Chapter 56 – Leather clothing

The “Black Tower Alchemy Academy Trial Team” from the inner city arrived one day earlier than scheduled, which didn’t surprise Su’en.

He thought that the mentors deliberately adjusted the time for the safety of the young masters and misses, so as not to be ambushed.

But for Su’en, whether it was one day earlier or one day later didn’t make much difference.

After all, his task was to take this group of prince sightseeing group to the underground cavern and see if there was a chance to visit the location where the banned scythe was sealed.


At five o’clock in the morning, Su’en received a sudden message while squatting at the gambling stall, saying that the sightseeing group would arrive at Green Street at seven o’clock.

But fortunately, the equipment, ammunition, and potions were all prepared early, and he wasn’t caught off guard.

Half an hour in advance, Su’en waited alone at the designated location outside the tenement building.

It seemed that the big shots from the inner city didn’t like to interact with too many people from the outer city. Even the members of the Cross Society didn’t have the qualifications to pick them up.

Qiantiao specifically reminded him to dress in a “gangster” style that wasn’t too revealing, for fear of frightening those inner city nobles who had never seen a real gangster.

So today, Su’en didn’t continue his dark punk style, but changed into a standard hunter outfit: high boots with puncture resistance, tactical vest, knee and shoulder guards with metal parts, and a worn leather cloak. In addition to the gas mask on his face, he also applied oil paint and covered it with a layer of black gauze. After putting on the alchemy night vision device, probably no one could recognize him.

Hanging from his waist were two pistols with increased ammunition capacity, which he had recently modified into firearms according to his shooting habits. There were also mechanical gloves, daggers, magazines, and a first aid kit…


After waiting for half an hour, at exactly seven o’clock, a heavily armored military transport vehicle arrived outside the tenement building.

This kind of military heavy truck was rarely seen in the outer city, just like a spaceship landing in a garbage dump. This movement inevitably attracted the attention of the original residents of the tenement building.

There was the emblem of the Cross Society on Su’en’s cloak, indicating his identity.

This identity had enough deterrent power. He raised his hand to signal for them to avoid, and those poor people who looked like distorted monsters in the eyes of the inner city nobles didn’t come to disturb these young nobles out of curiosity.

This was also the biggest role of him, the “local snake”.

Su’en walked over and greeted the leading mentor, introducing himself, “Mr. August, I am Su’en. Miss Philo recommended me to be in charge of guiding you in this trial.”

August was a middle-aged man with a brown beard, very steady in his demeanor. He was also a second-tier professional and the leading mentor of this trial.

The mentor appeared very cultured. Even though he knew Su’en’s gangster identity, he didn’t show any contempt, giving him enough respect and politely said, “Hello, Mr. Su’en, you will be responsible for the trial of the students this time.”

Su’en responded in the same courteous manner, “It is my honor.”

The students got off the car one after another, looking around like curious babies.

Su’en didn’t say anything and quietly watched them get off the car.

A total of twenty-three students participated in this trial, in addition to the second-tier professional mentor August, there were also two assistants. One male and one female, the male named Daniel, had well-crafted and technologically advanced mechanical exoskeletons on his arms and legs; the female named Rosa, dressed in a sexy low-cut teacher’s skirt, looked like a mage from the French system.

The students were all young, about fifteen or sixteen years old, and fully armed.

Although their outfits were different, they all wore a tight black “liquid battle suit” underneath.

“Could it be… school uniforms?”

Su’en had never seen this kind of combat suit that looked like sharkskin swimsuits. Not only did it take into account the design aesthetics, but also the mysterious runes occasionally revealed under the light and the blue fluorescent energy marks full of technology on the clothes. He knew that this suit was not only clothing but also an alchemical product, and its functionality must be excellent.

The male students looked very heroic in these leather suits, exuding a sense of stability in black.

The female students, who were full of youthful vitality, wore these black liquid leather pants, fully displaying their tall figures. The well-developed chests, perky buttocks, and slender and symmetrical thighs outlined the most perfect and enticing lines. They exuded a pure and beautiful aura from head to toe.

