Chapter 14 – Redwood box

“Where is that brat, you bunch of useless fools!”

As night fell, Li Ziye, who had been severely reprimanded by the Sword Enthusiast, arrived at the Qilian Mountains filled with rage, venting his anger on the bandits in the mountains.

Thus, the forest once again became lively.

After unlocking the Divine Hidden Technique, the only meridian that Li Ziye had opened was surging with Genuine Qi. His movements, whether in speed or strength, had greatly improved.

“Boss, he ran to the west!”

In front of the bandit camp, a bandit ran up and reported urgently.

“What are you waiting for, go after him!”

The bandit leader roared.


This time, except for a few bandits guarding the camp, everyone else chased after him in a dense crowd.

In the forest, Li Ziye led a group of bandits in a game of hide and seek. In two hours, they had almost circled half of the Qilian Mountains.

“Boss, what is this kid trying to do, isn’t he tired?”

Next to the bandit leader, a bandit with a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks asked, panting as he watched the young man disappearing at the edge of his vision.

“No matter what he wants to do, catch him alive for me. I want to skin him alive.”

The bandit leader roared, then led his men to continue the chase.

Deep in the forest, after leading the bandits around for half the night, Li Ziye stealthily returned to the bandit camp.

“Who’s there!”

In the bandit camp, only a dozen or so bandits were left to guard. Seeing the newcomer, their expressions changed drastically.

“The tables have turned, let’s see how arrogant you can be now.”

Li Ziye looked at the dozen or so bandits in the camp and smirked maliciously, “Drop your weapons, you’re surrounded by me. Surrender and you won’t die!”

“Brothers, there’s only one of him, kill him!”

In the camp, a bandit saw that there was no one behind Li Ziye, slightly relieved, and shouted loudly.


The remaining bandits plucked up their courage and charged with their sabers.

“You refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit.”

Li Ziye grinned, took a step forward, and charged with his sword.

The bandits were fierce, but that was only against the powerless commoners.

Li Ziye was a freak who was even more brutal than the bandits.

Under the night, Li Ziye, holding Frost, swung his sword like a madman, like a lunatic. In no time, he had knocked all the bandits to the ground.

Li Ziye had unlocked the Divine Hidden Technique and was somewhat a martial artist. He was not what he used to be. Moreover, how could the sabers of the bandits compare with the Frost, the sword of the Plum Blossom Sword Immortal.

So, Li Ziye finally fulfilled his dream of his previous life, slashing a group with one swing.


Seeing all the bandits fall, Li Ziye stood in place and laughed arrogantly.

A bunch of weaklings.

“Boss, he’s over there!”

However, before Li Ziye could be arrogant for too long, a bandit with sharp eyes spotted Li Ziye’s whereabouts from a high place in the distance and shouted, “He’s gone to our camp.”

“Not good, he’s lured the tiger away from the mountain. Follow me back quickly.”

The bandit leader was shocked and immediately led his men back the way they came.

Inside the bandit camp, Li Ziye kicked open the door and looked at the treasures hidden inside. He casually flipped through them and quickly lost interest.

They were all gold, silver, and jewels, so tacky!

These bandits were too poor, they didn’t even have any decent treasures.


After looking around, Li Ziye noticed the tiger skin chair where the bandit leader sat and walked over.

After searching for a while and finding nothing, Li Ziye thought for a moment, lifted his sword, and slashed down.


With a loud noise, the tiger skin chair was cut in half.

“Haha! I knew it, how could there be no treasures!”

Li Ziye looked at the redwood box under the tiger skin chair, his face showing excitement, and picked up the box.

“Brat, you’re courting death, put down what’s in your hands!”

At this moment, outside the bandit camp, the bandit leader and his men had chased back. Seeing the young man in front of the tiger skin chair, his face changed instantly, and he shouted angrily.

“You want it, come chase me!”

Li Ziye waved the wooden box in his hand, then stomped his foot, smashed the window, and escaped.

“Chase! We must get the box in his hand back!”

The bandit leader roared angrily.


Behind him, many bandits heard the order and chased after him again.

In the forest, Li Ziye held the redwood box and ran desperately, not daring to stop for a moment.

Behind him, a dense crowd of bandits chased madly. The bandit leader at the front was even more furious, wishing he could kill the thief in front of him.

That thing must not fall into the hands of others!

The night was deep, and Li Ziye didn’t know how long he had been running. Anyway, there were fewer and fewer bandits behind him, and only a few could keep up.

However, the bandit leader had been chasing closely and had not been left behind at all.

So, Li Ziye held the redwood box in his hand even tighter.

He knew that something that the bandit leader cared so much about must be extraordinary.

After another half an hour of chasing, only two people were still able to run in the forest. However, they were so tired that they were panting and had to stop to catch their breath.

The bandit leader leaned against a big tree, panting heavily, and shouted breathlessly, “Kid, as long as you hand over the box, I will write off our grudges. I can let you leave alive.”

“Heh, dream on. If you have the ability, catch up with me.”

Li Ziye was also so tired that he could hardly straighten his waist, but he still refused to admit defeat and responded.

