Chapter 21 – B-002

“Abok, the ‘Scorpion’ used all his means, but it seems to have no effect on the ‘Red Demon’ Gelong.

Su’en also noticed that if they continue like this, the one at a disadvantage will definitely be Abok, who appears ghostly on the arena.

The outcome of the match seems to have become confusing in an instant.

And obviously, this A-class wanted criminal also realized this.

At this moment, he suddenly backed away, then drew a distance, and instantly drew a hexagram alchemy on the ground with one leg. At the same time, his hand constantly changed gestures, and in an instant, he completed the transformation ceremony with a light drink: ‘Plant Armor · Unseal!’

The gamblers below watched Abok’s actions and became excited again.

“Look, Abok is getting serious!”

“That’s his alchemy plant armor, the legendary ‘Blue Steel Scorpion Tail,’ forged from the hardest known alloy, ‘Mithril Blue Steel,’ indestructible…”

“Hey, he actually forced this guy to use his special skill. I remember seeing him easily kill a reorganized security guard with this scorpion tail back then…”


Su’en didn’t expect that this guy would actually complete the unsealing of his plant armor in just an instant.

He remembered that back at the Storm Manor, even the bald Ivan seemed to have taken several seconds.

But Abok only took 1.3 seconds.

At the moment when the alchemy array dissipated, Abok’s clothes suddenly tore apart, and his body crawled on the ground like a scorpion, with a nearly three-meter-long metal scorpion tail appearing behind him.

This plant armor scorpion tail was made up of sections of blue steel armor, with graceful lines and extraordinary flexibility. It twisted at a strange angle, as if it were a living creature. At the tip of the tail, there was also a sharp triangular blade, resembling a raised-necked Eyelash Viper.

Even from a distance, one could feel the strong sense of danger.

After unsealing the plant armor, Abok did not give his opponent any chance to react and chose to take the initiative.

The ‘Blue Steel Scorpion Tail’ moved and made a strange, crisp sound of fine metal.

This time, Abok changed his previous fighting style and directly charged forward.

The metal scorpion tail resembled the head of a predatory snake, and it actually shot out!

“It can stretch and retract?”

Su’en, watching the scorpion tail suddenly stretch like a spring, was somewhat surprised.

To achieve this level, the structure of this metal plant armor must be much more complex than he expected. It was not only mechanically complex, but also had numerous mysterious runes.

Although it seemed like a frontal attack, it was actually an ambush.

The suddenly ejected scorpion tail swiftly stabbed towards Gelong’s chest…

Indeed, as soon as the plant armor appeared, Abok’s combat power increased several times. Gelong could no longer stand still, and his short knife in his hand was unable to block the imposing scorpion tail.

“Clang!” A spark flew.

The harsh sound of metal friction indicated that the two had already fought for a round.

Gelong, holding the short knife, retreated violently. When he looked closely, he saw a smooth cut on his white shirt. Although he didn’t see any bloodstains, this cut was extremely dangerous.

And Abok’s attack obviously did not stop there. Unable to land a hit, the ‘Blue Steel Scorpion Tail’ that could freely stretch and retract behind him stabbed out again.

The sound of breaking wind was incessant, and the phantoms were everywhere.

If it were in an open space, Gelong might have enough space to dodge. But on the arena, especially on the restricted arena with the explosion-proof shield, his space for movement was already limited.

“Clang,” “clang,” “clang”…

The short knife and the scorpion tail clashed hundreds of times in a very short period, making it difficult for people to follow.

No one expected that Gelong, who appeared strong and sturdy, would have such agile footwork.

This bodyguard in a suit, although he appeared disheveled, at this moment, he did not show any signs of defeat.

“So strong!”

Su’en was completely stunned.

The combat skills of these two fighters completely exceeded his understanding. In his previous life, no matter how powerful a fighter was, they couldn’t perform such exaggerated moves and footwork.

In terms of physical strength, strength, speed, and reflexes, both of them had reached an unimaginable height.

The moves that didn’t seem to cause casualties on the arena were fatal to ordinary people, and even to official ‘professionals’. Any small mistake could lead to instant death.

This deadly battle opened the door to a new world for Su’en.

Surprisingly, despite facing such a fierce attack from his opponent, Gelong still blocked with his knife. Even though his suit was already riddled with holes and bloodstains, he didn’t seem to show any signs of using his ‘ultimate move’.

According to reason, as two second-tier professionals, this bodyguard should also have an alchemy plant armor, right?

Or maybe he didn’t have time to activate it?

“Why hasn’t this guy unseal his plant armor yet? What is he waiting for…”

Su’en’s eyes turned, vaguely guessing that things might not be that simple.

And at this moment, what he expected happened.

Perhaps after watching the fight on the arena for a long time, suddenly, the one-way glass in the private rooms on the second floor of the arena slowly lowered. A slightly obese middle-aged man with a gold-framed monocle, with a gloomy expression, shouted towards the underground arena in a deep voice, ‘Kill that guy, and I’ll give you your freedom!’

This monocle-wearing man had placed a heavy bet on this match.

Clearly, it was a situation where he was supposed to win, and he couldn’t afford to have a ‘draw’ or intentionally lose to that despicable bodyguard, causing him to lose a large sum of money.

Although the voice was not loud, it seemed to have a magical power.

Everyone’s eyes turned towards him.

Someone recognized the monocle-wearing man and whispered, ‘That’s… Mendes Batolov, the boss of the ‘Batolov Winery Group’!’

Old Lingdun lacked clean water sources and did not have enough food to make wine, but the demand was high. Therefore, the wine industry, a highly profitable industry, has created many wealthy tycoons, and this ‘Mendes Batolov’ is one of the top tycoons in the inner city.

