Chapter 52 – The crisis in front of the emperor

In the palace, in front of the Hall of Heavenly Worship, Li Ziye prepared to single-handedly challenge the group of monsters in the Divine Temple. Before making a move, he first displayed his imposing aura.

“Your Majesty, in the process of solving the problem, I may need some assistance. I hope Your Majesty will grant me this favor,” Li Ziye turned around and looked up at the Great Shang Emperor at the top of the stone steps, speaking with a respectful tone.

“Granted!” The Great Shang Emperor nodded and replied, “Today, all the courtiers and guards in the palace can be at your disposal.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Li Ziye expressed his gratitude, then turned his gaze back to the people in the Divine Temple and grinned, “Now, let me answer your first question. How can you thread a line through the hole of a southern pearl without using your hands?”

After speaking, Li Ziye took out a southern pearl and a golden thread from his pocket, then placed the pearl on the ground and the thread in front of the hole in the pearl.

Under the curious gazes of the courtiers of Great Shang, Li Ziye took three steps back.

One breath, two breaths…

Amidst the tense gazes of everyone, the motionless golden thread suddenly trembled.

“It moved! It moved!” Several courtiers with keen eyesight exclaimed excitedly.

Upon hearing this, everyone immediately looked closely.

They saw that the golden thread, in front of the tiny hole of the southern pearl, seemed to have grown legs and was gradually threading itself through the hole.

On the dragon throne, the Great Shang Emperor’s eyes flashed with a hint of surprise.

How extraordinary!

On the other hand, the Divine Temple envoys, upon seeing this scene, all had unpleasant expressions on their faces, filled with confusion.

What’s going on?

The Divine Child said that no one else knows the answers to these questions, so what kind of sorcery did this kid use?

In front of the Divine Temple envoys, Yan Xiaoyu looked at the legitimate son of the Li Family with a dangerous glint in his eyes.

This kid must not be allowed to live.

Thinking back, the young man he saw in front of the Yin Family that day was very likely to be the legitimate son of the Li Family.

The sense of dissonance was so similar that it made him feel disgusted.

Unfortunately, he was stopped by Bai Wangyu that day and was unable to capture this person on the spot.

“It went through!”

At this moment, the courtiers of Great Shang suddenly erupted into intense cheers, and everyone’s attention was drawn to the golden thread that had passed through the southern pearl and gradually stopped.

Li Ziye stepped forward, picked up the southern pearl, and casually threw it to the people in the Divine Temple, saying, “Take a look.”

One of the Divine Temple envoys took the southern pearl and looked at the golden thread threaded through it, his expression extremely unpleasant.

“Young master of the Li Family, how did you do it?” On the side of the stone steps, an old courtier named Lu Siqing asked with a curious expression.

“This is Lu Siqing, Lord Lu,” Bai Wangyu reminded Li Ziye in a low voice, “the foremost Confucian scholar in the court, known for his integrity and high prestige.”

Upon hearing this, Li Ziye immediately showed a respectful expression and said, “Lord Lu, may I have a word with you?”

“Of course.” Lu Siqing nodded and stepped forward, his old face filled with even more curiosity.

Li Ziye seemed to perform a magic trick as he took out another southern pearl from his pocket and handed it to the old man in front of him, smiling, “Lord Lu, take a whiff of this.”

After listening, Lu Siqing took the southern pearl, held it up to his nose, and then exclaimed in surprise, “Honey.”

“Yes, it’s honey.”

After that, Li Ziye took out a golden thread and handed it to the old man, smiling, “Lord, do you understand now?”

Lu Siqing took the golden thread from the young man in front of him, glanced at it, first stunned, then burst into laughter, “Haha, I see, I see!”

“What’s going on, Old Man Lu? Don’t just laugh, what’s going on?” On the sides of the stone steps, the other courtiers, upon seeing this, became even more curious and asked eagerly.

