Chapter 57 – The Joy of Rich People

Is this bribery so blatant?

Su’en suddenly felt that this fat guy was quite “spiritual”.

In a group of arrogant lions, a fox suddenly appeared, which was quite interesting.

Moreover, this guy even considerately said, “Brother, don’t worry about anything else. This is a reasonable rule. Just accept it with peace of mind. Consider it my hiring fee. The trial rules of the academy allow the use of all available resources to pass, and do not prohibit hiring guides. If it weren’t for the assistants ignoring me, I would have wanted to give them…”

Hearing this, Su’en suddenly felt that this fat guy was to his liking.

A business family, no wonder they are so well-behaved.

Before coming here, Qiantiao had mentioned that there might be clever students who would give gifts during the trial, so he should just accept them. Su’en had no psychological burden in accepting the thick stack of money from this fat guy.

The fat guy looked at Su’en taking the money and also breathed a sigh of relief. He casually started chatting, “My father told me that we don’t need to be very powerful ourselves, just find our own career positioning. I will be a great businessman in the future, understanding how to make money is enough, fighting is the job of a bodyguard. To be honest with you, I came to the academy just to get a graduation certificate. I want to show off in high society in the future…”

Su’en smiled slightly as he listened. This honest fat guy’s words made sense.

Not everyone needs to be able to fight, especially for the big financial magnates who monopolize resources in high society. Leave the life-threatening matters to subordinates.

Charlie was talkative, and he said mysteriously, “I have received reliable information that the school intends to increase the difficulty of the trial this time, and the casualty quota will be increased to ten percent. Although I know that Professor August will definitely follow us, in such a complex environment, the professor cannot take care of everyone. After all, there have been casualties in the previous trials…”

Pausing for a moment, the fat guy continued, “And, don’t laugh at me, but every time there are casualties, it’s always us non-combatants…”


Su’en listened helplessly.

This guy really knows himself well. In a real combat trial, it is natural that the weaker ones are more likely to become the “casualties”.

But it’s fine to be at the bottom, but to call themselves “non-combatants,” this fat guy really has thick skin.

After hearing this, Su’en deliberately took a look. It seemed that the fat guy’s group was indeed a bunch of rookies who couldn’t even hold a gun properly.

The powerful students gathered together for the sake of their trial results, leaving behind the fat guy’s group, which consisted of the stragglers.

At this time, Charlie knew that it wasn’t good to be away from the team for too long, so he didn’t say much. He just whispered to Su’en, “If we encounter danger, please take care of my team. Um… especially me!”

Su’en looked at his strong desire to survive, and since he had already taken the money, he nodded, “Okay.”

If necessary, he didn’t mind taking care of this fat guy.

But it seemed that there was no need for such a spring outing-level trial at all.


Although Fat Charlie deliberately avoided the gaze of the others when he came to find Su’en, some people still noticed his secretive behavior.

Word quickly spread.

They were still at the entrance of the underground cave and hadn’t encountered any monsters yet, so the students began to whisper.

“Hey, that Charlie guy probably went to take a bribe again. He bribed the examiner during the last assessment and barely passed. Now he’s using the same trick again. It’s really embarrassing for our elite class…”

“Hmph, is a guide worth spending money to please? I heard that those guys from the outer city treat even the black iron plant blueprint as a treasure. They don’t even understand basic alchemy. If something happens, we’ll probably have to protect him.”

“Shh… that guy is a member of the underworld! I heard from my mother that the underworld are ruthless murderers. Their minds are full of despicable and dirty calculations. They especially like to kidnap wealthy people like us from the inner city…”

“We must not provoke the underworld. My father also said that those guys are like rats hiding in the dark. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goals…”


Su’en could feel some faint gazes on him.

Although he couldn’t hear clearly what those guys were whispering, he was sure they weren’t complimenting his looks.

Thinking about it, in the eyes of those pampered young masters and ladies, he, an underworld member from the outer city, was probably a ferocious monster…


As the trial team gradually went deeper, small groups of monsters began to appear around them.

Perhaps because Su’en and Kay had killed too many last time, only a few wall-climbing monsters appeared this time. They hung on the ceiling like geckos, crawling around.

