Chapter 65 – Hoodwink

Imperial Academy, the Flameheart Tower, is ablaze with light.

In the dazzling white light, the Heavenly Book floats, filled with righteousness and awe-inspiring power.

With the thousand-year fortune of the Confucian School, the power of the Heavenly Book has reached the level of understanding the principles of the world. Therefore, in the capital city, the Confucian Scholar is invincible.

Today, as the Heavenly Book opens once again, various forces are immediately stirred up.

In this lifetime, if one can seize the opportunity to inscribe their name on the Heavenly Book, break into the Five Realms, and make a name for themselves, it’s only a matter of time.

If luck is on their side, they might even step into the Five Realms like the former Temple Master, becoming invincible in the world.

“Is this the Heavenly Book?”

In front of the Imperial Academy, Li Ziye looked at the floating stone tablet on the distant high tower, showing a look of amazement and said, “It looks like a thousand-watt light bulb!”


Bai Wangyu listened to the words of Brother Li beside him, feeling speechless. This Brother Li really dares to say anything.

If the Heavenly Book had a spirit, he would have to beat this guy to death.

“Brother Li, when you enter the Flameheart Tower later, you must hold onto your original intention and not lose your mind. Otherwise, once you lose consciousness, you will be immediately sent out of the tower by the Heavenly Book,” Bai Wangyu reminded.

“What if someone knocks me out?” Li Ziye asked curiously.

“You will also lose your qualification,” Bai Wangyu said.

“Wow, then if Yan Xiaoyu comes, wouldn’t he be invincible?” Li Ziye said discontentedly.

“Fair enough.”

Bai Wangyu said seriously, “The higher the cultivation level, the stronger the inner demons one has to bear. It is necessary to suppress them with concentration. If one acts recklessly, it is easy to lose their mind. Therefore, even Yan Xiaoyu wouldn’t dare to exert all his strength in the Flameheart Tower.”

“That’s good.”

Li Ziye smiled brightly at the words, “I’m still in the first realm, so my inner demons won’t be too strong. Coupled with the Three Styles of the Flying Immortal Technique, I should be able to walk sideways.”

“More or less.”

Bai Wangyu smiled and said, “Although Brother Li’s cultivation level is only in the first realm, because of the Three Styles of the Flying Immortal Technique, his strength is probably equivalent to the early stage of the second realm. In the Flameheart Tower, he is definitely taking advantage. I think even if Brother Li encounters experts in the mid or late stage of the second realm, as long as the opponent needs to suppress their inner demons, Brother Li won’t be at a disadvantage.”

“Haha, great!”

Li Ziye’s mood improved after hearing this. It seems that the Flameheart Tower is his home ground!

Home ground advantage, do you understand?

Heavenly Book, cheer on, home ground whistle, and black whistle, let’s go!

“Divine Child.”

At this moment, the envoys of the Divine Temple also walked over. A strong man from the Divine Temple saw Li Ziye in front of the Imperial Academy and said, “That kid is here too.”

“I know.”

Leading the way, Yan Xiaoyu, dressed in a moon-white robe, glanced at Li Ziye and Bai Wangyu in front of the Imperial Academy, a cold light flashing in his eyes.

“That fish is here.”

In front of the Imperial Academy, Li Ziye also noticed the strong men of the Divine Temple walking towards them, and the smile on his face immediately faded as he said softly.


Bai Wangyu nodded and said, “It’s expected.”

“Bai Wangyu, Li Ziye, see you in the tower.”

As they passed each other, Yan Xiaoyu stopped, said indifferently, and then continued to walk forward.

Behind them, Li Ziye looked at the backs of the people from the Divine Temple and said softly, “Old Bai, do you think the experts from the Divine Temple above the third realm will also follow in?”


Bai Wangyu shook his head and said, “The experts above the third realm can’t enter the Flameheart Tower at all. You can rest assured, Brother Li.”

“That’s good.”

Li Ziye breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, there are restrictions on cultivation levels. Otherwise, if some experts from the Divine Temple above the third realm were to sneak in, he would be in trouble.

“Let’s go, let’s go in too.”

Bai Wangyu said, walking towards the Imperial Academy.


Li Ziye nodded and followed.

In the center of the Imperial Academy, the Flameheart Tower stands tall, an eighteen-story tower that reaches into the sky.

As the Flameheart Tower is about to open, people from all sides gather, but most of them are disciples of the Imperial Academy dressed in Confucian robes.

“Senior Brother!”

In front of the tower, many disciples of the Imperial Academy saw Bai Wangyu and respectfully saluted, making way for him.

“Old Bai, I didn’t expect your Senior Brother to be so prestigious.”

Li Ziye followed beside Bai Wangyu, looking at the Confucian disciples who were saluting and making way, and said softly.

“False reputation.” Bai Wangyu smiled lightly and said.

“Tsk, you’re out of breath even when I call you fat,” Li Ziye sneered.

“Brother Li, you must remember that even if you reach the top floor, it’s only the beginning of the test. The real challenge is how to pass the test of the Confucian Scholar,” Bai Wangyu said, looking at the Flameheart Tower in front of them with a serious tone.

“The Confucian Scholar is on the top?” Li Ziye asked puzzled.

“I’m not sure.”

Bai Wangyu shook his head and said, “But when you reach the top floor of the Flameheart Tower, there will definitely be another test. What this test is, no one knows. This is also the key to whether you can inscribe your name on the Heavenly Book.”

“Given our relationship, do you think the Confucian Scholar will fix the match?” Li Ziye said something shocking.


Bai Wangyu looked at the young man beside him as if he were an idiot and said, “If my face is worth that much, would I still need Brother Li to help with inscribing my name?”

