Chapter 67 – A gentleman does not launch a sneak attack!

At the fifth level of the Burning Heart Tower, the raging waves surged, and in order to escape, Yan Xiaoyu no longer suppressed his cultivation, unleashing his full strength.

A vast white divine light soared into the sky, as Yan Xiaoyu displayed the Divine Temple’s secret technique, an astonishing pressure surged and roared.

Facing the Divine Child who was about to fight to the death, Bai Wangyu did not dare to be careless, pointing his sword and unleashing his full strength as well.

Righteous spirit surged, empowering the Taiyi Ancient Sword, a majestic sword pressure emerged.

“Divine Oracle of Light!”

“The Wind of a Gentleman!”

With a deep shout, two astonishing forces collided, and instantly, the fierce wind dispersed the mist on the entire fifth floor.

Bai Wangyu and Yan Xiaoyu were both impacted by the residual force, their mouths stained with blood, and they both took several steps back.

Seizing the opportunity, Yan Xiaoyu swept his gaze across the entire fifth floor, and upon seeing the entrance to the next level, he stepped forward and swiftly moved past it.

Seeing this, Bai Wangyu did not hesitate and followed suit.

On the sixth level, Yan Xiaoyu disappeared into the mist.

Bai Wangyu caught up, but could no longer find any trace of him.

“He’s really fast.”

Bai Wangyu sheathed his sword and did not rush to pursue him again.

After delaying the Divine Child for so long, it was probably enough.

And, just now, Yan Xiaoyu had disregarded the disturbance of the heart demon and unleashed his full strength, presumably suffering a considerable backlash.

He just didn’t know where Brother Li had gone.


Suddenly, Bai Wangyu stumbled and spat out a mouthful of blood.

The backlash of the heart demon was unavoidable. Even with his strength as a senior disciple of the Confucian School, he had suffered a serious injury.

“This time, I’ve really devoted all my energies.”

Bai Wangyu gave a bitter smile and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

If Brother Li couldn’t seize the opportunity to carve his name on the Heavenly Book, he would be at a great loss.

Come on, get some spirit!

“I’m so tired, I’m so tired!”

On the seventeenth level, Li Ziye lay on the stone steps, panting heavily, his body soaked with sweat, and he didn’t even want to move a finger.

Wasn’t there supposed to be a heart demon? What kind of nonsense heart demon was that? This was just a test of physical endurance!

If he had known, he would have exercised more.

“Why did he stop again?”

Outside the Burning Heart Tower, the onlookers looked up anxiously.

Below the seventeenth level, as the mist diminished, the young generation of strong cultivators began to search for the entrance to the next level at an increasingly faster pace, but they dared not exert their full strength due to the heart demon.

However, even so, the young strong cultivators gradually caught up.

Of course, those who could persist until now were almost all the cream of the crop among the young generation. Those with slightly insufficient strength or willpower had already been expelled from the tower.

If Li Ziye hadn’t run fast enough and arrived ahead of everyone else, he might have been kicked out long ago.

On the stone steps leading to the eighteenth level, Li Ziye tried to climb up, but he couldn’t move at all, as if his whole body was being crushed by Mount Tai.

At the top of the Burning Heart Tower, an old figure sat quietly at a table, sipping tea. One hand was raised, and an invisible force spread out, as if pressing down on someone like Mount Tai.

This kid couldn’t be allowed to come up so easily.

The mist was useless to him, and the heart demon was also useless to him. It was truly inconceivable.

Could it be that this kid had nothing to fear or regret?

“What the heck?”

On the seventeenth level, Li Ziye struggled to move, but couldn’t budge, and couldn’t help but look puzzled.

Why couldn’t he move?

He was about to reach the final level, and at such a critical moment, he couldn’t afford to mess up, otherwise, it would be a disservice to Little Red Riding Hood’s efforts!

Below the seventeenth level, the young generation of strong cultivators exerted all their efforts to catch up, and they could see that they were about to catch up.

“This aura!”

Suddenly, the young strong cultivators on the fourteenth level felt the rapidly approaching aura from behind, and their expressions all changed.

