Chapter 39 – Firearms expert

Captain Kay said, let them find an opportunity to take action themselves?

Su’en would not be polite. The people on Green Street were already at a disadvantage, and giving the initiative to the enemy would be suicidal.

Just as the thought arose, a cold light flashed in his eyes.


Su’en smirked in his heart and let go of the shotgun in his hand.

In that instant, time seemed to slow down, and the long gun fell slowly in the air.

At the same time, his hands quickly reached for the handles of the two pistols at his waist.

Before the shotgun hit the ground, he already had the two pistols in his hands.

Draw the guns, aim, and pull the trigger!

The whole action was smooth and without hesitation, so fast that people only saw a fleeting shadow of his hands.

While the members of the Steam Party were still enjoying the thrill of being hunters, and while Kay and the others were still struggling to find a way out, suddenly the entire tenement building was filled with thunderous gunshots.


A loud explosion.

If you listened carefully, you would find that it was two overlapping gunshots.

The shotgun did not have the range and accuracy to kill the two gunmen aiming at their heads from upstairs, but the large-caliber pistols did!

Su’en’s proficiency in dual-wielding weapons allowed him to accurately aim at both targets. His advanced firearms proficiency allowed him to draw his guns at a speed that was unimaginable, even faster than the two snipers whose fingers were already on the triggers.

After the gunshots, two heads exploded, and blood splattered everywhere.

In that instant, time seemed to stand still.

The gunshots came too suddenly…

So much so that the seventy to eighty people in the tenement building were all stunned.

No one expected that a “rookie” would suddenly become a killer in this situation.

After pulling the trigger, Su’en’s reflexes had reached their peak. His dual pistols were still spewing tongues of fire, and his body was pushed back by the recoil of the bullets.

Throughout the process, his face was filled with a numb calmness.

Taking advantage of the moment when everyone was stunned, he quickly kicked the ground and rolled away from the crowd.

At almost the same time, Kay, as a professional, also reacted. He thought to himself, “What an opportunity!”

Without any delay, the muscles in his legs suddenly bulged, and he shot out like a compressed spring, “swoosh”!

Taking the initiative in the battle into their own hands was also Kay’s idea!

But before, most of the enemies were focused on them, and he didn’t have a chance to strike first.

Now, Su’en’s two shots not only broke the deadlock but also relieved some of the pressure on Kay, creating an opportunity for a counterattack. As long as he was given the space to operate, he could unleash a shocking speed that the enemy couldn’t even catch up with, breaking the deadlock!


The newcomers hadn’t figured out what had happened yet, but in the next second, the battle was ignited by the gunshots.

For a while, nearly a hundred guns from both sides were firing frantically, like thunder in the summer, deafening.

Bang, bang, bang, bang…

The flames illuminated the tenement building, and the intense shockwaves caused debris to fall from the surrounding buildings. The floors and load-bearing columns exploded like tofu under the dense barrage of bullets…

Kay rushed forward, and most of the firepower was drawn away.

But even so, the people on Green Street were still in a desperate situation facing the enemy shooting from above. Except for a few veterans who rolled and dodged the bullets in time, barely leaving room for counterattack, the newcomers became living targets almost immediately, with blood holes exploding on their bodies, falling to the ground…

Under such firepower suppression, even Su’en, who was already several meters away from the crowd, was under considerable pressure.

He fired the first shot and attracted a lot of firepower. Even though he reacted as fast as a cheetah, he was still forced into a miserable state by this barrage of bullets.

In that moment of rolling, he keenly felt the hot wind of several bullets passing by his side. Even though he reacted so quickly, some of the stray bullets still hit his body.

But at least he managed to save his life.

Su’en took cover behind a thick stone pillar and took a few deep breaths.

Under the chaotic gunfire, no matter how good his footwork was, it was useless. He had a few blood holes on his back from the iron sand, but he had managed to survive.

However, since he didn’t die in the first place, the ferocity in Su’en’s eyes grew stronger.

He held the dual pistols, calculating the countdown in his mind: “Five, four, three…”

Sure enough, within five seconds, the gunshots suddenly quieted down by more than half.

He knew that this was the interval when the heavy firepower weapons ran out of bullets.

Su’en’s eyes suddenly sharpened, and he urgently shouted in his mind, “Now is the time!”

Without any hesitation, he rushed out again!


If it were an ordinary person, they would definitely think about self-preservation in this situation.

But Su’en knew very well that if he didn’t kill all these Steam Party guys, there was no way he could walk out of the tenement building alive today!

Although Captain Kay was strong, he had no chance against the two professional enemies. If he waited for Kay to die, Su’en’s fate would also be a dead end!

Therefore, Su’en didn’t hold any hope. Even if the enemy’s main target was not him at the moment, he had to take the initiative to attack.


Su’en directly circled around from behind the stone pillar, seemingly without aiming, but his hands were already alternating between firing the guns.

But even with this seemingly random shooting, every time the gun barrel spewed fire, an enemy upstairs would fall to the ground.

If someone observed carefully, they would notice that not only did he hit his targets, but almost all of them were fatal shots, hitting the heart or the head…

At this moment, Su’en’s face was filled with a cold frost, like the arrival of the Grim Reaper, mercilessly harvesting the lives of his enemies.

With two revolvers, one with six rounds and the other with eight, in just 2.4 seconds, fourteen bullets took the lives of twelve or thirteen people!

