then looked up at the top of the tower and shouted, “Use Genuine Qi, Genuine Qi!”

“The young master of the Li Family is extraordinary, truly extraordinary!”

Beside him, Wenxiu couldn’t help but laugh, repeatedly pulling at his wound, causing him to grimace in pain.

Behind him, the disciples of the Confucian School felt so ashamed that they almost wanted to leave this place of trouble. How could their eldest and second senior brothers lose to this kind of guy!

“You should have said that earlier!”

On the Heartburn Tower, Li Ziye heard Little Red Riding Hood’s reminder and muttered, then condensed his Qi into his fingers and slashed towards the stone tablet in front of him.

Huh, it really works?

The Qi cut through the stone tablet, and stone chips flew everywhere, and the character “Li” appeared.

Seeing this, Li Ziye continued to write.

“Li, Zi, Ye!”

With unprecedented focus, Li Ziye exerted all his strength, striving to carve his name neatly for future generations to admire.

However, Li Ziye overestimated his ability to carve.

In the end, the three characters he carved were crooked and almost not on the same line.

Among the four names on the celestial book, Li Ziye’s three characters were the ugliest.

“It’s still okay, it’s still okay.”

Li Ziye wiped the sweat from his forehead and comforted himself.

“Is he finished carving?”

The onlookers below asked curiously.

“It looks like he’s finished.”

Someone with a keen eye saw that Li Ziye had already put his hand down and said.

“Why isn’t there any reaction?”

“I don’t know, let’s wait a bit longer.”

The crowd discussed, waiting for the legendary commotion.

In front of the celestial book, Li Ziye was also waiting, his face filled with anticipation.Eight meridians fully open, a single step into the Five Realms, hurry!


Under the expectant gazes of the crowd, the heavenly tome finally seemed to recognize those three characters and began to roar to life.

The boundless Genuine Qi surged like an endless ocean, obscuring the entire sky.

“Damn it, what a commotion!”

Below, the crowd was shocked by this astonishing scene.

It seemed even more tumultuous than when Fu Jinglun stepped into the Five Realms.

“Brother Li, truly a heaven-sent genius!”

In front of the Confucian School disciples, Bai Wangyu finally breathed a sigh of relief upon witnessing this scene, deliberately raising his voice in praise.

Thankfully, it finally looked impressive. If there had been another problem, his face as the eldest disciple of the Confucian School would have been completely lost.

Beside him, Wen Xiuru glanced at his senior brother, seemingly understanding the latter’s thoughts, and smiled gently.

It seemed that even the senior brother was afraid.


Under the shocked gazes of the crowd, the commotion atop the Burning Heart Tower continued to grow. Amidst the heaven-covering Genuine Qi, myriad rays of light shone, and mysterious sounds seemed to echo, reverberating between heaven and earth.

“Heaven and Earth bear witness!”

At this moment, the crowd was even more excited. According to legend, such a phenomenon only appeared when a treasure was born or someone was proving the Dao.

“Could this kid be stepping into the Five Realms?”

The crowd looked enviously at the youth in the sky, what a tremendous opportunity!

In front of the heavenly tome, Li Ziye was startled by the astonishing scene above, but soon his face revealed an arrogant and twisted smile. He spread his arms, ready to welcome this incoming opportunity!

“Come on, don’t pity me, I can take it.”

Let the storm come more violently, I am willing to endure the madness of stepping into the Five Realms!


The heavenly tome seemed to hear Li Ziye’s voice, and amidst its violent trembling, an infinite amount of Genuine Qi poured into his body.

The crowd watched as Li Ziye was enveloped by Genuine Qi, and a pained grunt followed.

Genuine Qi broke through the meridians, and then, the vast power quickly repaired the ruptured meridians. Visibly, the fourth meridian was rapidly reconstructed at an incredible speed.

Immediately after, Genuine Qi surged through the four major meridians, like a torrent crashing towards the second sealed Divine Hidden Technique.


With a loud noise, the second Divine Hidden Technique opened in response!


Below, the crowd saw this and their expressions revealed shock; indeed, a breakthrough had occurred!

But atop the Burning Heart Tower, Li Ziye’s chest, where the second Divine Hidden Technique burst forth with dazzling light, the thunderous roar echoed, deafening.

“Wait, this kid just opened the second Divine Hidden Technique?”

In front of the Burning Heart Tower, the onlookers suddenly realized something and exclaimed in surprise.

“Does that mean he was only at the First Realm before?”

“Damn it, then how did he defeat Yan Xiaoyu and the others?”

“Insider dealings!”


Below, the crowd became angry again, unable to believe this outcome.

Atop the Burning Heart Tower, after the breakthrough, Li Ziye, excited yet vigilant, didn’t forget to look down at the crowd and mockingly said with an arrogant face, “Country bumpkins!”

“I can’t stand it anymore, I’m going to kill him!”

A hot-tempered man exploded with anger, rolling up his sleeves, ready to go up.

“Calm down, big brother, he’s still breaking through, you might not be able to beat him!”

The people behind hurriedly held him back.

Although they also wanted to kill this kid, the current situation suggested that this guy might ascend to the heavens in one step, surpassing all of them in strength.


While the crowd was indignant, the heavenly tome atop the Burning Heart Tower vibrated once more, the pervasive Genuine Qi quickly converged, and after a few breaths, everything returned to calm.


Li Ziye was stunned.

The onlookers below were also stunned.

Is it over? Just like that?

Such thunderous noise, such a terrifying scene, and in the end, this?

Then, the crowd below gradually recovered from their shock, disbelief, and exchanged glances, soon smiling, their expressions growing twisted.

This kid seemed quite arrogant just now!

Good, he has to come down eventually!

A mere second-realm newbie, they had so many people, they could cripple him!

“This is up to you, big brother.”

Behind the man, the crowd egged him on.

“Don’t worry.”

The man clenched his fists, his face twisted into a smile, “I promise not to kill him.”

Atop the Burning Heart Tower, Li Ziye saw the excited crowd below and his eyelids twitched.

This isn’t how the story should go!

Something must have gone wrong!

With that thought, Li Ziye looked at the heavenly tome before him, shook it vigorously with his hand, and said anxiously, “Come on, heavenly tome, do it again!”

However, the heavenly tome had completely stopped responding, no matter how Li Ziye fussed.

“I’ve already taken off my pants, and this is what you show me?”

Li Ziye was on the verge of tears. This wasn’t the right process. What happened to stepping into the Five Realms in one go, becoming invincible, and then lamenting the loneliness of a master, the cold from the heights?

Now, instead of carving a name for himself, he had carved loneliness!

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