Su’en took a glance and then restrained his gaze.

It was no wonder that Lady Philo was so demanding when selecting a guide. These young female students were indeed attractive to this group of rough gangsters.


All the students got off the car, and no one talked to Su’en, and he didn’t intend to seek any attention.

Before entering the underground cavern, Mentor August gave a routine speech to the students, saying, “Today is your graduation trial. Complete the mission in groups of five… The two assistants will give comprehensive evaluations based on your performance in the trial. This is a practical trial, and the teachers will not lend a hand. I will not accompany you either. Everything depends on the knowledge you have learned to solve the difficulties you encounter… Please take it seriously…”

Su’en listened on the side, it was all boring admonitions, and the students listened with some boredom.

August said he wouldn’t accompany them, but Su’en knew that this second-tier professional would always protect them in secret. Only when they encountered insurmountable danger would he take action.

But instead of worrying, the students showed excited expressions on their faces.

For the people from the outer city, “hunting the wilderness” was a matter of life and death; but for these noble students from the inner city who had never tried it before, it had a deadly allure like poppy flowers. The adventurous journey of exploring unknown territories made these students who had never traveled alone and explored excited with fanaticism.

“Wow… Mentor, aren’t you going? Haha, don’t worry, we will definitely complete this trial perfectly!”

“Yes, we are now official professionals and will definitely not embarrass the academy.”

“…”Su’en watched the energetic students with a cold gaze, hoping that they would still be happy when they saw the disgusting distorted monsters in the dungeon later.

However, these guys did have their reasons to be proud.

When Su’en and Kay went to the dungeon before, they were chased by the distorted monsters and were in a miserable state. It was because there were only two professionals at that time. But the trial group in front of them, each and every one of them was a professional, and they had a hundred times advantage in terms of equipment, implants, professions, and logistical supplies.

That’s why Kay said this mission was easy.

Being able to receive a reward of 100,000 yuan and contribute to the guild was indeed a “freebie”.


After the mentor’s speech, the students began their excited group activities. They formed teams of five to undergo the trial, and in the end, their team and individual performances would be assessed.

In fact, there were standard five-person team profession combinations for hunting in the wilderness. A tank + DPS + healer were the three necessary roles, and then two other complementary professions, such as an assassin responsible for observing the environment or a warlock for crowd control, or even a demolitions expert…

A “five-person team” could ensure the best profession combination for the team, allowing them to exert their strongest combat power. But obviously, these students didn’t have that kind of idea for their team composition. Each of them started inviting their own friends or were overly confident in bringing girls along for the trial.

The teachers didn’t say anything either. This trial was entirely decided by the students themselves, testing their organizational abilities.

“Miss Rena, can I invite you to join my team? I just received the ‘Academy’s Top Marksman’ honorary medal, so I will definitely achieve the best results in this trial…”

“Hey, Jack, stop bragging. I have the highest overall score in alchemy. I will definitely get first place in this trial!”


The male students were like competitive bulls, not showing any modesty. They treated this trial as a competition and a way to show off their abilities in front of the opposite sex.

Soon, the twenty people were divided into four teams.

Assistant Daniel said to Su’en, “Mr. Guide, please help us lead the way to the dungeon.”

Su’en nodded. There was indeed a difference in temperament between the young assistant and the mentor. Although this guy sounded polite, he couldn’t hide his contempt in his eyes.

Su’en didn’t mind. The people from the inner city had always had a sense of arrogance.

He led a group of noble students through the ruins and headed towards the entrance of the dungeon in the cylindrical building.

These young ladies and gentlemen were very excited, holding their guns and aiming around. As they walked on the ruins, they were eager to try.

Because the entrance to the dungeon was close to the sewer, the foul smell in the air became stronger and stronger, causing many pampered students to start complaining.

“Oh, the air in the outer city is really terrible… I can smell the stench even through the gas mask.”

“Wow… do you think those monsters hiding in the ruined buildings are distorted monsters? Are we going to shoot them?”