“Don’t rush, don’t rush, haha!” Lu Siqing turned around, looked at everyone, and laughed heartily, “Do you see what’s on this golden thread?”

On both sides, the courtiers immediately crowded around upon hearing this.

“Ants?” One sharp-eyed courtier saw the black dots on the golden thread and said in surprise.

“Yes, one side of the southern pearl is coated with honey. Now, imagine what would happen if you put this golden thread, with ants tied to it, in front of the hole on the other side of the southern pearl,” Lu Siqing said with a proud expression.

“Haha, I see, I see! It’s brilliant!” The courtiers who were watching suddenly realized and burst into laughter.

In front of the Hall of Heavenly Worship, the Great Shang Emperor saw this scene and also revealed a smile on his face.

Truly a clever idea!

“All of you courtiers, don’t crowd together. Return to your positions.” With the first question solved, the Great Shang Emperor’s mood improved a lot and he smiled.

“Yes!” The courtiers of Great Shang took their leave and returned to their respective positions.

“Young master of the Li Family, there are still two questions. Hurry up, this old man can’t wait any longer!” Before leaving, Lu Siqing looked at the young man in front of him with some excitement and urged him.

“Yes, Lord Lu,” Li Ziye replied with a smile.

On the side of the Divine Temple, Yan Xiaoyu looked at the excited appearance of the courtiers of Great Shang and sneered, “Even if you answer the first question correctly, so what? There are still two questions, and they are not as simple as this.”

“That’s for your Divine Temple to consider.”

As someone who never suffered losses since childhood, Li Ziye was unwilling to lose in a battle of words and immediately retorted, “If it weren’t for this being the sacred grounds of the palace, any random girl pulled from the red-light district could answer your three questions.”

“Vulgar!” The Divine Temple envoys responded with flushed faces.

On the sides of the stone steps, the courtiers of Great Shang pretended not to have heard Li Ziye’s words, maintaining a calm composure. In fact, if it weren’t for their status, they would have wanted to curse at him a long time ago.

This kid is quite something!

“Li Ziye, don’t boast. There are still two questions. Speak your answers.”In front of the Divine Temple’s envoys, Yan Xiaoyu watched the young man ahead with a cold voice.

“Don’t rush.”

Li Ziye said indifferently, “It will soon be as you wish.”

After speaking, Li Ziye looked towards the Emperor of Great Shang in front of the Hall of Heavenly Worship and said, “Your Majesty, for the second question, we need to use a hundred horses as test subjects. That’s why there was a delay when coming earlier. Now, these horses are outside the imperial palace. May I ask Your Majesty, can we bring these hundred horses into the palace?”


Under the imperial canopy, the Emperor of Great Shang nodded and replied.

Outside the palace, a slovenly old man was herding a group of horses, waiting. Upon hearing the message from the palace, he grinned and drove all the horses into the palace.

After the old man herded the first batch of horses into the palace, it wasn’t long before a person wearing a bamboo hat came with the second batch of horses, this time all of them were newborn foals.

The two batches of horses entered the palace one after another, and immediately the imperial guards came forward to help with the horses. It was a critical area of the palace, and no one dared to be careless.

However, the old man and the person in the bamboo hat, looking so ordinary, herded the mares and foals into the palace without attracting any attention.

Yet, in front of the Hall of Heavenly Worship, Li Ziye’s expression clearly shook when he saw the two people coming one after the other.

In front of the ministers, Mu Bai at the end of the stone steps, for some reason, felt an indescribable sense of oppression.


Mu Bai’s gaze was fixed on the two people, observing them for a long time, but he couldn’t detect anything unusual.

There was no fluctuation of Genuine Qi, they looked just like ordinary people, but he felt a sword pressure, an unusual sword pressure.

Moreover, both people had this kind of sword pressure!

On both sides of the stone steps, the court ministers did not notice anything unusual, their gaze turned to the direct descendant of the Li Family, waiting for him to unveil the answer.

