Chapter 41 – Sickle in the sewer

Su’en and Kay were both injured, leaving bloodstains on the ground.

However, since it was a chase, the members of the Steam Party did not dare to slow down. They walked near the platform when suddenly, the person in the front did not see the thin thread on the ground and stepped on it.

Unfortunately, when the safety lever of the hand grenade flew off with a “clang,” the burly steel gorilla immediately became alert and quickly stood in front of everyone.

With a loud bang, flames splattered.

But the effect was minimal.

Ordinary hand grenades were limited in their effectiveness against fully armed members of the Steam Party, who had also modified their limbs with mechanical prosthetics.

There was no time to set up more traps, but Su’en didn’t expect this method to cause much damage to the enemy anyway.

The explosion was used to disrupt the enemy’s formation and attract the attention of the monster!


Listening to the sound of the explosion, Su’en stepped out of cover without hesitation. As he raised his arms, the muzzles of his two guns spewed flames towards the members of the Steam Party a hundred meters away.

For a sharpshooter, this was the most comfortable combat distance.

Crack! Crack! Crack…

Those guys holding gas lamps were the first targets of the gunfire. In the blink of an eye, seven or eight light sources fell to the ground.


A shout came from the darkness.

Before Su’en had time to reload, a burly figure rushed towards him.

Just as expected.

“Here it comes!”

Su’en’s pupils contracted, but he showed no intention of retreating. He raised his hand and fired several shots, hitting the remaining bullets in the revolver at the figure.

However, these shots did not hinder the guy’s speed at all.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The bullets sparked on Kay’s body, bouncing off like hitting a steel plate.

Even the shot that hit the goggles precisely did not cause any damage to this guy.

Su’en ran out of bullets and deftly switched the magazine.

His gaze was not on the gun, but on the steel gorilla that had always been there. He calculated in his mind, “Indeed, based on this strength, even armor-piercing bullets may not be able to penetrate his rune goggles.”

If he rashly used alchemical bullets and failed, the enemy would become alert, making it difficult to succeed next time.

These shots, besides testing, were also meant to lower the enemy’s vigilance. To make him think that Su’en’s gunfire posed no threat!

Just as the steel gorilla was about to collide with Su’en, a slender but swift figure also rushed towards him.


After a muffled sound, a struggle ensued.

Kay’s Blade Implant on the steel gorilla’s body created sparks and emitted a piercing sound of metal being cut.

The two engaged in a fierce battle.

Su’en could clearly hear West’s cold laughter, as if mocking Kay’s incompetence.

Kay followed the agile path of a ranger profession. If he chose to move around, West might not be able to catch him in a short time.

But if he chose close combat, it was exactly what he wanted!

The steel gorilla was not agile enough, but its physical strength had an absolute advantage over Kay in close combat.

In this head-on confrontation, Kay was already at a disadvantage in the blink of an eye.

But once Kay retreated, West would definitely choose another target and kill Su’en, who was the gunner, first!

Therefore, when Su’en and Kay chose this tactic, it meant that they had no way out.

To survive, the two of them had to trust each other completely.

And because they had to entangle this guy, Kay became somewhat sluggish in his movements due to his injuries. He was accidentally caught by West’s foot and tossed around like a sandbag.

Life and death were just moments away.

At this moment, Su’en still stood ten meters away without taking a step back.

He calmly loaded the ammunition and raised the muzzle again.

For him, a “firearms expert,” this distance was enough to ensure accurate shots even if the opponent moved violently.

This time, Su’en didn’t test anymore. He aimed at the buckle on the steel gorilla’s face mask!

Even though this mask was part of an external mechanical skeleton and was indestructible, the weaknesses of the machinery were obvious. The welds, joints, and connections were all more fragile than other parts.

The high-level enchanted goggles could block bullets, but the buckle of the fixed mask might not be able to.

If one shot was not enough, then shoot more.

“Ding! Ding! Clang! Clang!”

Su’en fired several shots, each one accurately hitting the buckle on the face mask, causing cracks to appear in the welds.

And while Kay was engaged in close combat with the steel gorilla, he also seized the opportunity and kicked it.


After a dull sound, the face mask fell off.

Revealing the steel gorilla’s eyes filled with astonishment.

West looked at his fallen face mask, his expression stunned. Then, a moment of terror before death struck.

His gaze shifted and happened to see a dark muzzle aiming at his eye socket. At the same time, it seemed to recognize the origin of the gun: “Ironhead” Ivan’s famous gun, “Three-Headed Ghost”?

At the same time, he realized that he had been careless.

The previous ordinary bullets made him lose the necessary vigilance, thinking that this was just an insignificant gunman. But he didn’t expect that the opponent also had alchemical bullets.

However, facing the dark muzzle, a sneer appeared at the corner of West’s mouth. “Hmph, naive!”

He was extremely vigilant as well.

In fact, when he noticed that Kay chose to confront him head-on, he sensed that something was wrong.

Now, seeing his face mask being knocked off, he realized the purpose of Su’en and Kay.

Heh, breaking the goggles was to hit the eyes, right?

The idea was not bad, but… if a professional was so easily killed by a gun, it would be too weak.

