Chapter 66 – Cheating?

Li Ziye used his eloquence to deceive an opponent and carefully continued to search for the next level of the Burning Heart Tower.

The Burning Heart Tower had a Confucian secret array, with a world in each layer, incredibly mysterious.

In the tower, the sounds of battle could be heard from various positions, indicating that more and more young powerhouses were encountering each other and engaging in fierce fights.

At this time, even disciples of the Imperial Academy were competitors and did not need to show any mercy to each other.

Most of the young powerhouses who realized that their opponents were difficult to deal with chose to temporarily cease fighting, not wanting to waste too much time.

Except for Bai Wangyu and Yan Xiaoyu.

Bai Wangyu was determined to hold back the Divine Child of the Temple of the Heavenly Edict, using various Confucian skills to create a fierce battle.

Yan Xiaoyu, who did not want to engage in battle with Bai Wangyu, was increasingly frustrated and tried to find an opportunity to escape.

However, Bai Wangyu saw through Yan Xiaoyu’s intentions and intensified his attacks, using various Confucian skills to drag out the Divine Child of the Temple of the Heavenly Edict.

“Are you crazy, Bai Wangyu!”

Yan Xiaoyu was infuriated and tried to block Bai Wangyu’s attacks while persuading him, “We can’t determine a winner here. If you want to fight, we can do it outside.”

“Why wait until we’re outside? We can fight here just as well!”

Bai Wangyu seemed to misunderstand Yan Xiaoyu’s words and responded with a smile, attacking with great vigor, determined to draw out the Divine Child of the Temple of the Heavenly Edict.


Yan Xiaoyu cursed angrily and continued to fight and retreat.

“Second floor, haha!”

At this moment, Li Ziye was the first to discover the entrance to the second floor and hurriedly went there.

“Someone has reached the second floor!”

Outside the tower, the onlookers saw the second floor of the Burning Heart Tower light up and exclaimed in surprise.

“Who could it be?”

They began to speculate.

Was it Bai Wangyu of the Confucian School, or Yan Xiaoyu of the Divine Temple?

However, it could also be someone else, as strength was important, but luck was equally necessary in the Burning Heart Tower.

After Li Ziye reached the second floor, he felt that the mist had decreased slightly, making it easier to see.

“Let’s hurry, or we might get into another fight if others find us.”

Li Ziye muttered to himself and quickly left to find the entrance to the next level.

Shortly after Li Ziye reached the second floor, others also found the entrance and came up.

Soon, more and more people reached the second floor, and with the reduced mist, more people started fighting.

“They’re all so impulsive.”

Li Ziye listened to the sounds of battle behind him and shook his head helplessly.

Fortunately, he was fast and was not caught by these belligerent people.

“Third floor, the third floor is lit up!”

Not long after, the people outside the tower saw the third floor of the Burning Heart Tower light up and were shocked.

“How could this be so fast?”

The people outside the tower were puzzled.

It was said that the Burning Heart Tower had a series of mazes inside, making it impossible to discern the direction once inside.

“This is the east, the entrance to the second floor was in the south, and the entrance to the third floor is in the west. There’s no entrance here, so the entrance to the next level is likely to be in the north.”

On the third floor, Li Ziye looked at his compass and headed straight to the north.

Thankfully, he was prepared!

These belligerent people wouldn’t know how capable he was without some high-tech gadgets to play with!

“Fourth floor!”

Soon, the people outside the tower exclaimed again. Everyone was shocked, showing disbelief on their faces.

Too fast!

Even the former Temple Master of the Heavenly Edict could not have been this fast.

“Fifth floor!”

“Damn, the sixth floor!”

“Who is this person? They’re too fast!”

“Cheating, it must be cheating!”

“Cheating my ass, who can cheat under the eyes of the Confucian Scholar.”

“Why are you swearing? What’s wrong with me saying cheating!”

“I’m from the Confucian School. No one dares to cheat on our turf. You’re insulting the Confucian Scholar by saying that!”

“Stop arguing, look, it’s the seventh floor.”

“No, it’s already the eighth floor. My god, who is this!”

“Ninth floor, ninth floor, damn, it’s the tenth floor. Are my eyes playing tricks on me!”

Outside the Burning Heart Tower, exclamations rang out one after another as everyone’s eyes were fixed on the tower, witnessing the miraculous speed.

Inside the Burning Heart Tower, Li Ziye climbed the floors, panting and almost unable to move.

I’m so tired!

This tower is strange. The higher I go, the more my Genuine Qi is suppressed, and my body becomes heavier. But I haven’t felt any influence from the Heart Demon.

“Has he stopped?”

Outside the tower, the people saw that the eleventh floor had not lit up and looked at each other in confusion.

“Is he trapped by the Heart Demon?”

“It’s possible. The higher you go in the Burning Heart Tower, the stronger the influence of the Heart Demon. No matter how powerful he is, he can’t be unaffected all the time.”

The people speculated and comforted themselves.However, what no one knew was that Li Ziye wasn’t troubled by any inner demons; he was simply too exhausted to climb any further and had stopped to rest.


Just then, on the fourth floor of the Burning Heart Tower, a streak of light flashed, and immediately a figure was ejected, crashing to the ground outside the tower.

