Chapter 83 – Blind Detective Bill

“It’s really that famous blind detective…”

Su’en looked at the person sitting in the chair and briefly doubted whether it was a manifestation of his own thoughts, but immediately denied it. He was certain that he had only supplemented his brain with various cute things and definitely not this old man.

Moreover, the appearance of “Blind Detective” Bill made things even more confusing.

Why would someone who seemed to be a member of the “Umbrella Organization” come here?

According to the intelligence, this guy had rented the property at 88 Gingko Street several months ago.

Is the blind man in front of him dead or alive?


“Blind Detective” Bill was blind, but his perception was extremely strong.

When Su’en had just come down, he had already noticed the slight movement of this old cowboy’s cochlea.

In front of a true “gun master,” Su’en couldn’t afford to be careless. His hands were always on the gun handle at his waist, but he didn’t make any movements that would be misunderstood as drawing his gun.

However, Bill didn’t show any malice. He spoke first and asked, “Are you human?”


Su’en responded and breathed a sigh of relief.

It was good news that they didn’t start fighting without even meeting.

And being able to have a conversation, even if it was “strange,” instantly lowered the level of danger.

At this moment, Su’en noticed the pool of crimson blood flowing under Bill’s feet, indicating that he was injured.

Instead of underestimating this guy’s strength, Su’en became even more cautious.

In the third-floor horror fantasy manifestation rules, it was difficult for Su’en to imagine anyone surviving unless they were lucky. And this guy not only survived, but also only suffered some non-lethal injuries, which proved that his strength was extremely strong.

However, Su’en looked at the corridor without any signs of a fight and a trace of doubt flashed in his eyes.

At this moment, Bill spoke again and asked, “Who are you?”

As he said that, he looked towards Su’en. Although his eyes were clouded with cataracts and he couldn’t see, they accurately looked in Su’en’s direction.

Su’en responded, “I am a tenant at 88 Gingko Street. I don’t know why I was inexplicably involved in this.”

Pausing for a moment, he directly asked, “Sir, do you know what’s going on?”

He wanted to extract some information from this old cowboy’s mouth.

After all, he was the legendary detective. If he came to Gingko Street, he must know something.

Bill keenly caught a detail in Su’en’s words and asked in return, “New tenant? How long have I been missing?”

Su’en secretly praised him but didn’t plan to reveal everything. “Ah? I don’t understand what you’re saying. I just moved in today.”


Bill’s expression was calm, obviously sensing that Su’en was withholding something, but he didn’t say much.

Perhaps he thought that the curse space and the flow of time in reality were different, so he didn’t delve into this issue.

There was no point in discussing this topic when they couldn’t leave.

He didn’t hide his detective identity and said again, “As you can see, this is a curse space left behind from ancient times. I was involved because I accepted a ‘missing person commission’ and followed the clues to Gingko Street. How did you get in?”

There was nothing to hide about this question, so Su’en truthfully replied, “I am a new tenant. I heard that someone died in the house before. I carefully inspected the house and unexpectedly got sucked in.”

Through the conversation, Su’en also captured some key information.

He heard from Gelangtai that this blind man was here to investigate something, probably the “missing person commission” he mentioned.

Following the clues led him here, and it felt like… was 88 Gingko Street itself a “trap”?

But who had such a big plan to use a curse space to scheme against people?

“Blind Detective” Bill was not an ordinary person, and the investigation he was conducting was definitely not simple. In an instant, Su’en understood that he had probably accidentally become involved in a conflict between high-level professionals.

“Oh, I see…”

Bill didn’t seem surprised by Su’en’s words. If he could come in, he naturally knew the special triggering conditions of this curse space.

At this moment, he said something inexplicable, “Those who eternal sleep are not the deceased. Even death itself will dissipate in the mysterious eternity.”


Su’en, who had been mingling in the underworld for so long, immediately realized that this was either a password or some kind of secret code.

Moreover, it was probably the password of the “Umbrella Organization.”

This guy wanted to confirm his identity!

Su’en wanted to respond, but he couldn’t connect. All he could say was, “Sir, what did you just say?”

Upon hearing this, Bill seemed slightly disappointed and muttered to himself in a low voice, “That clue has already been cut off. There shouldn’t be anyone else coming.”

After a pause, he asked again, “The monster upstairs is very strong. How did you manage to survive? Judging from your breathing, you should not be a second-tier professional.”

Su’en also breathed a sigh of relief that Bill didn’t turn hostile just because the password didn’t match.

