Chapter 22 – Gunfighting Technique

Su’en had just arrived in Old Lingdun on the first day and was not sure of the exact concept of the “Inner City”. He thought it was a wealthy area isolated from the rest, but now it seems that the class differences in this world are even greater.

As Captain Kay approached him, he greeted him out of courtesy, “Captain.”


Kay nodded and let out a sigh.

The “Red Demon” Goron on the arena gradually returned to human form, and the overwhelming dominance that made everyone breathless slowly dissipated.

Kay seemed to have deep feelings about the battle just now and looked at the burly Goron, saying, “Those guys in the Inner City have the best resources, cursed materials, a complete professional promotion system, and endless knowledge of alchemy… Professionals who grow up under those conditions are not comparable to us outsiders who rely on our own exploration. The boss of the Yama Gang told me before, don’t underestimate those who have been living in the Inner City since childhood. If you have the chance to really go to the Inner City and see it for yourself, your perspective will be completely different…”


Su’en listened to these words as if they were spoken to him, but it seemed like Kay was talking to himself.

Although they hadn’t known each other for long, Su’en could tell that this newly appointed gang leader seemed to have aspirations and ideals.

Unlike most gang members who only seek pleasure, Kay seemed to be more interested in alchemy and transcendent powers.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have become an official professional at such a young age.

You should know that although the “salary” of the gang is good, becoming a professional is the real bottomless pit. Not to mention the materials for employment that can cost tens of thousands of li, even the alchemical implants after employment are expensive.

The more advanced the materials, the more expensive they are. If you want to become stronger, you have to spend more money.

In the gang, relying solely on salary, it would probably take many years of frugality to have a chance of becoming a professional.

This would make most gang members who want to live a carefree life refuse this idea. Didn’t they join the gang just for good wine and women?

Su’en had heard the old birds chatting before and heard that when Kay was just an ordinary gang member, he actively participated in many dangerous missions and expeditions, which led to his current position.

As Kay looked at the arena again, the hope on his face faded and he said with envy, “B-002 Red Demon… Ah, it’s really enviable. Those rich people in the Inner City are really capricious. Such a powerful expert actually came to the arena.”

Great strength, high recovery, high endurance, petrified skin, hardened bones…

In general, it meant being able to fight, endure, and self-heal…

That’s why B-002 Red Demon was known as one of the strongest melee talents.

“Yes, it was a wonderful match.”

Su’en raised an eyebrow as he listened, neither agreeing nor disagreeing.

If it was about talent, he didn’t have much to envy.

Although this “B-level” Red Demon had strong combat power, if he looked at it from a long-term perspective, his “S-level” Death Reaper had even greater potential.

But then again, would a cold and powerful bodyguard like this really be expelled because of romantic problems?

Su’en didn’t think much about it. At least for a long time, he wouldn’t have any contact with the people in the Inner City.

Because he suspected that the original owner of this body was probably a member of a certain big family in the Inner City. It would be best to remain as a “little transparent” until he investigated it thoroughly.

The more low-key, the longer he would live.

Kay didn’t look at the arena anymore and casually asked Su’en, “How’s your luck today?”

Su’en shrugged and said, “Not bad, won two or three thousand.”

“A little gambling for fun.”

Even though he was young, Kay adopted an old and domineering tone and said again, “If you want to become a professional in the future, there will be many places where you need money. Knowledge, materials, implants… all cost money.”

This was what his former captain, the boss of the Yama Gang, had told him.

“I understand, Captain.”

Su’en could tell that Kay didn’t seem to be very accustomed to this “preaching tone” with him. But maybe it was because of his new position as the team leader, he tried to adapt to this role as much as possible.

Without watching the match any longer, Kay didn’t stay and said, “I’ll go first, remember to gather on time tomorrow.”

Su’en waved his hand and said, “Okay, Captain.”

The martial arts competition ended, and the excitement in the “Crimson Fortress” gradually died down.

The gamblers began to disperse, the winners happily went to redeem their tickets, and the losers cursed and prepared to come back tomorrow.

The hall was a mess, with discarded lottery tickets scattered all over the floor.