So strong!

He was already at the peak of the Second Realm, and was not far from the Third Realm.

In the Burning Heart Tower, there were not many cultivators with such strength.

“It’s the Divine Child of the Temple of Heavenly Prophecy!”

As the dissipating mist revealed a figure passing by, someone exclaimed in shock.

“So fast!”

Before they could react, Yan Xiaoyu’s figure passed through the mist and directly rushed towards the next level.

“Quick, chase after him!”

Seeing this, the young generation of strong cultivators immediately followed.

On the fifteenth level, with obstacles in front and pursuers behind, Yan Xiaoyu and the young generation of strong cultivators gathered, and the mist on this level was almost gone. They looked at each other, ready to draw their swords.

“Join forces to stop him!”

On the fifteenth level, the young generation of strong cultivators saw Yan Xiaoyu, who had disregarded everything and unleashed his full strength, and immediately prepared to join forces to stop him.

No one knew if anyone had already reached the next level, but they knew that if they couldn’t stop the Divine Child of the Temple of Heavenly Prophecy again, they would have no chance in this test.

“Just you guys!”

Yan Xiaoyu looked at the people blocking his way, his expression turning cold, and said, “Very well, I’ll eliminate all of you, and this Divine Child will have much less trouble.”

With that, Yan Xiaoyu let out a deep shout, and a radiant divine light emanated from him, illuminating the entire fifteenth level.

“Divine Oracle of Light!”

The secret technique of the Temple of Heavenly Prophecy reappeared, with an incomparably majestic might. In the fifteenth level of the Burning Heart Tower, all the young strong cultivators who rushed forward were all blown away by this extremely powerful force and suffered heavy injuries.


After using all his strength, Yan Xiaoyu finally couldn’t suppress the backlash of the heart demon, and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Outside the Burning Heart Tower, the light flickered, and several figures fell and crashed to the ground.

“A few more have been eliminated. It seems that there are only four people left in the tower!”

Outside the tower, the onlookers looked up at the top of the Burning Heart Tower, their faces tense. Who would ultimately win?

The person on the seventeenth level had been silent for a long time.

On the fifteenth level, Bai Wangyu hurriedly arrived, and after seeing Yan Xiaoyu disappear into the entrance of the next level, he immediately followed.

On the sixteenth level, with the mist almost completely dissipated, the entrance to the next level was faintly visible.

Yan Xiaoyu rushed over, about to charge into the entrance of the next level, but saw a figure in a Confucian robe at the end of the mist.

“A disciple of the Confucian School?”

Yan Xiaoyu’s expression turned cold, not daring to delay, and continued to rush forward.

Behind him, Bai Wangyu caught up and also hurried towards the next level.

In a few breaths, the four people gathered on the seventeenth level.Thus, the scene took on a somewhat eerie turn.

“Cultivating Confucianism?”

Bai Wangyu, upon seeing the disciple from the seventeenth layer of the Confucian School, expressed his surprise, “You’re here too.”

“Eldest Senior Brother.”

Wen Xiuru greeted with a respectful bow, addressing him.

“Brother Li, why haven’t you gone up yet?”

At this moment, Bai Wangyu also noticed Li Ziye, who was sprawled in front of the entrance to the eighteenth layer, and asked in confusion.

“Old Bai, you’re finally here, quick, save me, I can’t move!”

Li Ziye, seeing his savior in the little red cap, summoned his energy and called out urgently.

“So, they’re all acquaintances.”

Yan Xiaoyu glanced at Bai Wangyu and Li Ziye at the last layer’s entrance, his expression slightly cold, “Good, I’ll take care of you all at once.”

“Cultivator Wen, shall we join forces?”

Bai Wangyu looked towards his junior brother and asked.

“It’s possible.”

Wen Xiuru nodded, brandishing his sword, as his righteous Qi surged, his cultivation seemingly not much less than the other two.

Not far away, on the stone steps, Li Ziye was shocked to see this. Wasn’t this the same person who had attacked him on the first layer?