Listening to the sound and determining the position, analyzing the trajectory and judging the enemy’s position, this was the miraculous skill of “advanced firearms proficiency”. It was a magical feeling, as if the firearms were a part of his arms, and the bullets shot out were pulling invisible threads…

As soon as he thought of it, the bullets had already arrived.

When Su’en rushed out earlier, he had already roughly judged the positions of these ten or so gunmen. With a glance, he had locked onto them, and there was no need to waste time aiming again. Shooting was as smooth as breathing.

However, bullets were limited.

No matter how strong he was, he only had two guns.

Even if he succeeded, it was purely because Kay had drawn away most of the firepower, catching the Steam Party off guard. But the enemy were all bloodthirsty gangsters who had licked the edge of a knife. How could they give him the opportunity to reload and shoot again?

Su’en was well aware of this, he only had one round of gunfire.

After this round of gunfire, he didn’t hesitate to roll again. While emptying the shells from the cylinder, he had already taken cover behind a sturdy stone pillar.

The entrance to the underground passage was less than ten meters away from here.

In the next second, a torrent of ammunition poured onto the stone pillar, and Su’en tried to curl up his body as much as possible to avoid being hit by the bullets.

“Da, da, da, da…”

The sound of gunfire was deafening, and fragments of stone and bullets grazed past him.

At this moment, Su’en’s gaze regained clarity.


The Steam Party members were not ignorant. They were all shocked by Su’en’s amazing marksmanship.

Except for the “Steel Gorilla” Sis, no one dared to show their heads casually and instead took cover to shoot.

It was too terrifying, one shot, one head exploded. Anyone would feel a piercing headache.

Kuntou, the “Red-Haired” man, cursed angrily, seemingly questioning the person who provided the wrong information: “Damn it, how could there be a ‘firearms expert’ among the Cross Society guys? Wasn’t it said that none of them posed a threat except for Kay? What the hell is going on now?!”

“Firearms expert” was an exclusive title for advanced marksmen.

In the entire Outer City, besides the few famous “firearms masters,” this was the ceiling of combat power that ordinary people could touch.

These marksmen were well-known in the three major gangs, and now there was an unknown rookie who turned out to be a “firearms expert”?

But which “firearms expert” wasn’t a seasoned gunman who had been feeding bullets for decades?

Clearly, he looked young, so how did he acquire such marksmanship?

A freak!

Kuntou cursed in his heart.

Originally, the two Steam Party professionals had planned to team up against Kay, and everything was going according to plan. But they didn’t expect a sudden turn of events!

This level of marksman couldn’t be underestimated. Otherwise, it would be an extremely deadly threat to professionals.

At this moment, Kay also got a chance to catch his breath. His face lit up, and he quickly retreated, taking cover behind another stone pillar. And that position happened to be able to make eye contact with Su’en.

The two exchanged a glance, and Kay’s eyes couldn’t hide his astonishment. He had known that Su’en’s marksmanship was good, but he never expected it to be at such a level!

It turned out that there was still a “firearms expert” hidden in his team?

But now was not the time to talk about this.

And Su’en made a gesture, pointing to the nearby “entrance to the underground passage.”

Kay instantly understood that they couldn’t break out with the enemy shooting from above. Even if Su’en’s marksmanship was astonishing, it would be difficult for him to kill the two professionals.

The only way out now was to escape to the underground passage and maybe hold on until the guild reinforcements arrived.

However, the enemy didn’t give them much time to catch their breath.

The bullet battle couldn’t break the load-bearing columns for the time being, but the flames could!


Su’en only knew that Kuntou had the ability to manipulate flames, but he had never seen it before.

And in the next instant, he immediately experienced the abilities of this pseudo-professional!

The entire tenement building suddenly lit up with a dazzling red light.

Su’en sensed the danger and glanced over, only to see a stream of fire spraying out from the mechanical gun on Kuntou’s arm. As soon as the fire touched the air, it immediately turned into a small fireball. In the blink of an eye, the small fireball grew into a huge fireball with a diameter of about ten meters!

This was not just simple combustion, but a range spell created by fire control!

“Alchemy·Explosive Bomb!”

Before the fireball even reached him, Su’en felt as if the air had been burned dry, and his breath was hot and painful.

“Not good!”

Su’en inwardly cursed, “Without alchemical implants, there is still quite a gap in combat power compared to a formal professional…”

He had been suppressed by the fire guns earlier and didn’t dare to show himself, but he didn’t realize that Kuntou had already gotten close.

This fireball was unavoidable.

Su’en was extremely decisive. Before the red light appeared, he had already switched to a strange-looking fire gun in his hand.

It was none other than the gun named “Three-Headed Demon”!

In this situation, he was willing to be seriously injured and burned in order to fire an alchemical bullet at Kuntou. Only by gambling on a mutual destruction could he bring a glimmer of hope to this desperate situation.

But just as he was in this extremely dangerous situation, a figure suddenly rushed towards him, ignoring the flames!


Su’en looked and saw that it was Kay. He immediately realized what he was trying to do.

In that moment of thought, he felt like he had been hit in the stomach by a cheetah, and his whole body was sent flying.

So fast!

Almost at the same time, the overwhelming flames slammed into them like a tsunami. Taking advantage of this impact, the two of them fell even faster. After a loud explosion, they fell directly into the dark underground passage.


Seeing Su’en and Kay fall into the entrance, Kuntou shouted, “That guy is injured! Chase after them, we must not let them live!”

He knew very well that this was the best opportunity to kill Kay, who must have been seriously injured. There was no hesitation, and the twenty to thirty members of the Steam Party followed them into the underground passage.

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