Chapter 53 – A Sword Shocking the World

In front of the court, Li Ziye broke the gambling game of the Divine Temple, with only the final question left.

The courtiers were all watching, with a mix of anticipation and nervousness in their expressions.

This was the final question, and if answered correctly, Great Shang would win the gambling game.

If not, all previous efforts would be in vain.

The young master of the Li Family couldn’t afford to lose!

The courtiers looked at the young man in front of them, their eyes filled with encouragement and expectation.

Unprecedentedly, a young man carried the hopes of everyone.

At this moment, he was like lightning, like light, like the only myth.

On the stone steps, Li Ziye felt the expectant gazes of the courtiers and immediately gave a reassuring look.

It meant that a small fry like the Divine Temple could be defeated by him at any moment.

Receiving a response, the courtiers all showed friendly smiles, feeling slightly relieved.

On the side of the Divine Temple, Yan Xiaoyu and others saw the meaningful glances between Li Ziye and the courtiers of Great Shang, and they were gnashing their teeth in anger, but there was nothing they could do.

“Divine Child, we won’t lose, will we?” A Divine Temple messenger stepped forward and asked in a serious tone.

“No, we won’t,” Yan Xiaoyu said in a deep voice. The Divine Temple would never lose.

After speaking, Yan Xiaoyu looked at the red-robed old man beside him and nodded.

Liu Rongnü also nodded and looked at the sky with her old eyes slightly squinted.

It seemed that she would have to use the divine art bestowed by the Temple Master.

They hadn’t expected that the Great Shang Dynasty would force them to this extent.

In the middle of the stone steps, Bai Wangyu calmly used his energy to shape the ice in his hand, undisturbed by anyone, as if he transcended everything in the world.




Every time the sword energy passed, it would bring up a sparkling ice flower, with a crisp sound that gradually attracted the attention of everyone present.

Perhaps there are people who naturally give others a sense of peace, and Bai Wangyu was one of them.

In such a tense atmosphere, everyone couldn’t help but feel heavy-hearted, but when everyone’s gaze turned to the senior brother of the Confucian School in the middle, their hearts gradually calmed down.

In this way, more and more people looked at the senior brother, silently watching without speaking.

Seeing this, tears almost welled up in Li Ziye’s eyes.

How can you still act cool like this!

You promised not to steal the limelight today, you promised that today was his show!

The earth is so big, it can hardly contain you.

With everyone’s attention, Li Ziye, with a resentful look, took the ice formation from Bai Wangyu, nodded in satisfaction, and immediately shifted the focus, not giving Little Red Riding Hood a chance to steal the limelight from him again.

This guy is just too conspicuous. If you’re not careful, he’ll steal the limelight.

It’s hard to guard against!

Bai Wangyu smiled and obediently stepped aside.

“Everyone, watch closely!” Li Ziye’s gaze swept over everyone present, cleared his throat, raised his voice, and immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

At his words, everyone immediately looked over.

Li Ziye satisfactorily took out a ball of cotton from his arms and placed it on the ground. Then, he raised the ice mirror, focused the sunlight on the cotton, and soon it was enough to ignite it.

The autumn sun wasn’t too strong, but it was enough to ignite the cotton.

Under the curious gazes of everyone, wisps of black smoke rose from the cotton, as if it was about to ignite.

“It’s catching fire, it’s catching fire!” Among the courtiers of Great Shang, the old courtier Lu Siqing couldn’t help but get excited.

On the contrary, the faces of the Divine Temple’s messengers all darkened. The thought of losing to Great Shang made them feel extremely unwilling.

“High Priest Liu Rongnü!” In front of the messengers, Yan Xiaoyu looked ahead with a cold expression.

“Understood,” Liu Rongnü nodded, a flash of light passing through her old eyes. Then, she turned her hands, raised her head to the sky, and a dazzling white light rose from her body, revealing the divine art.

In an instant, the sky was filled with billowing clouds and mist, gathering from all directions, rolling and surging, obscuring the sun!

The sudden turn of events shocked everyone present. No one had expected that just when Great Shang was about to win, such a change would occur.

“Damn it!” In the middle of the stone steps, Li Ziye saw the cotton being blown away and couldn’t help but curse. How could they do this?

They couldn’t outsmart him intellectually, so they used magic?

Isn’t this bullying!

“Despicable, too despicable!” The courtiers of Great Shang saw the Divine Temple’s little tricks and couldn’t help but start to vent their anger.

In front of the messengers of the Divine Temple, Yan Xiaoyu, hearing the accusations from the courtiers of Great Shang, didn’t care at all and smiled, “There was no rule before that our Divine Temple had to cooperate with you in solving the problem. Moreover, High Priest Liu Rongnü didn’t offend anyone, nor did she harm anyone. It doesn’t count as breaking the rules.”

“Despicable! Shameless!” Among the courtiers of Great Shang, the old courtier Lu Siqing’s face turned pale with anger. The people of the Divine Temple had no shame at all!

On the dragon throne, the Emperor of Shang saw this scene and his expression turned cold.

The divine art, unexpectedly, besides that scholar, someone else in the Divine Temple had actually mastered this divine art.

Strange, Liu Rongnü shouldn’t have this level of cultivation!”Great Shang, may I ask if there is a way to answer the third question? If not, then this round will be considered a victory for our Divine Temple,” said Yan Xiaoyu, looking at the Emperor of Great Shang on the stone steps.

In front of the Hall of Heavenly Worship, the Emperor did not respond, his gaze fixed on the young master of the Li Family, waiting for an answer.

On both sides of the stone steps, the court officials also looked towards the young man in the middle, their eyes filled with anticipation.