Li Ziye scratched his head and smiled awkwardly at the words, “You’re right.”

“Brother Li, rest assured, if possible, I will do my best to help you block a few competitors,” Bai Wangyu encouraged at the right time.”May the heavens bless you, Lao Bai, you must stop that fish at all costs,” Li Ziye prayed.

“It’s all up to luck,” Bai Wangyu replied, his gaze fixed on the Burning Heart Tower ahead, the time was almost here.


Before they could gather their thoughts, the stone door in front of the Burning Heart Tower suddenly rumbled and then slowly opened, emitting an ancient aura that was truly awe-inspiring.

“It’s starting!”

Before the Burning Heart Tower, everyone’s expressions were filled with excitement.

“Brother Li, let’s go!”

Bai Wangyu spoke with a serious tone.

Li Ziye nodded and immediately followed the little red-capped girl towards the tower.

“Divine Child, I leave it to you!”

Not far away, the Divine Temple’s Archbishop Liu Rongnü looked at the Divine Child in front of her with a solemn expression.

“Rest assured, Archbishop Rongnü.”

Yan Xiaoyu nodded without any hesitation and stepped into the Burning Heart Tower.

At this moment, in front of the tower, countless young powerhouses entered, all vying for this hard-earned opportunity.

Just as Li Ziye entered the Burning Heart Tower, a woman in a plum-white dress walked up in front of the tower, her stunning beauty drawing the attention of everyone present.

“Qin E’nuo!”

Among the powerful figures of the Divine Temple, Archbishop Liu Rongnü’s expression darkened as she saw the newcomer, this woman was indeed from the Imperial Academy.

Ignoring Liu Rongnü’s muttering, Qin E’nuo focused on the Burning Heart Tower ahead, her eyes filled with determination.

Little one, this time, it’s up to you!

As long as you can pass this test, your path in martial arts will be limitless in the future.

Inside the Burning Heart Tower, as soon as everyone entered, the world around them immediately changed.

“Lao Bai! Little Red Cap! Bai Wangyu!”

Li Ziye looked at the misty world around him and called out.

Where did the little red cap go?

Similarly, in different parts of the tower, everyone was separated, shrouded in mist, making it difficult to see the way forward.

“Is this the small world of the Burning Heart Tower?”

In a corner of the tower, Yan Xiaoyu gazed at the surrounding mist, his eyes narrowing slightly.


At that moment, not far away, a sword energy came rushing through the air, heading straight for Yan Xiaoyu.


Yan Xiaoyu sensed it and his expression turned serious, dispersing the sword energy with a palm, saying coldly, “Who goes there?”

“Confucian School, Bai Wangyu!”

At this moment, a figure in a white Confucian robe walked out from the mist, looking at the Divine Child of the Heavenly Oracle Hall with a smile, “Indeed, you are the Divine Child, Brother Li’s luck seems to be quite good.”

“It’s you!”

Yan Xiaoyu’s expression darkened as he saw the newcomer, “Are you going to fight me now? Don’t forget, the test has just begun, if we fight here, we will definitely be overtaken by others.”

“The Divine Child speaks the truth, but I don’t care.”

With those words, Bai Wangyu drew his sword, and a powerful aura surged around him, the ancient sword’s edge reappearing.

Seeing this, Yan Xiaoyu’s expression became serious, and without underestimating his opponent, he activated two divine techniques at the same time.

In an instant, the two of them moved at the same time.

With a loud bang, their palms and swords clashed, and a powerful surge of genuine qi erupted, dispersing the surrounding mist with a fierce wind.

No one had expected that at the beginning of the Burning Heart Tower, the two strongest individuals would officially clash, and the aftermath of their battle was deafening.

Far away, the young powerhouses who had entered the Burning Heart Tower felt the tremendous aura emanating from a certain direction, and they all avoided it, not wanting to be affected by this intense battle.

Although no one knew who the two fighting individuals were, the intensity of their genuine qi was not something to be trifled with.

“Someone’s already fighting so soon?”

In the distance, Li Ziye also felt the genuine qi fluctuations in a certain direction of the Burning Heart Tower, feeling surprised.

They’re fighting!

It’s best if they both end up injured and get sent out, leaving only him.

Just as Li Ziye was having unrealistic thoughts, a powerful palm force came through the air, directly striking someone who was still daydreaming.


Li Ziye snapped back to reality, his expression changing slightly as he swiftly blocked the attack with his sword.

With a loud impact, Li Ziye took a half step back, looking at the young man who was approaching through the mist, his expression slightly stunned.

The Confucian robe, that must be someone from the Imperial Academy, right?

“Are you from the Confucian School?” Li Ziye asked, on guard.

“Yes!” the young man nodded.

“I’m friends with your senior brother, so how about we part ways for now and not fight?” Li Ziye suggested.

The young man hesitated, “Since this is a test, we will eventually have to fight. Avoiding battle would be unbecoming of a disciple of the Confucian School.”

“It’s not avoiding battle, it’s strategically choosing the right time to make a move.”

Li Ziye continued to persuade, “Look, there are so many people in the tower, you can’t possibly fight everyone you meet. Even if you’re powerful, you can’t defeat everyone on your own. If you want to win the opportunity to inscribe your name in the Heavenly Book, you must learn to pick and choose. For example, an opponent of my level is obviously not much different from your senior brother. Why suffer needlessly and waste time?”

“Good point.”

The young man nodded and said, “Thank you for the advice, we’ll meet again.”

With that, the young man bowed and left.


Seeing this, Li Ziye breathed a sigh of relief, his face filled with speechless expression.He who stays near vermilion gets stained red; he who stays near ink gets stained black. This is the Little Red Riding Hood who just arrived at Li Garden, so incredibly easy to hoodwink!

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