Chapter 23 – Emergencies

After stripping a second-order professional, Su’en felt that his combat skills had improved significantly.

When he looked back, he also found a keyword, “Moon Inn,” in Abok’s memories.

“What did that guy hide in the inn?”

Su’en was curious.

Abok, the “Scorpion,” was originally an assassin-class professional, notorious as a Class A wanted criminal. He loved stealing treasures and killing people.

For many years, he had committed numerous major crimes and stolen a considerable amount of wealth.

From the limited fragments of memory, Su’en also learned that this guy had been caught by the “Umbrella Organization” and had confessed to several hiding places for his treasures. However, it seemed that an important “forbidden item” had been hidden by him.

“What is this ‘forbidden item’?”

Su’en felt that something that could make this second-order professional feel that it could save his life must be extraordinary.

But he didn’t dwell on it.

Abok had just been captured, and it was possible that his actions, which he thought were concealed, were being closely monitored by certain people. For example, the “Umbrella Organization” in the inner city, a special law enforcement department composed of professionals.

Just like in his previous life, the police would trace the criminal’s history and actions to find clues.

If he were to look for the “dirty stuff” now, he would most likely attract the attention of those who were tracking him.

The more valuable the item, the higher the chance of being targeted.

Su’en thought that when things cooled down, he would have the opportunity to inquire about the whereabouts of the “Moon Inn.”


Tonight’s gladiatorial matches had all ended, and after the commotion, the gamblers dispersed.

The ordinary gamblers didn’t know that many important figures had come to the “Crimson Citadel” gambling den for the final match tonight.

In a private room on the second floor, smoke filled the air, and there was a strong sweet tobacco smell.

These were top-grade cigars produced by the “Bagman Tobacco Company.”

There were several men and women with modified mechanical prosthetics in the private room. Although they were dressed in gentlemanly black suits, they couldn’t hide the strong murderous aura emanating from them.

They were gangsters.

If there were others present, they would undoubtedly recognize the bearded man smoking a cigar as Ban’na, the president of the “Steam Brotherhood” in the outer city, a well-known figure.

One of the most powerful figures in the outer city.

Ban’na had watched the entire battle, and although he had lost a little money, he seemed to be in a good mood. “Tsk tsk, this ability is interesting… Send someone to contact this ‘Red Devil’ Goron. If he is willing to join our gang, give him the position of an officer.”

Goron, a second-order professional expelled by the Bartalov family, would no longer be hired by other families in the inner city.

This guy could only stay in the outer city to make a living.

For their gang, such people were the best “newcomers.”

Upon hearing this, the man standing by the door of the private room responded, “Yes, boss.”

At this moment, the seductive woman nestled in Ban’na’s arms also spoke, coquettish, “Old man, what should we do about Green Street? These gambling dens and nightclubs are a gold mine… The ‘Cross Society’ has sent a young kid to watch over the place, making it difficult for us to operate.”

Ban’na, with his big hand that had not yet been modified into a mechanical prosthetic, unceremoniously roamed and caressed the woman’s chest as he said, “Heh heh, just a rookie who has just been promoted to a professional. Since they don’t allow officers to intervene, let’s not compromise our own status. In a few days, send a few people to deal with them and test the attitude of the ‘Cross Society’s’ high-level members.”

The seductive woman seemed to know some inside information and guessed something when she heard this. Curiously, she asked, “Old man, did something really happen to the leader of the ‘Cross Society’?”


Ban’na neither confirmed nor denied it. After thinking for a moment, he said, “That guy Chuck hasn’t shown up in the ‘Cross Society’ for two or three months. There are rumors that he went to deal with a ‘Cursed Space’ outside the city and had an accident.”

Pausing for a moment, a trace of doubt appeared in his eyes, and he changed his tone, “But, based on my understanding of that old cunning guy, even if something really happened, he would have made some arrangements. Now, that guy shouldn’t be making any big moves and is probably preparing to ambush someone. That’s why we need to test… Otherwise, if it weren’t for these few streets, my ‘Steam Brotherhood’ would have taken over long ago.”

As Ban’na spoke, his big hand became more and more unscrupulous.

The seductive woman was already wearing a long skirt, and with a flick, a large expanse of her spring scenery was exposed.

But the others in the room seemed to turn a blind eye to this alluring scene, and no one dared to look directly at it.

The seductive woman was slightly panting and complained, “Old man, are you not coming to my place tonight?”

Unexpectedly, Ban’na shook his head, “Not tonight.”

Hearing this, the woman pouted, “Huh?”

