Chapter 18 – Zombie


Wei Ya opened her mouth, wanting to say something to Chronicle.

But then she remembered a line from the “Card Craftsman’s Code”: “Do not judge and try to change another card craftsman’s thoughts with your own thinking.”

So she pursed her lips and didn’t say anything, just looked at Chronicle with confusion.

To be honest, according to her thoughts, Chronicle should have chosen those cards related to ghost plays.

She may not have a high position, but she’s not stupid either.

How could she not guess why there were several cards in this box that matched the theme of the “North Yin Theater in Zhao Nan County”?

It was clearly prepared by the school specifically for Chronicle!

“With his cleverness, he should be able to see this point…”

Wei Ya looked at Chronicle, full of doubts in her heart. “Even the school leaders, who are high-ranking card craftsmen, have given recommendations, but he chose those random cards. Does he really have confidence, or… hasn’t figured it out?”


Being stared at like this all the time made Chronicle feel uncomfortable, so he explained, “Teacher, those materials don’t quite fit my inspiration for the follow-up creation of the ‘Yin Theater’.”

Upon hearing this, Wei Ya nodded in understanding, clearly agreeing with him.

As fellow card craftsmen, she could also understand Chronicle’s current feelings: sometimes, what others think is a good idea doesn’t work for oneself.

This is a normal thing.

“It’s just a pity that the school put in so much effort.”

Wei Ya shook her head, thinking to herself, and didn’t say much anymore. After greeting the old man who was watching the warehouse, she turned and walked towards the teaching building.

Chronicle, on the other hand, carried the box and silently followed behind her, looking at the material cards in his hand. A portrait of a ghostly figure slowly emerged in his mind:

Eyes like cinnabar, fingers like curved hooks, teeth exposed like sharp blades, wearing a dark blue robe from a certain dynasty.

It was the famous supernatural monster in Chinese folklore – the zombie.

Legend has it that this kind of monster is born from the resentment and impurity of heaven and earth, never aging or dying.

Using resentment as power, feeding on the essence of the moon, invincible, incredibly strong, able to leap on roofs and trees, and jump like flying.

Its image often appears in movies and TV dramas, and even supports an extremely classic movie genre – zombie films.

To be honest, in terms of style and strength, this kind of monster is far inferior to the Osiris that Chronicle has already created.

But this group is a rare and clear upgrade route for transcendent monsters in Chinese mythological stories.

Even if their early strength is not strong and they have various weaknesses, as long as they reach the “Flying Zombie” stage, they will be no weaker than ordinary immortals.

And it doesn’t stop there. In different classics, this group of monsters also has ultimate forms such as “Wandering Corpse” and “Ba”.

In some mythological versions, there are even “Four Zombie Ancestors” and “Ten Ancient Zombies”, which are extremely abnormal CP combinations.

But Chronicle didn’t think that far.

In his opinion, as long as the “zombie” summoning card he creates in the future can evolve into a “Flying Zombie”, that would be great.

As for the later stages…

“I wouldn’t choose even if I could promote. With those resources, wouldn’t it be better to cultivate a righteous god? Why keep associating with these underworld monsters? That’s just not thinking clearly…”

Lost in his thoughts, Chronicle unknowingly arrived at the classroom door.

He finally realized that he had been thinking too far.

Hastily pulling back his thoughts, he carefully collected the four materials and then carried the box, taking the lead to enter the classroom.

Since Wei Ya had just told him the password for the box, he didn’t know where she had gone.

He could only temporarily take on the role of class monitor and come to the front of the podium. He quickly opened the box and showed it to the other four.

“There really are spirit power potions? Two bottles per person? The school really went all out this time. I bet those leaders must be heartbroken.”

Ginger Tea joked and reached into the box to take out two bottles of spirit power potions, putting them in her backpack.

The other three reacted similarly, first putting away the potions before thinking about the materials.

Chronicle only said to them, “Each person can choose four cards,” and then avoided suspicion by not looking at them again, continuing to think about the creation of the one-time card.

After a while, everyone finished choosing their materials. Chronicle counted the number and returned the box.

But even after coming back, he didn’t see Wei Ya’s figure.

In the classroom, there were only the five of them, students who knew each other’s names but weren’t particularly close, staring at each other.

After a few minutes like this, Yao Yuan finally decided not to tolerate the awkward atmosphere any longer.

After clearing his throat, he turned to the only other male student in the room, Chronicle, and spoke first:

“Chronicle, I heard from a classmate before that your home is right next to the route where the evil spirits invaded this time. Did you encounter any danger?”

Chronicle pondered for a moment and felt that there was no need to hide his own affairs, so he spoke frankly:”At first, it was fine, but then I encountered a Weeping Ghost while waiting for the school rescue team downstairs…”


Chronicle hadn’t finished speaking when a voice unconsciously blurted out.

Seeing everyone looking at her, she immediately lowered her head in embarrassment.

Chronicle smiled at this and continued, “But it was more of a scare than a danger.”

“The material quality of the first card I crafted was good, and the initial level of the finished card was high, so it wasn’t too difficult to deal with an average Weeping Ghost.”

“Moreover, it seemed that the teachers had already arrived at that time, but they didn’t take action because they wanted me to practice. Otherwise, there wouldn’t even have been this little scare.”

Chronicle spoke lightly.

To be honest, he didn’t think this incident was anything remarkable.

Compared to the huge coffin-carrying creature and the terrifying entity inside the coffin he saw that night, the poorly-acted Weeping Ghost could only be described as “small fry.”

In terms of the density of Yin energy, it probably couldn’t even compare to one of their leg hairs.

“If they have leg hairs…”

Chronicle muttered to himself, unaware that the others had a different perspective.

As top students, the four of them had some understanding of Weeping Ghosts.

They all knew that the magnetic field emitted when it cried could cause confusion in people’s thoughts, and it was almost invincible when it suddenly attacked under such circumstances.

To break the situation, one either needed to have the power to crush it, or a means to restrain its ability.

The four couldn’t help but imagine, if they had been in danger at that time, would they have had the chance to eliminate the ghost before the teacher stepped in to help?

The answer was obvious.


Thinking of this, Ginger Tea and Yao Yuan couldn’t help but frown in thought.

Even Li Baitian, who always held himself in high regard, couldn’t help but cross his arms and support his chin, looking at Chronicle with a complex expression.

As for the one who had blurted out earlier, she showed an approving expression that said, “One should never underestimate a person after three days.”

At first, Chronicle was a bit confused, but slowly he realized: it might not be that the Weeping Ghost was too weak, but that Seven Brothers was too strong.

“No wonder he’s Osiris…”

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