Chapter 51 – He’s here, he’s coming on a rainbow cloud

Li Yuan.

Half an hour later, Murong and Mu Bai left together in a carriage.

Li Ziye watched the two leave in front of Li Yuan, then hummed a tune and returned to the mansion.

I have to say, the Ninth Princess is really beautiful.

It wouldn’t be bad to marry her.

It’s just that her butt isn’t big enough, and Sister Youwei might not like it.

Outside the main hall, Bai Wangyu looked at Li Ziye, who was in a good mood, and curiously asked, “What’s making you so happy?”

“I’m not telling you.”

Li Ziye returned to the inner courtyard with his head held high.

This time, he helped the Ninth Princess. Maybe, if the Ninth Princess is moved, she will offer herself to him.

Should he agree when the time comes?

It’s a dilemma!

In the inner courtyard, Slovenly Zhang saw Li Ziye walking towards him with a lovesick look on his face and knew that this kid was lost in his thoughts again.

In the capital city, on the way back to the imperial palace.

Inside the carriage, the Fourth Prince, Mu Bai, sat quietly, not saying a word.

Across from him, Murong stared at his brother with beautiful eyes. If looks could kill, Mu Bai might have been chopped into pieces by now.

“I didn’t mean to.”

After a long time, unable to bear the murderous look in his sister’s eyes, Mu Bai apologized.

“Heh, the Fourth Prince is really something. You went to someone else’s mansion to show off your power. If it weren’t for Bai Wangyu backing down on her own, would you have been prepared to fight until dark?” Murong asked, her eyes flashing with dangerous light.


Mu Bai immediately shook his head. “It was just a sparring match. Even if Bai Wangyu hadn’t backed down, I would have stopped in time.”

He wasn’t a fool. How could he not see that his sister was on the verge of exploding? He didn’t want to harm innocent people.

“Oh, so you have this awareness, brother?” Murong smiled faintly. “How did your inquiry go?”

Mu Bai was taken aback at her words, then suddenly took a deep breath.

Oh no, he was so focused on the sword fight that he forgot about the main issue!

Sure enough!

Seeing this, Murong’s eyes became increasingly dangerous, and she asked, “Did you forget, brother?”

Mu Bai fell silent, not daring to speak.

Murong closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and suppressed the anger that had surged up in her heart several times.

Men are really unreliable!

They’re all big idiots!

“How about we go back and ask again?” Mu Bai spoke, although he was very anxious, his expression remained calm as he asked.

“No need.”

Murong opened her eyes and said calmly, “I’ve already asked.”


Mu Bai was surprised and asked, “After our sparring match with Bai Wangyu, we left Li Yuan. When did you ask?”

“Who said I asked him?” Murong said irritably.

“If not him, then who else could you ask?” Mu Bai said half a sentence, then suddenly looked surprised and asked, “You mean Li Ziye?”


Murong nodded, a glint of light flashing in her eyes. “This time, we may owe the Li Family a big favor.”

She didn’t know why Li Ziye had helped her, but she couldn’t ignore this favor.

On the street, the carriage moved towards the imperial palace.

As the sun was about to set, near the imperial palace, Mu Bai got out of the carriage and looked at his sister in the carriage, saying seriously, “If Li Ziye really can help you this time, I will repay this favor for you.”

After that, Mu Bai said no more and walked towards his own mansion.

Three days passed as if nothing had happened.

Three days later, in front of the Great Shang Imperial Palace, in front of the Hall of Heavenly Worship, the courtiers gathered, and the Great Shang Emperor sat high on the thousand-level stone steps, exuding imperial majesty.

The autumn wind blew, the canopy swayed, and the courtiers of Great Shang stood under the stone steps, looking somewhat anxious.

Three days had passed, but no one had come up with an answer.

It was said that the Emperor had asked for help from the Imperial Academy, but it was unknown if there was a result.

On the stone steps, the Great Shang Emperor looked down with a calm expression, showing no ripples.

