Chapter 42 – Dilemma

“Is this… the scythe known as the ‘Forbidden Object’?”

Su’en’s mind quickly made a connection.

From his fragmented memories, it was clear that the monster had a strong aversion to the scythe, indicating that it was not an ordinary object and likely had cursed properties.

Moreover, the appearance of the scythe perfectly matched the description of the ‘Night Black Scythe of Supunos’ given by the high-ranking members of the guild.

Thinking further, the person who attacked the guild headquarters and escaped to the vicinity of Green Street, presumably hiding in the underground tunnels, Su’en immediately concluded that the scythe in the monster’s memories was most likely that object!

“So that guy actually came here? Is the scythe here? Did he die or escape?”

Su’en believed that it was highly probable that the person had died.

That place was the monster’s lair, and it was unlikely for a living person to enter.


Although Su’en unexpectedly obtained some valuable information from the monster’s memories, it didn’t change his current situation.

Regardless of whether the scythe was a forbidden object or had any incredible uses, it was currently in the depths of the sewer and couldn’t solve their immediate crisis.

Furthermore, although Su’en now had a “layout map of the sewer” in his mind, the consciousness of the monster was vastly different from that of a human. Even though Su’en found the tunnels familiar, it was of no use. Besides the exit of the apartment building, he couldn’t think of a better escape route.

But at this moment, the monsters in the depths of the underground surged out like a tide, blocking the subway tunnel tightly, and the only exit became a dead end.

Not far away, the gunfire from the Steam Party members was gradually diminishing.

The louder the noise, the more distorted monsters it attracted.

Fortunately, their firepower attracted most of the attention, otherwise the monsters would have torn the two of them to pieces in an instant.

That ‘Red-Haired’ Kun Tu was still standing strong, flames from his spells burning everywhere, covering a wide range and causing the monsters to emit piercing screams.

However, just like the gunners, both spellcasters and gunmen had high damage output but obvious weaknesses.

Once they were engaged in close combat, their melee combat abilities were poor.

Moreover, even Kun Tu, who used semi-mechanical spellcasting, had his casting intervals.

The densely packed monsters would take advantage of these intervals to rush forward and take a few bites.

As the number of their gang members around him dwindled, the death of that guy was also expected.

On the other hand, Su’en and Kay were also in a precarious situation.

As they fought and retreated, they were forced into a culvert-like tunnel where they could hide from the train drainage.

The advantage was that they only had to deal with the monsters in front of them and didn’t have enemies on all sides.

But the disadvantage was that more and more monsters were gathering outside, making it increasingly difficult for them to break through.


“This is bad… there are too many monsters, and we’re injured. It’s highly likely that we won’t be able to break out and can only wait for rescue.”

However, Kay’s words also had an element of comforting himself.

Even if the support troops from Green Street received the message, it was unlikely that they would be able to rush in and save them.

Unless… a high-ranking officer personally came.

But there was no guarantee that the two of them would be able to hold on until then.

Thinking of this, while mechanically making slashing motions, Kay cursed angrily, “Damn it, how could there be such a large-scale group of distorted monsters in the city’s sewer!”

This was also something that puzzled Su’en.

It was not surprising to have monsters outside the city with dense dark energy, but in Old Lingdun City, the conditions for distortion were limited, and there were people who regularly cleaned it. So why were there so many monsters in the sewer?

The density of monsters in the sewer was definitely abnormal.

Moreover, under the identification of the All-Knowing Eye, all of them were distorted monsters that had undergone unpredictable mutations due to special environmental factors.

There were crawling monsters with long mouthparts, bulky mountain-like creatures, tall humanoid monsters with long arms and legs, and corrosive monsters that could spew acid…

It was these monsters with long-range attack methods that forced Su’en and Kay to retreat step by step.


Su’en listened to Kay’s angry curses without saying a word, and his index finger on the trigger was starting to feel numb.

There were simply too many monsters, and even without aiming deliberately, he could easily hit them.

But even after killing so many, new monsters continued to emerge endlessly.


“I’m going to use explosives to collapse the entrance. Captain, be careful!”


During the interval of changing bullets, Su’en took the opportunity to throw a grenade, blowing away a group of monsters and temporarily relieving some pressure.

He felt that there might be some problems in the sewer, but now was not the time to consider that.