“Someone has been eliminated!”

The crowd exclaimed in surprise upon seeing this.


But before their words could settle, another figure was thrown out of the Burning Heart Tower, slapping onto the ground like an Indian flying disc.

“Another one!”

In the time that followed, in front of the Burning Heart Tower, figures were ejected one after another, falling to the ground as if dumplings were being dropped into boiling water.

“The eleventh floor, the eleventh floor is lit up!”

Suddenly, the eleventh floor of the Burning Heart Tower lit up, shocking everyone present.

“The twelfth floor!”

“The thirteenth floor!”

“The fourteenth floor!”

“The fifteenth floor now, damn, wasn’t that person supposed to be trapped by inner demons? What’s going on, why are they moving even faster now!”

“I have no idea, today is really full of strange occurrences, there’s always something odd each year, but this year it’s particularly frequent!”

“They’ve stopped again, they’ve stopped again!”

“It must be the inner demons this time!”

Outside the tower, the onlookers were more excited than the next, feeling envious upon seeing someone performing so outstandingly, all of them hoping that this person would stop.

“Yes, it must be the inner demons!”

The chorus of agreement grew louder, everyone craning their necks to look up at the fifteenth floor of the Burning Heart Tower, their necks starting to ache from the strain.

On the fifteenth floor of the Burning Heart Tower, Li Ziye lay sprawled on the steps like a dead dog, too tired to even crawl.

Oh heavens, who built this damn tower, and why didn’t they install an elevator?

This tower is too bizarre; with each floor ascended, one’s body feels heavier, and at this rate, he would surely be exhausted to death.

Below the Burning Heart Tower, on the ninth and tenth floors, more and more people climbed up, but everyone encountered different situations, and the tests were all unique.

Those with unstable minds even began to go mad, losing their senses, and were directly ejected by the divine script.

As Li Ziye paused, those below began to gradually catch up.

The eleventh floor, the twelfth floor, the thirteenth floor…

“What’s going on, that person has been on the fifteenth floor for a long time now, haven’t they overcome their inner demons yet? If they had lost consciousness, they should have been ejected by now!”

Outside the tower, the crowd craned their necks and waited for a long time, but there was still no movement from the fifteenth floor, which made them somewhat curious.

“What on earth is happening? It’s so frustrating not being able to see!”

At this moment, everyone was scratching their heads in anxiety, not out of concern for the person, but rather wanting to know what was happening.

“The sixteenth floor, he’s moved, he’s finally moved!”

Just then, exclamations rang out once more as the sixteenth floor of the Burning Heart Tower lit up, exciting the crowd outside once again.

If he didn’t move soon, they would have thought the person was dead.

“Temple Master Rongnü, could it be the Divine Child?”

Not far away, a powerhouse from the Divine Temple looked up at the upper levels of the Burning Heart Tower and asked in a solemn voice.

“It’s unlikely.”

Liu Rongnü shook her head with a grave expression, “The Temple Master once said that with the Divine Child’s strength, it would take at least five hours to ascend this Burning Heart Tower. It’s only been three hours now, and that person has already reached the sixteenth floor; it shouldn’t be the Divine Child.”

“Could it be Bai Wangyu from the Confucian School?”

The powerhouse from the Divine Temple side expressed concern; if someone from the Confucian School took the lead, the Divine Temple’s plans might very well fail.

“It doesn’t seem like it.”

Liu Rongnü shook her head again, “Bai Wangyu’s strength is comparable to the Divine Child’s; it’s probably not him either.”

“Then who could it be? Inside the Burning Heart Tower, the strongest should be the Divine Child and Bai Wangyu. If it’s not them, who else could it be?” the powerhouse from the Divine Temple asked, puzzled.

“I’m not sure at the moment.”

Liu Rongnü spoke solemnly, her gaze shifting towards Qin E’nuo, who stood quietly not far away. The presence of the Plum Blossom Sword Immortal here gave her a very bad premonition.

It could very well be that the person who has now reached the sixteenth floor is that direct descendant of the Li Family.

“The seventeenth floor!”

At that moment, the crowd suddenly exclaimed, each one of them shocked beyond belief.

Only one more floor to go!

Upon hearing this, Liu Rongnü immediately withdrew her gaze and looked upwards.

She saw the light on the penultimate floor of the Burning Heart Tower, just one step away from the last floor.

This is bad!

Liu Rongnü’s expression darkened; if this person were to reach the top first, the Divine Temple’s plans would be completely disrupted.

Divine Child, what on earth are you doing!

“Bai Wangyu, you madman!”

On the fifth floor of the Burning Heart Tower, Yan Xiaoyu’s voice rang out in extreme anger, having been entangled by the senior brother of the Confucian School for far too long, wasting too much time.

“You forced my hand!”

Seeing that time was running out, Yan Xiaoyu could no longer hesitate. With a roar of anger, he no longer suppressed his cultivation, unleashing his full combat power, and a vast expanse of white divine light soared into the sky.

Ahead, Bai Wangyu saw this and his eyes narrowed slightly. He no longer held back his moves, holding his sword horizontally in front of him, his fingers passing over the blade as a surge of righteous energy burst forth like a raging wave.

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