Chapter 84 – Research Diary of the Living Dead

Returning to the third floor again, Su’en suddenly heard the noise downstairs disappear.

No sound of blood, no gunshots, and no strange noises from monsters.

Su’en breathed a sigh of relief, deep in thought.

He instantly confirmed something in his mind: “Usually, the flow of time in the cursed space is the same as the outside world. ‘Blind Detective’ Bill should have been here for a few months, given his reckless brain frequency. He couldn’t have survived this long. So what I saw just now is probably not a living person…”

He also confirmed a space rule he had deduced earlier, which is that when a person dies, the manifested monsters of horror will disappear, and the space will return to its original state.

Otherwise, when he was first sucked into it, there were no monsters on the third and second floors, and there were no signs of battle. This is obviously not right.

As he expected, this is a triggered plot!

It can only happen when an outsider enters.

Fortunately, the monsters didn’t chase after him, otherwise Su’en felt that he might have died on the spot.

“It seems that I have to go down again…”

There were still some unanswered questions in his mind, and although it was dangerous, Su’en still intended to go down again.

After all, if he wanted to get out himself, he couldn’t avoid the second floor of the hospital.

After listening carefully for a while, he didn’t hear any movement.

Su’en cautiously went down again.

Then, he saw the exact same scene as before.

‘Blind Detective’ Bill was sitting at the door of a consultation room, blood flowing beneath his feet.

Su’en’s gaze slightly chilled: “Did the plot rewind? It seems that the blind detective had some regrets before he died…”


The old cowboy noticed Su’en again and asked the same question: “Are you human?”


Su’en responded with the same words.

He originally wanted to use the All-Knowing Eye to identify what secrets the second floor held and to see the current state of the blind man. But in the instant his gaze fell on him, the blind man seemed to sense something and suddenly drew his gun!

Su’en’s pupils contracted.

As an “expert in firearms,” he knew from the subtle movements of the blind man that he was about to draw his gun, so he didn’t hesitate at all and rushed up the stairs again.

Almost at the same time, the sound of a gunshot filled his ears, and the bullet grazed his thigh.

If he hadn’t dodged in time, that shot would have taken half his life.

Back on the third-floor corridor, the second floor returned to calm again.

Su’en let out a breath and sighed, “The firearms master is too strong. The gap is quite big…”

It wasn’t too surprising that Bill could shoot.

If it were Su’en himself, he would have done the same. In such a bizarre hospital, the possibility of encountering a human is unlikely, especially with the inexplicable gaze of the blind man.

He had stood so close to the stairs just now to guard against this.

However, although he was injured a bit on this trip downstairs, he also confirmed some things.

In that moment of identification just now, the word “human” did not appear above Bill’s head, but “Manifested Soul.”

Biologically speaking, he was already dead.

But in this space, he was still alive in a way similar to an NPC.


“The events on the second floor should be a reenactment of the blind man’s last moments…”

Su’en took out a potion and treated the scrape on his thigh, quickly analyzing the situation in his mind.

If it weren’t for the brain-boosting blind man, he would have smoothly gone to the second floor to find the files.

Now that he had this guy, if he went down again, he would have to face the high-level distorted monster created by the blind man’s brain.

To prevent him from having any wild thoughts?

The most effective method is to kill him.

But… Su’en was now certain that Bill was unbelievably strong.

He had only glanced at him and already took a bullet.

Su’en felt that if he had even the slightest intention to kill, he would probably be greeted with a barrage of bullets as soon as he reached the bottom of the stairs.

The plan to kill him was directly passed!

“However… the monster didn’t appear until we had a conversation for so long. It’s probably because his attention was focused on me at that time. As long as I distract his attention and explain the situation in time, maybe I can prevent the appearance of the distorted monster…”

Su’en thought of the key point and decided to go down again.

He took a deep breath, reminding himself not to show any hostility or actions that could be misunderstood.

Then he went down the stairs again and indeed saw the old cowboy bleeding on the bench.


Bill also noticed him at the same time and asked the same question for the third time: “Are you human?”

Su’en responded, “Yes.”

The same conversation unfolded again, and Bill wanted to test Su’en’s origins.

This time, he didn’t hide his method and directly said, “I have discovered the rules of this cursed space. The monsters here are actually manifestations of our thoughts. As long as we control ourselves not to think about them, the monsters won’t appear.”

Since the other party was already dead, he didn’t think it was necessary to hide this information.

Moreover, a firearms master who didn’t show any malice, in this eerie cursed space, might not be an enemy but a great help.

Upon hearing this, Bill’s face showed a shocked expression.

