Chapter 19 – A-class wanted criminal

“Haha, I knew it, the ‘Blue Side’ is definitely going to win. After all, this guy’s height and arm span are too advantageous…”

Before long, amidst the cheers of the gamblers, another fighter was killed, and the match ended.

The gamblers cheered for the winner, while the body of the loser was dragged away from the octagonal cage like a dead dog, leaving a glaring bloodstain on the ground.

Su’en calmly watched the scene before him.

When the body passed in front of him, no one noticed that a “gray mist” was swallowed by him.

“You obtained ‘Watt Smith’s Memory Fragment *2’.”

“You obtained the information: ‘I really don’t want to be someone’s slave and fight in this damn underground boxing match…’”

“You have mastered the skill [Ground Technique: Cross Lock], combat experience +2.”

“Mental power +0.05.”

Su’en digested the just obtained memory fragment, a sharp light flashed in his eyes, and he felt somewhat surprised in his heart: “I actually directly comprehended a combat skill?”

This was the first time that the [Reaper of Death] had stripped off a complete skill.

Does that mean that he also has a chance to directly strip off complete alchemy and spell skills?

In that instant, Su’en suddenly felt a sudden surge of excitement.

Although he couldn’t always strip off useful skills from the souls of the dead, fortunately, there were many bodies!

In this deadly battle, there were seven or eight matches in one night, and over two hundred bodies in a month.

Moreover, the fighters were skilled combat experts, so there was a great possibility of stripping off combat skills!

Compared to the difficulty of killing a few enemies and obtaining memory fragments, this method of “collecting” memory fragments was much easier.

Just by staying at the arena and watching the matches, there was almost no risk.

If he could survive for a few more months, Su’en felt that his combat power would definitely undergo a qualitative leap!

Of course, the premise was that he could survive long enough in the average short-lived gang.

On his first day on the job, Su’en suddenly started to like this gang identity…


After one match, without resting for long, the next one began.

Su’en’s attention was focused on the bodies, and he didn’t notice the betting girl in hot pants who had walked over with a smiling face.

She handed him a tray and smiled flirtatiously, “Hey, sir, congratulations on your correct guess. Do you need me to help you place bets for the next match? The final match tonight is a true ‘professional’ one…”

“Professionals participate in this kind of deadly battle?”

Su’en’s gaze slightly paused, he wasn’t particularly happy about winning money, considering the ratio, he probably won over a thousand li-suo.

What surprised him was that there were actually professionals participating in this deadly battle?

In his opinion, those professionals with magical transcendent powers could do something else instead of earning this desperate money?

Seeing that Su’en seemed interested, the betting girl asked again, “Sir, which one do you think will win? Do you want me to place bets for you?”

As she spoke, she had already pressed her body against Su’en’s, like a little cat, and even rubbed against him.

Su’en naturally understood that this wasn’t a romantic encounter, but a subtle way of asking for a tip.

He wasn’t stingy either, so he took out two green bills of one hundred li-suo each and stuffed them into the girl’s bra.

This was the proper behavior of a normal gambler.

“Haha… Thank you, sir.”

The girl felt a tickling sensation in her chest, and not only did she not feel taken advantage of, but she also smiled even more flirtatiously.

Su’en’s hand didn’t linger for long, he took out a few more stacks of banknotes and said, “I’ll bet on the red side for the next few matches, one thousand per bet.”

“The boss has a good eye, I also think that the red side has a higher chance of winning tonight~”

The girl filled out the betting card, blew a kiss full of charm, and then left gracefully.


The life and death battles in the octagonal cage were still going on, and Su’en was also carefully observing each battle.

In addition to stripping soul fragments, he was also earnestly studying the combat techniques of this world.

Although these gladiators were not “professionals,” their physical fitness was far superior to that of humans on Earth, and their fighting styles and techniques were completely different from what Su’en had known.

To disguise his purpose of “collecting” and his actions, he played the role of a normal gambler, cheering for the side he bet on, getting excited when he won money, and lamenting when he lost.

On his first day in the gang, he felt that the environment was quite relaxed, and his intuition told him that someone’s eyes were occasionally watching him.

The identity of the original host was problematic, and he didn’t want to attract too much attention.

And indeed, that was the case.

While playing cards with the captain, Kay, who had been with him for a long time, received a report from his subordinates.

“What are the new guys doing now?”

“That Su’en has been gambling at the arena the whole time. The other three, Kige went to the tavern, Sapa and Andrew went to the ‘Emperor’s Bath’…”

“Oh, I see.”

Kay responded to the report without expression and didn’t say anything more.

Sam, who was sitting across from him, was also a long-time member of the gang. He spoke without any reservations and curiously asked, “Captain, why do we have to keep an eye on those new guys?”

“Boss Smoker said before, normal people need to eat, drink, gamble, prostitute, and smoke, it’s a basic human instinct. And those who don’t show desire either have ulterior motives, are extremely self-disciplined, or are monsters… None of these can be our friends.”

Kay continued playing with the playing cards and explained indifferently, “I don’t want anyone with ulterior motives to infiltrate our team…”


Su’en found that his luck seemed to be quite good. He won more and lost less in the matches he bet on, and he even made a few thousand li-suo.