It was also fortunate to have Kay, a melee professional. Otherwise, no matter how good Su’en’s marksmanship was, he would be overwhelmed by the tide of monsters after firing only a few shots.

Looking again, due to the intense and prolonged battle, Kay’s condition was getting worse, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to cope. Without hesitation, Su’en decisively chose to use directional explosives to collapse part of the pit.

This would narrow the exit and reduce the monsters’ attack space.

But in doing so, they would also be unable to leave.

With a loud “bang,” rubble fell, effectively blocking more than half of the opening.

And Kay took the opportunity to use his skill, ‘Blade,’ to cut off several large rocks above, blocking the last bit of the passage. The two of them slumped down there.

Outside the rocks, the sound of monsters digging holes could be heard incessantly.

The monsters with sharp teeth and fangs were digging at a fast pace, and these rubble would probably not hold for long.Su’en and Kay took advantage of the rare respite to bandage their wounds and reload their ammunition.

At this critical moment, Su’en didn’t hold back and filled the cylinder of the【Three-headed Ghost】with the remaining alchemical bullets.

Kay, who was not used to firearms, stuffed a few grenades into his pockets.

The acid spray from the monsters and the wounds inflicted by their mouthparts made the two look quite miserable. However, after cleaning the wounds and injecting healing potions, they were not in any serious danger.

They probably had a few more minutes to rest.

Kay looked at Su’en and sighed, “I’m afraid we might not make it through this ordeal today…”

As someone who had been involved in gangs since childhood, Kay had long been prepared for the possibility of dying on the streets. He spoke these words quite calmly.

He thought he would see some fear on Su’en’s face, but instead, he found the man calmly reloading his ammunition, showing no signs of fear or panic.

Kay recalled the scene where they had killed the members of the Steam Party. Even now, it still felt like a dream to him.

The two of them had actually killed thirty people from the other side?!

Heh, it was worth it.

Kay couldn’t figure out why Su’en was so calm and asked, “Su’en, aren’t you nervous at all?”

Su’en didn’t elaborate, “I was born with a cold personality.”

Kay showed a sudden realization, “Oh.”

Perhaps feeling that he was about to die, Kay suddenly became more talkative.

“Su’en, I didn’t expect you to know ‘gunfighting’…”

“Yeah, I’ve been practicing my shooting skills.”

“Is that the famous gun【Three-headed Ghost】?”

The two had gone through hardships together, and now they didn’t know if they could survive. Su’en felt there was no need to hide anything, especially since the gun was so recognizable.

He nodded lightly, “Yes.”

Hearing this answer, Kay looked at Su’en’s bald head and smoky makeup, as if guessing something, and suddenly became interested.

After hesitating for a moment, he asked with a wicked smile, “Could it be… you’re the son of ‘Ironhead’ Ivan?”


Su’en’s eyelids twitched as he wondered how Kay had come up with that idea.

Kay guessed that it wasn’t true, but he still joked, “Don’t worry, I’ll keep your secret.”

Su’en explained, “No, I killed him.”

“You actually killed Ivan?”

Kay’s eyes were filled with disbelief. This was even more shocking news than being Ivan’s illegitimate child.

Ivan was a veteran assassin of the Crow Gang, even more difficult to deal with than the previous ‘Steel Gorilla’ Sis. He was not someone ordinary people could kill.

But then, thinking about Su’en’s previous performance, Kay guessed that there were many secrets hidden within him.

Such a young “firearms expert” who also knew gunfighting couldn’t have an ordinary background.

But in the gang, many people had secrets in their past. He didn’t ask further and said seriously, “If we can make it out alive, I’ll keep your secrets.”


Su’en didn’t say much either.

There was no point in hiding anything now that he had already revealed some of his cards.

In fact, upon careful consideration, the only secret he really couldn’t reveal was the identity of the original owner of his body.

As for the others…

The two S-rank talents didn’t have any obvious characteristics, so as long as he didn’t say anything, no one would know;

The “Puppeteer” profession could be passed off as an ordinary puppet master;

As for his shooting skills, in a gang where gunfights were as common as meals, it was bound to be exposed sooner or later.

Although they hadn’t known each other for very long, Su’en felt that Captain Kay was worth some trust.

Besides, Kay had saved his life before.

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