With everyone’s attention, Li Ziye recovered from his shock, suppressed the waves in his heart, and looked towards the Emperor of Great Shang and the ministers on both sides, saying, “Your Majesty, esteemed officials, please watch carefully.”

After speaking, Li Ziye stood on the stone steps, bowed respectfully to the two people coming from outside the Basalt Gate, and said, “Please, two masters and the imperial guards, let the horses go.”

In front of the Basalt Gate, the old man and the person in the bamboo hat exchanged glances from afar, then they both released the ropes in their hands.

Beside them, the chief commander of the imperial guards hesitated for a moment before also ordering the release of the reins.

In an instant, in front of the Basalt Gate, a spectacular scene unfolded as fifty mares and fifty foals neighed and desperately ran towards each other.

On both sides of the stone steps, the ministers were shocked by this spectacular sight.

In the midst of everyone’s astonished gaze, in front of the Basalt Gate, the fifty mares quickly found their own offspring and joyfully nursed them.

On both sides of the stone steps, some ministers, seeing this, pondered and began to understand what was happening.

So that’s how it is!

“What’s going on, does anyone understand?”

Most of the ministers, who were clueless, anxiously pulled on others, asking.

“Actually, the reason is very simple. Didn’t you see that those mares immediately nursed their foals after finding them? It shows that the mares and foals have been separated for at least a day. The mares were worried about their offspring being hungry, so they went straight back to their children instead of running around as usual.” An observant minister patiently explained to the others.

“So that’s it.”

Upon hearing the explanation, the ministers had an epiphany, enlightened!

“Li Family’s youngster, impressive!”

Suddenly, voices of admiration arose among the ministers, especially Lu Siqing, who was so excited that he could hardly close his mouth.

This kid is good, very much to his liking!

Among the ministers, facing the praise from the Great Shang officials, Li Ziye returned the salutes one by one, acting properly in this formal occasion.

On the dragon throne, the Emperor of Great Shang also nodded in satisfaction, a hint of admiration flashing in his eyes.

The Li Family is remarkable, having produced such an impressive son.

“Friends from the Divine Temple, do you need to confirm? Each pair of horses has the same mark. If you don’t believe it, you can verify it yourself.”

Below the stone steps, after returning the salutes to the ministers, Li Ziye’s gaze turned to the envoys of the Divine Temple not far away, his smile disappearing, and he spoke indifferently.

“No need.”

From the Divine Temple’s side, Yan Xiaoyu spoke up with a cold voice, “This round, you pass. The final question, how to create fire with water, if you can’t guess it, you still won’t be considered winners!”


Li Ziye heard this, smiled faintly, and said, “This question is even simpler.”

After speaking, Li Ziye looked towards the Emperor of Great Shang under the canopy and requested, “Your Majesty, I need a block of ice about a foot in length and width!”


The Emperor of Great Shang nodded and replied once more.

Not far away, Yan Xiaoyu’s expression changed upon hearing Li Ziye’s request.

Before long, two eunuchs carrying an ice box came over, perhaps because the ice box was too cold, their hands were trembling from the chill.

“Bai brother, it’s up to you!”

Li Ziye turned around and smiled, saying that this dirty and tiring work was more suitable for Little Red Riding Hood.

Bai Wangyu nodded, stepped forward, took the ice block out of the ice box, and then, with fingers Condensed Qi, turned Qi into a sword, and began to carve the ice block one stroke at a time.

In his spare time, Li Ziye looked towards the figure in the bamboo hat in front of the Basalt Gate, grinning.

Master, is that you?

Look, your cute disciple hasn’t let you down, right?

“Qin E’nuo.”

In front of the ministers, the Rakshasa King Tao Yaoyao, who had not spoken until now, curved her lips slightly, Plum Blossom Sword Immortal, coming to the imperial palace at this time, are you worried someone might trouble your precious disciple?

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