Monster upstairs?

There was no monster upstairs at all!

Hearing this, Su’en suddenly confirmed something in his heart, had a flash of insight, and further confirmed something.

He said, “I encountered several not-so-strong zombie species, and I found…”He wanted to remind the blind detective not to think too much, but he was interrupted.

However, Bill seemed to have discovered something from his tone and shook his head, sighing, “Your tone tells me that you’re hiding something. But it doesn’t matter anymore. We probably won’t make it out alive…”


Su’en looked at the wax-yellow face with carved knife marks and was slightly startled.

At the same time, he suddenly realized what this guy meant by saying that and thought to himself, “This is not good.”

But it was too late to stop him.

At this moment, the old cowboy suddenly heard some movement, his ears twitched, and he shouted, “The monster is coming again, be careful!”

As he spoke, his hand had already reached for the shotgun hanging at his waist.

Upon hearing this, Su’en knew it was too late.

Just then, he suddenly heard the sound of rushing water, like the sound of a water tank bursting and gushing out. When he looked, he saw a terrifying monster rushing out from the end of the second-floor corridor. It was a distorted humanoid creature, with blurred facial features, like a gorilla with its skin peeled off.

Just the oppressive feeling alone made Su’en immediately realize that this was definitely not a first-order anomaly!

Su’en was shocked.

He immediately realized that this monster was a terrifying manifestation imagined by the old cowboy.

The blind man couldn’t see the precise appearance of the monster, but he could depict a rough outline in his mind through other senses. This abstract painting-like skinless blood gorilla in front of him, didn’t it perfectly match the manifestation in the blind man’s mind?


The monster had just appeared, but Bill’s reaction was not slow at all.

He stood up and swung his body, and a submachine gun with a large magazine capacity, resembling a “Chicago Typewriter,” appeared in his hand. He pulled the trigger, and tongues of fire spewed out, making a dense and crisp “tatata” sound.

Su’en looked at the gun and immediately recognized it, “The high-rate-of-fire famous gun, Woodpecker!”

Although he couldn’t see, he accurately hit the blood gorilla’s leg with a burst of bullets, causing a burst of blood.

Su’en also noticed something, “Judging the position by sound?!”

The gorilla’s leg was hit, causing it to stumble, and its head hit the wall.

Just as this collision sound rang out, Bill suddenly pulled out a small-sized black revolver from his left hand and fired three shots in quick succession.




The sound of the gun was deafening, and the three shots almost sounded like one.

Su’en himself was a firearms expert, naturally able to understand the skillfulness of Bill’s marksmanship.

Three shots fired in quick succession, the bullets seemed to connect end to end, perfectly overlapping and hitting the same spot on the monster’s head.

“Advanced firearms technique – Multiple Overlapping Shots!”

Su’en’s pupils slightly contracted, silently admiring the mastery of a master.

Even with alchemical bullets, ordinary gunmen couldn’t break through the defense of at least a second-order anomaly. But if three shots hit the same spot on the target in a very short period of time, it could break through the defense while the target’s defense hadn’t recovered yet.

One shot shook, one shot pierced armor, and one shot penetrated!

This technique was something he currently couldn’t even come close to, requiring extremely high skill, precision, and… a runic firearm.

And the heavy revolver in Bill’s hand was none other than the famous runic firearm – “Kiss of the Poisonous Snake”!

One shot, one hit, and this was a blind man?

In just a short one or two seconds, Su’en witnessed this “blind detective” Bill severely injuring a second-order anomaly.

But everything wasn’t over yet.

Human thinking is active, especially when encountering terrifying events.

Su’en knew things were going to be bad when he saw the first monster appear, but he didn’t have time to warn anyone.

Sure enough, before the blood gorilla was completely dead, two huge “flying head monsters” suddenly appeared out of thin air at both ends of the corridor, almost blocking the way. The facial features of the heads were blurry like plaster statues, but the hair on their heads was made up of living black snake heads.

Looking at the appearance of these monsters, it was obviously a product of the blind man’s sensory world, undoubtedly created by the old cowboy’s imagination.

There weren’t many horror movies in this world that could provide material for this. What he thought of in his mind was probably something the original person had experienced or actually existed.

How many terrifying things had this guy experienced?

It’s one thing to make things difficult for oneself, but to this extent…

Seeing this, Su’en didn’t hesitate at all, turned his head, and retreated back to the third floor along the stairs.

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