Could this young master of the Li Family, who shocked everyone, continue to create miracles?

Under the expectant gazes of everyone, Li Ziye glanced at the dark clouds in the sky and said, “Is there no one who can split these clouds?”

“The Divine Technique of the Heavenly Oracle cannot be stopped by anyone, not even a Five Realms Grand Cultivator,” said the Emperor calmly from the dragon throne.

Below, the court officials subconsciously looked towards several martial kings upon hearing this, their expressions filled with anticipation.

“Your Majesty speaks the truth,” nodded the martial kings in agreement.

The Five Realms have their strong and weak, and the Divine Temple’s Five Realms are not limited to just one person. However, in the past hundred years, only the Temple Master has been able to cultivate the Divine Technique of the Heavenly Oracle.

It’s not because the Divine Technique of the Heavenly Oracle is strong, but because that scholar is too strong!

However, today, Liu Rongnü unexpectedly used the Divine Technique of the Heavenly Oracle, which was truly puzzling.

Even if Liu Rongnü’s Divine Technique of the Heavenly Oracle is not as good as that of the Temple Master, it is not something an ordinary Five Realms cultivator can break.

Unless the Confucian Scholar from the Imperial Academy takes action!

But everyone knows that it is almost impossible.

The Confucian Scholar has been with the Imperial Academy for nearly a hundred years and has never truly taken action. Everyone knows that the Confucian Scholar is strong, but no one knows exactly how strong.

On both sides of the stone steps, the court officials felt heavy-hearted after hearing the Emperor and the martial kings’ responses.

Could it be that no one can break the Divine Technique of the Heavenly Oracle?

In front of the Basalt Gate, the slovenly old man and the woman in a bamboo hat looked towards the dark clouds covering the sun in the sky, their brows furrowed at the same time.

“Should you go, or should I?” asked the woman in the bamboo hat, transmitting her voice.

“You are his master, so of course it should be you!” the slovenly old man grinned.

The woman in the bamboo hat nodded and looked towards the Emperor in front of the Hall of Heavenly Worship, asking, “Your Majesty, may I borrow a sword?”

The woman’s voice was not loud, but it was as clear as thunder in the ears of everyone in front of the Hall of Heavenly Worship.

On both sides of the stone steps, the court officials were all surprised, and their gazes turned towards the Basalt Gate.

Who was speaking?

Around the Basalt Gate, a military leader’s expression changed upon hearing this, and he immediately drew his sword and stood guard, alert.

On the dragon throne, the Emperor’s expression did not change much, maintaining his composure as an emperor.

In front of the Basalt Gate, the woman in the bamboo hat stood surrounded by the military, silent, and gazed at the Emperor in front of the Hall of Heavenly Worship, waiting for a response.

“Granted!” said the Emperor from the top of the stone steps, speaking slowly.

“Thank you, Your Majesty,” replied the woman in the bamboo hat, and then her true qi surged out from her body, and the five divine hidden techniques thundered and appeared.

“A Five Realms Grand Cultivator!”

Inside the palace, whether it was the military or the court martial generals, they all showed expressions of shock upon seeing this scene.

On the side of the Divine Temple, Yan Xiaoyu and Liu Rongnü also had solemn expressions upon witnessing this.

Not only a Five Realms Grand Cultivator, but also an extraordinary one!

On the top of the stone steps, the Emperor gestured, and a eunuch brought a sword, exquisitely adorned with ancient jade inlays, known as the Emperor’s Sword.

“Drink!” The woman in the bamboo hat shouted, and her true qi surged like a raging wave, her astonishing cultivation shocking everyone present.

“Master Fairy.”

In the middle of the stone steps, Li Ziye saw this scene, and tears glistened in his eyes.

He knew that Master Fairy’s appearance in the palace today was definitely because she was worried about his safety.

All eyes were fixed on the Basalt Gate, where the woman in the bamboo hat fully displayed her cultivation, pointing her sword, and the entire palace was engulfed in a wild storm without any wind.

This shocking scene was imprinted in everyone’s minds.

“The Sword of Heaven and Earth!”

A clear and melodious shout, and the woman’s bamboo hat shattered, revealing a peerlessly beautiful face.

Her dark hair danced wildly, and her sword qi soared into the sky!


In an instant, in front of the Hall of Heavenly Worship, the eunuch’s Emperor’s Sword unsheathed with a resounding sound, like a blazing meteor, soaring straight into the sky.

The Sword of Heaven and Earth, a sword that astounded the world.

In the astonished gazes of everyone, the Emperor’s Sword soared into the sky, breaking through the clouds that covered the sky.

The earth-shattering tremor rang out, and the dark clouds dispersed, and the sunlight once again bathed the earth, warming the world.

Below, everyone witnessed this world-shaking scene and found it hard to regain their composure for a long time.

A world-shaking sword, so shocking, completely subverted everyone’s understanding of powerful martial artists present.

A sword of the mortal world, could it be so powerful?


On the side of the Divine Temple, Liu Rongnü staggered and spat out a mouthful of blood, suffering backlash from her technique, severely injured.

“Great Archbishop!”

The Divine Temple’s envoys showed expressions of shock and hurriedly reached out to support her.Before the gates of Basalt, Qin E’nuo, clad in a plum-white long dress, waved her hand to return the Emperor’s Sword, and then courteously bowed to the Merchant Emperor in front of the Hall of Heavenly Worship: “Thank you, Your Majesty, for lending me the sword.”

In front of the Hall of Heavenly Worship, the Merchant Emperor rose for the first time, returning the gesture with a bow, and said, “Sword Immortal, you are too kind.”

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