Su’en didn’t hurry to leave because he had to wait.

Professional’s bodies contained cursed materials, and even if they were beaten to a pulp, the materials of a second-tier professional were still valuable.

On the arena, the staff started to clean up the body of the “Scorpion” Abok.

Su’en glanced at the “gray mist” on the body and prayed that those guys would hurry up. The longer it took, the more fragmented the memory fragments would become.

Perhaps his prayer worked, as the people cleaning up the body collected the valuable cursed materials and showed no interest in the body itself. They gathered the severed limbs and arms on a piece of burlap and dragged it over.

When they passed by Su’en, the “gray mist” was finally devoured by him as he wished.

“You obtained ‘Abok Turner’s memory fragments *4′”

“You have gained some information: ‘Hmph, those fools from the ‘Umbrella Organization’ really thought that I only had a few hiding places for my treasures… Unfortunately, that ‘Forbidden Item’ is still in the ‘Moon Hotel’. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been caught…’”

“You have acquired some ‘Advanced Alchemy Knowledge’”

“You have comprehended the firearm skill ‘Gunfighting Technique’, firearm experience +19”

“Assassin’s combat experience +26”

“Mental power +0.3”

A large amount of information flooded into Su’en’s mind, and he felt like he had just had a nightmare digesting the soul fragments of a second-tier professional.

After he figured out what he had obtained, his eyes lit up.

“I’ve made a big harvest this time…”

Su’en muttered to himself and organized the gains from Abok’s memories.

Firstly, this guy gave him ten times the combat experience of an ordinary corpse, truly worthy of being a second-tier professional.

This gave Su’en a certain understanding of the assassin’s professional skills, cunning, ruthless, and malicious… His mind was filled with many vicious assassin techniques.

Moreover, this time he also obtained a complete skill!

“Gunfighting Technique? Huh… can bullets really curve in this world?!”

When Su’en looked at this skill, he couldn’t help but feel incredulous.

In the memory scene, Abok threw his gun and the bullet actually followed a curved trajectory, bending around and hitting the enemy behind cover.

Bullets that curve, this was definitely a divine skill!

A second ago, Su’en believed in science.

According to the law of inertia, force is the reason for changing the motion of an object. After the bullet leaves the barrel, regardless of its initial speed, it is only affected by gravity and air resistance, which means the trajectory will be a straight line downward.

But curving halfway?

Where does the force come from?

After fully digesting this “Gunfighting Technique”, he suddenly understood that this secret firearm skill required extremely high firearms proficiency to support it.

Not only that, it also required a sturdy firearm capable of accommodating the initial bullet trajectory deviation, as well as wind alchemy to control the spiral force when the bullet leaves the barrel, providing the “force” for the curve.

And he currently only knew this skill.

To be able to use it proficiently like in the memory fragments, accurately hitting enemies behind cover with a single shot, there was still a long way to go.

That would require complex ballistic data analysis and shooting comprehension.

“No wonder my firearm skill is only ‘Elementary Mastery’. There are so many tricks in firearms usage…”

Su’en suddenly realized.

On his current attribute panel, the experience value for elementary mastery had reached 239/300, but he felt that even if he reached “Intermediate”, he still had a long way to go before fully mastering Gunfighting Technique.

Perhaps, to truly reach “Advanced Firearm Mastery”, he would be able to fully grasp this secret firearm skill.

Seeing this, Su’en unconsciously placed his hand on the firearm at his waist, feeling a bit restless.

But he had a strange feeling, that even though he understood the techniques, he couldn’t draw the gun.

At least, the action of “throwing the gun” required extraordinary strength and skill. It was an action that his current body simply couldn’t perform.

“My body is too weak…”

His eyebrows furrowed, and Su’en realized the source of this discomfort.

His mind said: You’ve learned it.

His hand said: No, you haven’t.

Skills cannot be used just by learning them. They also require the body to have enough strength to support them and the muscle memory from repeated practice to be able to use them freely.

Thinking of this, a self-deprecating smile appeared on Su’en’s face.

He knew that although he had the ability to quickly learn skills with the “Reaper”, he would still need to strengthen his physical combat training in the future.

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