Chapter 81 – Cursed space

Because he had personally experienced it before in Storm Manor, Su’en was not surprised by the sudden changes in the surroundings.

“The basement of this house… is actually a ‘cursed space’?” Su’en frowned.

Suddenly, he found himself in a strange scene from the basement of 88 Gingko Street, and he suddenly understood why the blind body of the previous tenant had disappeared.

Without a doubt, he had been sucked into this special space. The usual explanation for a “cursed space” is that it is a special space formed over time (but not completely) by the overflow of ancient powerful cursed object energy, but the specific cause has not been completely deciphered.

This is a secondary space similar to a storage ring, like bubbles in the air, containing certain special laws. It can also be understood as a “game instance” with a plot and monsters.

The scenes in the space, whether fragments of the obsession of the original owner of the cursed object, or a nightmare, or a life and death experience… are usually very strange and full of danger.

And once you enter, it means that you can only find the correct way to clear it in order to get out alive, otherwise you will be trapped here forever.

Of course, after successfully breaking through, perhaps he would be able to see the “powerful cursed object” that created this special space.


“A cursed space triggered by a single thought… it’s a bit strange.” Although Su’en was inexplicably drawn into a cursed space, he immediately realized something.

The entrance to a typical “cursed space” is easy to identify, usually a dark and twisted portal or a mirage. You have to get close to it to be sucked in.

But this one is obviously different. It’s triggered by thought.

If Su’en hadn’t thought about the abnormalities of the house before and just acted as an ordinary tenant, he probably wouldn’t have encountered any problems.

It was because he thought about it that he triggered this special entry condition.

Just like the explanation given by the Eye of Omniscience: “It only exists when you become aware of its existence.”

However, Su’en’s character made him instantly calm down.

If this space was a death trap, panicking would be useless. If there was a way to break through, being calm would increase his chances of survival.

Like countless horror game openings in the past, Su’en instantly entered a state of contemplation. He calmly recalled all the useful clues in his mind and observed everything in front of him.

In the cursed space in Storm Manor last time, the final boss was Miss Pestoya, the “Ghost Seed,” and he successfully cleared it by outwitting her.

With the experience of clearing a level, Su’en believed that he would always find a way to break through. Either through intelligence or through firepower.

This place looks like a hospital, with white-painted walls all around, an iron chair at the entrance of the clinic. There are no windows, and there are rooms on both sides. The light is sometimes bright and sometimes dim, and the night wind blows in like a ghostly howl, just like a scene from a horror movie.

He touched the gun at his waist and found that it was still there. The storage ring on his body was also brought in, which was good news.

He used the Eye of Omniscience to examine everything around him, and everything could be identified normally, just like the real world.

Items such as “Damaged Wall Brick,” “Hexagonal Gas Lamp,” “Rusty Iron Chair,” “A Lump of Moldy Dog Shit”…

After observing for a while, Su’en did not find any useful information.

But no matter where he looked, this corridor was strangely quiet.

Su’en did not move randomly.

Suddenly, he thought of something and thought to himself, “If I am in a special space right now, then the Eye of Omniscience should be able to show me something…”

With that in mind, Su’en dilated his pupils and identified everything in his field of vision as “an item.”

The next second, he indeed saw different identification results.

“A special scene condensed by an obsession.”

Description: This is a scene from the inpatient department of the Havier Hospital in Old Lingdun City a thousand years ago.

Solution: Find the owner of this obsession, recite their full name, and you will be able to break free from this obsession.


“It seems like I’ve found the way to clear this level?”

Su’en looked at the prompt in front of him, and a slight smile appeared on his face.

The Eye of Omniscience did not disappoint. It directly told him how to leave this cursed space.

But upon careful consideration, he realized that something was amiss.

“I have to recite the ‘full name’ of the owner of the obsession? That… seems to be the key.” Su’en keenly caught onto some clues.

The identification revealed the method to clear the level, but because he didn’t see it, the Eye of Omniscience didn’t know the name of the owner of the obsession.

Of course, he could take a gamble and identify it face to face with the boss. See if it kills him first or if he can recite its name first.

And if, by any chance, the identification reveals a category description like “human” or “obsession” instead of a name, Su’en felt that he might die on the spot.

“I remember seeing a scene called ‘Harvey’s Obsession Morgue’ before. Is the big boss in the morgue now?”

Su’en pondered for a moment, stood in place for twenty seconds, and then roughly knew what he had to do next.

He was quite familiar with this kind of start. Now that he knew the method to clear the level, the best choice was to find clues in other parts of the hospital, learn the full name of the “obsession master,” and then recite it to get out.

The worst-case scenario was that he had to go to the morgue and face the big boss head-on.The worst-case scenario is that the big boss will come out and wander around the world, suddenly appearing…


“If the resentment in this space is as intelligent as Pestoya, then it might not be so troublesome to clear the level. If it’s a monster that kills… it depends on luck whether we can save ourselves.”

Su’en didn’t dare to be careless. The blind tenant from before came from the inner city.

The morgue is a crucial term, usually located at the bottom floor of a hospital.

Su’en didn’t plan to go there directly.

His goal was clear, he intended to go to the archives or the duty room to take a look. Although this hospital has been around for a thousand years, judging from its scale, there should be a considerable number of staff members, and there is probably some kind of scheduling management system. If he can find today’s duty roster, he will have a general idea of who is in the hospital.

The long corridor was empty, with gas lamps flickering, and there was a vague feeling of being blindfolded by a black veil in the field of vision.

Su’en pulled out his gun, lowered his breath, and tried not to make any noise.

He quietly walked to the door of a ward and looked inside through the small glass on the door. The ward had seven or eight beds covered with white sheets, but there was no one inside.

There was a small card hanging on the door, with the words “Duty Nurse Janice George” written on it.

The hospital was unusually quiet.

“This doesn’t seem right… How can there be no one?”

Su’en glanced at the ward and then at the nearby nurse station. There was no one there either. “Even in horror movies, there should be at least one zombie or ghost, right?”

Just as this thought flashed through his mind, his gaze suddenly sharpened, and he keenly noticed something.

Without any hesitation, he drew his gun and pulled the trigger behind him.



Two urgent and slight gunshots broke the eerie silence.

Due to the muzzle suppressor installed on the gun, the sound was not deafening, and it didn’t travel far in this enclosed corridor.


After firing two shots in a row, Su’en focused his sight and saw two bullets embedded in the wall. A hint of surprise and doubt appeared on his face. “I missed?”

The atmosphere instantly became somewhat eerie.

His pupils slightly contracted, his back against the wall, and his gaze coldly scanning the empty corridor in front of him.

Su’en remembered very clearly that he saw a figure in the reflection on the glass of the ward door just now. It was a female nurse with a pale face, black eyes, and blood stains all over her body, holding a knife and standing right behind him…

He instinctively fired his gun, but unexpectedly, he didn’t hit the target.

Moreover, not only did he miss, but the nurse with the knife had also disappeared?


“Could it be a ‘phantom breed’?”

Su’en’s face became slightly solemn.

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