Chapter 15 – Fiery God Iron

In front of him, a black stone lay quietly in the redwood box, looking no different.

However, Zhang Slovenly’s expression changed slightly when he saw this stone.

“What’s different about this stone?”

Qin E’nuo asked in confusion. She had already seen this stone before and didn’t find anything special about it.

“Qin E’nuo, although your cultivation is slightly higher than mine, you are far inferior to me in terms of knowledge.”

Zhang Slovenly regained his composure, looked at the woman in front of him, grinned, and said, “Do you know what this is?”

“I don’t know.”

Qin E’nuo shook her head.

“This is the Fiery God Iron.”

As he spoke, Zhang Slovenly infused a strand of Genuine Qi into the stone. Suddenly, the whole stone began to change, cracks appeared, and waves of heat surged.

Seeing this, Qin E’nuo’s expression slightly condensed.

“This God Iron is the most yang treasure in the world. It is said to be a treasure formed after the stars fell from the sky and incubated in the underground fire for thousands of years. It is much more precious than the thousand-year Cold Iron in your Frost Sword.” Zhang Slovenly said.

Upon hearing this, Qin E’nuo narrowed her eyes and said, “So it is indeed a treasure. Since there is such a treasure, can it be used to forge a sword for him?”

“The difficulty lies here.”

Zhang Slovenly helplessly said, “This thing was formed in the underground fire. It is unlikely that any flame in the world can melt it. It is difficult to use this God Iron to forge a sword.”

“Is there no other way?” Qin E’nuo frowned.

“Not completely.”

Zhang Slovenly thought for a moment and said, “I once read in an ancient book that when great blacksmiths were forging, they would add things with opposite properties to the divine materials. This would prevent the divine materials from being too rigid and brittle, and help them take shape.”

“Things with opposite properties?”

Qin E’nuo murmured softly, “That would require extremely yin things.”

“Indeed, but it is not easy to find something of the same level as this Fiery God Iron with extremely yin properties.”

Zhang Slovenly said in a deep voice.

“Yes, it is indeed not easy.”

Qin E’nuo nodded and said, “Sword Enthusiast, don’t you think there is something unusual about this?”

“What do you mean?”

Zhang Slovenly asked in confusion.

“Why would those insignificant bandits in the Qilian Mountains have such a divine object? However, I don’t even recognize this God Iron, but the bandit leader knows its value and has hidden it very securely. Isn’t that strange?” Qin E’nuo said.

“Hearing you say that, it does seem suspicious.”

Zhang Slovenly frowned, “If they accidentally obtained this treasure, it would be understandable. However, even if ordinary people saw it, they would only treat it as a piece of ordinary stone and wouldn’t be able to recognize it. The bandit leader could tell that it is a treasure. Unless someone pointed it out, the only explanation is that he already knew what this stone is.”

“The guilty party suspects others of his own crime. If someone pointed it out to him, the bandit leader wouldn’t be able to keep this divine object.”

Qin E’nuo calmly said, “The most likely explanation is that he already knew the value of this stone. In that case, the bandit leader is not an ordinary person.”

Zhang Slovenly nodded and said, “I didn’t expect that there would be hidden dragons and crouching tigers everywhere in this small Yuzhou City. Let’s forget about the Li Residence. Even the bandits in the mountains outside the city are not ordinary people.”

“Perhaps, if we want to find something with opposite properties to the Fiery God Iron, we should start with the bandit leader.” Qin E’nuo said.

“That makes sense.”

Zhang Slovenly nodded, smiled, and said, “What? Are you going to take action yourself?”

“I can’t let a weak opponent deceive me. Since Li Ziye retrieved this God Iron, let him handle the rest.”

Qin E’nuo calmly said, “The bandit leader is not a very strong opponent. With Li Ziye’s efforts, he should be able to catch up.”

While the two were talking, Li Ziye, who was unconscious in the pharmacy, slowly opened his eyes. Just as he was about to struggle to get up, a piercing pain in his chest made him tremble.

After a while, Li Ziye took a deep breath and carefully crawled out of the medicine barrel.


During the process of crawling, Li Ziye accidentally touched his still unhealed sternum, causing him to grimace in pain.

After nearly half an hour of struggling, Li Ziye finally walked out of the pharmacy and saw the two people by the lake. He gritted his teeth and slowly moved towards them, step by step.

“Oh, you’re still alive. Not bad, not bad.”

Zhang Slovenly glanced at him and said, “If you didn’t come out, I would have thought you were dead.”

“Phew, phew, what bad luck. I’m perfectly fine, I won’t die.”

Li Ziye said irritably. After finally reaching the lakeside, he sat down with a grimace and said, “But I almost died.”

“How was it? Real cultivators are not as simple as you imagined.” Zhang Slovenly said.

“Very strong.”

Li Ziye nodded and said, “If he hadn’t been careless and I hadn’t stabbed him, I might not have made it back.”

“Tell us, what happened?” Zhang Slovenly curiously asked.


Li Ziye nodded and recounted what had happened last night in detail.

Zhang Slovenly and Qin E’nuo listened quietly, and after hearing the whole story, they exchanged a glance, their expressions filled with surprise.

This kid’s reaction is quite good.

“You did the right thing, kid.”

Zhang Slovenly praised, “Even if you stabbed the bandit leader, if you continued to fight, it would have been you who died. Not bad, you didn’t let a momentary victory cloud your judgment. Well done, you can be taught.”