As soon as they spoke, Su’en knew why Sister Qiantiao said that the noble students from the inner city were difficult to serve. These guys had never been to the outer city and lacked a lot of basic knowledge.

At this time, the female assistant Rosa explained, “Those are not distorted monsters, they are just malnourished wanderers.”

After hearing this, the students lost interest.


Soon, the group arrived at the entrance of the dungeon in the cylindrical building.

Everyone put on their night vision goggles and entered.

The traces of the previous battle between Su’en, Kay, and the Steam Party were still visible on the buildings, with bullet marks everywhere on the walls.

Although the bodies had been devoured by the monsters in the sewer, there were still many horrifying traces on the ground, such as blood stains from dragging and marks of decaying bodies…

Entering the dim interior from the outside, a terrifying atmosphere instantly swept over the entire trial team.

The students nervously gripped their guns, looking around, afraid that monsters would suddenly emerge from the darkness.

Mentor Auguste did not continue forward and stood at the entrance of the dungeon, saying, “The trial below begins. Each person’s task is to kill at least ten distorted monsters, and each team must obtain at least five cursed materials. Also, collect samples of the mutated monsters in the sewer…”

“Yes, mentor.”

The students responded one after another.

Auguste made it seem like they were guarding the entrance of the cave, and then he said to Su’en, “Mr. Su’en, I’ll trouble you from here on.”

Su’en nodded.

Then, as the guide, he took the lead and entered the entrance of the dungeon.

Returning to this familiar place, he remained calm.

He was already very familiar with this subway station, and he even remembered which bullet holes were made by himself.

But the students, one by one, became nervous.

After entering the dungeon, the two assistants became spectators, and the students had to rely on themselves.

Among the four teams of five, the team leaders took care of their respective team members. All the students were experiencing their first real combat trial, and they had no experience, so they could only encourage each other based on the knowledge from the textbooks: “Keep the muzzle low, don’t put your finger on the trigger, pay attention to the ground and the ceiling…”

Su’en was called the guide, but after leading them into the dungeon, he was basically free.

Exploring the unknown and choosing the path were also part of the students’ trial.

The four teams of five walked ahead, with the two assistants behind them. Su’en naturally knew that he was not the same as them, so he stayed on the side as a transparent person.

In the dark dungeon, this was a place where light couldn’t reach.

The sound of fragments occasionally came from the darkness, pairs of red eyes, and black shadows passing by at the edge of their vision, causing the students to scream in fear from time to time…

Su’en appeared very relaxed. At least, he was very familiar with the environment on this level of the subway station.

There was no danger here.

But unexpectedly, after walking a few steps, a chubby student quietly approached.

“Hey, guide brother, how should I address you?”

Su’en had actually noticed this chubby student a long time ago because everyone looked good in their liquid skin suits. Only this person, dressed like a “Michelin Man,” was impossible to ignore.It seems that no matter what school, there’s always one chubby guy in every class.

This guy came over in a friendly manner, whispering to Su’en, “My name is Charlie Leonard. My family owns the Sunbird Mechanical Equipment Company.”

His straightforward self-introduction left Su’en somewhat puzzled about his intentions, but he courteously replied, “Just call me Su’en.”

Although he didn’t know the guy, he had heard of “Sunbird Mechanical”, one of the largest military equipment manufacturers in the inner city.

Before coming here, Su’en had heard that this trial team was not an ordinary student class, but a class of top nobles in the “Black Tower Alchemy Academy”.

The students in front of him, each one of them came from a significant background, either a wealthy princess or a young master of a large family.

This random chubby guy was a bona fide son of a billionaire family.

At this point, the chubby guy named Charlie revealed his purpose, whispering to Su’en, “I’ve asked around, and they say you’re a formidable gunman in the ‘Iron Cross Society’. So, I was hoping you could look out for our team when necessary. After all, you’ve probably noticed that my team is full of non-combatants…”

As he spoke, he stealthily slipped a package into Su’en’s hand.

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