Chapter 41 – Chronicle, the new principal of Third High School



In another cluster of "tombstones" at the training base.


About twenty students, dressed in uniforms from various high schools in the city, were gathered under a street lamp, discussing something in hushed tones.


"I really don't understand why the school had to bring those key class students to fill the quota… So many have already dropped out before the training even started."


A young man with dyed red hair and a school uniform tied around his waist expressed his dissatisfaction, "They better pray that their poor performance won't affect Second High School's overall training results, or else…"


"Or else what…"


A high ponytailed girl next to him gave him a stern look, signaling him to watch his words, "Shen Fei, there are students from other schools here, be careful with your words, don't embarrass our school."


"I got it, Class President Zhao."


The red-haired young man known as "Shen Fei" pouted, crossed his arms and leaned against the street lamp.


Although his face still showed some resentment, he obediently shut his mouth and listened to the conversation of two students wearing Peach and Plum High School uniforms.


"I heard that the students from Third High School arrived a day earlier than us. With their level, I'm afraid they'll be wiped out after this round of 'welcome gifts'."


"You're overthinking it. As far as I know, the new principal of Third High School is a tough character who has struggled in the deadly Qingshan Secret Realm.


The province respects him, not only increasing the investment in Third High School, but also actively arranging for their own children to teach and study there. Now, Third High School is at least not worse than our Peach and Plum…"


"Is that so…"


"Enough, stop talking about useless things, let's think about how to get through the current situation first."


Upon hearing this, everyone instinctively turned their heads towards the direction of the "tombstone" cluster.


Under the dim light, there stood no less than fifty grotesque ghostly figures by the windows of the small villas.


They were all different, some oozing pus all over, some with three heads growing from their necks, some with twisted limbs, and some with burly bodies.


The only common feature was the cunning and deep-seated resentment in their eyes, which was extremely aggressive.


It was this ferocious nature, as if they wanted to chew up even the bones of people, that caused these students from First High School, Second High School, Peach and Plum High School, who had not yet experienced war, to suffer heavy losses.


The remaining ones who were alert and outstanding, like the people here, had decisively abandoned the relatively narrow "tombstone cluster" and moved to this relatively open area, preparing to engage in a hard battle with the evil spirits.


However, at this moment, the other party had changed their previous "wolf" style.


They just stood quietly by the villa windows, watching them, without choosing to chase them out.


Under such circumstances, these top students from various high schools, the future hopes of the alliance, seemed more like sheep surrounded by a pack of wolves.


"That was too impulsive."


Chronicle, one of the "wolves", commented.


At this moment, he was sitting on a small hill not far from the "tombstone cluster", silently observing the movements of the "prey" below.


A cold wind blew by, gently fluttering the white silk in the hands of the unpredictable, and the clouds also dispersed.


The cold moonlight emerged, shining on the blood-red cheeks and pale face of the paper man, eerie and horrifying.


And Chronicle was sitting on a dark red coffin carried by such a strange team, sitting with legs crossed, full of aura.


The Mountain Ghost Coin hanging on his chest was also reflecting strange rays of light under the moonlight, adding a bit of majesty.


Coupled with his "villain at first glance" outfit, he looked like a villain ready to go out.


"Probably won't survive past three chapters," Chronicle couldn't help but comment, "If the author is good at dragging things out, it might even last thirty chapters."


After making his comment, he looked into the distance, carefully observing the area below.


He didn't come out for a leisurely stroll in the second half of last night.


After wandering around, he had a basic understanding of all areas of the training base.


And this place was the best position to oversee the whole situation, which he had found out after careful research.


Sitting here, he could see the whole area below:


The "tombstone cluster", the students standing by the street lamp, a group of people lying in the grass…




Chronicle, who had a keen sense of something unusual, instinctively turned his head, only to see about a dozen guys in various autumn outfits squatting in the grass on a nearby hillside.


A sturdy guy, as strong as a bull, seemed to be unable to bear the harassment of the bugs that hadn't died out in early autumn, and stood up abruptly, patting his clothes.


This action scared the people around him, and after they reacted, they hurriedly pulled him down.


Someone seemed to take the opportunity to curse a lot of harsh words, almost provoking the bull-like guy to fight.


"What a bunch of idiots?"


Chronicle casually commented, took out his phone from his pocket, found a good light and angle, and took a picture of the people squatting down.


Then he forwarded it to Su Wen's WeChat: "Teacher Su, are these people also the ones you brought?"


The message was sent successfully.


But several minutes passed, and there was still no response.With a heart full of doubts, he could only put away his phone and turn his gaze towards the people hiding in the bushes, his eyes flickering slightly.


His intuition, which was usually quite sharp, told him that something was not quite right.


But with the current situation unclear, he could only adapt and improvise.


"This training base is heavily guarded by the Card Craftsman Association, outsiders can hardly get in. Even if there are any, they are deliberately let in and there's no need to pay them any mind. My main task at the moment is to figure out how to take down those top students."


After brainstorming, Chronicle took out a bottle of mental power potion from his pocket, took a small sip, tried to adjust his state, and then waited quietly.


Waiting for the perfect opportunity to come.


Just like that, after an unknown amount of time.


The high school students below who had been on high alert for a long time finally began to show signs of fatigue, while the evil spirits in the "tombstone group" took advantage of this gap to swarm out!


In an instant, the dense yin energy surrounding them transformed into rolling black clouds, coming over with the momentum of a tidal wave.


This horrifying scene made the students dare not fight head-on.


They hurriedly retreated, trying to create distance from the evil spirits and counterattack.


But just as they retreated to a staircase entrance, the leading student from First High School stopped in his tracks, his face tense.


Everyone looked up to see a tall, pale-faced figure with a bitter smile standing on the platform at the end of the stairs.


Beside him, there was a coffin filled with the stench of death, and a person in a black and red fusion-style uniform was sitting on it, legs spread wide.

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