Chapter 85 – T-Sealed

There was a commotion outside the door, and the perceptive “Blind Detective” Bill was the first to notice something unusual. With a click, two guns were already pointed at the office door.

Although Su’en’s perception was slightly weaker, he also quickly drew out his gun because he was on guard in advance.

He knew that the problem wouldn’t be with him. Just as this thought crossed his mind, a blue-skinned creature covered in golden runes appeared at the office door.

It wasn’t an abstract image that a blind person could imagine. This creature was very specific and detailed.

It didn’t look like a living person, but it had the unmistakable aura of a living being. It wasn’t a distorted monster, but it definitely wasn’t a normal human either.

“So fast! What is this thing?”

Su’en’s expression suddenly changed as he looked at the blue-skinned creature.

He had heard the commotion downstairs earlier, and in the blink of an eye, it had already appeared at the door as if it had teleported.

Based on his previous experience, he didn’t dare to use his identification ability immediately.

Because as soon as he glanced at the golden runes on the creature’s skin, a strong sense of imminent danger instantly surged in his heart. Without hesitation, he began reciting the name he had just seen on the notebook: “Terumido M. Chee…”

Bill’s reaction was also extremely fast. As he listened to the noise at the door, his finger on the trigger of the gun had already pulled it.

At this moment, time seemed to freeze. The tongue of fire from the gun was still slowly spewing out, but the blue figure was accelerating towards the two of them.

The metal bullets hit its skin, creating a spark, but it didn’t stop its momentum.

In that instant, the blue-skinned creature had already “teleported” in front of Su’en and Bill, and then it raised its hand and punched towards Bill’s head.

“Bang,” a crimson explosion.

This renowned master-level gunman had no chance to retaliate. He was instantly killed with just one blow!

At this moment, the blue-skinned creature turned its head towards Su’en and punched again.

Su’en watched the fist shadow, not only was it fast, but it also had a power that he couldn’t comprehend. It made his scalp tingle and his body feel like it was about to burst…

Fortunately, because he had predicted in advance, he had also recited the last syllable of the name in his mouth.


In an instant, the surroundings changed, and they were instantly back in the basement of 88 Gingko Street from the hospital.


Su’en gasped heavily, as if he had just escaped from a huge pressure like a collapsing mountain. Cold sweat poured down his forehead.

His eyes still shimmered with an incredulous gleam, and he said with lingering fear, “So strong! What level of existence is that undead?!”

He didn’t even have time to identify it just now. Just a glance made him feel like he had seen some kind of unfathomable forbidden horror, and a tremor of instinctive fear rose in his heart.

He felt that the blue-skinned creature was definitely not someone he had ever seen before.

Now that he thought about it carefully, he realized that the level of the runes could be discerned from the complexity of their patterns. The blue-skinned creature’s runes were definitely of a terrifyingly high level.

To give an inappropriate but vivid analogy.

The commonly seen low, intermediate, and advanced runes (Level I, II, III) on the market looked like simplified characters: one, two, three, four;

But the golden runes on this creature’s body looked like this: 齉龘齉齾爩麤.

Just the luster of the runes gave people a sense of oppression. How powerful must it be?

Usually, the people in Old Lingdun referred to those incomprehensible ancient knowledge as “super-tier knowledge.” Obviously, the runes on this blue-skinned creature far exceeded his understanding.

Su’en immediately thought of the research content in his diary and realized that this blue-skinned creature was an “undead”!

How powerful were those ancient alchemists? How could they create such ridiculously strong undead?


“Blind Detective Bill was actually killed by that creature…”

Su’en’s eyes flickered with seriousness.

This was the first time that even in the face of death, he didn’t feel as strong of an oppressive feeling as he did from the blue-skinned creature just now.

“It’s a good thing I didn’t rashly go to find a morgue, otherwise I wouldn’t even know how I died. There’s probably more than just one blue-skinned creature in the lower level of the hospital…”

He looked at the empty basement, his face becoming grim, and judged in his heart, “To be able to kill a second-tier professional in an instant, this cursed space is not just a Red S-Class, but a ‘Black T-Sealed’ level!”(Note: The curse space level is divided into T, S, A, B, C, D according to the degree of danger. S-level: High-level professionals can explore with a high probability of casualties; T-sealed level: The difference in rank is too large, no one can survive, it is recommended to permanently seal it.)

Su’en felt somewhat fortunate, and it was also fortunate that he knew the method to crack the space in advance with the True Eye. It was also fortunate that he found a temporary teammate and successfully found a clue.

Otherwise, if he had to face that monster alone, there would be no possibility of survival at all.

However, the old cowboy was already dead, so he didn’t feel guilty about using his temporary teammate.


