Chapter 82 – The man who stubbornly changed the rules

“The Phantom Species” belongs to the category of spiritual beings, and they are rare but also very troublesome.

Their usual method of attack is through mental attacks. Lower-level monsters create auditory and visual illusions, affecting the target’s senses and judgment. Higher-level ones can directly control a person’s body until they die, just like what happened to Pestoya before.

But Su’en is no longer the clueless novice he was when he first crossed over.

He knows that even if the Phantom Species wants to control a person, it is related to their spiritual power. The weaker the target’s spiritual power, the easier it is to control them. That’s why many evil spirits choose to scare humans first instead of killing them on the spot. It’s not because they have a taste for scaring people, but because it’s difficult to control calm and composed humans. Only by continuously lowering the target’s sanity through fear can they reach the threshold of control.

“They didn’t attack directly. It seems that the rank of that Phantom Species is not too high…”

Su’en remains calm. Although his two shots were ineffective, he has deduced some useful information.

He is well aware that his spiritual power far surpasses that of a first-tier professional and even most low-level Phantom Species.

The “Eerie Nurse” from earlier didn’t directly attack, probably because she couldn’t control him at all!

The calmer he is, the more helpless the other party becomes.

Moreover, his firearm is loaded with “Silver Alchemy Bullets” specifically designed for special monsters.

But strangely, Su’en waited by the wall for almost a minute and didn’t notice anything unusual.

Has the creature already left?

At this moment, he slowly moves to change his position.

But just as he does so, his peripheral vision catches a glimpse of the shadow of the knife-wielding nurse on the door’s glass once again.

And it’s very close!

Just a moment ago, there was a five-meter gap, but now it’s only three meters behind him!

Without hesitation, Su’en pulls out his gun and fires two shots again.



But this time, he still doesn’t hit the target. He turns around and sees no trace of the eerie nurse.

Four bullet holes are now embedded in the wall.

“It disappeared in an instant? Or is there another reason… like only being visible in the mirror?”

Su’en is well aware that his two shots should not have missed.

At this moment, he is rapidly speculating on how this thing disappeared.

If it were someone else, they would probably be scared to the point of a heart rate of 160+. But Su’en remains calm, maintaining a heart rate of around 70.

Watching eight hundred horror movies wasn’t in vain.

In a moment of enlightenment, Su’en suddenly has a flash of insight in his mind. He feels that this scene is somewhat familiar.

Then he connects a certain clue and reveals a look of realization: That’s right, it’s her!

Just as he was contemplating, it seemed like he sensed something and looked up at the glass again. But this time, he doesn’t see a shadow; instead, he sees a ghostly face staring at him after being peeled off. It’s the pale-faced eerie nurse from before!

Their eyes meet, and they are less than half a meter apart.

But this time, Su’en doesn’t shoot again.

He calmly looks at it, even blinking as if he’s not surprised by what he sees. “Tsk tsk… so this is how it starts. If I turn around now, this thing should stick to my face, right?”

For a normal person in this situation, their first reaction would probably be to turn and run.

Thinking this, Su’en seems to confirm his thoughts and decisively turns around.

Then, he watches as the pale-faced ghostly nurse comes within a centimeter of him, almost about to touch him.

“No physical means of harm, just a scare tactic. Is this the ‘Miss’ I imagined? I remember the prototype should be…”

Su’en instantly understands.

This Phantom Species is something he created himself!

He pays no attention to the terrifying face in front of him. He has already figured out the rules of this cursed space and mutters to himself, “When you think of it, it appears before your eyes.” So that’s what it means.”

At this moment, Su’en reaches out and touches the ghostly nurse in front of him, but his hand passes right through, confirming that it is a spiritual being.

He analyzes further, saying, “When I saw the name ‘Janice’ on that nurse just now, my mind unconsciously associated it with a long-legged blonde beauty. Combined with the terrifying environment of the hospital, it created the image of a scary nurse. But it actually exists…”

That ghostly nurse only has the ability to scare, and the knife in her hand is just for show. It looks at Su’en, who is completely unaffected, and leaves on its own, uninterested.

“Manifestation of imagination, projection of thoughts, making things happen with your mind? The rules of this cursed space are quite interesting…”

Su’en finds this experience fascinating.

Although he has practiced “lucid dreaming” during psychological therapy before, which can also achieve the effect of making thoughts come true, this is the first time he has directly materialized his thoughts in the real world.

“I have the ability to create it, but I can’t make it disappear. So, that’s also the difficulty of clearing this. If I create too many powerful things because of my wild thoughts, they might end up killing me…”

Su’en connects all the details and understands the entire set of rules.

At least on this floor, the “danger” of this cursed space lies here.

The hospital, filled with a terrifying atmosphere, may not actually have any monsters.

