Chapter 40 – I can fight back

Su'en was somewhat surprised that Kay would bring him along at such a critical moment.


The distance was enough for Kay's burst of muscles to send him flying, but bringing another person along resulted in injuries from the aftermath of the explosion.


But obviously, this was the right choice.


Not to mention that Kay was a straightforward person, as the captain, he wouldn't abandon his subordinates and escape alone. Otherwise, when the enemy appeared earlier, knowing that he was no match, he would have done so.


And the current situation was even worse. If Su'en died, he wouldn't be able to escape the encirclement of the Steam Party on his own.


Even if they escaped into the underground cave, it would only delay their deaths.




The two fell into the underground cave and rolled to the ground.


Su'en immediately smelled the burnt flesh and the scent of burning hair.


His night vision ability was not weak, and he could see at a glance that Kay's back was burned over a large area, with bleeding wounds. It seemed that this guy had also been shot during the firefight.


Kay stood up panting, his leather armor melted onto his skin, causing him great pain.


But he didn't make a sound, took out a potion and injected it into his leg, temporarily delaying the worsening of his injuries. He asked, "Su'en, are you okay?"


"I'm fine."


Su'en was fine because Kay had protected him. The explosion only burned his thigh and the iron sand on his back didn't penetrate deeply.


These injuries didn't affect his movements.


Kay glanced at the "Three-Headed Demon" in Su'en's hand, looking slightly surprised. It seemed that he recognized this famous gun but didn't say much.


Many people who joined the gang had their own secrets.


He looked around at the dark environment and said seriously, "We can't stay here for long. The Steam Party will definitely come after me since they know I'm injured."




Su'en nodded as well. If Kay didn't die, this operation would be completely meaningless.


The two didn't say much and observed their surroundings as they walked.


Su'en looked around and realized that this was probably a subway station from a thousand years ago. Platforms, stairs, waiting rooms, and even traces left by the decayed tracks.


Kay's night vision goggles couldn't provide a clear view, but as someone who had escaped from the slums, he knew how to determine the direction of escape underground. He listened to the sound of water and whispered, "There's the sound of water to the west, so that passage should not be blocked. I'll distract them for a while, and you can escape on your own. Their target is me, so we'll find a way to hold on a bit longer. There's a lot of activity here, and the gang will definitely send reinforcements. Maybe we can survive…"


When Su'en heard this suggestion, his eyebrows slightly raised.


Kay's plan was not bad.


Being together would indeed burden each other.


Kay's own burst speed was strong, and he would be more likely to survive alone. Moreover, if they split up, the enemy's focus would definitely be on chasing him, increasing Su'en's chances of survival.


But Su'en looked at the restless shadows in the darkness and his face became serious.


In this underground cave, there were not only them but also some "natives."


Judging from the "Mutated Aberration" they had killed earlier, there were probably more unknown monsters in this underground area.


If they went deeper, their chances of survival might not necessarily be higher than facing the Steam Party.


Thinking of this, Su'en shook his head and said, "I think it's best if we don't go too deep."


Kay seemed to have also thought of the existence of monsters, furrowing his brows. "But now, it seems like we don't have a better choice…"


"No, I think we can ambush them here."


Su'en looked at the layout of the ancient subway station, whether it was the platform, the passage, or the tracks… they were all well-preserved.


In the previous battle, these ancient buildings withstood most of the bullets, giving Su'en a clear understanding.


This was the best cover.


For a gunman, this complex environment was also the most advantageous battlefield.


"Are you suggesting we ambush them here?"


Kay was also surprised by Su'en's crazy suggestion. If it wasn't for him being a lunatic, then he must have extraordinary abilities.


At least for Kay, a melee fighter, there was absolutely no chance of winning!


Su'en's suggestion seemed to fit Kay's taste, and he became excited. Killing the enemy was much more satisfying than being chased.


His eyes lit up and he asked, "Are you confident?"


He couldn't see the calm and confident expression on Su'en's face.


Su'en analyzed, "This place is very suitable for sniping. Except for those two professionals, the others… are not to be feared."


When Su'en said this, his tone was very calm.


But Kay could hear the confidence and composure in his words. He realized that this was a "gun expert" who never missed a shot!


Su'en continued, "But once I start shooting, my position will be exposed. That 'Iron Gorilla' will definitely come to kill me first. At that time, I'll need you, as the captain, to buy me some time. I still have two alchemical bullets. If I'm lucky, maybe I can kill him… and then we can counterattack!"




Not just sniping, but also counterattacking?


Kay's spirits were instantly lifted when he heard this. He immediately understood the key to this tactic.


To counterattack, the two couldn't separate, otherwise, they would be picked off one by one.


But professionals weren't so easy to kill, even if you had a gun. Advanced professionals had extremely high reaction speed and alertness, and it would be difficult for even a gun expert to kill them, not to mention the presence of "Steel Gorilla" Sis, who was impervious to both knives and guns.


However, looking at Su'en's expressionless face, Kay also knew that this calmness must be matched with confidence: this guy must have a "trump card"!




Kay chose to believe in Su'en and nodded without hesitation. He said, "Although Sis's profession has some advantages over me, he won't be able to defeat me in a short time."


Su'en replied, "Okay. Please make sure to delay him for at least ten breaths."


Kay said confidently, "Just ten breaths? That's definitely not a problem."


Su'en felt that communicating with smart people saved time and said, "Not only do we have to deal with the Steam Party, but there are also monsters. I heard some abnormal movements near the water source earlier, which might be the nest of the monsters…"


He pointed to the dark area as he explained, which was the most important reason why Su'en chose to stay hidden here instead of escaping.


He continued, "Most of the aberrant monsters here rely on 'auditory perception.' Once I start shooting, it might attract the monsters. But the monsters are not only our enemies, the Steam Party will also have to face them. We can use the monsters to distract them, but our risk is also not small…"


Upon hearing this, Kay seemed to have figured something out and slapped his thigh, "Right, why didn't I think of the aberrant monsters!"


Now the enemy had the numerical advantage, but once those aberrant monsters in the darkness joined the battle, it would become a three-way melee.


The numerical advantage of the Steam Party would instantly collapse, and Su'en and Kay's two-person team, with fewer people and smaller targets, would be more flexible.




Time was running out, and reality didn't give them much time to discuss the details.


Su'en casually used his puppet control to set up a "Ghost Thunder" on the ground as they passed by.


Then the two chose a passage that allowed them to advance or retreat and waited quietly for the enemy.


Sure enough, a few seconds later, a group of people rushed into the underground cave.


The gas lamps illuminated several figures, but Su'en didn't rush to attack. His eyes were fixed on Kun Tu and Sis, the two professionals, hiding in the darkness where the light couldn't reach.


Those guys were also smart. Knowing that Su'en's marksmanship was astonishing, they obviously anticipated the possibility of an ambush and let the ordinary gang members go ahead.


Once Su'en revealed his position by firing a shot, the initiative would immediately change hands.


Kun Tu was also an experienced veteran, and he saw the traces left by some unknown creature on the ground, realizing that there might be danger here. He warned, "Be careful, something doesn't feel right in this underground cave."

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