Yesterday, the Confucian Scholar had sent a reply, saying that the three questions had been answered, but as the time approached, why hadn’t the people from the Confucian School come?

“The envoy from the Hall of Heavenly Prophecy has arrived.”

Just then, at the end of the stone steps, a sharp voice rang out, and everyone’s eyes turned to the Xuanwu Gate. Led by Yan Xiaoyu and Liu Rongnü, the people from the Divine Temple walked towards them.

“They’re here.”

Under the worried gazes of the courtiers of Great Shang, the people from the Divine Temple came forward, paid their respects, and said, “Greetings to the Great Shang Emperor.”

“No need for formalities.”

The Great Shang Emperor spoke calmly.

The people from the Divine Temple stood up straight, and Yan Xiaoyu, the leader, looked up at the Great Shang Emperor in front of the Hall of Heavenly Worship and smiled, “Great Shang Emperor, three days have passed. I wonder if you can give us an answer?”

After speaking, Yan Xiaoyu’s gaze swept over the courtiers on both sides, with a hint of subtle mockery at the corner of his mouth.Looking at the group of despondent people, it must be that they have not solved the answer.

On both sides of the stone steps, the courtiers, after seeing the mocking gaze of the Divine Child in the Hall of Heavenly Worship, although they were angry, they couldn’t say anything.

“Just wait a little longer.”

In front of the Hall of Heavenly Worship, the Emperor of Shang spoke calmly.

Below, Yan Xiaoyu heard this and looked at the Great Shang Emperor on the stone steps, saying, “If Your Majesty wants to wait, my Divine Temple can naturally wait, but I don’t know until when.”

“For the time it takes an incense stick to burn.” The Emperor of Shang said slowly.


Yan Xiaoyu smiled faintly and said, “My Divine Temple will wait for the time it takes an incense stick to burn.”

Three days, the entire Great Shang Dynasty couldn’t answer the question, and he didn’t believe that they could make any progress in the time it takes an incense stick to burn.

It was just a delay in admitting defeat.

In front of the Hall of Heavenly Worship, an old eunuch from the palace brought an incense stick and placed it on the wooden table, lit it with a fire stick, and then stepped back.

The incense in the palace was specially made, a short one could burn for two quarters of an hour, and a long one could last for half an hour.

In order to delay a little more time, the old eunuch deliberately chose the longest one.

Below the stone steps, Yan Xiaoyu saw the intention of the Great Shang court, sneered, but did not reveal it.

Delay, let’s see how long you can delay.

Outside the Hall of Heavenly Worship, time passed bit by bit, the autumn wind blew, and the incense ash fell. The eyes of all the courtiers of Great Shang were fixed on this incense, hoping that it would burn a little longer.

In front of the group of courtiers, Mu Bai stood there with a calm expression, as calm and composed as ever, as if he were calm in the face of a major disaster.

If Murong said that the legitimate son of the Li family would come, then he would definitely come.

He did not believe in the legitimate son of the Li family, but in Murong’s judgment of people.

“The time it takes an incense stick to burn is almost up.”

After about half an hour, below the stone steps, Yan Xiaoyu looked at the Emperor of Great Shang in front of the Hall of Heavenly Worship and smiled, “Your Majesty, do you still want to wait?”

“The incense has not burned out yet, there’s no rush.” The Emperor of Shang said calmly.


Yan Xiaoyu sneered, the monarch and his subjects of Great Shang were really not afraid of death.

On both sides of the stone steps, the courtiers of Great Shang looked more and more anxious as they watched the incense burning out above.

What exactly was His Majesty waiting for? Could it be that someone would really come?

“He’s here, he’s here!”

Just then, a young eunuch ran from outside the Basalt Gate, his face full of excitement, and said urgently, “Your Majesty, the Confucian School’s Bai Wangyu is seeking an audience, and he has brought a young man named Li Ziye.”

“Announce it!”

The Emperor of Shang, on the dragon throne, heard this and his eyes burst into a dazzling light, and he shouted.


The young eunuch respectfully took the order.