Its purpose is to give people psychological suggestions. The dim lights, empty corridors, and empty hospital beds… these terrifying elements make you fill in the gaps in your mind and imagine some monsters.

Then, these fantasies materialize and become real monsters that come to hunt you.

And the things that can instinctively frighten people are probably things that you can’t defeat.

Unfortunately, Su’en is a pathological player who has cleared eight hundred horror movies and games.

He has a little surprise, but he doesn’t feel scared.

Su’en feels that he has already deciphered the rules, and he wants to give it a try.”Since it can be manifested in imagination, then… let’s try a ‘big wave’?”

Su’en imagined the image of a beautiful woman riding a big wave in his mind, but…

The next moment, he dragged his chin in surprise and showed a thoughtful expression: “Did it fail?”

“Could it be that the imagination is not specific enough, not detailed enough?”

Su’en pondered.

Then, he automatically imagined several characters with detailed images.

“Xiao Ze Maria?”


“Audrey Hepburn?”


“Gangshou Ji?”


Characters from the two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and film and television dramas all came to mind, but none of them manifested.

The continuous failures made Su’en puzzled: “The way I opened it seems to be wrong… I think my speculation should be correct, otherwise that ghost nurse shouldn’t have appeared before.”

He thought his train of thought should be correct, but there must be something missing.

“Let me think, what conditions did I meet when I imagined that ghost nurse… I was fully focused on guarding against monsters, and then… right, emotional fluctuations!”

Suddenly, he felt that he had found a blind spot.

This cursed space cannot manifest everything, but only certain specific things that meet the rules.

For example, things that can evoke fear in people… terrifying things!


If it were an ordinary person, even if they thought of this rule flaw, the more they tried to control themselves from thinking about it, the more they would think about it in their minds.

In that instant of random thoughts, the corridor would probably be filled with various cute little things.

But Su’en seemed unaffected, although various “candidate characters” also appeared in his mind, he had no fear or emotional fluctuations.

After playing eight hundred games, there was no novelty left.

But he still didn’t plan to give up trying, dragging his chin in thought: “If it’s a terrifying character, it’s best to be physically attacking, someone whose strength I can easily overpower, not a ghost, the best would be a zombie…”

Hospital + horror elements + young lady, what is the first reaction?

Of course, it’s the invincible and extremely fierce nurse from “XX Ridge” with an amazing figure!

Suddenly, Su’en imagined a screen full of long legs, tight low-cut tops, short skirts, faceless nurses, and then controlled himself to feel a little nervous…

The next moment, the moment of witnessing a miracle arrived!

Su’en thought that there should be people in those empty wards, and sure enough, nurses with twisted bodies, holding knives, steel pipes, and wrenches, walked out of the wards.

Seeing this, Su’en’s eyes lit up, not surprised but delighted: “It really worked… I finally see something tangible!”

After playing so many classic games and collecting a row of figurines at home, he had always fantasized about seeing something tangible one day. At this moment, his dream finally came true.

These nurses in short skirts had strong attacking emotions, but their combat power was nothing compared to Su’en, who had already been employed.

Su’en easily dodged the knives and sticks, and even had the leisure to carefully observe some details that had puzzled him before.

“So their bodies under the clothes and human organizational structure are the same…”

“Tsk tsk, this lace is a real detail. They even wear leggings, pah, poor taste! What about the basic trust between humans and the eerie?”

“Indeed, they are made of real materials, not stiff, and the touch is great…”


Finally, his curiosity of many years was satisfied.

Clearly, this terrifying hospital scene in the cursed space had been turned into a sensual game by Su’en, who didn’t follow the rules.

After a while, when he had observed enough, he raised his hand and easily dealt with this group of monsters.

If this wasn’t a dangerous cursed space, Su’en felt that this hospital that could manifest in imagination would be his “happy little house”, and he would probably stop and create more cute things to satisfy his curiosity.

Unfortunately, if he delayed too long, there might be unforeseen changes, so he decided to continue exploring.


After understanding the curse rules in this space, Su’en walked horizontally on the third floor of the inpatient department and didn’t encounter any more monsters.

However, apart from finding a few nurse duty rosters, he didn’t find any useful information.

Then he looked at the hospital stairs and walked down to the second floor.

As soon as he went down, he saw a blind man with a cowboy hat sitting at the door of a ward.

The reason Su’en knew this person was blind was because he recognized this highly recognizable guy at a glance, and was surprised in his heart: “Blind Detective Bill? Could the previous tenant be this guy…”

He didn’t know where the memory of this “Blind Detective Bill” image came from, but it didn’t prevent him from knowing that this person was the famous bounty hunter and one of the few “gun masters” in Old Lingdun!

Legend has it that this blind man’s secret identity is also a major in the “Umbrella Organization”!

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