Chapter 3 – [C079-Steel Reinforced Bones]

“‘He’ hasn’t been released yet, and the situation is getting worse… Su’en sighed inwardly as he met the murderous gaze in the bald man’s eyes.

He had planned to shoot the bald man in the head and then take advantage of the opportunity to shoot him again. The plan was already well thought out, and luck was on his side. Everything was going according to plan, and even the artillery fire hadn’t caused much damage.

Unfortunately, the final shot didn’t kill the bald man.

After pulling the trigger, Su’en completely lost the advantage. The bald man removed the bullet embedded in his forehead with his fingers and smirked. Instead of using the high-pressure cannon on his mechanical arm, he stomped his foot and a wave of energy exploded, causing his figure to disappear from the spot.

When Su’en focused his gaze again, the bald man had already appeared in front of him like a ghost, having rapidly advanced several meters. The giant iron hand grabbed Su’en’s neck and, with the force of the collision, smashed both Su’en and the chair he was tied to against the wall.

A loud crash echoed as the wooden chair shattered into pieces, and the broken wood chips fell like rain. Su’en didn’t have time to react and felt as if he had been hit by an elephant. His vision went black, and he couldn’t hold back the surge of blood mixed with internal organs as it sprayed out of his mouth.

The silver revolver in his hand also fell to the ground, and he lost his only weapon to resist.

And now it seemed that the gun was useless anyway.

The bald man’s speed was astonishing, surpassing that of an ordinary human. He had burst forth from close range, too fast for the eyes to follow. It was another ability that surpassed that of an ordinary human…

However, Su’en wasn’t surprised by this either.

Even a headshot couldn’t kill him, so it wasn’t surprising that he was fast.

The bald man stared fiercely at Su’en, who was suspended by his feet against the wall, and gritted his teeth. “Kid, you didn’t expect it, did you? My awakened talent is [C079-Steel Reinforced Bones]. If it weren’t for this ability, I’m afraid I would have fallen into your hands today…”

As he spoke, the bald man glanced at the corpse of his companion in the pool of blood on the ground, his eyes growing colder. He remembered the close call from earlier. If he hadn’t dodged the fatal blow, he might have been the one lying dead on the ground.

The bald man exerted force in his hand, wanting to strangle the boy in front of him.

But for some reason, he hesitated for a moment.

Su’en silently said to himself, “Talent, Steel Reinforced Bones? Transcendent ability…”

Then he weakly closed his eyelids…

The mechanical arm of the bald man clamped tightly around his neck like a pair of iron pliers, and the suffocating feeling made it clear that the guy could easily snap someone’s neck.

But instead of being killed immediately, Su’en didn’t panic at all.

Because he could see the bald man’s hesitation.

He knew very well that this guy didn’t kill him immediately because he coveted the “secret” of the original owner.

However, at this moment, the bald man’s patience had probably been exhausted due to the death of his companion.

Su’en understood that if he said one more word at this moment, this guy might kill him in a fit of rage.

So he exhaled his last breath from his chest and struggled to spit out five words, “I have a treasure map.”

As expected!

With these words, the killing intent in the air remained chilling, but Su’en could clearly feel the suffocation weakening.

The iron hand that was gripping his neck quietly loosened, allowing him to breathe.


A disdainful sneer.

The bald man wasn’t as foolish as he appeared. He knew that Su’en was trying to save his own life.

But he still gave him a chance and coldly said, “Kid, you only have one chance. Tell me the information that interests me, and I’ll let you die quickly.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the iron hand tightened with force, and a clear sound of bones cracking could be heard.

Su’en winced in pain, appearing weak as he squinted his eyes. In reality, he was quickly reading the information on his retina.

To die a quick death by telling the truth?

He didn’t pay any attention to that statement and directly said, “In the corridor to the left of the main hall of this mansion, there is a secret door. The wall sconce is a mechanism that leads to the underground, where there is a maze…”

These words were not made up on the spot but obtained from the information on his retina.

In such a short time and in an unfamiliar world, it would be easy for a flawless lie to be exposed.

And the consequence of being exposed was death.

Although he didn’t know the method used to leave this information on his retina, as long as he closed his eyes, Su’en could see that information.

The content was as follows:

“My dear Fick, by the time you see this information, your memories should have been erased. Although fate is cruel, the deed is done. As for the truth of the matter, it no longer matters to you now. I know you may be unwilling, so I have left you something as compensation. If fate hasn’t abandoned you and you gain enough power in the future to seek the truth, you will naturally come into contact with the exiled truth; if not, living in the darkness may be a good thing for you. Remember, do not trust anyone, especially those upper-level guys in the Black Tower…”

In addition to this passage, there were some obscure texts that Su’en didn’t have time to read, seemingly explaining the magical power called “alchemy” in this world.

There was also a strange diagram.

It wasn’t a flat map but a three-dimensional, winding fluorescent line, marked from top to bottom. It looked like a mine or some kind of abyssal cave.

After scanning it quickly, Su’en understood the reason behind the situation.

The previous owner’s name was “Fick,” and for some reason, he was “exiled.”

But all of this had nothing to do with him as a transmigrator.

Since he had no memories, he had no interest in the previous owner’s past.

Su’en was more concerned about the current situation.

From the way he was addressed, someone related to the previous owner had left these words on his retina.

And because of this information, the previous owner had come to this mansion in search of the ancient ruins marked on the map…

Without further examination, it was probably related to the miraculous “transcendent talent” that could withstand bullets like the bald man’s hard skull.

Su’en selectively revealed some information while ignoring some key details.

For example, he didn’t mention the details of the maze’s path or that there were many wall sconces in the room, and only the correct one could open the underground passage, while the others would trigger traps…

To survive under the hands of the bald man who had murderous intentions, he had to show his value.

And to continue living, he couldn’t reveal his entire value at once.

As long as the enemy wasn’t stupid, they wouldn’t kill him right now.

As expected!

Hearing this, a flash of astonishment crossed the bald man’s eyes.

He had already guessed that the kid in front of him, who was targeted for assassination by someone important in the inner city, had a secret.

But after losing a brother, the bald man had become more cautious. He asked, “What treasure is hidden in this mansion?”

Su’en pretended to be weak, closed his eyes, and looked at the information on his retina, then said, “It is said… that there are relics left by ‘Sir Isaac’.”

As soon as the words fell, the bald man’s expression changed dramatically, as if he had heard something incredible. “What!”


His tone suddenly became heavy, and Su’en glanced at him.

Although he didn’t know what “Sir Isaac” meant, judging from the bald man’s expression, it was probably an incredible treasure.

But for Su’en, it was good news.

Now he had more confidence that he couldn’t be killed temporarily.

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