Chapter 57 – Fishing for Ghosts in the Cold Pool

"Cold Pond Drowning Ghost?"


Su Wen glanced at the photo in Chronicle's hand, his gaze mixed with a hint of surprise.


However, he didn't say much, just nodded and reached out to take back the remaining photos.


"Teacher, we've divided into groups!"


Seeing this, Ginger Tea quickly took Lu Youyou's hand and ran to Su Wen, ready to pick a "soft persimmon" to squeeze first.


Meanwhile, Yao Yuan and Li Baitian exchanged glances and followed suit.


As for the remaining five students from the key class, due to their lack of strength, they could only choose to form a group of five.




This was the grouping of Third High School.


Compared to First High School, where all the trainees came from the elite class, and Second High School, where eight people came from the elite class, it was undoubtedly much worse.


Even compared to Peach and Plum, which were also not prestigious schools, they were at a disadvantage.


"The pressure is huge." Chronicle couldn't help but rub his chin.


His strength was stronger than the others, but it was not easy to make up for the gap of several people with his own strength.


"It's tough."


Yao Yuan, who also realized this, couldn't help but sigh and shake his head.


Fortunately, at this time, Su Wen suddenly spoke: "I still have three photos here. If you are confident, you can take another one. If you succeed, I will count triple bonus points for you."


Seeing Shen Fei, who had a head of red broken hair, walking towards them, he added:


"But let me make it clear in advance, if you take the photo, you must catch the target within two days. If you miss one, you have to go home."


Hearing this, everyone who was eager to try immediately lost interest.


Shen Fei shrugged and backed off.


He was stunned, not stupid, and had some self-awareness.


Even Bai Ziliang was almost turned into a teddy dog by the blue-quality Meat Mountain Ghost under unprepared circumstances.


What merit does he have to say that he can definitely catch two blue-quality ghosts in two days?


"Teacher Su, can you tell us the level of these ghosts?"


At this time, Chronicle, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly asked.


"There are two stars, and there are three stars. By the way, the Meat Mountain Ghost you killed before was also three stars. Because of its unusual spirituality and unique skills, it is considered one of the strongest in the same quality star level."


Su Wen explained, smiling with interest: "What? Want to try soloing two ghosts? You… might actually be able to do it."


Chronicle pondered for a while and then asked, "Can I take a look at the remaining photos?"


"Of course." Su Wen very readily handed the remaining photos to Chronicle.


"Kind-faced Beast-hearted Ghost, Grinning Ugly Angle, Righteous Ghost…"


Chronicle silently recited the names of the remaining ghosts, thinking to himself, "Either they are ugly, or they are hard bones to chew. These people really know how to pick."


Although he was somewhat resistant in his heart, for various considerations, he still had to pick a relatively suitable one from them.


"Teacher, what level is this 'Righteous Ghost'?" He raised the photo in his hand and asked.


"Two stars." Su Wen raised an eyebrow: "Want to choose it?"


"Yes, I'll choose it."


Chronicle agreed very readily.


According to the myth, the Eighth Master who died for righteousness undoubtedly fits the position of "Righteous".


From this perspective, this so-called "Righteous Ghost" can actually be used as material to create the "Black Osiris"…


"Well, as long as it can be used, it saves trouble."


Chronicle thought to himself as he put away the two photos.


Su Wen laughed and said, "Two blue-quality ghosts, one two-star, one three-star, both are not easy to deal with, be very careful."


"Thank you for the reminder, Teacher Su, I will be careful." Chronicle nodded and returned to the team.


"Chronicle Brother, are you going to solo two?" Chen Yuan, who had squeezed over from the side, asked in a low voice.


"Yes." Chronicle nodded: "To earn some extra money."


Chen Yuan nodded in understanding. As Chronicle's die-hard fan, he felt that soloing two was a piece of cake for his Chronicle Brother.


Therefore, he looked proud, even more confident than Chronicle.


"Good brother, keep it up."


Li Baitian patted Chronicle's shoulder, admiring his dedication to work hard for the school's ranking.


Little did he know, Chronicle chose to catch another ghost simply to save the equivalent material money.


"Seven Brothers, whether you can welcome your good brother back, it's all up to you."


Chronicle thought to himself, and the "Osiris" card floating in his sea of consciousness trembled, emitting an incredibly brilliant light.


"Okay, I'll take that as a yes."


Chronicle said silently again, and with Su Wen's "dismissed", he turned and returned to the villa area.

When he got home, Su Wen had also posted the schedule in the training group chat:


Starting from tomorrow, there would be theoretical classes every morning, which was the benefit he had mentioned before.


According to the schedule, the first five days would be led by Xie Wen Yuan, teaching the method of making field cards. The next five days would be Su Wen himself sharing his experience in creating legion cards. The last few days would be Fan Lei teaching about domain cards and some knowledge about other small types of cards.


As for the afternoon and evening, they would be conducting practical training, including ghost hunting, and occasionally a "sudden attack" like the one from the previous two days.


His days could be said to be quite fulfilling.


"With such a packed schedule, I still need to find time to create the Eight Brothers… Luckily, I had read the 'Time Management Master' edited by King Luo Dance, otherwise, I might have died from overwork…"


Chronicle shook his head, casting all thoughts out of his mind, then lay back on the sofa and took another nap.


He slept until three in the afternoon.


When he opened his eyes, the daylight outside the window was already somewhat dim.


"Dark at three o'clock? Only the Land of Peach could have such a gloomy place."


He casually complained, stretched lazily, feeling full of energy.


After a brief exercise, he turned and walked towards the storeroom next to the living room, pulling out a brand new set of fishing gear.


According to what Su Wen had said in the group chat in the morning, the association had originally planned to arrange some "wilderness survival" type of courses for them.


However, due to the short training duration, they had given up on this plan.


But they had left the "teaching aids".


"Going fishing."


With a slight effort, Chronicle easily lifted the fishing gear set that looked like a small coffin.


Then, following the location marked on the first photo, he pushed open the door and strode in a certain direction.


About twenty minutes later, a puddle that occupied thousands of square meters finally came into view.


From a distance, it looked like the pupil of a fierce ghost, dark and deep, causing a genuine sense of fear.


But Chronicle was not afraid at all.


After arranging for the Seven Brothers and the Green Zombie to hide and guard in the dark, and setting up the fishing rod, he lay back on the folding chair and started playing a new game from Penguin Alliance – "Peak of Card Masters".


"I won't even spend six bucks."


He muttered to himself as he played the game, occasionally glancing at the fishing rod.


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