Chapter 4 – Phantom seed

Su’en’s words stirred up waves in the bald man’s heart.

He immediately asked in response, “Is there really a relic left by Sir Isaac in this mansion?”

Su’en, with blood foaming at his mouth, responded in detail, “Yes. At least, that’s what the treasure map I obtained records.”

Upon hearing the confirmation, the bald man’s eyes flickered as if he was contemplating something.

Excitement, anticipation, hesitation, and a few traces of concern.

He glanced at Su’en, a hint of doubt flashing in his eyes, but he suppressed his killing intent.

If he didn’t know the secret of this mansion, killing Su’en would be meaningless.

But now that he knew there was such a huge treasure in this mansion, how could he just give up?

As the senior leader of the “Old Lingdun” hunting team, how could he not know the value of Sir Isaac’s relics?

That legendary alchemist, who was renowned for his mastery of ancient alchemy and was hailed as a “demigod.” He had researched countless new alchemy formulas, countless unique potions, and had countless invention patents. Each of his alchemy manuscripts could be sold for a sky-high price in the black market of Lingdun.

The bald man had witnessed it himself. At an auction in the inner city, someone bought a useless page of Sir Isaac’s personal notes for three hundred gold krona, just because it was a relic left by Sir Isaac.

But you should know that his “DH-031 excellent modified version” mechanical arm, including the materials and modification costs, is only worth a few tens of gold krona.

Although the bald man knew that Su’en might be hiding something, as long as it involved Sir Isaac, it was worth risking his life!

In case they really found any relics left by Sir Isaac, it would definitely make them instantly rich. Why would they need to risk their lives for hunting in the second half of their lives?


Thinking of this, the bald man squinted his eyes and coldly asked, “Kid, who are you exactly?”

“I don’t know either.”

Su’en pretended to be puzzled for a moment and added, “My memories have been erased.”

The information on the retina mentioned that the original owner had “memory erased,” so this answer was acceptable.

Upon hearing this, the bald man fell into deep thought for a moment.

He didn’t seem to doubt it, nor did he pursue it further.

Being exiled from the inner city and being wanted for assassination, Su’en’s identity was definitely not simple, and the explanation of memory erasure was plausible.

He didn’t delve further into Su’en’s identity, but instead asked, “How did you get the treasure map you mentioned?”

Su’en answered, “I don’t know who left it for me.”

After a pause, he added, “I once stumbled upon it in an old book, and then I burned it.”

The bald man frowned and remained silent.

They had already searched Su’en during the interrogation and didn’t find anything that could be the treasure map.

So, killing him now would be even more pointless.

He also guessed that Su’en must be withholding something. Things that could save his life would definitely not be foolishly revealed all at once.

The iron clamp-like hand around Su’en’s neck loosened, and Su’en knew that he had temporarily saved his life.

Although he looked a bit disheveled, he remained calm in his heart.

If he really wanted to survive, he would have to find another way.

The bald man was obviously still wary of him and kept asking for details about the “treasure map.” But at this moment, a desperate cry came from outside the door, like a ghost’s wail.

“Squad leader, where are you… help!”

The sudden cry made the atmosphere in the room instantly eerie.

The bald man’s expression immediately turned serious upon hearing it.

He realized that they were still in a curse space with a suspected “A-level” danger!

This mansion still held unknown dangers.

Su’en didn’t know what terrifying things had happened to the person outside, but from the desperate tone, he could guess that something extremely horrifying had occurred outside the door.

The bald man furrowed his brow and used Su’en’s neck as a shield as he walked over to open the door.

The door creaked open.

At this moment, a bloodied figure rushed in, looking panicked.

The bald man obviously recognized the person dressed as an assassin in leather armor and said with a frown, “Marcus?”

The man looked at the bald man, and his pale face suddenly turned rosy. He exclaimed in joy, “Captain Ivan!”

After a pause, his terrified expression turned into a relieved one, and he gasped for breath as he said, “Oh my god… Captain, I finally found you!”

On the side, Su’en silently observed this scene and finally learned their names.


It sounded like some kind of organization.

Su’en examined the wounds and bloodstains on Marcus’s body and looked at the smoking gun in his hand. He felt a little puzzled. “Injuries caused by a sharp weapon… someone who uses a gun was actually cut by a knife?”

Perhaps, it wasn’t a human?

Obviously, things were not as simple as they seemed.

At this moment, the bald man, Captain Ivan, looked at Marcus, who was alone, and looked outside, but he didn’t notice anything unusual.

After closing the door, he asked solemnly, “Where’s Vice Captain Mark, Daniel, and the others?”

“Captain… they’re dead, all dead!”

Marcus’s eyes were filled with fear as if he recalled something. He said with a trembling voice, “Just now… just now, we entered this cursed space and got lost. Then we discovered that there were many terrifying dolls in this house! It seems like there’s a ‘phantom seed’ in this house, controlling those dolls. It’s everywhere, and it wants us to play games with them… hide-and-seek… if we’re found, we’ll be killed…”

“Phantom seed?”

After listening to his subordinate’s stuttering account, Captain Ivan’s face became grave.


Phantom seed?


Su’en caught a few words that he understood but were beyond his original knowledge.

However, after experiencing the supernatural abilities in this world, he easily understood that this term should refer to some kind of “transcendent creature.”

“It” had just killed more than ten members of this bald man’s team.

Before his transmigration, Su’en was a video blogger who specialized in horror games and supernatural movies. So, although Marcus’s story was bizarre, it wasn’t too unbelievable for him.

He didn’t feel much shock, but rather a sense of familiarity. “A horror plot? It seems like this is the correct way to unfold.”

Vaguely, he could even speculate on some of the quirks of the “phantom seed” from the process, such as liking to kill humans, liking childish games…

Now it seemed that the deadly threat was not just this bald man, but there was another “phantom seed.”


Captain Ivan was still carefully inquiring about the situation of his subordinates. At this moment, Su’en, lost in thought, suddenly noticed something and raised his eyebrows.


His gaze shifted away from Marcus and fell onto the red, black, and green soldier doll in the corner of the study, which looked like a “nutcracker.”

Initially, he thought it was just a decoration in the study.

But whether it was an illusion or not, Su’en saw the doll’s eyeballs tremble slightly.

And at this moment, the doll’s pitch-black eyes were staring directly at the three of them.

As if it were like this →_→!

So, the person moved, but the doll didn’t, yet its eyeball direction did.

This was a habit he had developed from playing horror escape games. In a confined environment, his gaze would instinctively gather all the “clues” around him to solve the puzzle.

This was how he noticed the difference in the nutcracker doll.

“So, it’s being monitored by ‘someone’…”

Su’en noticed the anomaly and had a sudden realization.

He had initially thought he was mistaken, but now that he heard about the killer puppets in the house, Su’en immediately confirmed that everything in the room was being secretly monitored by someone.

Perhaps, it was that so-called “phantom seed.”

However, even if he discovered this, Su’en didn’t show any abnormality on his face.

For him, although he was not sure what the “eerie” in the room meant, judging from the expressions of the bald man and the other man, it was definitely a dangerous presence.

But this didn’t mean that the “eerie” would be more deadly to Su’en than the bald man and the other man.

It might even be good news.

If he wanted to survive in the hands of the bald man, this “eerie” might be one of the conditions he could use.

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