Chapter 56 – Materials used to create Black Osiris

"If you guys don't work hard, there will be plenty of opportunities like this in the future, and you'll get used to it."


As soon as these words came out, the expressions of the people on the field varied.


People like Shen Fei, who were angered on the spot and acted rashly, were after all a minority.


Most people were very rational and naturally would not be provoked by Su Wen's few words.


They just quietly compared the gap in strength between themselves and Chronicle, and finally were surprised to find that what Su Wen said… actually made sense?


Judging from Chronicle's performance the night before, if they couldn't experience a surge in strength in the coming period, they would still be easily "outnumbered".


"Damn, this guy must be cheating, right?"


A student couldn't help but curse in his heart.


As the best among their peers, before Chronicle emerged, they never thought that among their peers, at least in the Land of Peach, there would be someone much stronger than them.


But now the fact is in front of them, some students who like to read novels even suspect that this person has a "system", "simulator" or other "cheat" in his brain.


Of course, they knew this was impossible, but such grumbling would make them feel better.


Little did they know that many times, the truth is often hidden in these seemingly childish guesses…




At this moment, Su Wen suddenly spoke, pulling everyone's thoughts back: "Let's start with a self-introduction, my name is Su Wen, a staff member of the Card Craftsman Association in Land of Peach."


"Many of your parents are my colleagues, and I believe they have told you what kind of person I am before you came here."


"What I want to say is…" His gaze swept across, his eyes sharp as a knife: "None of that is true! Practical training is not a joke, I will demand you strictly with almost harsh standards."


"You all know about Bai Ziliang, right?"


"He is the senior disciple of Fan Lei, the vice president of our city's Card Craftsman Association, the heir to the Zhikite Printing Card Group in Qing Mountain Province, and the top scorer in this year's college entrance examination. His strength is so strong that he took a position in the association as soon as he graduated from high school. He can be said to be one of the most talented people in our province."


"I ask you all, who dares to say that their talent is better than his? No one, right?"


As soon as his words fell, everyone's eyes turned to Chronicle.


Su Wen, who didn't expect to be contradicted so quickly, scratched his chin awkwardly.


The next moment, as if he hadn't noticed everyone's gaze, he said to himself, "Right?"


In the morning breeze, no one responded.


In the end, it was Lu Youyou who couldn't stand it anymore and said "right" in a very small and reluctant voice.


Su Wen's "pre-training motivation" was able to continue: "But such a young talent was thrown into chaos by a meat mountain ghost during his first encounter with a secret realm invasion."


"Indeed, with his strength, even if the evil spirit was several times stronger, it would not pose a threat to his life."


"But have you ever thought that if there was no mysterious card craftsman to help him at that time, the destruction of several residential buildings in the Happy Home Community would have caused a large number of civilian casualties."


"Just because he neglected practical combat, he could only watch as the evil spirit, far weaker than himself, slaughtered civilians."


"For a proud and righteous card craftsman, this is definitely a significant psychological flaw, and it may even have a huge impact on his future mental power cultivation."


"In your young people's words, 'genius falls', 'becomes mediocre' is just a thought away."


Although there were some minor incidents in the middle, when the words came to this point, the students present all fell into deep thought.


It's not that Su Wen is good at speaking, but that everyone is too familiar with Bai Ziliang.


To put it bluntly, this senior who is only one year older than them can be said to be the role model for the young generation in Land of Peach.


Especially the students of First High School, their attitude towards this school senior is like chasing stars.


But all of this was reversed on a certain day not long ago.


Bai Ziliang was nailed to the pillar of shame, becoming a negative example of "not knowing practical combat", and was often mentioned and persecuted.


This is also because he has outstanding stress resistance and has been in seclusion recently, otherwise he would have gone to the rooftop to enjoy the breeze on a sunny afternoon.


This huge contrast not only affects him, but also has a great impact on the students of Land of Peach.


Everyone thinks they don't have his good mentality, and they are even more afraid of such things.


Therefore, the three words "Bai Ziliang" can now be called a "treasure for top students".


As long as it is mentioned, the learning effect and speed will rise sharply.




Seeing the students on the field full of fighting spirit, Su Wen couldn't help but nod in satisfaction, and continued: "It's good that you can understand the significance of practical training. Now let's talk about the subject I'm in charge of…"


As he spoke, he took out a stack of photos from his windbreaker pocket:


"My subject, ah, is not complicated to understand, and it's not difficult to implement… just two words: ghost hunting. This is an old craft of us people in Land of Peach, I believe you all are not unfamiliar."


"But unlike the usual play, this time, I want you to hunt down the blue-quality ghosts I designated within two days as a team."


"Successful mission, stay; failed mission, go home."


"By the way, during the training period, in addition to this kind of practical training, we have also invited many card masters to share their experiences in making special cards such as domain cards, legion cards, field cards, and material cards as benefits."

"Adding to that, we've released some rare ghost species and corresponding resources into this forest. It would be a pity if you were sent away in just a couple of days…"


"If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask."


As soon as the words fell, Yao Yuan immediately raised his hand and asked, "Teacher, how are the groups divided?"


"Free allocation within the school, two to five people per group. The fewer the people, the higher the individual and school scores…"


Su Wen was explaining, and as if he thought of something, he added:


"Of course, if any student is confident in their abilities and worries about how to distribute the ghosts they catch, they can also undertake the task alone."


"If you succeed, I don't mind giving some extra points or something…"


He said with a smile, looking unabashedly at Chronicle.


Anyone with discerning eyes could see his meaning: you guys are not up to par, this kid has to do it.


Chronicle didn't hesitate, even seemed a little pleased: he was worrying about making money yesterday, and today this opportunity was delivered to his doorstep.


So he decisively stepped forward, took the photo from Su Wen's hand, and was the first to pick it up.


"Headless Barbarian, Evil-eyed Ram-headed Ghost, Yellow Shore Earthbound Spirit…"


He muttered to himself, carefully identifying the hastily written names and introductions at the bottom right corner of each photo.


Halfway through, his hand suddenly stopped.


【Drowned Ghost of the Cold Pond】


The photo was taken quite clearly, showing that the location should be near a dark and deep pond.


Under the cold moonlight, a head emerged from the water, its face covered by long hair, revealing only one eye filled with resentment.


"Water ghost…"


The two words suddenly popped up in Chronicle's mind, making his heart beat faster.


Water ghost… Water ghost!


In myths and legends, the Eight Brothers died by drowning.


Simply put, if he could catch this ghost, he could directly use it to create the 【Apprehending Spirit Guide – Black Osiris】.


"Teacher Su, I'll take this one." He said softly.


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