Chapter 13 – Divine Hidden Technique

The sun sets, and the stars shine brightly in the sky.

After Li Ziye finished practicing his sword, he left the Li Residence and has not returned since.

In the backyard of the Li Residence, Slovenly Zhang took a sip of wine and looked at the lake in front of him. He casually asked, “Aren’t you worried that the bandits will kill that kid if you don’t go with him?”

“If he can’t handle those bandits, then there’s no need for him to continue learning the sword,” Qin E’nuo replied.

“The leader of those bandits is a true warrior, even though he has only opened the first Divine Hidden Technique. It’s not something he can handle right now,” Slovenly Zhang reminded.

“It doesn’t matter.”

Qin E’nuo calmly said, “I didn’t ask him to confront those bandits head-on. Even if he’s unlucky and encounters the bandit leader, he can still run away. The terrain in the mountains is complex, and there’s always a way to survive.”

“Hmph, you’re really cold-hearted as a master.”

Slovenly Zhang responded indifferently and continued drinking without saying much.

If his master doesn’t care, then he doesn’t care either.

Life is a matter of luck, and death is fate. It depends on whether that kid is lucky or not.

Under the bright moon in the Qilian Mountains, the once peaceful forest is now bustling with activity.

In the night, a young figure desperately flees, with twenty or so bandits chasing after him, turning the quiet forest into chaos.

Li Ziye’s luck is really bad.

He had originally planned to find a few bandits on patrol to practice his skills under the cover of night. But unexpectedly, he accidentally alerted the bandit leader.

What’s even more troublesome is that it’s unclear whether Qin E’nuo stole the Blood Ginseng Medicine King, but the bandit leader, filled with anger and nowhere to vent, went crazy and personally led his men to chase after Li Ziye.

As a result, the entire forest became lively.

“Search for him! Even if you have to dig three feet into the ground, find that kid for me!”

After chasing for who knows how long, the bandit leader looked at the empty forest ahead and shouted in anger.

“Yes, Chief!”

Behind him, more than twenty bandits dispersed and searched with torches.

In the dark night, Li Ziye hid in the weeds, looking at the numerous bandits surrounding him, feeling overwhelmed.

How can he fight against a group of them alone?

Moreover, the bandit leader is a practitioner who has opened the Divine Hidden Technique.

Li Ziye tightly gripped his sword and cautiously moved away from the bandit leader’s direction under the cover of night.

He can’t defeat this bastard right now, so he can only hide.

Once he opens the Divine Hidden Technique, he’ll come back for revenge.

After retreating for about a hundred feet, Li Ziye looked at two bandits who were close by and suddenly rushed towards them.


Frost unsheathed, and a cold light illuminated the surroundings. The two bandits didn’t even have time to react before blood gushed out from their throats, staining the dark night.

“He’s over there!”

In the distance, the bandit leader noticed and became furious, shouting, “Chase after him!”

“You bastard, I won’t accompany you anymore. Goodbye!”

A hundred feet away, Li Ziye raised his hand and gave them the middle finger, then turned around and ran.

Half an hour later, a disheveled figure rushed out of the forest, leaped onto a horse outside, and galloped away.

The night was enchanting. When Li Ziye returned to Yuzhou City, it was already dawn.

As soon as the city gate opened, Li Ziye entered the city and hurried back to the Li Residence on horseback.

The servants in the residence were already used to seeing the Young Master return in a disheveled state.

Several beautiful maids even secretly sent flirtatious glances to Li Ziye, shyly and hesitantly, both rejecting and welcoming.

“When the Young Master has time, we can discuss life together.”

Li Ziye grinned and responded to the flirtatious glances from the maids, then hurriedly went to the backyard.

Slovenly Zhang hadn’t arrived at his usual spot by the lake yet, and Qin E’nuo was still in her room getting ready and hadn’t come out.

Therefore, Li Ziye immediately occupied the best spot by the lake, sat down cross-legged, and began practicing the heart technique of the Flying Immortal Art.

Old Qin said that the best time to practice the Flying Immortal Art is at dawn and dusk. His talent is so poor that if he doesn’t work hard, he’ll fall even further behind those geniuses.

