Chapter 55 – Mysterious pharmacist

Su’en had no intention of being a good person, nor did he intend to owe anyone gratitude.

He left the bakery, but he didn’t expect that the tomboy would chase after him with the bread in her arms.

“Sir, please wait…”

Su’en heard someone calling him from behind and stopped.

Perhaps it was because people who mingled with the underworld had a domineering aura, the tomboy instinctively took a step back when she saw Su’en’s expressionless face.

She said, “Sir, thank you for your generosity. We… we really need this food.”


Su’en glanced at her, nodded, and accepted her verbal gratitude.

He could naturally tell that this skinny tomboy needed food, or rather, everyone in the slums needed food.

Su’en originally didn’t plan to stay longer, but at this moment, the tomboy spoke up. Due to her panic, her words were a bit incoherent. “Um, sir… we didn’t intentionally follow you. We just saw you renting a house earlier…”

Su’en frowned as he listened.

The tomboy seemed startled and quickly explained, “You were deceived by that Ge Langtai! He definitely didn’t tell you that people have died in that building. It’s a haunted house and can’t be rented out. Two months ago, a blind man went in and never came out, and there were also…”

Before Su’en could ask further, she ran away like a frightened rabbit.

So, she chased after him just to tell him this news?

A piece of bread in exchange for a piece of news.

Su’en listened with a pensive expression.

It wasn’t surprising to him that someone had died in the house. If it were an ordinary person, they would definitely encounter trouble living in such a highly distorted environment.

Otherwise, the rent wouldn’t be so cheap.

But according to the little girl’s implication, more than one person had died in that building?

In that case, the landlord was indeed an unscrupulous businessman.

The landlord had indeed deliberately concealed a part of the truth, but for Su’en, if it was only because of the dense dark spiritual power, it wouldn’t be too troublesome.

But perhaps the deceased were not ordinary people, but professionals?

After all, it was rare to find such a suitable property, and Su’en wouldn’t give up just because someone had died.

He also thought that before moving in next time, he should use the All-Knowing Eye to carefully examine what was strange about the house.


The agreed time for the transaction was twelve noon.

Su’en went to the hotel and changed into a black market-style trench coat suit.

The meeting place was an abandoned warehouse on Gingko Street. He had explored the area when he was wandering around before. It was sparsely populated and indeed suitable for some shady transactions.

The mysterious stall owner was obviously cautious too. The chosen location had a complex cluster of buildings, making it easy to escape in case of emergencies.

At eleven fifty-five, Su’en arrived at the warehouse on time.

As a member of the underworld, he didn’t feel much pressure coming to these remote places. On the contrary, when he saw the few half-sized guys disguised as members of the underworld, he felt a bit surprised.

These guys were wearing obviously ill-fitting old trench coats, with black hats on their heads and their hands resting on their chests, as if they were about to draw their guns. They almost had the words “we are the underworld” written on their foreheads.

It seemed like they wanted to overpower Su’en, a genuine member of the underworld, with their imposing manner?

“I’m actually trading with a bunch of half-sized guys?”

Su’en’s eyesight easily captured the six people who had come to the abandoned factory.

In addition to the potion stall owner who was still wearing a black cloak, there were five thugs who seemed to be guarding the place. The clothes they were wearing seemed to have been stolen from somewhere, clearly a size too big.

But with their cold expressions, silent aura, and the way they touched their guns, it was like a scene from a gangster movie.

Of course, if it weren’t for the trembling feet, Su’en would have thought that these people were really the real deal.

But he felt that their gun-drawing actions were probably just for show. They probably couldn’t pull out a firearm from their trench coats.

Although firearms were everywhere in Old Lingdun, for people in the slums, it was better to exchange a piece of bread than to carry around a lump of iron.

Of course, even if they had guns, they wouldn’t pose any threat to a firearms expert.

And after observing for a while, Su’en was surprised to find that the world was really small.

Upon closer inspection, two of the trench coat-wearing individuals were the two thieves from the bakery this morning.


Su’en suddenly felt that the mysterious atmosphere of the transaction had disappeared in an instant.

If he didn’t know that the stall owner really had top-grade potions, he would have thought that this was a prank.


Su’en also clearly saw the other party’s realization that he had come alone, and their relaxed movements.

The person in the black robe said in a deep voice, “Did you bring the money?”

After guessing the other party’s identity, Su’en wanted to take it seriously, but he couldn’t bring himself to do so.

Although his face was covered, when he looked with his True Eyes, it was indeed the “Half-Deformed Human” from the black market.

“I brought it.”

Su’en didn’t see the goods, but he took out the money bag containing two hundred thousand in cash and handed it over directly.

He was confident that the other party wouldn’t play any tricks. Of course, he also had the confidence that before the other party could cheat him, he would shoot them all in the head and take his money back.

The person in the black robe took the money bag and a smile appeared on his face.

He asked, “What kind of potion do you need?””I’m very interested in your potions. You’ve seen my sincerity, and we believe we can have a long-term partnership. I have channels to sell the goods…”

Su’en said directly, he didn’t want just a few potions, but an opportunity to earn money through long-term cooperation.

But before he could finish his words, the cloaked figure interrupted him decisively, saying, “No, unless there’s a problem, I won’t sell my potions. Our transaction is limited to this one time.”