At this time, the students gradually adapted to the dark environment and became bolder.They had shot down a few stray rats, the sound echoing deep into the cavern.

Then, sporadically, small waves of monsters began to attack.

After the initial panic, the students gradually found their confidence. Under the overwhelming firepower, the monsters would instantly drop dead.

Su’en found it somewhat boring.

Pure firepower suppression, without a hint of technique or tactics.

But he finally experienced the pleasure of the wealthy in this world.

The equipment of these rich second generations was too luxurious. They fired alchemical bullets as if they were free, a single volley costing tens of thousands in ammunition.

Bad aim?

No problem, just use a high-explosive grenade.

Hitting the target was like a spray effect, causing an area explosion.

Too many monsters?

No problem, just use a machine gun.

If one shot doesn’t hit, just fire a hundred more, one of them is bound to hit.

It was like a group of godly equipped players clearing a low-level dungeon. Even if they were low-level and inexperienced, it didn’t stop them from clearing it without any losses.

Of course, such a scene would never occur in a “serious” hunter team.

With this kind of fighting style, the value of the cursed materials they harvested wouldn’t even amount to one percent, or even one-thousandth of the ammunition they consumed.

Su’en watched with mixed feelings. If they had this kind of firepower and equipment back then, they wouldn’t have almost died here.

Indeed, in any world, money can do anything.


However, equipment was just one aspect.

Su’en had to admit, the knowledge these systematically trained students possessed was mostly at an elite level, surpassing over 99% of the people in the outer city.

Whether it was complex magic alchemy, mechanical armor, or medical skills, they were proficient in all… Although their operation was immature due to their equipment, it couldn’t hide their talent.

Many areas of knowledge were even beyond Su’en’s understanding.

Being proficient in firearms, he naturally paid more attention to the gunners.

There was a student in the team with decent gun skills. Su’en heard people calling him “Jack”, apparently the only one in this class of Black Tower Academy who had won the “Sharpshooter Medal”.

On the way here, he had killed the most mutated monsters.

In terms of skill, this Jack had probably reached the threshold of a “firearms expert”.

But that was it.

These students still lacked real combat experience.

Their attacks were very standardized: drawing the gun, aiming, shooting… You could see the rigid training in every move.

It wasn’t bad, but this kind of gunplay was too predictable and lacked flexibility.

Moreover, to measure whether a gunman has reached the level of a “firearms expert”, besides target shooting results, the most important thing is their mentality in actual combat.

Su’en was confident that against this Jack, the latter wouldn’t even have a chance to draw his gun.

But it was just a hypothetical enemy, they would never face each other.

After all, unlike those in the outer city who risk their lives for a living, these young nobles from the inner city didn’t need to risk their lives to gain real combat experience. This trial was already the most dangerous experience of their lives.


“If the trial ends like this, it seems a bit boring.”

Su’en followed behind the team, never drawing his gun, feeling somewhat detached.

The five teams were like playing a monster hunting game, pushing forward all the way.

They killed monsters and collected some samples of mutated creatures and water sources.

But these sporadic monsters didn’t seem to satisfy their bursting sense of achievement, and they were still far from completing the mission.

They needed a more thrilling sensory experience and more monsters.

At this moment, the team leader “Sharpshooter” Jack seemed to remember something and asked Su’en, who was at the back of the team, “Hey, guide, which way should we go now? Where are the most monsters in this cavern?”

His tone was quite rude.

Su’en saw that the two assistants didn’t speak, apparently acquiescing to the students’ choice.

He thought for a moment, pointed in the direction of the scythe he remembered, and said, “When we came here before, we saw monsters running in that direction. I think that should be their nest.”

Anyway, these guys weren’t satisfied with killing monsters, so they might as well use their overwhelming firepower to clear this passage.

The two assistants didn’t make a move, and the second-order instructor hiding in the dark didn’t show up either.

With this team configuration, they could easily sweep this area of the cavern.

Upon hearing this, everyone became excited, “Great, let’s go there! This time we must destroy the monster’s nest, maybe we’ll even encounter a ‘weird’ one, hahaha…”

The students were still immersed in the excitement of the adventure, unaware of the mysterious smiles exchanged between the two assistants following the team.

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