Chapter 40 – Bai Longfei

A dark-skinned and strong young man took the initiative to step forward.


His face was full of seriousness: "Rest assured! Although we may not have much strength, it's still easy for us to deal with a group of newly entered 'geniuses'!"


"Then I…" The slightly chubby middle-aged man with an ancient style arched his hand in a refined manner and smiled elegantly, "I'll be waiting for good news."


Upon hearing this, the dark and strong young man instantly revealed a smile, looking both simple and straightforward.


"Could this kid be someone with connections?"


Some members of the Fusion Faction couldn't help but think when they saw his behavior.


It's not surprising that they would have such thoughts.


After all, this dark and strong young man in front of them didn't fit the style of their Fusion Faction at all.


No matter how you look at it, he seemed like a mole sent by the Alliance Faction.


But then again, even if the other side was short of people, they wouldn't send such a simpleton over.


From this perspective, he could only be a "person with connections."


"Work hard, I have high hopes for you."


The slightly chubby middle-aged man patted the dark and strong young man's shoulder and said with a smiling face.


After receiving his encouragement, the other party immediately put on an extremely honored expression.


Seeing this scene, even Bai Longfei, who had been an undercover agent for many years and had a strong will, felt a bit complicated.


"Why did such a silly… and honest kid join the Fusion Faction?"


Although he felt a bit regretful in his heart, he still maintained a kind smile on his face.


After encouraging everyone a few more times, he found an excuse to briefly leave.


He came to a secluded place and raised his hand to summon a paper pigeon. He quickly wrote the word "success" on its back and released it.


After a while, he walked out of the alley and looked at the drastically changed city, feeling complex and indescribable.


This was his first time returning to his hometown after many years, but it wasn't for any major event. Instead, he was here to cooperate with an old friend and test a child.


This made him curious. What kind of genius could make Fan Lei, that guy, go against his principles and take the risk of being exposed to ask for his help?


"That old guy can distinguish between what's important and what's not. If he values this kid so much, he must be quite extraordinary."


"If he's not from the Fusion Faction, I can take this opportunity to give him some 'small' gifts."


Thinking like this, he quickly returned to the funeral shop.


He saw a room full of people sitting in front of a coffin, looking at each other.


These people were all temporarily brought here by him and had been scattered in various cities for "work" before, so they didn't know each other.


This was naturally his deliberate arrangement.


Unexpectedly, at this moment, the dark and strong young man who had left a deep impression on him earlier was chatting very familiarly with the people around him.


Seeing this situation, he quickly found an excuse to interrupt.


For the plan to proceed smoothly, he couldn't give them any chance to become familiar with each other.


"Kid, your name is Niu Chuang, right? I have a task for you."


Bai Longfei turned his eyes and smiled at Niu Chuang.



At the same time, inside the tombstone house.


Chronicle, who was unaware of all this, had just spent half an hour making a new coffin for his own Green Zombie:


[Heavy Yin Fragrant Cedar Coffin]


Quality: Green


Category: Corpse/Yin


Card Type: Equipment




[Etherealization]: Consumes a certain amount of mental power to put the coffin itself and the contained [Corpse] into a state of [Phantomization]. The effect and duration depend on the user's mental power.




[Fusion]: Can be used as a component to temporarily fuse with a card that has the [Coffin] attribute, without changing its basic attributes.


[Heavy Yin]: In the placed state, it can automatically absorb the scattered Yin Qi between heaven and earth, and can also convert it into corpse energy for use by corpse-type units.


Introduction: One sees the coffin rise, two sees the hair grow, three sees the ascension.


Advancement: Can be advanced by fusing corresponding attribute materials, choosing either [Coffin] or [Gathering Yin] as the advancement route.


To be honest, this equipment card is far inferior in terms of skill entries and potential compared to the Green-quality [Mountain Ghost Coin].


But its existence is meant to complement the [Vertical Leap · Green Zombie]'s [Yin Absorption] attribute and occasionally fuse with [Paper Man Carrying Coffin] to give the opponent a surprise.


In other words, it's just an accessory.


Just icing on the cake.


When he created this card, he didn't even use any mythological knowledge. When designing the background story, he directly stated in words that this coffin was specially prepared by the "evil cultist who coveted the power of zombies" for the Green Zombie, and it was approved without any problems.


Although doing so might result in the loss of some offensive skills and characteristics, he gained what he needed in the form of "customization."


It seemed like a fair trade.


"But the contrast between this background story and reality… feels a bit strange…"


Thinking of this, Chronicle couldn't help but shake his head and laugh. With just one careless mistake, he ended up writing himself as an "evil cultist."


"When I create the next card, I'll 'compensate' for it."


Thinking like this, he raised his hand and with a flicker of green light, a piece of paint with a dull luster and engraved with a funeral inscription appeared in the center of the hall.


Because he was currently pulling the curtains and only had a small lamp on in the room, this scene appeared particularly gloomy and terrifying.


But for Chronicle, who was used to the "underworld," it was just an ordinary scene.




He said softly, waved his hand, and [Vertical Leap · Green Zombie] turned into a stream of light, falling into the coffin.


In the next moment, a feeling of comfort and contentment, representing satisfaction, flowed back to his mind through his sea of consciousness.


Feeling this "kindness," he couldn't help but yawn.


After a light laugh, he turned and went upstairs.


Perhaps it was because the effect of the spiritual power potion from last night had worn off, Chronicle, lying on the bed, soon felt drowsy.


So, after forcing himself to stay awake, setting an alarm for ten o'clock at night on his phone, he fell into a deep sleep.


Like this, after an unknown amount of time, a ringing alarm suddenly sounded in the empty bedroom, instantly waking him up from his fully relaxed state.


After a simple wash, he changed into the Fusion Faction uniform given to him by Su Wen.


Looking at himself in the mirror, even if he had prepared himself mentally, he couldn't help but comment:


“`"Are these guys academics or street dancers? Can't they design clothes that conform to popular aesthetics?"


He clicked his tongue, speechless, but still put on the pure white faceless mask.


After a slight stretch and packing up the coffin and green zombie in the living room, he slipped out into the night.


This time, he didn't walk but summoned the long-unused "Paper Man Carrying Coffin".


Then, using the "Fusion" function of the "Heavy Yin Cedar Coffin", he temporarily treated the two cards as one.


The position directly behind him was the head of the green zombie.


Although it felt a bit strange, it was undeniably safe.


So, after summoning Seven Brothers to lead the way, this team full of "villainous flavor" set off in a grand manner.

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