He furrowed his brows, seemingly pondering.

In an instant, this blind man, known as a great detective, easily grasped the key point: “No wonder, I felt that the monsters that appeared before were familiar. So that’s how it is.”

The two of them chatted for a while, and Su’en noticed that no monsters appeared. He guessed that the blind detective had probably gained control over some of his terrifying thoughts.

Clearly, Bill hadn’t realized that he was already dead.

Su’en planned to win him over as a temporary teammate and said, “Mr. Bill, I have heard of your name. I think if we want to get out of this cursed space, it’s best to look for some clues that can lead us out.”

Bill nodded without hesitation, “Hmm. I happen to need a helper.”Su’en didn’t expect that Bill had already figured out a way to break the curse space.

The old cowboy directly stated his opinion: “There are three conventional methods to break a space curse. First, eliminate the curse source within the cursed space; second, find the cursed object; third, create energy fluctuations that the space cannot withstand to forcefully break it. However, this particular space is different. It absorbs people who become aware of its existence. So, I suspect that the ‘curse source’ may not be a physical entity, but something like a spiritual body, such as some kind of ‘grudge’. The ‘rule of the manifestation of evil thoughts’ that you discovered also confirms my speculation. I am almost certain now that the curse source in this space is likely an extremely powerful existence!”

Extremely powerful?

To make this gun master say such words, Su’en furrowed his brows.

Things were much more troublesome than he expected.

His understanding of the curse space was far inferior to Bill’s. Many things were beyond his knowledge, and he didn’t expect that breaking the curse space would involve so many intricacies.

Now, upon hearing this, the option of confronting the boss head-on was immediately ruled out.

Without even gambling on the probability, it was highly likely that there wouldn’t even be time for identification before death upon meeting.

The option with the highest chance of survival seemed to be finding and reciting the name of the “grudge master.”

Su’en didn’t expect that Bill would actually come up with the same idea as him.

Bill continued, “Based on the current clues, the specifications of this curse space are probably very high. The ability of the ‘curse source’ is likely beyond what we can bear. So, it would be dangerous to rashly search for it.”

Pausing for a moment, he continued, “However, I have learned some special methods to deal with this type of ‘grudge’ from some old hunters. Perhaps we don’t need to confront it directly.”

Su’en asked, “What methods?”

Bill said, “First, find a powerful cursed object that can restrain ghost species, such as the Carter family’s [Cross Emblem]. I don’t have it, and I think you don’t either. Second, use alchemical bullets, such as ‘Silver’ and ‘Evil-Breaker’. Third, perform an exorcism alchemy ritual. Fourth, recite its name… Different situations require different methods, and I’m not sure which one will be effective. But the first three methods all require directly facing the ghost species, so it’s best not to try unless absolutely necessary. We can try the fourth method first. Find the name of the ‘grudge master’ in the hospital, and then recite it. Perhaps it can break the grudge and allow us to leave directly…”

Su’en listened and gained some new knowledge. He didn’t expect that there were so many ways to deal with this. This was the experience gained at the cost of countless lives. The people from the “Umbrella Organization” were indeed worthy of their reputation.


After discussing their strategy, Su’en and Bill began searching for clues in various examination rooms.

Su’en remained on guard against the sudden appearance of monsters throughout the process, but he found that his worries were unnecessary. He was also surprised that this blind detective, Bill, could perfectly control himself and not let his mind wander.

Without the disturbance of monsters, they quickly found a special room: the director’s office.

Without wasting much time, Bill’s detective skills allowed them to quickly find a safe behind a mural on the wall.

Su’en originally thought that the safe would be troublesome, but he didn’t expect that this old cowboy would easily open it with a receiver and a master key.

Detectives really were a mixed bag of professions that knew everything.

There were no valuable items in the safe, only a pile of notebooks.

Su’en casually picked one up and immediately realized that they had found the right clue!

These notebooks recorded an experiment diary called “Undead Research.” He easily saw the name of the person who signed it on almost every diary: Tirmido M. Chekhov.

Su’en flipped through a few pages and saw that the notebook was filled with various dense data, rune knowledge, alchemy knowledge… The content was too advanced, and he couldn’t understand most of it.

In an instant, Su’en realized that the value of this diary was immeasurable.

Without looking closely, he stored all of them in his storage ring.

According to the nature of horror plots, Su’en’s intuition told him that upon discovering such a crucial clue, it would most likely trigger some kind of chain reaction.

Sure enough, just as he put away the notebook, there was suddenly abnormal movement at the door of the director’s office.

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