Chapter 20 – second-tier professionals

"It seems like I'm going to lose money on the red square I bought…"


"The Red Devil" Gelong is fighting against the A-class wanted criminal "Yinxie" Yaboke. Su'en's first impression is that Yaboke will win.


After all, both are second-tier professionals, and the infamous wanted criminal definitely has strong combat abilities. The other one is just an unknown bodyguard.


Even if someone has great talent, a well-fed hunting dog kept in a greenhouse cannot compare to a hungry wild dog in the wilderness.


But unexpectedly, this match completely overturned Su'en's understanding.


Under normal circumstances, when both gladiators enter the arena, the referee would ring the copper bell to announce the start of the match.


But this match is different.


Yaboke had no intention of following the rules at all. In the moment when several mechanical strongmen released him from his restraints, this guy magically produced two handguns in his hands. He pulled the trigger and fired two shots at the suited strongman in front of him.


This guy obviously knows that only one person can survive on this arena today.


There are no damn rules that are more important than staying alive!


Because they are close enough to the arena, Su'en even saw a cold and mocking expression on his face. This guy displayed the word "scheming" to the fullest extent.




This is an unrestricted combat, and fighters can use weapons they are good at, including guns.


Su'en finally understands why there is a "blast-proof shield".


But when he saw the second-tier expert launching a sneak attack, his expression immediately became strange. "This…this guy has no sense of martial ethics!"


You are an A-class wanted criminal, and this is all the courage you have?


The image of the second-tier professional that Su'en had just established in his mind collapsed immediately.


However, he also felt that this guy's cunning personality is suitable for the survival rules of this cruel world.


A true villain, not pretending.


No wonder he keeps committing crimes and can still survive for so long.




Everything happened too fast. In less than a tenth of a second, that guy fired his gun.


In the eyes of anyone, this move is very unfavorable for the suited bodyguard.


These two shots are very tricky and unavoidable. Once hit, even if he doesn't die, he will lose the advantage after being injured.


The gamblers who bet on "The Red Devil" Gelong were about to curse the opponent for being cunning, but the turn of events came too quickly…


Before the shocked expressions on the faces of the gamblers had time to appear, they suddenly saw sparks flashing in front of the suited bodyguard's hands, just as the gunshots and the sound of metal colliding sounded almost at the same time.


A moment of silence.


The gamblers in the hall were dumbfounded.


Even Su'en was shocked when he looked at the two men confronting each other in the arena.


It seemed as if time had stopped for a moment, and his thoughts in his mind finally returned to normal.


Su'en looked at the short knife that appeared out of thin air in the hands of the suited bodyguard and realized what had just happened. He also seemed to doubt what he saw: "The knife split the bullet? Damn…"


The sound of swallowing saliva filled the surroundings.


No one expected that the suited strongman would actually use a knife to intercept the two bullets from the sneak attack!


He just stood there expressionless, calm as a cold stone.


In the next moment, the entire arena erupted with half applause and cheers like a tsunami.


"The Red Devil!"


"The Red Devil!"


"The Red Devil!"




The emotions of the gamblers instantly reached their peak.


This high-profile fighting match just started and it has already provided the audience with a visual feast, stimulating their nerves.


The battle between the two second-tier professionals made everyone…open their eyes!


"So strong!"


Su'en's gaze narrowed as he focused on everything happening in the arena, not wanting to miss any details.


At this moment, Yaboke's expression also changed slightly.


Only a peer of the same level can accurately perceive how strong the opponent is.


Although he didn't underestimate his opponent and expected that the two shots might not hurt the other party, he didn't expect the other party to resolve it so easily.


And at this moment, a sharp light flashed in his eyes, and he made his move again!


Yaboke's cloak fluttered, and suddenly a string of sharp throwing knives flew out.




With flickering flames, Gelong easily intercepted the flying knives with his short knife.


But obviously, Yaboke didn't expect the throwing knives to harm the enemy. In that moment of splashing flames, he had already appeared behind Gelong like a ghost!


He was like a phantom, and a black dagger was slashing towards Gelong's neck.


It was as fast as teleportation, unbelievable.


Seeing this scene, the underground gamblers also became excited.


"So fast, is that Yaboke's speed…no wonder he is an assassin!"


"It is said that the talent Yaboke awakened is [Talent C-009-Instant Body], which gives him the ability to make short-distance bursts. Within twenty meters, the opponent doesn't even have a chance to shoot…"


"The A-class wanted criminal is indeed well-deserved."




Su'en listened to the shocked words of the gamblers around him, and his thoughts hadn't had time to digest when the two men in the arena had already fought several rounds.


Yaboke's speed of movement was extremely fast, like a ghost, as if the entire arena was his shadow.


If it weren't for Su'en's enhanced vision, he wouldn't even be able to see clearly that the two men on the stage had clashed thirteen times, with two elbow strikes being blocked…


And obviously, Gelong was stronger.


Despite the intense storm-like attacks, he calmly waved his short knife, accurately blocking each strike.


"That guy fights like a machine, completely calm…"


Su'en watched carefully, and Gelong didn't even move his feet, just stood in place and parried with his knife.


It looked like the two were engaged in a fierce battle, but…upon closer inspection, even his suit was not disheveled.


"Are all the bodyguards of those big shots in the inner city this strong?"


Su'en found it hard to believe.


Yaboke's ghostly body movements were enough to ensure his invincibility. Moreover, both his marksmanship and knife skills were top-notch techniques that were beyond Su'en's understanding as an "advanced combat beginner".


But he didn't manage to harm anyone.


Su'en never expected that a bodyguard would be so strong.


And there is more to come!




The battle between the two second-tier professionals on the stage was very intense, and the ordinary gamblers were just enjoying the spectacle.


"Why doesn't Gelong fight back when he's constantly being suppressed?"


"He wants to fight back, but he needs to react in time. Yaboke's speed is so fast that it's already good enough to block his attacks."


"Heh, you guys don't understand. That's the smart way to deal with it. Yaboke has the [Instant Body] talent, it's almost impossible to catch him. But that talent consumes a lot of energy when used frequently. The best response is to stay still and adapt to changes. Gelong is not stupid, but rather clever. Just watch, it won't be long before Yaboke starts to panic…"


"Hmph~ I didn't realize that big guy was so powerful. I still think Yaboke will definitely win, his agility is too unpredictable…"




Most of the gamblers are ordinary people, and they only care about their own bets.


The pace and techniques of the battle on the stage can only be understood by a few people.


However, quietly, many experts have gathered around the "Crimson Fortress" gambling booth, even Captain Kay and the other veterans of the "Cross Society" have come to watch this exciting duel.


The gamblers' eyes were outside of Su'en's sight. In the private box on the second floor, those important figures from the inner city were standing in front of the one-way glass, watching this bloody battle with great interest.


They are the real protagonists behind this match, and the heavy bets on the two gladiators are the most important reason for this competition.


Beside the arena, Su'en muttered to himself, "The test is over, is it time to get serious…"


He knew that the excitement had just begun.


After all, they are two alchemists!

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