Su’en frowned slightly upon hearing this.

A one-time deal?

His thoughts instantly changed.

He was now more certain that these potions were made by this cloaked figure. It meant that this person had at least the level of an “advanced alchemist.” And such technical talents, even in the inner city, were the elite class that lacked no money.

Perhaps the reason for not wanting to compete with potions was not only because of the fear of attracting attention?

Is he really a wanted criminal?

It was normal for criminals to be wanted, but if an alchemist was wanted, it would be intriguing.

What charges?

Illegal production of controlled potions, causing medical accidents, or something else?

Su’en guessed that the other party might have a shady background like himself.

He didn’t say much either.

After all, since he recognized two of the kids as thieves in this neighborhood, there was no need to rush.

There would be plenty of opportunities for further contact in the future.

Su’en said, “Alright! Then I need an equivalent amount of potions…”

Suddenly, he remembered that he would be going to the underground dungeon in three days and added, “I plan to hunt and kill aberrant monsters in the city dungeon. Do you have any recommended potion combinations?”

It was better to buy potions directly from an alchemist than to prepare blindly on his own.

“The dungeon?”

But upon hearing this, the cloaked figure’s tone suddenly became serious, and he casually said, “The aberrant monsters in the sewers have undergone uncontrollable and violent mutations due to environmental influences. The city sewers have become very dangerous now. I suggest you not go. If you really want to go… you should at least have a team of second-tier professionals to ensure basic safety.”


Su’en thought the other party would introduce him to potions, but he didn’t expect to hear this.

He keenly caught many key words.

The fact that the monsters in the sewers had mutated had not spread among the general public. Even the high-level members of the Cross Society only knew that there were more new monsters in the sewers, but they had no idea about the cause of this abnormal situation.

This guy actually knew about the mutations in the sewer monsters and even knew that the mutations were caused by environmental factors?

“Of course, it’s just my speculation.”

Obviously, as soon as the cloaked figure spoke, he seemed to realize that he had said something he shouldn’t have, and his tone became slightly panicked.

He quickly remedied, “If you really want to go, I suggest you bring at least intermediate-level ‘antidote potions.’ I have two types of advanced potions here, one for neurotoxins and one for septic toxins. The sewers are full of various toxins, and these two potions are enough to deal with most poisoning situations. Of course, you also need essential healing potions, paralysis relief potions… adrenaline and blood-booster potions are also essential for battles… If you have extra budget, I suggest you buy some ‘aberrant monster repellent.’ This powder is expensive, costing 100,000 lis, but it might save your life when you encounter danger…”


Listening to the string of professional terms, Su’en once again confirmed that this guy was very knowledgeable in alchemy.

Moreover, he seemed to be very familiar with the situation of underground monsters.

However, Su’en also sensed that this guy had a good heart from his words.

If he were a shrewd businessperson, upon hearing that Su’en was going hunting, he would definitely recommend his own potions. But he first warned Su’en about the danger in the dungeon.

Su’en directly asked, “How much do all these potions cost?”

The cloaked figure thought for a moment and said, “These potions are very expensive on the market, but I’ll only charge you 250,000 lis. However, you have to promise me one condition, that you won’t tell anyone about our transaction.”

Su’en wasn’t surprised at all by his words and immediately agreed, “Alright!”

You should know that the inferior potions commonly used by hunters cost only three to five hundred lis each. This batch of potions would cost over 200,000 lis, which was definitely a luxury that ordinary people wouldn’t even dare to think about.

Su’en didn’t hesitate to take out 50,000 lis in cash.

Although it seemed like there was no danger in this mission, he believed in being prepared.

After receiving the money, the cloaked figure said again, “I only brought a portion of the potions with me. If you trust me, I’ll have someone deliver the rest to the ‘Three Fire Guns Tavern’ later. If you don’t trust me…”

Before he could finish, Su’en interrupted, “No problem, I trust you.”

Pausing for a moment, he continued, “If I need more potions later, how can I contact you?”The cloaked man originally intended to say that he would no longer trade in the future. But looking at the customer in front of him who had given him enough trust, he found it hard to refuse.

After a moment of hesitation, he finally said, “You can leave a note, just put it in the mailbox at the entrance of the Bellman Bakery on Ginkgo Street No.14. After I get the message, I will contact you in the old way. But you need to know, I have very few potions on hand, it’s impossible to provide on a large scale…”

Su’en agreed without hesitation, “That’s fine!”

This cloaked man probably only has a simple small potion workshop, he didn’t expect to get a large batch of potions. But as long as this path is not cut off, he can consider other options in the future.


The transaction was successfully completed, and Su’en left the abandoned warehouse.

Those half-grown kids who got the money also carefully crossed the building ruins, and after a lot of twists and turns, they finally crawled into a broken house underground.

In the dim room, they lit candles, counting a bag full of cash, all of them were very excited.

“Ah, finally we can save Susan’s mom!”

“Yeah, with this money, Big Brother Danny can buy those expensive materials and make the mutation suppression potion…”



In the afternoon, Su’en got the potion at the tavern.

And two days later, the trial team from the “Black Tower Alchemy Academy” in the inner city finally arrived.

A day earlier than planned.

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