At this moment, Su’en immediately understood what Gelong had been waiting for.


As soon as the monocle-wearing man appeared, a cold snort sounded on the arena.

The entire person of the ‘Red Demon’ Gelong suddenly changed, like a lion awakened from sleep, the calm numbness in his eyes disappeared, and for the first time, a tangible killing intent burst out.

The one who felt it the most was undoubtedly Abok on the arena.

This A-class wanted criminal, who had killed countless people, saw the sudden rise in Gelong’s momentum and felt a sense of danger. That terrifying gaze, like needles, pierced into his body.

Originally, he wanted to hide some tricks and find an opportunity to ‘escape’.

But now, he gave up on the idea of reserving his strength. Suddenly, he opened his mouth, and his lower jaw dislocated exaggeratedly, revealing a tube that shimmered with a metallic luster.

Before others could see what had happened, a strong purple poison gas spewed out, instantly engulfing the entire arena.

The large ‘explosion-proof shield’ unexpectedly became the best barrier against the poisonous gas, but in just a few seconds, the entire arena was completely obscured.

“This…what happened?”

“It seems like Abok sprayed poison gas…”

“This is bad, we can’t see anything, and the air is toxic. That big guy is probably in danger.”

“This arena is too advantageous for Abok, an assassin-class professional. Hey…looks like I’m going to lose all the money I bet on the ‘Red Demon.’ I heard some rumors that this guy is very powerful…”


The purple poison gas enveloped the entire arena, and the gamblers complained.

But this kind of competition was cruel. Everyone accepted the result without watching the process.

Su’en also frowned as he looked at it.

The poison gas that Abok considered as his trump card would definitely not be simple.

The arena was sealed, with no escape.

Thinking about the powerful Gelong, the best outcome would probably be a mutual destruction.

“It seems like I’m going to lose a thousand coins…”

Su’en muttered to himself, not feeling regretful about losing money.

At least he witnessed such an exciting battle between professionals, and the ticket was worth it.

At the same time, looking at the poisonous fog, his expression became somewhat strange, thinking to himself: If that guy had released this earlier when he stepped on the arena, wouldn’t everyone in this casino be buried with him?

Damn…this world is so dangerous.

Su’en felt that without strength, he could be in danger anytime and anywhere.

The poisonous gas filled the air, and visibility was reduced to zero.

The large gambling hall fell into silence, with only occasional whispers among the gamblers.

Is it over?

The gamblers were mentally prepared and waited for the result of this match to be revealed.

But at this moment, suddenly!

A strange sound caught everyone’s attention.

With a loud bang,

It seemed like something heavy collided with the explosion-proof shield.


Another rough “thud” sound came from another direction. Faintly, a shadow was seen falling on the glass shield, and then it disappeared in an instant.

“Is it not over yet? What happened inside?”

In an instant, the entire gambling hall fell silent.

All the gamblers stared at the poison gas shield, wanting to figure out what had happened.

And at this moment, suddenly, a roar sounded.


The voice was like a terrifying monster roaring in anger, making people feel dizzy even through the glass shield.

Then, the sound of dense “thud thud” like raindrops echoed…as if a hammer was striking the ground, causing the entire gambling stall to tremble.

Before long, the commotion disappeared.

Everything returned to calm.

In front of them was still the explosion-proof shield filled with poisonous gas.

Everyone looked confused.

Everyone looked at each other, as if their eyes revealed the same question: What happened?

“The match is over, the red side wins!”

In the bewildered expressions of the gamblers, the organizers suddenly announced the result.

It seemed that the casino had a special method to confirm that the blue side’s gladiator had already died.

At this moment, the automatic ventilation system under the arena also started, and the dense purple poison gas was quickly sucked underground.

As the poison fog dissipated, the visibility gradually improved, and everyone saw what had happened.

On the arena, a huge red-skinned monster stood there with a strong killing intent.

“That…isn’t that the Hell Baron?”

Su’en looked at the red-skinned muscular monster and his temples twitched.

But obviously, it wasn’t. This guy didn’t have horns on his head.

On the ground, there was a mass of crimson flesh, no longer in a human shape. And the indestructible ‘Blue Steel Scorpion Tail’ was also broken into pieces…

The entire arena was in a mess.

Obviously, the body on the ground was Abok, the ‘Scorpion.’

So…that red-skinned muscular monster was Gelong, the ‘Red Demon.’

As if time had stopped for a few seconds, someone finally exclaimed, “My God…I thought it was just a nickname, but I didn’t expect that guy’s awakened talent is really ‘B-class,’ one of the strongest melee talents, 【B-002-Red Demon】!”

The legendary super melee talent that was even stronger than most A-class talents!

Beside the arena, looking at the mighty and domineering red-skinned ‘Hell Baron,’ a certain emotion that made his scalp tingle surged from Su’en’s heart.

He guessed that Gelong was strong, but he didn’t expect him to be so brutal!

When his ultimate move was unleashed, it was simply crushing.

The gap between the two was unbelievable.

Why were the bodyguards in the inner city so strong?

Could it be just because of their talent?

Doubts arose in Su’en’s mind.

Looking at the ‘gray mist’ on the ground, he became even more curious.

And at some point, Captain Kay also squeezed to the side of the arena.

Looking at the situation on the arena, this newly promoted professional was also full of emotions and muttered to himself, “The inner city gathers more than 90% of Old Lingdun’s alchemy resources, accommodates the top curse objects, has the most transfer sequence, alchemy blueprints, and rare talents… That’s why so many strong people are eager to go to the inner city.”

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