Chapter 22 – Integrity little Chronicle

There are three doors here.


Two of them are tightly sealed with long wooden bars.


Chronicle can only hold the handle of the last door.


He gently turned it and opened it.


At first glance, he saw a slightly worn-out bunk bed with a suitcase on it.


He unzipped it and saw a large red bed inside with a four-piece set.


"It's so festive."


He casually commented and quickly spread the bed sheet, changed the duvet cover, and placed the pillow.


Although he didn't do much today and wasn't tired, he was preparing to sleep early as he would start formal training tomorrow.


He put his backpack aside, searched the room carefully, and didn't miss any places like under the bed, wardrobe, ceiling, and behind the curtains.


Feeling that there was no problem, he took out several disposable defense cards from his backpack.


These were obtained from Chen Yuan.


Since experiencing the crying and tragic incident, he no longer believed in this kind of assembly line product, and it happened to be cheap for him.


So, after sticking these small cards on the doors, windows, and walls of the bedroom, he crawled into bed.


With one hand holding Osiris' card and the other holding the Mountain Ghost Coin hanging around his neck, he fell asleep peacefully.


Time passed minute by minute.


After an unknown period of time, a very faint burning sound suddenly came from the "tombstone" of silence.


The next moment, Chronicle, who was lying flat, suddenly opened his eyes, quickly got up, and calmly observed his surroundings.


He saw that the defense card that was previously stuck on the door was now disappearing at a visible speed, like paper meeting a bright flame.


Seeing this situation, after a brief thought, he decisively chose to lie down.


At the same time, he summoned Osiris and controlled its hidden aura, sticking it to the ceiling.


He also infused his spiritual power into the Mountain Ghost Coin, temporarily weakening its "Exorcism" effect, so that it would be convenient for him to act as bait and become a fisherman.


In this way, after about half a minute, the defense card finally burned out.


Although the door was not opened, Chronicle could still feel a trace of cold and eerie aura entering the room.


In a place he couldn't see, a puddle of asphalt-like, pitch-black, sticky "liquid" slowly seeped into the bedroom through the door crack.


When it had completely entered the room, it quickly gathered into a broken humanoid figure with twisted limbs, stepping heavily to the side of Chronicle's bed.


Even though it didn't have a nose, it still made an effort to make a "sniff" motion, as if to determine whether Chronicle was currently in a sleeping state.


The answer was naturally negative.


Realizing this, it immediately made a move and launched an attack.


The arm formed by the black liquid quickly transformed into a sharp blade and stabbed fiercely at Chronicle's neck.


At this moment, the Mountain Ghost Coin tied to Chronicle's chest floated up and instantly bloomed with a hot and dazzling light, forcing the shadowy figure to retreat several steps.


The next moment, a golden and brilliant flying rainbow gathered, directly piercing through the shadowy figure and turning it back into a liquid state.


But even until this point, everything was not over yet.


Chronicle, who had already guessed that someone would give him a warning tonight and chose to sleep with his clothes on, got up.


Looking at the constantly churning black liquid on the floor, he couldn't help but comment, "Doesn't this thing look too much like Venom… Could it be that the Great Scenery World is the second hometown of symbiotes?"


Of course, the shadowy figure couldn't understand his meaning. After struggling several times, it finally gathered again.


However, this time it didn't transform into a humanoid form, but turned into a muscular black tiger, pouncing towards him.


Chronicle quickly retreated a few steps, not letting Seven Brothers on the roof take action in order to test the effectiveness of the Mountain Ghost Coin.


Instead, he moved like a snake and recited an incantation, "Thunder, thunder, kill ghosts and refine spirits, slay demons and ward off evil, always keep a clear mind. Offer…"


Before he could finish, a purple thunderbolt as thick as a normal adult male arm shot out from the hole in the Mountain Ghost Coin.


The sound was like the singing of thousands of birds, and the spider web-like exploding electric arcs instantly enveloped the shadowy figure.


Looking at the shadowy figure trembling in mid-air like someone with Parkinson's disease, Chronicle decisively took out his phone, turned around, and took a picture with it.


"After I go home, I'll post this picture on the real estate platform. The house might sell better." Chronicle thought to himself.


Just like the parents in the world before who firmly believed that their children would succeed if they ate fish from the prestigious school's lake, there were also many superstitious parents in this world who hoped their children would become successful and had money.


If those people knew that the homeowner was a young and promising Card Craftsman, their house would probably be fought over.


Card Craftsmen had this kind of star effect.


"Not bad."


Seeing himself in the photo as handsome as ever, Chronicle couldn't help but praise.


Then he turned around and was about to collect the shadowy figure into a card as material.


But before he could make a move, it had already been completely electrocuted into charcoal.


After that, in his line of sight, it gradually turned into black ashes and fell to the ground.


"Wow, that's worth tens of thousands of dollars!"


Looking at the scattered black ashes on the floor, Chronicle couldn't help but feel heartache for a moment.


But since things had come to this point, he could do nothing about it and could only sit on the edge of the bed and lament.


However, suddenly, like a flash of lightning across his mind, he had a thought:


"The training instructor can't just give one person a warning. If I'm not mistaken, the others should also be attacked tonight…"


Thinking of this, a righteous aura instantly emanated from Chronicle's body. "As a righteous person like me, how can I sit back and ignore my classmates in crisis?"


"Yes, I just want to do a good deed, it has nothing to do with materials."After several rounds of self-hypnosis, the righteous Chronicle put on his coat and headed for the door.


But at that moment, an almost imperceptible sound of breaking through the air came from behind him.




Chronicle's eyes lit up, and he infused his bronze-level mental power into the Mountain Ghost Coin.


The next moment, an extremely blurry phantom, emanating the aura of the mountains and forests, floated out from the hole in the coin. The short whip in his hand lashed out at the incoming ghost.


The powerful force even distorted the air!


It was an extremely violent strike, yet it was also full of spiritual energy.


With every move he made, it was as if thousands of flowers were blooming, ancient trees stood tall, and spiritual deer were frolicking.


Compared to the ethereal elegance of Seven Brothers' attack, it was a different kind of natural beauty.


But after all, it was just a phantom, condensed from a green-quality equipment card.


Its inherent power was limited and could not instantly kill the ghost.


So, after determining the approximate strength of this Mountain Ghost phantom, Chronicle waved his hand.


Seven Brothers, who had been hovering above the roof, slowly descended. With a point of his Mourning Staff, an invisible magnetic field was generated around him, sucking back the eerie creature that had already flown out through the window.


"Surprised or not, expected or not?"


Chronicle smiled lightly, and with a click, he took another photo with this eerie creature.

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