Chapter 23 – Su Wen’s optimism, making money starts

After taking the photo, Chronicle glanced at his phone.

In the picture, he was smiling confidently at the disheveled and ferocious evil spirit, showing a sense of indifference towards ghosts and gods.

“My photography skills… I might be able to compare with Teacher Chen now, right?”

Chronicle said proudly, then put away his phone and turned to look at the struggling long-haired ghost.

At this moment, it seemed to have foreseen its destined nemesis.

From its initial viciousness to the current fear with a touch of humanity on its face, the whole process took less than two seconds.

Under this extreme terror, it even chose to give up struggling.

But this displeased Seven Brothers.

Although its spiritual power was not obvious at the moment, as an underworld ghost, the pleasure of playing cat and mouse had long been ingrained in its “DNA”.

Now that the evil spirit was acting weak, it genuinely felt annoyed.

This feeling of anger even resonated in Chronicle’s mind.

“The ‘spirit’ residing in the summoning card actually has ‘intelligence’!”

Chronicle was somewhat surprised.

This was something that was never mentioned in the textbooks.

“Could it be… only the cards made based on the myths that have been passed down in history possess intelligence, so the people here haven’t discovered this?”

This thought suddenly popped into his mind, but he quickly dismissed it:

The giant beast that brought them here during the day also seemed to have intelligence, and Su Wen was not a fool, so how could they not notice this?

“I’ll ask the teacher when I have the chance.”

Chronicle thought to himself and then activated the “auto-battle” mode.

Beside him, Osiris was like a puppet infused with a soul, quickly taking action.

Countless azure chains flew out from his wide sleeves, like a group of cold and fierce snakes, intertwining with each other and firmly locking the long-haired ghost.

In the next moment, Osiris flashed and lightly placed his pale and thin palm on the head of the evil spirit.

The originally solid ghost body instantly turned into a pool of pitch-black liquid, moving along the direction of the chains.

Seeing this situation, Chronicle decisively threw out a blank card, using his spiritual power as a guide, causing it to hover in the air.

The black liquid formed by the transformation of the long-haired ghost body quickly gathered into a small vortex and entered the card.

Not long after, a white light flashed.

The encapsulation was complete.

A card with a pure white border slowly fell into Chronicle’s hand.

“A material of white quality… better than nothing.”

Chronicle shook his head lightly and put away the material card, then turned and walked towards the bedroom.

“If I can’t go for ‘quality’, then I’ll go for ‘quantity’. Making money is not embarrassing.”

He thought to himself and pushed open the door.

At the moment the door opened, a very faint sound of electricity also rang out.

The lights that had not responded when the switch was repeatedly pressed instantly turned on, illuminating the entire house.

“Wow, it even needs unlocking for electricity.”

Chronicle couldn’t help but chuckle. He took out his phone and saw that the signal, which was previously zero, was now full.

Seeing this, he quickly opened WeChat, wanting to try to contact the classmates who came together.

Unfortunately, they were still offline.

He had no choice but to put away his phone, raise his head, and look around.

But the wooden bars that were previously blocking the other two doors on the second floor were now nowhere to be seen.

He pushed them, and the two doors opened, revealing a clean bathroom and kitchen.

In the latter, the refrigerator was even filled with meat, poultry, fish, snacks, and fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables.

It was extremely thoughtful.

Seeing this, Chronicle casually took an apple, rinsed it quickly, and started eating it.

While eating, he looked outside through the kitchen’s good view.

He saw a large number of “tombstones” standing silently in the ink-like dark night.

The deathly silence reminded him of the night when the secret realm invaded.

But compared to the grand scene back then, the current situation was just a minor disturbance.

“I’ll go out and take a look.”

Chronicle thought to himself, holding the apple in his mouth, and took out a windproof jacket from his backpack, leisurely walking outside.

At this moment, not far from this place, in a tent.

Su Wen was holding a large enamel cup, slowly savoring the tea made from loose and cheap tea leaves.

In front of him, on the surveillance screen, Chronicle was leisurely walking towards the “neighbor’s” house, holding half an apple in his hand.

While walking and eating, he seemed completely unafraid of the night wind, which might upset his stomach.

Unlike Su Wen’s carefree attitude, Wang Fang, the middle-aged female teacher, frowned slightly. “Is this kid trying to cause trouble… Should I go and call him back?”

“Why do you want to call the child? Did he break the rules?”

Su Wen was scalded by the hot tea and couldn’t help but make a hissing sound. “Don’t forget the original intention of our training.”

“To enhance the practical abilities of the high school seniors and cultivate versatile talents who can make and use cards?”

Listening to Wang Fang’s official tone, Su Wen couldn’t help but frown. “What nonsense are you talking about? In half a month, what kind of talent can we cultivate?”Upon hearing the harsh words, Wang Fang instinctively wanted to retort. But when the words reached her lips, she found herself agreeing with the other party’s logic, and thus, she fell silent.

Su Wen continued, “Let me tell you the truth, real talents can’t be cultivated. Our mission this time, rather than training talents, is more about finding talents.”

“We need to find these people from a crowd of ordinary folks, provide them with more resources and greater space. This is what we should do.”

“And now, a potential talent is right in front of us, but you want to remove his stage… Isn’t this negligence?”

Wang Fang was left speechless by the reprimand. After a while, she murmured, “What about the other students? His actions will definitely affect our evaluation of others…”

“You really are stubborn.”

Su Wen shook his head helplessly, “All students received the same ‘warning’. The quality of the evil spirits they encountered was also the same, one green and one white.”

“But now, only Chronicle’s house is lit. This proves that his strength surpasses the other students. We just need to continue observing him.”

“As for the others… opportunities are earned. If they really have the ability, they should show it in the next stages.”

“At least in this first round, I’m betting on this Chronicle.”

Hearing this, Wang Fang lost her temper.

Although they were of the same rank, she was just a civil servant in name, while the man beside her, sometimes refined, sometimes crude, was a formidable figure who ranked in the top ten in the Land of Peach.

Whether in terms of authority or strength, he was at the top of the pyramid in the entire Qing Mountain Province.

Under such a comparison, even if she had a point, her voice would be a few decibels lower when she spoke.

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