Thinking of this, Li Ziye felt a wave of sadness in his heart.

He is the son of Heaven, how can his presence be so weak? Look at those Divine Children and Buddhist Disciples, how famous they are. The Four Great Arrogant Geniuses in the world, their names sound so cool.

The more he thought about it, the angrier Li Ziye became. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, running the heart technique of the Flying Immortal Art.

Just at this moment, the door of a nearby room creaked open, and Qin E’nuo walked out. When she saw Li Ziye practicing by the lake, she felt a slight sense of relief.

At least he’s diligent. No matter what, diligence can make up for lack of talent. If his talent is a little lacking, then he can only work harder.

However, before her thoughts could settle, Qin E’nuo suddenly trembled, her face showing a look of shock.

Something’s not right!

At the same time, in the adjacent room, Slovenly Zhang pushed open the door and looked at the figure by the lake, his eyes filled with surprise.

“Qin E’nuo, didn’t you tell him to practice with a calm and peaceful mind, without any emotions?” Slovenly Zhang said in a deep voice.

“I thought he knew.”

Qin E’nuo’s expression darkened as she spoke. This is common knowledge for martial artists, so she didn’t pay much attention to it.

“This is troublesome.”

Slovenly Zhang clenched his fist and said, “I hope this kid is lucky and doesn’t go astray.”

By the lake, Li Ziye continued to practice the heart technique of the Flying Immortal Art while feeling resentful and angry.

He didn’t know that behind him, Qin E’nuo and Slovenly Zhang were anxiously sweating.

As time passed, Qin E’nuo and Slovenly Zhang’s palms were already sweating nervously, afraid that Li Ziye would ruin himself right at the beginning of his practice.

If that were to happen, it would be a big joke. Two Sword Immortals teaching a disciple, and within ten days, they turned him into an idiot. If this were to spread, it would be the biggest joke in the Nine Provinces in a thousand years.

“Something’s not right.”Half an hour later, Slovenly Zhang looked at Li Ziye, who was still meditating by the lake, and frowned, “Why is there no movement at all?”

Normally, if one’s mind is not calm during cultivation, even if they don’t lose control and go berserk, they should at least cough up some blood.

The current situation was too strange, too quiet.

“Should we wake him up?” Slovenly Zhang suggested.


Qin E’nuo shook her head, her expression serious, “Forcibly waking him up could lead to worse consequences. Let’s wait a bit longer.”

Slovenly Zhang nodded and patiently continued to wait.

In the east, the morning sun slowly rose, and the first ray of dawn scattered across the earth, dispelling the cold of the night.

Under their watchful eyes, suddenly, with Li Ziye as the center, the lake shore, without any wind, started to ripple, and the water surface stirred up waves.

Upon seeing this, both Qin E’nuo and Slovenly Zhang trembled, their faces filled with shock.



At this moment, Li Ziye’s chest, where his Divine Hidden Technique was located, roared like a thousand thunderbolts were raging within. Around him, an endless amount of spiritual energy from heaven and earth surged towards him, continuously pouring into his Divine Hidden Technique.

This astonishing scene left the two experienced Sword Immortals shocked, unable to explain the situation before their eyes.

“This… this kid just opened one meridian, didn’t he?”

Slovenly Zhang opened his mouth, struggling to say, “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know either.”

Qin E’nuo suppressed the waves in her heart, murmuring somewhat absentmindedly, “Perhaps, we were all wrong. No, it should be said that for thousands of years, everyone has been wrong.”

“What do you mean?”

Slovenly Zhang’s expression changed, as if he understood something, “You mean, the cultivation method of the Flying Immortal Technique is different from all other techniques in the world. For thousands of years, everyone who tried to cultivate this technique was wrong, and this kid accidentally stumbled upon the correct cultivation method?”

“That’s the only explanation.”

Qin E’nuo calmly said, “Otherwise, with his martial arts talent, it would be impossible for him to open the first Divine Hidden Technique so quickly.”

“We’ll know when he wakes up.”