So powerful?

“Bai Wangyu, Wen Xiuru, the Confucian School’s eldest and second disciples, very well, come at me together!”

Seeing this, Yan Xiaoyu’s expression turned utterly solemn, his palms flipped, and a blazing divine light surged out.

White surging waves, vast and mighty, facing the two strongest successors of the Confucian School, Yan Xiaoyu dared not hold back, elevating his combat power to its peak.

In a flash, the three figures crossed paths, swords joined, battling the Divine Child of the Divine Temple.

An intensely fierce battle ensued, with sword Qi crisscrossing and palm force shocking the world. The three, all at the peak of the Second Realm, displayed their most astonishing abilities.

From outside the battle, Li Ziye watched this incredible fight, his eyelids twitching.

Wasn’t it said that one’s full strength couldn’t be exerted here due to the influence of inner demons? What’s with these three, they’re too fierce!

“Divine Oracle!”

Facing two opponents and unable to gain the upper hand, Yan Xiaoyu, unwilling to prolong the fight, unleashed a world-shocking move, with vast divine might surging like waves, enveloping the battlefield.

“The Gentleman’s Breeze!”

Upon seeing this, Bai Wangyu and Wen Xiuru joined their fingers across their swords, their righteous Qi stirring, their swords sweeping through, carving a path through the tumultuous waves.


In the earth-shattering collision, blood spurted from the corners of Yan Xiaoyu’s mouth, and two swords pierced through his body, drawing out a blinding cascade of blood.

Even the Divine Child of the Divine Temple, facing two opponents, ultimately fell into a disadvantage.

However, despite his severe injuries, Yan Xiaoyu’s expression did not change in the slightest, his hands grasping the arms of the two men, his pupils blazing with white light.

“What is this?”

Bai Wangyu and Wen Xiuru, sensing the sudden danger, both changed their expressions.

Divine Oracle Technique!

How could this be? Wasn’t the Divine Oracle Technique something that only great cultivators of the Fifth Realm were qualified to practice?


Just as Yan Xiaoyu was about to use the Divine Oracle Technique, far away in the Western Regions, within a Divine Temple, a scholar in green stood quietly, his gaze towards the east, his face showing a hint of surprise.

Yan Xiaoyu, to be pushed to such a state!

Who could it be?


At that moment, above the seventeenth layer, the wind surged like waves, the thin mist furiously converging, and amidst it, thunder and lightning roared.

“Divine Punishment!”

With a furious shout, Yan Xiaoyu displayed the Divine Oracle Technique for the first time, and in an instant, above the three, thunder descended, tumultuous and engulfing.

“Old Bai!”

Seeing this from outside the battle, Li Ziye’s face showed a look of urgent anger, and in a flash, he broke free from his restraints, his figure dashing forward.

The Pure Jun sword unsheathed, its sword Qi dazzling, tracing a brilliant streak of light within the Burning Heart Tower.

“Fei Xian Jue, a sword to cleave the skies!”

With anger fueling his heart, he unleashed an unrestrained sword strike, like a fiery meteor, reaching its limit in speed, and in the blink of an eye, it cut through to the center of the three’s battle.


With a sword piercing through, blood gushed forth, and Yan Xiaoyu, looking at the long sword protruding from his chest, coughed up a mouthful of crimson blood, his face showing a look of shock.

How could this be!

Amidst the thunder, the figures of the three began to fade, their injuries too severe. The Heavenly Book, to preserve their lives, was about to transport them out of the tower.

“Brother Li, a gentleman does not launch a sneak attack!”

Before disappearing, Bai Wangyu, looking at Li Ziye behind Yan Xiaoyu, showed a gentle smile and said, “However, you did well this time!”

Beside him, Wen Xiuru also showed a hint of a smile, nodding in acknowledgment.

The Eldest Senior Brother was indeed the Eldest Senior Brother; the friends he made were so extraordinary. It seemed he still had much to learn.

The next moment, outside the Burning Heart Tower, the figures of the three fell from the sky, crashing heavily to the ground, falling unconscious.

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