Even alchemical bullets would need to hit the few “weak points” on his body to kill him.

West’s crisis response ability allowed him to instinctively turn his head as soon as the face mask fell off. This angle was a blind spot for shooting, and he felt that the bullets posed no threat to him.

But just the next second, something despairing happened.

In the instant West turned his head, he saw Su’en on the opposite side suddenly make a strange shooting motion, and when the flames spewed from the muzzle…

He actually “threw the gun”?

Seeing this, the mocking smile on West’s mouth had not yet disappeared, but turned into horror.

He didn’t have time to react anymore.

At the last moment of his life, this veteran Steam Party captain thought of a “master-level” gun technique: “Gunfighting Technique!”


There was such a terrifying person hidden among the enemies.

Like a venomous snake hidden in a pile of dead leaves, it would strike a fatal blow when the hunter least expected it.


Su’en’s eyes were almost numb with calmness. He changed guns, predicted the angle of the enemy’s head movement, calculated the trajectory, and pulled the trigger while throwing the gun.

There were no mistakes in his movements, and he didn’t give the enemy any chance to turn the tables.

An alchemical armor-piercing bullet shot out from the silver skull-adorned gun, drawing an arc in the air and accurately hitting the left eye socket of the steel gorilla.

With a “bang,” blood splattered in front of his eyes.

The alchemical bullet penetrated West’s head, and the steel gorilla, who had been menacing just a second ago, fell to the ground with a loud crash.

This shot was a fatal blow.


Su’en breathed a sigh of relief, walked over, and helped up the heavily injured Kay.

At the same time, he also swallowed the mist from the corpse.

“Obtained ‘West Arnold’s Memory Fragment *3′”

“You have obtained a small amount of ‘Intermediate Mechanical Knowledge’…”

“You have mastered the ‘Basic Mechanical Arm Kinetic Energy Device Modification Technique’…”

“Combat Experience +8”

“Mental Power +0.12”

Su’en felt that his mind suddenly gained a lot of mechanical skills, but he didn’t have time to think about it.

Because at this moment, the battle was far from over.

Su’en supported Kay and asked, “Captain, are you okay?”


Kay wanted to say he was fine, but before he could finish his sentence, he couldn’t hold back the bloody taste in his throat and spat out a mouthful of blood. He shook his dizzy head, smiled bitterly, and said, “I can’t die for now.”

Then, Kay looked at West’s body with bullet holes in his eye sockets and glanced at Su’en, his expression becoming extremely complicated.

Su’en’s astonishing performance time and time again shattered Kay’s perception of this “rookie.”

It turned out that he was not just a “firearms expert,” but also proficient in the master-level gun technique, “Gunfighting Technique.”

This was a super difficult gun skill that only truly talented professional gunmen could master…

“With this gun skill, no wonder he is so confident.”

Kay sighed and also felt fortunate that he chose to believe.


From the sound of the explosion to West rushing over and engaging in a fight, then being killed by Su’en and Kay’s cooperation, the whole process took just over twenty seconds.

Kun Tu, the “Red-Haired” man in the distance, originally thought that even if West couldn’t kill the two, he could at least hold them back.

And when he and his men rushed over, it would be easy to kill the opponents.

But unexpectedly, plans were always subject to change, and the explosion attracted the distorted monsters lurking in the shadows!

Those agile monsters that could climb walls appeared out of nowhere, using their long mouths to bite one member of the gang after another.

The members of the Steam Party were now too busy to take care of themselves. Even if they didn’t take action, it was uncertain whether those creatures could survive the monster pile.

In comparison, although Su’en and Kay were in a somewhat unfavorable situation, it was not worse than before.

Some monsters were also attracted to them and climbed onto their heads.

However, the two of them cooperated well, with one shooting accurately and the other engaging in close combat with a knife.

Although these distorted climbing monsters were astonishingly fast, the two managed to hold on for a while as they fought and retreated.

But suddenly!

While Su’en was killing, he unexpectedly found a “mist” in the pile of monster corpses.

“Huh… an elite monster actually produced a soul fragment?”

Almost no “mist” appeared on the bodies of monsters due to their low intelligence.

But at this moment, just as he shot and killed a strong distorted monster, Su’en saw a fragment on its body.

Because the distance the body fell was right at his feet, Su’en swallowed it without thinking while shooting.

However… after digesting the information in this mist, his expression suddenly became strange.

“Obtained ‘Mutated Distorted Monster’s Memory Fragment *2′”

“You have obtained the ‘Partial Layout of the Sewer’s Pipe Network’…”

“You have obtained some incomplete images…”

“You have mastered the ‘Intermediate Climbing’ skill…”

“Mental Power +0.01”


It was not surprising that Su’en learned the “Intermediate Climbing” skill from these humanoid distorted monsters that could climb walls.

The “Partial Layout of the Sewer’s Pipe Network” was also expected…

But the “incomplete images” behind it made Su’en feel that something was wrong.

The perception system of monsters was not as clear as that of humans. In the monster’s memory, Su’en saw a fragment of a warm yellow image that looked like a thermal image.

Even though it was unclear, he could still recognize that it was a sickle-shaped object!

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