Chapter 11 – Open pulse

Outside Yuzhou City, the sun rose and Li Ziye walked back on foot, drenched and in a sorry state.

It took Li Ziye the whole night to return.

Offending a woman, especially someone as formidable as Qin E’nuo, had dire consequences.

In the Li Residence, Li Baiwan was anxiously pacing around as Li Ziye had not returned all night. However, he dared not do anything due to the terrifying woman by the lake in the backyard.

“No need to ask, no need to search, he won’t die!” Qin E’nuo had only said these words when she returned last night before going to her own room to rest.

Li Baiwan was anxious but could only worry in silence, not daring to say or ask anything.

“Old Sir, Young Master has returned.”

A servant hurriedly came from the front yard to report.

Upon hearing this, Li Baiwan quickly went forward to greet him.

Li Ziye returned to the Li Residence looking disheveled and ragged, resembling a beggar, shocking everyone in the residence.

What happened to the Young Master?

Why does he look like he has been mistreated?

“Son, are you alright?”

Seeing his precious son return, Li Baiwan hurriedly went up and asked.

“Do I look alright to you?”

Li Ziye extended his arms and pointed at his appearance, speaking with annoyance, “I’m just not dead yet.”

After saying that, Li Ziye looked around and angrily asked, “Is Old Qin back?”

“She’s in the backyard,” Li Baiwan answered.

“I’m going to find her!”

Li Ziye said angrily and walked quickly towards the backyard.

“Son, don’t be impulsive, you can’t beat her!”

Li Baiwan was startled and quickly grabbed Li Ziye from behind, reminding him.

Li Ziye froze upon hearing this and his face showed a mix of sadness and anger.

He, the Third Young Master of the Li Family, the richest playboy in the world, a cheat code transmigrator, the beloved son of heaven, was actually afraid of a woman!

Wasn’t it said that transmigrators were invincible?

He invented soap, he even created crystal. Everything was going according to the script, so why were his meridians blocked, preventing him from cultivating?

This was just playing with people!

“Son, if you have something to say, that woman is really powerful.” Li Baiwan consoled him with fear.

“Old Li, you’re really useless, a woman made you so afraid!” Li Ziye regained his composure and looked at the fat Li behind him with disdain. Then, he raised his head and walked towards the backyard.

Li Baiwan was stunned for a moment, then quickly regained his senses and hurriedly followed.

Is his son going to confront Fairy Qin head-on today?

By the lake in the backyard, Qin E’nuo stood quietly, her gaze fixed on the surface of the lake, her expression as calm as the still water.

Beside her, Slovenly Zhang lazily lay there, drinking wine, feeling quite at ease.

At this moment, Li Ziye strode towards the backyard, his head held high, exuding an imposing aura, despite his disheveled appearance, revealing a fearless and dauntless temperament.

“Oh, this kid still has some backbone!” Slovenly Zhang opened his eyes and admired Li Ziye’s imposing manner.

Fight! Let’s fight!

He, an old man, loved watching a good show the most.

Getting closer!

Seeing Li Ziye about to approach, Slovenly Zhang couldn’t contain his excitement.

By the lake, Li Ziye walked forward with his head held high, his accumulated momentum was overwhelming.

How could he be afraid of a woman!

A true man should be neither humble nor arrogant!

As Li Ziye approached the lake, Qin E’nuo turned around. Her gaze was calm, indifferent, and devoid of any emotions.

However, this indifferent gaze seemed more terrifying than any threat at this moment.

Li Ziye trembled as if struck by lightning, and the imposing expression he had just now disappeared instantly.

“Fairy Master, I’m back. Did you sleep well last night?” Li Ziye approached with a flattering smile, greeting her.


Slovenly Zhang turned his face away in speechlessness. How embarrassing!

He actually expected this kid to have some backbone? He must have drunk too much and his brain was waterlogged.

“Go practice your sword.”

Qin E’nuo said calmly.


Li Ziye obediently nodded and immediately ran to the side to start practicing his sword.

“Did he really kill all those bandits by himself? Are you sure you didn’t help him?” Slovenly Zhang asked with some doubt.

“No, he’s a genius.”

“A genius? Him?”

Slovenly Zhang sneered, “He can’t even open his meridians.”

“What I mean is, he’s a genius at killing.”

Qin E’nuo said calmly, “How long did it take you to adapt when you killed for the first time?”

Slovenly Zhang frowned and thought for a moment before saying, “One day.”

Killing was not a pleasant feeling, even now, he didn’t like it.

“Last night, he killed more than a dozen people. When I saw him, he could still smile. Could you have done that when you were his age?” Qin E’nuo said calmly.

“No, I couldn’t.”

Slovenly Zhang’s expression slightly changed. He understood what Qin E’nuo meant.

This kid, if he wasn’t naturally cold and ruthless, then he had an incredibly firm mentality and strong adaptability.

“The people of the Li Family are indeed extraordinary.”

Slovenly Zhang sighed lightly, “What I thought was trash turned out to be the most terrifying person in the end.”

“A firm mentality is the most valuable quality in martial arts. I’m looking forward to what he will achieve after opening all eight meridians.” Qin E’nuo gazed at the young man not far away and said softly.

“It’s difficult.”