Slovenly Zhang looked at the young man in front of him and clicked his tongue, “This kid is really lucky, he even stumbled upon this.”

As they spoke, by the lake, with the influx of spiritual energy, Li Ziye’s chest, where his Divine Hidden Technique was located, burst out with dazzling light. The roaring sound was endless, like a world of its own, with thunderbolts raging and oceans rolling.

Half an hour later, Li Ziye suddenly opened his eyes, his gaze sharp, his eyes sparkling, and the surging Genuine Qi from his chest’s Divine Hidden Technique burst out, rapidly spreading around him.

Dust was flying, water waves were rippling, and the astonishing momentum was awe-inspiring.

“Is this what a martial artist is like?”

Li Ziye looked at his own hands, excitement flashing in his eyes.

He can do it! He can!

He felt that he could now take on three Huo Lin’ers.

“Kid, what are you daydreaming about? You’re drooling.”

Slovenly Zhang looked at Li Ziye, whose eyes were shining, and asked.

Li Ziye came back to his senses, quickly wiped the corner of his mouth, and chuckled, “I just opened the Divine Hidden Technique, so I’m a bit excited.”

“How did you do it?”

Qin E’nuo stepped forward and asked.

“Do what?”

Li Ziye was puzzled.

“Originally, according to my calculations, even if Sword Enthusiast and I taught you together, and with the endless treasures of the Li Residence, it would take at least ten days to help you open the first Divine Hidden Technique. If things didn’t go smoothly, it could take a year and a half.”

Qin E’nuo calmly said, “I’m asking you, what were you thinking about when you were cultivating the Flying Immortal Technique just now?”

“Thinking about what?”

Li Ziye was taken aback, then touched his nose and replied somewhat embarrassingly, “I was thinking, why such an outstanding person like me doesn’t have any martial arts talent, while those Divine Children and Buddhist Disciples can be so cool. It’s annoying!”

Qin E’nuo and Slovenly Zhang looked at each other, then nodded. That must be the reason.

When cultivating the Flying Immortal Technique, the stronger the emotional fluctuation, the faster the cultivation speed. Being calm and composed, on the other hand, is not conducive to the circulation of Genuine Qi.

“Perhaps when there is a strong emotional fluctuation, the flow of blood and Qi will speed up, and the Genuine Qi of the Flying Immortal Technique can run faster with the help of the blood and Qi in the meridians.” Qin E’nuo voiced her guess.

“This is really unbelievable.”

After hearing this, Slovenly Zhang felt as if he had swallowed a fly, “I’ve been practicing martial arts for most of my life, and today, I’ve learned something from a youngster.”

Qin E’nuo also sighed lightly. Not only Sword Enthusiast, but she was no exception. Or rather, for thousands of years, everyone was the same. Under the fixed mindset, no one thought about changing.

On the side, Li Ziye listened to their conversation, grinned, and although he didn’t quite understand what the two big shots were saying, he got one thing.

He was awesome!

Maybe, if he practiced for another year and a half, he really could take on three Huo Lin’ers!

“Let’s spar!”

Excited, Li Ziye looked at Qin E’nuo and Slovenly Zhang and said.

Qin E’nuo was taken aback, and Slovenly Zhang was also stunned.

Had this kid gone mad?

“Sword Enthusiast.”

Quickly, Qin E’nuo came back to her senses and calmly said, “You go, don’t cripple him.”

“I’ll try.”

Slovenly Zhang responded with a smirk. He waved his right hand, and immediately, a ancient sword flew out of the room.

The sword was still in its sheath, but the sword aura was faintly visible.

The next moment, the sword moved, and the garden was filled with crisscrossing sword aura, causing the water waves to roll back a hundred meters.

Damn it, Li Ziye saw this and his pupils shrank. He turned around and ran.

However, it was already too late.


After a loud noise, Slovenly Zhang sheathed his sword, and the water waves in the lake fell.

On the wall of the backyard, a human-shaped dent appeared. Li Ziye was completely embedded in it, his hair disheveled and his face dirty, looking extremely embarrassed.

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