Chapter 43 – I don’t like being called “rice dumpling” green zombie

At this moment, it was the middle of the night.


The ethereal blue moonlight shone on the stone path temporarily laid by the training team.


Suddenly, a cold wind stirred, and the street lamps on both sides of the road flickered uncertainly.


Someone swallowed subconsciously, only to see at the end of their vision, a mass of black clouds was moving close to the ground, within which ghostly shadows surged, revealing twisted and ferocious figures.


With the night wind, chilling wails echoed.


"This oppressive feeling, it's a bit like the dark parrot shell."


Feeling the cold wind surging from all directions, Chronicle shook his head, trying hard to shake off the image of Ultraman fighting Gatanothor in his mind, and then channeled a strand of his spiritual power into the Mountain Ghost Coin.


The next moment, a towering phantom emerged, and an invisible aura rippled out.


The bone-chilling coldness dissipated instantly.


At this time, Seven Brothers also successfully broke through the encirclement and returned to his side.


Everything seemed to return to the original state.


Chronicle sat on the coffin, with Osiris standing by his side, and the students looked at him from a distance.


Time passed by every second.


A student from Second High School couldn't stand the deathly silence and took the initiative to speak: "Let's charge directly. If this person is indeed from the Fusion Sect, we can take him down by attacking him from both sides with the evil spirits."


"What if he's not?" someone asked quietly.


"Then he is an actor sent by the training team. In addition to testing us, he should also be responsible for protecting our safety. At a critical moment, he will most likely help. If we take action now, we might even get extra points from him."


The student from Second High School spoke confidently, his eyes hidden behind his glasses growing brighter.


The people around naturally heard the logical problem behind his words: how could one only consider the positive outcomes when analyzing a problem?


But seeing the ghost tide approaching and the arrival of a man with a "villainous face", the training team still showed no intention of taking action.


It seemed that their only option was to take the initiative to attack.


So they quickly adjusted, and in a very short time, the momentum of their card spirits had risen more than one level.


After all, they were the top students from various high schools, with excellent strength and mentality.


If they hadn't been somewhat tentative before, they might have had a chance to take down Seven Brothers.


But this possibility was extremely slim, no less than the Chinese football team lifting the Hercules Cup…


"This formation… is quite something."


Chronicle watched this scene with his arms crossed, his sitting posture involuntarily straightening a bit.


Unspeakable as it was, these top students were quite imposing when they got serious.


Chronicle genuinely acknowledged their strength, and believed that each of them was qualified to be his opponent, to have a 1V1 with him.


Just like Ginger Tea.


But with such a group of "experts" gathered together, he felt that they were bound to lose.


The reason was simple.


These top students from different schools were not united at heart.


They might not realize it when they were huddled together, but from his perspective, it was clear:


Among this group, there were indeed some hot-blooded and impulsive guys who were determined to fight him.


For example, the redhead who had the Second High School uniform tied around his waist, his eyes were almost popping out, veins bulging on his forehead, looking like he was about to eat a child.


But such "hot-blooded fools" and "card martial arts idiots" were only a minority.


The rest were mostly "Senior Brother Li" and "Han Runrun".


Seeing that the situation was not right, they frowned and quietly retreated to the back of the crowd, even recalling their card spirits, ready to run away at any time.


Some were fence-sitters, not willing to confront directly, they wandered on the outskirts, ready to add fuel to the fire if they were winning, and ready to run if they were losing.


In short, this group of people, each with their own agenda, the majority were "rational".


They knew that tonight's events were just the training team's "show of force", and they would not be in any danger.


They simply saved their trump cards for the later assessments, when they would beat these "current teammates, future opponents" until even their mothers wouldn't recognize them.


For such "unfilial" behavior, the "virtuous" Chronicle naturally despised it.


"If we were all on the same side, I would definitely run with you, and I would be the fastest one."


"But now we are enemies, so I not only despise you, but also want to strike hard."


Chronicle thought to himself, patting the coffin beneath him: "Zongzi Bro, you feel the same way, right?"


As soon as his words fell, there came the sound of sharp objects scraping against the wooden board from inside the coffin, extremely harsh, as if expressing displeasure.


"What's going on?"


Chronicle was quite surprised.


A joke meant to adjust his own mood unexpectedly stimulated the spirit of the Green Zombie?


Even if it was just a little, it was enough to surprise him.


But with the imminent battle, he had no time to think more.


Feeling the approaching black cloud behind him, he took a deep breath and slowly mobilized the spiritual power he had previously infused into Seven Brothers.


Perhaps because Seven Brothers' level had been upgraded and his own spiritual power level had also improved, activating the [Corridor] skill this time was not as difficult as last night.


As soon as his spiritual power was released, the four Yin guides appeared from the void.

Compared to the last time, the dark red robe he wore was even more worn out, and there was an indescribable aura about him.


Following the withered, decaying hand that held the oil-paper umbrella, one could see the soul-binding chains wrapped around his thin arm.


This was the biggest difference.


Seeing this, Chronicle, who had already experienced the power of weapons on Seven Brothers, couldn't help but feel elated, and his confidence in defeating this group of top students increased.


"Let's begin."


With his mental command, an invisible wave spread out instantly, causing the ghost tide, which was rushing towards him with a heavy killing intent, to suddenly halt not far behind him.


The next moment, the dull chains that were obediently wrapped around the ghost's arm "came to life", extending infinitely.


Just like a data cable being plugged into an interface, the chain connected to the back of each evil ghost's head, and then slowly dissipated.


Less than two seconds later, the evil ghosts resumed their actions, the heavy malice and resentment in their eyes had already disappeared.


In its place was pure sharpness and a killing aura.


Moreover, the ancient, broken, black and hard armor that suddenly appeared on them added a touch of iron-bloodedness and fighting spirit.


"They really look the part." Chronicle's mouth curled slightly.


Although these evil ghosts were twisted and some even lacked arms or legs, their appearance after donning armor and wielding weapons was quite unsightly.


But as a group, all they needed to do was stand there in an orderly manner, advancing and retreating together, and they exuded an inexplicable aura of power.


Watching this scene, even Chronicle, who was usually calm, couldn't hide his excitement:


Last time was just a minor skirmish, and he was in a very unclear state, so he didn't feel it very keenly.


But this time, he was experiencing it firsthand, and it felt more like leading an army into battle.

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