Slovenly Zhang sighed, “Even with so many potent medicines and a King Medicine, you can only help him open one meridian at most. A person has eight meridians, where can you find so many King Medicines? Without King Medicines, relying solely on those potent medicines, according to the current progress, it would take at least three to five years to open all eight meridians.”The Medicine King is not something that can be easily obtained. Even with the astonishing wealth of the Li Family, it is still difficult to find so many Medicine Kings at once.

He and Qin E’nuo had underestimated the difficulty of reconstructing the Eight Extraordinary Meridians. After all, no one had ever attempted such a thing before.

“There’s no rush for the Medicine King.”

Qin E’nuo calmly said, “I heard that the Imperial Academy in the Capital City has a thousand-year-old Fo-Ti Root. If necessary, I can make a trip there.”

“The Imperial Academy?”

Upon hearing this, Slovenly Zhang’s expression slightly changed, “Are you sure you want to go there? The old fellow in the Imperial Academy is not simple. Even you, if you forcibly take it, may not be able to escape unscathed.”

In this world, there are countless strong individuals. It’s hard to rank them, but the old fellow in the Imperial Academy is definitely recognized as one of the top three, or even the strongest.

The Confucian Scholar of the Imperial Academy, Kong Qiu!

“Unless it’s absolutely necessary, I won’t forcibly take it.” Qin E’nuo softly said.

While they were talking, by the lake, Li Ziye was still practicing his swordsmanship with sweat pouring down his face. After last night’s battle, his sword now carried an added aura of solemn killing intent.

“Fairy, everything is ready.”

At this moment, a servant from the Li Residence hurried over and respectfully said.


Qin E’nuo nodded, her gaze falling on the young man in front of her. She said, “Li Ziye, stop practicing for now and come with me.”

After speaking, Qin E’nuo walked towards the pharmacy.

Li Ziye, puzzled, sheathed his sword and quickly followed.

In the pharmacy, large medicine barrels were steaming hot. Today, the water seemed to be much hotter than usual.

“Get in.” Qin E’nuo said.

Upon hearing this, Li Ziye promptly took off his outer clothes and familiarly stepped into the medicine barrel.

Immediately, unbearable heat mixed with medicinal power surged from all directions.

In front of the medicine barrel, Qin E’nuo walked over without any unnecessary words and slapped Li Ziye’s chest.


In an instant, a pig-slaughtering-like scream echoed again. Inside the medicine barrel, Li Ziye curled up in pain, his body trembling uncontrollably, and cold sweat pouring down.

Outside, the servants hearing the miserable screams from the pharmacy were terrified and dared not approach.

Inside the pharmacy, Qin E’nuo opened the wooden box containing the Blood Ginseng Medicine King and took out the ginseng.

At this moment, even the usually calm Qin E’nuo’s expression became serious.

Whether her guess was correct or not, it would be confirmed today.

Reconstructing the meridians was something no one had ever attempted before. Only the Li Family, with their enormous wealth and countless potent medicines, could possibly create a miracle with these medicines and the Medicine King.

“From now on, no matter how painful it is, you must endure!”

Qin E’nuo solemnly warned, then her Genuine Qi surged around her body. With a shake of her delicate hand, the Blood Ginseng was shattered.

The Genuine Qi enveloped the red essence of the Medicine King, which turned into a blood mist and continuously entered Li Ziye’s chest, repairing his shattered meridians. In just a few moments, Qin E’nuo’s forehead was covered in a thin layer of sweat, clearly not an easy task.

Inside the medicine barrel, Li Ziye clenched his teeth, his body shaking violently. The pain of broken meridians and crushed bones was not something ordinary people could endure.

Outside the pharmacy, by the lake, Slovenly Zhang was drinking jug after jug of wine. Soon, one jug was emptied.

Slovenly Zhang immediately opened another jug. At this moment, perhaps even the Sword Enthusiast himself hadn’t noticed that his hand holding the jug was starting to tremble slightly.

Time, at this moment, seemed so long.

After an unknown amount of time, suddenly, a piercing scream came from the pharmacy, shocking everyone.

Immediately, a loud bang echoed. Inside the pharmacy, a huge force exploded, blowing up the entire medicine barrel. Water splashed everywhere, wetting everything around.

On the ground, Li Ziye sat weakly, panting heavily, his face covered in sweat.

In front of him, Qin E’nuo was not much better. Her long hair and dress were wet from the splashing water, and there was a trace of blood at the corner of her mouth. She looked more disheveled than ever before.

After a long while, Qin E’nuo suppressed the chaotic Genuine Qi in her body and said tiredly, “Rest for half a day, then go practice your sword.”

After saying this, Qin E’nuo didn’t say anything more. She hurriedly left the pharmacy and headed towards her own room.

Inside the pharmacy, Li Ziye staggered to his feet and walked to the lakeside, collapsing weakly onto the ground.

“Old Zhang, it was a success.”

Li Ziye spoke weakly, his feelings somewhat complicated, not exactly joyful.

The price paid to unblock his meridians was too great.

This was the first time he had seen Qin E’nuo in such a disheveled state. This favor was a bit too heavy.

“Qin E’nuo, not bad.”

Slovenly Zhang took a sip of his wine and said seriously, “Especially towards you.”

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