It was this seemingly casual pout that gave off a charming and seductive charm, as if it had an inexplicable magical power that made people feel pity.

Ban’na looked at the woman’s provocative gaze, smiled, and unconsciously explained, “I received news that there will be something exciting to watch tonight, so I have to go out.”


When the woman heard this, curiosity also appeared in her crystal-clear eyes.

Ban’na thought for a moment and didn’t conceal much, saying, “It is said that the ‘Cross Society’ brought back a mysterious antique from the ancient ruins they discovered last time. Coincidentally, many important people in the inner city are interested in that thing. Therefore, a group of people will probably attack the ‘Cross Society’s’ treasury tonight.”

His words were vague and concealed many key pieces of information, but the woman could still sense that something explosive was happening.

She became a little excited and asked, “Are we going to war with the ‘Cross Society’?”

Ban’na shook his head and corrected her, “Not us. It’s probably the ‘Raven Gang’ and the influential figures behind them in the inner city who want to make a move. It’s not considered a war, just a raid. We’re just going to watch the show. Of course, if there’s an opportunity, we might as well take advantage of it.”


There were no more souls to strip in the arena today, and Su’en didn’t stay any longer.

He also wasn’t interested in participating in the other gambling games upstairs.

On his first day in the city, Su’en planned to familiarize himself with the environment, at least understanding the three blocks of Green Street. After all, the “Cross Society” was the local power, and it wouldn’t be good if their members were not familiar with their territory.

The more chaotic the order, the more developed the entertainment industry. After leaving the gambling den, Green Street was filled with lights and revelry.

The streets were bustling with pedestrians.

Weapons could be seen everywhere on the street, firearms, swords, steam-powered mechanical arms, leather armor, cowboy hats, and boots. These were the standard equipment of adventurers.

The salary of ordinary people in the outer city was only two to three thousand li per month, while sitting in a tavern on Green Street would cost several hundred li. Therefore, most of the people who could afford to consume here were adventurers. They risked their lives to explore outside the city, and after getting rich, they would enjoy a life of debauchery in the city.

Su’en walked on the street, weaving through the crowd.

The walls of the street were covered in painted graffiti, with patterns that had a strong dark style, abstract, ironic, advertisements, and even explicit content…

In the dim alleyways, the continuous hissing sound of steam leaking from the walls could be heard. These were the sounds of steam pipes rupturing and releasing steam.

In various parts of the city, there were towering chimneys emitting white smoke. These were the smokestacks of the underground steam boilers that provided energy and hot water to the city’s factories.

In the damp alleys near the tavern, one could often see one or two drunkards lying next to trash bins, vomiting and sleeping. The rats scavenging seemed accustomed to it and occasionally sniffed the drunkards, perhaps hoping they could be used as food.

Su’en thought of the half of a body he had seen in the alley behind the “Elephant Inn” earlier and his gaze fell on the dark sewer deep below the flowing water. In the pitch-black hole, it seemed that pairs of crimson eyes were hidden…

After walking for a while, Su’en’s empty stomach made him find a relatively clean restaurant.

The main dish was mushroom soup with black bread, a specialty of the underground city. The meat dishes were expensive luxury items, and you never knew what kind of animal meat you were eating.

Su’en didn’t mind as long as it was not poisonous. In his eyes, it was all high-quality protein.

The taste was a bit strange, but it was much better than the black bread he had been eating all this time.


The working hours of the gang were only half an hour each day.

Su’en thought that this leisurely lifestyle would last for some time.

But he didn’t expect that on the first day, a sudden incident would occur.

While he was dining in the restaurant, the communicator hanging from his waist suddenly emitted an urgent call, “Everyone, gather at the back alley of the ‘Imperial Bathhouse’!”

Although Kay didn’t explain anything on the communicator, the urgency in his voice indicated that something was wrong.

The gathering point was not far, and Su’en didn’t delay, quickly walking over.

By the time he arrived, dozens of members of the “Cross Society” had already gathered in the dark alley. Steam motorcycles roared, and motorcycles and armored transport vehicles were already in position…

The efficiency of the gang in rallying was always high, and an emergency gathering meant that a battle was about to take place.

Most of the gang members didn’t know what had happened yet and had smiles on their faces.

Su’en looked at the weapons and ammunition being distributed and furrowed his brows slightly, realizing that something big seemed to have happened.

Kay got straight to the point and said seriously, “The headquarters warehouse has been attacked. We need to go there immediately! Although we don’t know who the enemy is yet, prepare for battle, everyone!”

Note: The translation is a direct translation and may not capture the literary style of the original text.

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