Chapter 2 – Killing fails and brings trouble to oneself

The rooster-headed man stood on one leg on the chair where Su’en was tied, shouting with a fierce look on his face: “Hey, kid, my patience is limited…”

The two were very close, and this guy didn’t seem to consider the injured prey as a threat at all, completely unguarded.

Su’en was tied to the chair, his palms pinned by a dagger, unable to move.

But no one noticed that the ropes tied to Su’en’s arms had loosened due to his previous struggles, leaving enough space for him to pull out his hand.

“Hey, kid, say something!”

The rooster-headed man slapped Su’en hard across the face.

A “smack” sound, and blood dripped from the corner of Su’en’s mouth.

But despite being hit, there was no trace of anger on his face. Instead, a sinister and ruthless smile appeared in the corner of his eyes.

In his eyes, the demon that had been suppressed deep in his heart finally broke free.


A cold laugh in his heart.

And at this moment, without any hesitation, Su’en suddenly pulled his right hand back.

The dagger nailed to his right hand happened to pierce the gap between his middle finger and ring finger, and with a pull, a chilling “tearing” sound was heard as the soft tissue was torn apart.

The sharp dagger directly cut through the flesh between the bones, and blood spurted out like a fountain.


This action stunned the rooster-headed man beside him.

Looking at the blood spattered on his own pants, his eyes widened in shock, as if he hadn’t recovered from the astonishment.

But his eyes realized what had happened: this kid had forcibly broken his own hand to free himself from the dagger?

In the next instant, the rooster-headed man immediately realized the danger and exclaimed in his heart, “Not good!”

But it was already too late.

With a sinister smile, Su’en paid no attention to the pain in his hand. With one hand free, he didn’t give the enemy any chance to react.

He stretched out his freed hand and swiftly snatched the silver revolver attached to the rooster-headed man’s waist, then without hesitation, aimed it at the man’s chest and pulled the trigger.



Two thunderous gunshots echoed throughout the room.

The bullets pierced through the rooster-headed man’s chest, and then “plop plop” two fist-sized holes burst out on his back, instantly killing him.


Warm blood sprayed onto Su’en’s face, adding a touch of ferocity to his appearance.

The power of the silver revolver was unexpectedly strong, and due to the huge recoil, Su’en, along with the chair, fell backwards.

Hearing the gunshots, the bald muscular man with smoky makeup on the other side was also stunned by this sudden turn of events.

The kid who was easily caught earlier had suddenly revealed such a ferocious side?

Looking at the two fist-sized holes pierced through his companion’s back, the bald man finally realized that the prey that had been trapped by the hunter had suddenly turned into a bloodthirsty wolf.

“Damn it!”

The bald man shouted in his heart, his reaction was not slow either.

Seeing the muzzle of Su’en’s gun pointing at him again, he instinctively raised his steam-powered mechanical arm, and the muzzle fired towards the front.

With a loud bang, the whole study trembled.

Instead of a burning flame, the muzzle fired a “high-pressure air bullet”.

And Su’en, who was lying not far away, seemed to have anticipated this attack long ago. He cleverly used the momentum to twist his falling angle, avoiding the fatal aim of this shot.

The sound of breaking wind passed in an instant, and the high-pressure air bullet rapidly pierced a corner of Su’en’s chair, then “crack” penetrated the ground, leaving a bowl-sized black hole on the wooden floor, disappearing without a trace.

Even though he avoided the direct hit, the airflow from the “high-pressure air bullet” grazed his body, crushing the ropes and a piece of flesh on Su’en’s leg.

It felt like countless sharp wind blades cutting through, burning and stinging the wound.

However, Su’en didn’t show any pain on his face, but rather a bloodthirsty excitement.

In the moment the chair fell, he moved again.


From the moment Su’en woke up to deciding to take action, it took less than half a minute. Although it seemed rushed, his considerations were already mature.

Before taking action, he had already anticipated the current attack.

The unconscious movement of the bald man’s mechanical arm made Su’en realize that the steam-powered mechanical arm joints with rough bearings and gear transmissions were not very flexible. The aiming reaction time was likely much slower than a human’s neural reaction.

And Su’en could predict that once he killed the rooster-headed man, the bald muscular man would immediately retaliate under the threat of the gun. The trajectory of the muzzle would definitely be aimed at the original position of the chair, and the chance of avoiding it was not small.

And if the bald man spent too much time aiming accurately, then Su’en would have enough time to fire another shot.

The outcome was fifty-fifty.

So, there was a risk, but it was worth the gamble.

This was the only chance to escape.

This was also the most important reason why Su’en decided to ruthlessly kill even if it meant self-mutilation of his hand!


Thoughts raced through his mind, but reality only lasted for an instant.

Just as Su’en had anticipated, the bald man hurriedly fired back, but missed.

The jet pierced the floor, but the expected explosion of the bullet did not occur.

Su’en narrowed his eyes, a dangerous glint flashed in them.

Now is the time!

He instantly adjusted his defensive posture, and in the moment of falling, he raised the silver revolver again, decisively aimed at the bald man, and pulled the trigger.


A familiar gunshot, as if the space had frozen.

The bullet pierced through, leaving a long trajectory in the air, and accurately hit the bald man’s eye.

The blue light from the muzzle illuminated his terrified face. The bald man didn’t have time to react, and the bullet had already shot towards his right eye socket.

“It’s done!”

Su’en licked his lips, seemingly satisfied with this shot.

Unlike the opportunity to fire two shots at close range earlier, after this shot, the huge recoil caused the muzzle to rise significantly. Even if he fired another shot, it would be impossible to hit the bald man’s head again.

Moreover, the wound on his palm was torn by the recoil of the gunshot, causing his finger flexor muscles to tremble, almost unable to hold the gun.

However, it was enough.

Su’en was confident that this shot would hit 100%, enough to blow the guy’s head off.


Su’en never expected that this seemingly foolproof shot would encounter an accident.


“How is this possible!”

Su’en’s pupils suddenly contracted, looking at the scene in front of him in disbelief.

The bullet was aimed at the bald man’s eye socket, and that guy’s crisis response was not weak. In the instant the muzzle flashed, he instinctively tried to dodge.

Slightly tilting his head, the bullet hit his forehead.

Under normal circumstances, the power of this large-caliber revolver would cause the head to explode like a watermelon, no matter where it hit.

But in this case… it didn’t!

Looking at the strange scene in front of him, Su’en’s expression froze.

He actually watched as the bullet hit the bald man’s forehead and… got embedded in his skull?

“What’s going on? Why is his skull so hard?!”

In that instant, Su’en immediately realized that he had probably come to a world that was beyond imagination.

Steam-powered mechanical arms, humans who didn’t die from a gunshot to the head…

After a moment of shock, Su’en’s gaze regained clarity, and the madness and frenzy in his eyes completely dissipated.

And at this moment, the bald man, who had been shot in the head but was almost unharmed, looked at him with a sinister look.

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