Finally, the last match began.

And before the match started, there was a rumbling sound of elevators in the underground of the arena. The net cage of the octagonal cage was removed and lowered underground, and a huge transparent glass cover rose up.

After this unusual movement, the gamblers at the scene were not surprised, but instead erupted into waves of exclamations.

“Wow~ We’re in for a good show tonight!”


Su’en looked at the thick glass walls on the stage and felt a sense of familiarity. Wasn’t this the bulletproof glass from the bank counter in his previous life? It just looked thicker.

And the fat gambler next to him seemed to be a regular customer here. He muttered, “Tsk tsk… It’s been a long time since I’ve seen this ‘Explosion-Proof Cover’ rise. It looks like the two ‘professionals’ who came tonight have strong combat power.”

At this moment, the first contestant had already entered the stage.

He was a guy who was being escorted by several mechanical arms, looking like a prisoner.

Su’en looked at his posture and raised an eyebrow slightly, “A dangerous person has arrived…”

The moment this person appeared, the scene instantly exploded.

“How is this possible, how could it be him!”

Someone in the crowd recognized the person’s identity and exclaimed, “A-class wanted criminal ‘Scorpion’ Abel, this guy is a genuine second-tier professional. To think that he would participate in this fighting match?”

Others began whispering to each other, it seemed that no one had expected the level of this match to be so high!

“I heard that this guy was caught by the ‘Umbrella Organization’ in the inner city after causing trouble. I didn’t expect it to be true.”

“This match is interesting. This guy has committed countless murders, and he has been rampant for so many years without being caught. He must be quite skilled…”

“To be able to have ‘Scorpion’ Abel participate, who will his opponent be? Could it also be a second-tier professional? Hehe, that’s rare. Second-tier professionals are top-notch experts no matter where they are, and they are actually sent to the arena.”



Su’en listened to the conversations of the gamblers and found it hard to believe.

The “Steel Brothers Association” was already one of the three major gangs in Old Lingdun, and it was already considered a powerful large transcendent organization. But second-tier professionals were also rare.

Even Captain Kay, who controlled three blocks, was only a first-tier professional who had just entered. But tonight’s death match actually brought two second-tier professionals, and one of them was destined to die?

“How strong are second-tier professionals?”

Su’en’s curiosity was also aroused, he didn’t have much concept of the combat power of second-tier professionals.

Both “Ironhead” Ivan and “Silver Mech Hand” Dick, whom he had killed before, were first-tier professionals. But to him, they were already extremely strong individuals. If it weren’t for fortuitous circumstances, a hundred Su’en probably wouldn’t be able to kill them.

And now there were two second-tier professionals?

“Does that mean… I can strip the soul of a second-tier professional soon?”

Su’en’s surprise turned into anticipation, the match hadn’t even started yet, and he was already looking forward to what he would obtain from the bodies.


After the cheers, the second contestant also entered the stage.

He was a burly man in a suit, with a cold and stern face, and a scar on his left eye, making him look like a cold stone.

This guy was impeccably dressed, with shiny hair that was styled with hair gel. Even after stepping onto the stage, he exuded an air of superiority. He looked a bit like a bodyguard for some important person in the inner city.

The host introduced his name, he was called “Red Devil” Gelong!

A guy who seemed to have no reputation in the outer city.

However, the knowledgeable gamblers always managed to get some insider information.

Upon hearing his name, it seemed that someone knew his background.

“Huh… Is it him?”

“Do you know him?”

“Some time ago, I heard that the personal bodyguard of a big shot in the inner city secretly had an affair with the beautiful wife, and their scandal spread widely… Could this ‘Red Devil’ be the real master?”

“It’s possible. Otherwise, who would allow a second-tier professional to participate in a death match? Most likely, he was sold to the casino, or maybe he was personally sent by that big shot who was cuckolded…”

“Tsk tsk, being a personal bodyguard for an important person in the inner city means he must have strong combat power. It is said that those big shots have high requirements for the talent of their bodyguards, at least ‘C-level’, or even rare ‘B-level talents’…”


Su’en listened to the rumors around him and pondered.

But it seemed like that “Scorpion” Abel was even stronger?



The bell rang, and the match began.

However, with the opening move, Su’en, the transmigrator, was stunned!

“Splitting a bullet with a knife? Damn, this is so explosive at the beginning, is this the power of a second-tier professional?!!!”

Su’en was dumbfounded.

Just a moment ago, he felt that he was very strong, or rather, with the talent of [Reaper of Death], he would become strong in the future.

He was full of confidence…

But seeing the skills of these two people, Su’en instantly felt an overwhelming pressure, and his confidence was so ignorant.

This was the power that he couldn’t even imagine matching with his current knowledge.

He could hardly imagine, no… he couldn’t even think of any means to deal with the probing attacks of the two just now.

He felt that if he were to face these two, even if he had a famous gun in his hand, he would probably be killed instantly.

In that instant, Su’en squinted at the two figures on the stage, and a certain thought burned in his heart: “So this is the power of a second-tier professional. I can’t wait to ‘join’ now…”

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