Chapter 1 – Kidnapped

“This is a bit troublesome. The danger level of this cursed space is likely to reach ‘A-level’. Without this kid, we might have to explain ourselves here…”

“Boss, it’s one thing for there to be an unrecorded relic under the ‘D33 Wasteland’, but this broken manor is actually a rare ‘A-level cursed space’. Who is this kid and why did he come here?”

“For the big shots in the inner city to exile him and offer a reward to completely silence him, his identity must not be simple. It’s a pity, I wanted to kill him before and ask for some secrets from his mouth. I didn’t expect to get into trouble…”

“Huh… looks like he’s not dead yet.”


“Hoo… Heh…”

His chest heaved violently, as if awakening from a drowning nightmare, Su’en suddenly opened his eyes.

He gasped for breath, and the intense suffocation gradually dissipated.

His gaze gradually focused, and he found himself in an unfamiliar room.

“Where am I…”

Su’en tried to struggle to sit up, but he realized that he was firmly tied to a wooden chair and couldn’t move.

The strong smell of blood filled his nostrils, and when he looked at his condition, it was terrible.

There were blood stains and wounds on his white linen shirt. Even more terrifyingly, each of his hands was pinned to the chair handle by a sharp dagger, and crimson blood was flowing out.

The intense pain from struggling was like a tide, stinging his nerves…

“I’ve been kidnapped?”

Without time to think about why he woke up to this scene, Su’en’s gaze fell on the two unfriendly guys in the room.

One was a bald muscular man with purple lips and dark circles under his eyes, and the other was a skinny man with a nose ring and ear studs.

Their attire was full of iron studs on their black leather jackets and worn-out leather pants. From their appearance, they looked like two punk enthusiasts.

Of course, the most eye-catching thing about them was the weapons they carried.

“Guns… Are they gangsters?”

Su’en frowned slightly.

Both of them had holsters with large revolvers around their waists, and the gun barrels had complex inscriptions that looked ancient and mysterious.

But what surprised him even more was the strange… mechanical arm on the right arm of the bald muscular man.

This mechanical arm had a strong dark industrial style, with almost all the parts exposed in the air. The white paint on the shoulder was already blurry, with the words “DH-031” written on it. There were brass gears, power transmission bearings, mechanical joints, air valves with gauges, high-pressure pipes… and the joints were smeared with black lubricating oil.

At the front end of the mechanical arm, there was a fist-sized spiral muzzle and a crosshair sight. It seemed that this mechanical arm was also a handheld individual artillery.

Of course, these metal parts were also engraved with some complex symbols.

What puzzled Su’en the most was that there were white steam coming out of the exhaust pipe of the mechanical arm, as if it was a power device.

“This… is a steam-powered machine?”

Su’en’s eyebrows slightly furrowed, feeling that he had seen something incredible.

In this era, are there still people playing with steam-powered machines like antiques?

He wasn’t very shocked, but more confused.

Making a movie?


The intense pain from his palms reminded Su’en that he had indeed been kidnapped!


“I remember that I received a strange email before, and then everything went black… and I woke up here?”

Su’en, who woke up in an unfamiliar place, couldn’t make sense of anything.

No matter how hard he tried to recall, his brain had no memory of the “kidnapping” process.

Su’en felt that something was off.

He wanted to find more clues and his gaze returned to the room.

The dazzling crystal chandelier, exquisitely carved wooden furniture, gold-plated metal handles… a row of gold-stamped books neatly arranged on the bookshelf, and a black and white family portrait on the wall…

Every detail was filled with a strong aristocratic style.

“It looks like a study. From this, I deduce that the house is not small. The retro style of the decoration is very detailed. The owner of the house should be a very particular fan of British retro style, or maybe this is a European castle. But in any case… very wealthy.”

Su’en quickly speculated in his mind.

But if they are so wealthy, why would they kidnap me?

The two sharp daggers nailed into his hands reminded him that these two guys were definitely ruthless kidnappers.

“What do these two guys want by kidnapping me?”

Su’en focused his gaze on the two people in the room again.

Whether it was their European faces, the retro equipment on their bodies, or the steam-powered mechanical arm… everything seemed strange.

Of course, what was even stranger was that when Su’en looked up from the mirror-like ceiling, he saw his own reflection – the appearance of a handsome brown-haired young man, even if his face was covered in blood stains!

“What the hell, how did I become a foreigner?!”

Su’en vaguely guessed that something strange had happened to him.

And when he woke up and opened his eyes earlier, he also noticed some strange characters on his retina.

He blinked, confirming that it was not an illusion.


In a flash of thought, just at that moment, a fierce shout brought Su’en’s thoughts back to reality.

“Hey! Kid, I know you’re awake, don’t pretend!”

The skinny man with the nose ring stared at him with a ferocious look and shouted, “This is your last chance. Confess how you knew about this relic, why you came here, or…”

As he spoke, this guy grabbed the handle of the dagger piercing Su’en’s left hand and twisted it warningly.


The excruciating pain surged through his forehead like grinding meat, and cold sweat instantly covered Su’en’s forehead as he took a deep breath.

He immediately understood that these two guys were “interrogating” him, seemingly wanting to know something from his mouth.



The characters on his retina…

In an instant, a flash of insight connected the clues in Su’en’s mind.

“These guys didn’t kidnap me, they kidnapped the ‘original host’!”

Su’en suddenly realized and roughly guessed his situation.

And at this moment, a bold idea emerged in his mind: “It seems like… I’ve crossed over?”

Although this idea was absurd, it was the most reasonable explanation.

Whether it was his blond-haired young body or the two punk-like “kidnappers” in front of him, or the fact that he could understand but didn’t know what language they were speaking, it all proved that this was no longer the original world.

As a seasoned fan of online novels, crossing over was not something difficult to accept.

After a moment of shock, Su’en became even calmer.

If he had crossed over, he might be doomed. What kind of strange start was this?


“Last chance? Heh…”

The original host had already been killed by these two guys once, so Su’en didn’t hold any hope.

The two kidnappers in front of him could resort to disabling methods during interrogation, and he had no doubt that once they obtained the information they wanted, they would kill him as easily as squashing a cockroach.

He looked at the two men with a mocking expression, and his gaze gradually became sinister. He muttered to himself, “Looks like I have to… kill you guys!”

In the next instant, a crazy curve appeared at the corners of his mouth, and there was no longer any fear of death on his face.

Instead… a hint of excitement emerged.

As if he had changed personalities!

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