The next moment, outside the Basalt Gate, a figure in a white Confucian robe walked over, attracting everyone’s attention with his dazzling presence.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Bai Wangyu was following a young man at this moment. The young man had a face like jade, an extraordinary temperament, and a confident smile on his face that was unforgettable at first sight.

The two came to the bottom of the stone steps, and Bai Wangyu stepped forward and respectfully saluted, “Bai Wangyu of the Confucian School pays his respects to Your Majesty!”

On the side, Li Ziye followed suit and glanced at the courtiers around him and the Emperor of Great Shang above, with a slight smile on his lips.

Finally, he had arrived here.

On the dragon throne, the Emperor of Shang looked down at the two below, his eyes narrowing slightly.

The Confucian School sent Bai Wangyu, the senior disciple, to come in person, so he should have really solved the three questions.

However, why did the legitimate son of the Li family also come with him?


After a brief moment of thought, the Emperor of Shang collected his thoughts and spoke.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

Below, Bai Wangyu and Li Ziye took the order and then stood up at the same time.

Not far away, Yan Xiaoyu saw the arrival of the two at this time and had a bad premonition in his heart. He looked at the incense burning on the steps and urged, “Your Majesty of Great Shang, the time has come, please state your answer.”

On the dragon throne, the Emperor of Shang looked down at the senior disciple of the Confucian School and asked, “Bai Wangyu, have you solved the questions?”

“I have.” Bai Wangyu nodded, and in front of the civil and military officials and the envoys of the Divine Temple, he said seriously, “However, the one who needs to solve the questions today is not me, but the young man by my side from the Li family.”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone was shocked, and all eyes turned to the young man beside Bai Wangyu.

The three questions were solved by the legitimate son of the Li family?

At this moment, even the Emperor of Shang on the dragon throne had a change in expression. The person who solved the questions, as the Confucian Scholar said, was not Bai Wangyu, but the legitimate son of the Li family?

Everyone’s attention was on Li Ziye, and he did not show any panic. He stepped forward calmly and said, “Divine Temple envoys, the three questions you posed are too simple. I, a commoner, can answer them without bothering the courtiers of Great Shang or the gentlemen of the Confucian School.”

“How dare you!” A Divine Temple envoy next to Yan Xiaoyu heard this and showed anger, saying, “Who are you to speak so arrogantly here.”

“What, the envoys of the Divine Temple can’t even hear a word of truth?”Li Ziye’s gaze swept over Yan Xiaoyu and the envoys from Great Shang behind him, and he spoke with a righteous fervor, “When these issues arose in the Divine Temple, there was no rule specifying who must respond. Although I am neither a court official of Great Shang nor a scholar of the Imperial Academy, I am a citizen of Great Shang, and thus I have the right and the duty to stand here, to dispel the worries of Great Shang and repel foreign adversaries!”

Having said that, Li Ziye couldn’t help but give himself a mental thumbs-up, thinking how well he had spoken; he almost believed it himself.


No sooner had Li Ziye finished speaking than an old minister with a beard that had already turned mostly white, Lu Siqing, immediately exclaimed in approval, “The citizens of Great Shang should indeed possess such a heart to serve their country.”

The other ministers nodded their heads in satisfaction, one after another. This young man was not bad; he was articulate and had vented their frustration for them. These past few days, they had been mocked and ridiculed by the people from the Divine Temple and had been seething with anger.

Below the stone steps, the complexions of the envoys from the Divine Temple turned extremely unsightly, each of them looking at the youth in front of them as if they wished they could tear him apart.

“Young Master Li, mere verbal prowess is useless and cannot solve the three riddles posed by the Divine Temple. With these unsolved, Great Shang still loses this wager,” Yan Xiaoyu spoke up from the front, his voice cold.

“Only three questions, you say? Watch closely, for I am about to solve them for you!”

As he spoke, Li Ziye scanned all those present, straightened his posture, and cleared his throat, his intention could not be more obvious.

Everyone take your positions, for this Young Master is about to commence a grand display of brilliance!

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