In the moment when Bill’s head exploded just now, he also swallowed the dispersing “gray mist” from the corpse.

“You obtained 4 fragments of ‘Bill Strauss’s memories’.”

“You obtained some information: ‘Vice Dean Nikola J. Emirich of the Black Tower Academy has defected. The organization’s order is to find him. Finally, I found some clues and investigated Silver Maple Street No. 88, but unfortunately, it seems to be a trap set by that guy…’”

“You obtained some auditory perception skills. You comprehend the [Sound Positioning (Entry)]…”

“You comprehend the psychic perception ability [Malicious Perception]…”

“You comprehend the marksmanship secret technique [Multiple Overlapping Shots], firearm experience +547.”

“Spiritual power +1.19”

Now that the crisis is resolved, Su’en also snapped out of that high level of tension and his mind started working again.

“The soul of Bill is actually perfectly preserved in the space?”

Su’en felt incredulous about being able to harvest so much content, even though that guy had been dead for several months.

He even felt that next time he entered, he might be able to see that blind man.

Next time?

No, Su’en was certain that he would not have another chance.

Although he was curious about what the “cursed object” behind the terrifying curse space was, he immediately dismissed that unrealistic fantasy.

Looking back at his gains, he felt that life was worth living again.

Su’en was very satisfied with the additional skills he obtained. His perception and combat abilities instantly soared.

The skills [Sound Positioning] and [Malicious Perception] were simply exclusive skills for gunmen. One was an auditory perception technique, and the other was a passive psychic perception.

After digesting that bundle of memories, Su’en felt as if he had opened the door to a new sensory world.

He used to think that the basement was very quiet, but now he could hear a lot of noise.

By listening carefully, he could even distinguish clearly which sounds were the sound of rats crawling in the walls, which were the sound of cockroaches crawling, and which were the sound of air circulation…

Su’en took a shortcut again.

This auditory perception ability, ordinary people might never comprehend it in their lifetime, because perhaps only blind people who have relied on auditory perception to perceive the world since childhood can focus on the development of auditory abilities.

As for that [Malicious Perception], it was the reason why Su’en was shot immediately after he glanced at Bill’s state.

With this, if he encountered an enemy who shot without warning, he could immediately sense the malice.

A well-rounded ability for offense and defense.

And that gun technique [Multiple Overlapping Shots], Su’en had always heard of its reputation, but he had been lacking a way to learn it and his skill in firearms was also lacking.

Now, he achieved it in one step, making Su’en feel that he could already perform a “double shot” now. In the future, when his strength improved, multiple overlapping shots would come naturally.

From today onwards, he finally had the means to deal with heavily armored targets.

Indeed, it was a soul fragment of a “firearms master”.


However, after reading the skill gains, the message that flashed through Su’en’s mind made his brow furrow.

“The Vice Dean of the Black Tower Academy defected? Did Bill come to investigate him?”

Seeing the name “Nikola J. Emirich,” Su’en happened to have an impression of this Vice Dean in his memory. It seemed to have been separated from the memory of the female assistant, Rosa.

However, in Rosa’s memory, he was a kind and respected elder with a benevolent appearance.


Su’en felt that this word was used very abruptly.

In the vast underground world, Lingdun was just one city, and the Vice Dean of the Black Tower Academy, who lacked neither fame nor power, where could he defect to?

Could it be another person who failed in a power struggle?

However, Su’en didn’t think too much about the grievances and entanglements among the important figures in the inner city. He was more concerned about another matter.

“From Bill’s memory, he already guessed that he fell into the Vice Dean’s trap? Is Silver Maple Street No. 88 simply a ‘trap’?”Su’en’s mind flashed with a thought, suddenly feeling a bit uneasy. He thought of a possibility: if it was a trap, and a prey fell into it, would there be a hunter coming to investigate?

Just like how there would always be a spider lurking in the shadows behind a spider web. Even if it wasn’t the prey it was waiting for, it would still go and take a look if there was any movement.

With this thought, a sense of crisis instantly surged in Su’en’s heart.

Without any hesitation, Su’en picked up the sickle with a black handle that was in the corner and rushed out of the house.

And the fact also proved that his intuition was correct!

PS. A very small number of readers should not always think it’s a coincidence that he always harvests the skills he wants. It’s because it’s necessary that it was emphasized. A firearms master would have at least a hundred or eighty skills, so it wouldn’t make sense to list them all beforehand. It’s just like the spider blueprint, some people always think it’s a coincidence, but they overlook the fact that the protagonist has been to the black market several times and didn’t find anything suitable. It’s like when you buy a suitable new piece of clothing, you have to describe the ninety-nine pieces that you didn’t choose first before it can be considered a coincidence.

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