“Keep a low profile, keep a low profile.”

Li Ziye grinned and said, “I just felt that the bandit leader was very strong, and I wasn’t confident in winning against him.”

“You’ll catch up soon.”

Zhang Slovenly nodded, smiled, and said, “What? Are you going to take action yourself?”At the side, Qin E’nuo spoke calmly, “In the next few days, you should first practice the mental cultivation method of the Flying Immortal Technique. Once your injuries are better, I will teach you the sword technique of the Flying Immortal Technique in full force.”

“Really? Thank you, Fairy Master.”

Upon hearing this, Li Ziye was immediately excited. However, just as he was about to celebrate, he accidentally aggravated his wound, causing him to gasp in pain.

As Li Ziye officially embarked on the path of martial arts, on the west side of the Capital of the Great Shang Dynasty, the rumbling of a carriage could be heard. After days of travel, Li Youwei and the Third Prince finally arrived at the capital.

The bustling capital, enduring for a thousand years, had weathered countless storms throughout the Great Shang Dynasty’s reign, yet it still stood tall and unshakeable.

Even the invincible Sword Immortals had to restrain their sharpness when they arrived at the capital of the Great Shang. This was the foundation of the first city of a thousand years.

In front of the capital, Li Youwei lifted the curtain of the carriage, looking at the ancient city that had stood for a thousand years, a trace of contemplation appeared on her beautiful face.

They had finally arrived.

For many years, the Li Family had been trying to avoid any entanglement with the power of this imperial city. However, the current situation no longer allowed the Li Residence to evade.

The collision between the Li Family and the power of the capital was inevitable.

In front of Li Youwei’s carriage, the Third Prince, Mu Yao, looked at the imperial city ahead, a slight smile curling up at the corner of his mouth.

This trip was not in vain.

He had completed his mission.

He was afraid that the people of the Li Family would refuse to come. After all, in Yuzhou City, the Li Family was a dominant force.

Li Youwei had already arrived, and it wouldn’t be long before Li Ziye would arrive.

“Let’s go! Enter the city.”

With this thought, Mu Yao let down the curtain and gave the order.


Behind him, the carriage rumbled and slowly drove into the Capital of the Great Shang Dynasty.

At this moment, in various residences within the Capital of the Great Shang Dynasty, one confidential report after another was delivered. It didn’t take long for the news of the arrival of the Li Family to spread.

In the palace, a beautiful girl, more charming than a flower, heard the news from a young eunuch and smiled slightly.

The people of the Li Family had finally arrived.

Over the years, she had heard her imperial brothers mention the Li Family more than once.

Even the Emperor had mentioned the Li Family of Yuzhou City several times.

This showed that the Li Family had gradually gained a significant position in the Great Shang Dynasty.

However, over the years, the Li Family had never set foot in the capital, so she had never had the chance to meet the people of the Li Family.

“Ninth Princess, the Fourth Prince is here.”

At this moment, a young eunuch came over quickly and said.

“My brother? Please invite him in.” The young girl said.


The young eunuch took the order and immediately turned to leave.

Soon, a man dressed in white walked in. His face was cold, without a trace of a smile. His pace was not fast, but every step was exactly the same distance, without any deviation.

The Fourth Prince, Mu Bai, was one of the four great prodigies of the world, along with the Divine Child of the Heavenly Edict Hall, the Buddhist Disciple of the Buddhist Sect, and Huo Lin’er of the Vermilion Bird Sect. Just standing there, he gave off an indescribable sense of oppression.


The young girl stepped forward and respectfully saluted.

“Murong, your Third Imperial Brother has returned.”

Mu Bai spoke calmly, “Aren’t you going to see him?”

“Brother, you didn’t go either, did you?”

Murong stood up straight, smiled charmingly, and said, “Talking to the Third Imperial Brother is too tiring. I’d rather stay in the palace.”

“I heard that the people of the Li Family have also arrived. Is it the legitimate son of the Li Family?”

Mu Bai asked, “I heard that Li Ziye has taken the Plum Blossom Sword Immortal as his master. If I have the chance, I would like to exchange some pointers with him.”

“I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you, Brother.”

Murong smiled and said, “According to my information, the person from the Li Family who came this time is their eldest daughter, Li Youwei. The legitimate son of the Li Family did not come.”

Upon hearing this, Mu Bai’s eyebrows furrowed slightly and he said, “That’s a pity.”

“It’s not a pity.”

Murong’s mouth curled up slightly and she said, “Since the eldest daughter of the Li Family has come, Li Ziye will be here soon.”

“What do you mean?” Mu Bai asked.

“Brother, you don’t like to play mind games, so don’t ask too much.”

Murong laughed and said, “In any case, I say that Li Ziye will come, and he will definitely come. You just wait patiently.”

“Alright, I’m leaving.”

Mu Bai nodded, then turned and left.

Behind him, Murong watched her brother’s retreating figure, a trace of helplessness appearing on her beautiful face.

Her brother’s character was indeed too strange. Apart from practicing the sword, he had no interest in anything else.

This was quite unusual in the power-struggling royal family.

However, just because her brother didn’t compete, it didn’t mean he could stay out of it.

If her guess was correct, once the legitimate son of the Li Family arrived in the capital, the struggle between the royal family and the Li Family, as well as the open and secret fights between the princes of the royal family, would officially begin.

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