“In that case, you hand over the box, and you can pick anything from my camp. Gold, silver, and treasures, all yours.” The bandit leader’s face changed, and he suppressed his anger, speaking in a good tone.

“Don’t waste your effort, I lack everything, but not silver. Are you still chasing or not? If you’re not chasing, I’m leaving.”

Li Ziye said, then forced himself to straighten up and continued to run.

“Brat, don’t let me catch you, or I’ll make you wish you were dead!”

The bandit leader’s face darkened, and he also forced himself to stand up and staggered to chase after him.

In the east, a hint of white appeared, indicating that dawn was approaching.The exit of the forest was right in front of him, but as Li Ziye turned to look at the bandit leader behind him, his expression froze.

Where was he?

Did he lose him?

“Kid, prepare to die!”

At that moment, a figure burst out from not far away, his fist howling through the air, breaking the silence.

The sudden punch, seemingly with the power to split mountains and shatter rocks, even made the air resonate with a crackling sound.

Caught off guard by the surprise attack, Li Ziye’s face darkened slightly. He held his Frost sword horizontally, trying to block the heavy punch.


With a thunderous collision, Li Ziye was sent flying, crashing directly into a large tree behind him.


The massive force of the punch hit him, and Li Ziye felt a sweetness in his throat, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“Kid, if you don’t drink the toast, you’ll have to drink the penalty. Hand over the box!”

The bandit leader stepped forward, his face gloomy.

“Dream on!”

Suppressing his injuries, Li Ziye secretly measured the distance between them. As the bandit leader approached within three steps, he suddenly sprang up, thrusting his sword out.

The bandit leader’s eyes narrowed, not expecting the young man in front of him to still have strength left. Caught off guard, he couldn’t dodge in time and was stabbed in the chest.


The sword pierced his body, bringing out a spray of blood. The bandit leader grunted and retreated several steps.

“Think you can catch me? Do you have the ability?”

Li Ziye withdrew his sword. Despite his severe injuries, he showed no desire to continue fighting. He staggered towards the edge of the forest with his sword.

Behind him, the bandit leader wanted to pursue, but stumbled, spitting out a mouthful of blood.


The bandit leader watched the young man disappear into the forest, his eyes filled with murderous intent.

Outside Yuzhou City, a fast horse galloped in. The young man on the horse seemed to have fainted.

The guards at the gate stopped the horse. Recognizing the young man on the horse, they were shocked.

“Isn’t this the Third Young Master of the Li Residence? How did he get so badly injured?” one of the guards exclaimed.

“Stop asking questions, hurry up and send him back to the Li Residence.”

Another guard said solemnly. The Li Residence was one of the top powers in Yuzhou City. Even the city lord had to be polite to the head of the Li Residence. If anything happened to the Third Young Master of the Li Residence, the whole Yuzhou City would be shaken.

When Li Ziye was brought back to the Li Residence, the whole place was in chaos.

Li Baiwan rushed back in a hurry. Seeing the severely injured and unconscious Li Ziye, he was so heartbroken that he was on the verge of tears.

“Fairy, what happened to Ziye?” Li Baiwan asked Qin E’nuo, who was standing by the bed, anxiously.

“He’s broken a few ribs, but he’ll be fine.”

After examining Li Ziye’s injuries, Qin E’nuo said in a steady voice, “Take him to the pharmacy.”

With that, Qin E’nuo stood up and walked out.

By the lakeside, Slovenly Zhang watched the chaotic backyard, took a sip of his wine, and didn’t go forward to add to the chaos.

This kid must have run into the bandit leader head-on.

Qin E’nuo had said that the bandit leader had already reached the mid-stage of the Divine Hidden Technique. This kid had just opened his Divine Hidden Technique and had faced him. It was already very difficult for him to come back alive.

He’s still too weak!

This was just a bandit leader. His real opponent was Huo Lin’er, one of the four great prodigies of the world. If he didn’t think of other ways, he would never catch up in this lifetime.

In the pharmacy, Li Ziye was lifted into a medicinal barrel. Qin E’nuo stepped forward, her expression serious, her Genuine Qi surging around her, and she directed it into Li Ziye’s body.

The next moment, steam rose from the medicinal barrel. Soon, the entire pharmacy was filled with mist.


In his unconscious state, Li Ziye let out a painful groan, and his body began to tremble.

The continuous influx of medicinal power and Genuine Qi began to heal the wound on Li Ziye’s chest. It was a sight to behold.

More than half an hour later, Qin E’nuo walked out of the pharmacy, looking extremely tired.

“How is he?”

Slovenly Zhang asked.

“He’s fine.”

Qin E’nuo replied tiredly.

“Lucky kid.”

Slovenly Zhang breathed a sigh of relief, “What did this kid do? Judging by the palm print on his chest, the bandit leader was clearly furious and wanted to kill him.”

“Perhaps it has something to do with this.”

Qin E’nuo threw a redwood box to him.

Slovenly Zhang caught the redwood box, opened it with a puzzled look, and his expression changed instantly.

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