Chapter 44 – Zombie haircut, fusion sent into the bushes

Huaxia men always get excited by such scenes.


Chronicle even had a feeling:


He was now like Li Yunlong, who was furious and lying outside the city of Ping'an, waiting for the right moment to shout "fire".


But because of the "idol burden" brought by his antagonist costume, he didn't shout those two words in the end. Instead, he lightly said "attack".


So, in the next moment, this mighty ghost tide moved forward under the leadership of Seven Brothers and four ghost escorts.


During this period, several ghost shadows wearing tattered armor floated over, replacing the paper figures and carrying the coffin for him.


But before they took a few steps, the familiar sound of scratching the door came again.


A feeling of "requesting a battle" also came along with it.


Chronicle was stunned for two seconds. After reacting, he immediately leaned down from the coffin to let the zombie out.


In the blink of an eye, the coffin lid popped open, and the Green Zombie, who had been lying obediently in the coffin, stood up straight.


As its chest rose and fell, the dispersed dark green corpse energy in the air returned to its body.


In the next moment, its eyes suddenly opened, and a hint of spirituality flashed in its murky and fierce pupils, seeming to be dissatisfied.


Then, a dry "hehe" sound came from its throat. With a little force under its feet, it instantly rushed to the front of the team.


As it left, the coffin lid closed again. Chronicle sat on it, watching it meet Seven Brothers and walk side by side.


He felt strange in his heart.


It was like…the main wife and the second wife meeting.




Chronicle took a deep breath, driving away this terrifying thought from his mind.


"Don't even think about it."


He thought to himself, adjusted his mask, and sat steadily on the sandalwood coffin carried by the "Yin Soldiers," just like Zhuge Liang leading the Northern Expedition.


Although the style was gloomy, it had a bit of grandeur.


This scene also deeply shocked the elite students on the opposite side.


They had imagined the scene of the clash between Chronicle's cards and the ghost tide, and they had also imagined Chronicle escaping early and letting themselves and the evil spirits fight. However, they had never thought about the possibility of the other side joining forces with the evil spirits.


Silently swallowing their saliva, the impulsive ones who originally wanted to fight head-on also had the intention to retreat.


They were reckless, but not stupid.


Fighting head-on with the other side was enjoyable and not life-threatening, but judging from the enemy's formation, getting injured was inevitable.


The training only lasted for half a month. If they had to recover from their injuries for a few more days, even the cucumbers and vegetables would have gone cold.


Thinking like this, several of them exchanged glances and prepared to escape.


Unexpectedly, at this moment, Shen Fei, who had red hair, spoke up, "What's the point of participating in combat training with such little courage? Go back to school obediently!"


"In the future, just stay in the rear and be a 'card-making machine'."


"The battlefield is too dangerous. It's not a place for you cowards who hesitate."


"And don't make fun of Bai Ziliang anymore. He may not be able to fight, but in terms of courage, he's stronger than you bunch of useless people."


As his words fell, the scene fell silent.


The elite students looked at each other, not feeling ashamed on their faces, but deeply reflecting:


Shen Fei's words made sense.


If they hesitated even in a simulated exercise, if this habit continued, they would be worse than Bai Ziliang when they actually went to the battlefield.


Thinking of themselves becoming negative material and being mocked and persecuted by their juniors, they couldn't help but shiver.


To avoid this terrible future, a group of people immediately summoned the newly made skill cards and equipment cards, preparing to have a life-and-death battle with Chronicle.


However, there were also a few people who didn't care about Shen Fei's scolding and directly summoned vehicle cards, quickly running away without looking back.


Shen Fei subconsciously turned his head, but those people had already disappeared.


He could only turn around indignantly, but he was met with a pair of fierce and murky eyes.


In the blink of an eye, the owner of these eyes, the Green Zombie, leaped over tens of meters and came in front of him.


The pitch-black fingertips reflected a metallic gleam under the moonlight, piercing straight towards his neck.


Fortunately, Shen Fei reacted quickly and narrowly avoided this attack by squatting down, but a patch of red hair was shaved off.


Feeling the chill on top of his head, he felt a bit scared for a moment.


But then came the anger. He always felt that the person on the coffin did it on purpose.


And indeed, that was the case.


"I could have easily won…but because of your words, there is now some uncertainty. Who else should I target if not you?"


Chronicle sat cross-legged on the coffin, his arms crossed.


Seven Brothers was naturally "afk," while he was "manipulating" the Green Zombie to chase after Shen Fei.


Attack after attack, aiming at his head.


In no time, the opponent's ponytail was turned into broken hair, extremely messy…


While Shen Fei touched his head and looked at the Cardling who was surrounded by several Yin Soldiers in the distance, he felt resentful but helpless.


He could only swing the "Bandit Blade," which had transformed from a green equipment card, with all his strength, trying to resist the attacks of the Green Zombie.


But the Green Zombie, who had absorbed Yin energy in the "Heavy Yin Fragrant Cedar Coffin" for half the night, was extremely fierce at this moment.While persecuting Shen Fei, it occasionally "distracted" itself to spew out a breath of corpse energy, which would also affect other students and card spirits.


What was even more terrifying was its incredibly fast movement speed, which could be described as leaping like flying.


One second it was persecuting Shen Fei, and the next, it could appear elsewhere on the battlefield.


Because of this, everyone had to keep part of their attention on the Green Zombie while commanding the battle, lest they become the next "Shen Fei".


This led to the already unfavorable situation for them to collapse even more rapidly.


In less than a few minutes, the ghost soldiers had beaten all the card spirits on the field back into their summoning card forms under the leadership of Seven Brothers and the guiding ghost officials.


At this time, Chronicle, taking advantage of the coffin, arrived in front of the students.




Having been busy for half the night and consumed a lot of mental power, he couldn't help but yawn.


But in the eyes of the top students, this was seen as a careless performance.


However, as losers, they had no right to say anything, they could only lower their heads, silent as if they were wronged.




At this moment, Shen Fei, whose hair was even more disheveled, was brought over in chains by two ghost soldiers under the watch of the Green Zombie.


Chronicle couldn't help but laugh when he saw this, and was about to say something.


Unexpectedly, the bushes not far away rustled at this moment, and more than a dozen burly men covered in grass seeds crawled out in no time.


Their movements were so smooth that even Garen would have to call them professionals.


"This senior…"


Niu Chuang, waving the small notebook in his hand, strode towards Chronicle, looking like he had just seen his idol.


However, when Chronicle heard the term "senior", the face hidden behind the mask couldn't help but frown:


If he remembered correctly, members of the Fusion Sect seemed to like using this term to address people of higher status than themselves.


"This does live up to the 'sect' in their organization's full name."


Chronicle thought to himself, looking down at the Fusion Sect uniform he was wearing.


A conjecture quietly emerged in his mind.

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