Chapter 17 – Spiritual potion

“I will definitely do my best.”

Chronicle’s face was serious, his tone as solemn as it could be.

Wei Ya just pursed her lips.

Having known him for almost a week, she was well aware of this student’s nature:

When he benefited, he would put on this serious attitude, appearing more reliable than anyone else.

Without any benefits, he would hide in his room tinkering with things, always late in responding to messages.

But after all, he was a genius. Some minor flaws were understandable, and as a teacher, she was quite tolerant.

However, she occasionally found this kid a bit annoying.

“Let’s go.”

Suppressing the urge to flick Chronicle’s forehead again, Wei Ya quickened her pace and soon arrived at the school warehouse.

The person in charge of this place was an old man in a security uniform, with white hair and wrinkles all over his face.

He was reading the news and, without lifting his head, pointed at a box nearby, indicating for them to take it themselves.

Chronicle, having benefited, naturally wouldn’t let Wei Ya lift a finger. With a little effort, he lifted the not-so-light alloy box.

After long-term nourishment from his psychic power and the feedback from two successful card-making attempts, his physical fitness had been elevated to an excellent level.

Even if this specially made box weighed hundreds of pounds, he could carry it without any effort.

However, after only a few steps, Wei Ya told him to put the box down.

Chronicle obediently did so, and saw her step forward, pressing a few buttons on the box with her fair fingers. The alloy box “clicked” open automatically.

On one side were neatly arranged material cards, all with dark green borders, looking like a magnified version of mahjong from a distance.

On the other side was some kind of foam filler, with ten delicate small bottles filled with light blue liquid lying quietly inside.

At Wei Ya’s indication, Chronicle took out two bottles and held them up to the sunlight.

In his memory, this thing called psychic potion was made from hundreds of herbs that only grew in the Grand Scenic World.

Not only could it help the user recover their psychic power in a very short time, but it could also cure some hidden mental illnesses.

In simple terms, it was a super-sized “blue potion” that combined the functions of mana recovery and sanity recovery.

It didn’t sound special, but reality wasn’t a game. Blue potions couldn’t be mass-produced, and everyone only had one life.

Such a thing with extremely low production and could save lives at critical moments, it was obvious that its price must be high.

“The school really spent a lot this time.”

Chronicle thought to himself, carefully put away the two potions, and then looked at the pile of green materials that made people’s scalp numb.

In fact, in a situation where the quality of the materials is the same, it doesn’t really matter who chooses first.

But the school leaders still let him choose first.

They just wanted to use this opportunity to create a contrast and a sense of superiority between him and the other students.

Such small details would accumulate over time and naturally transform into his sense of belonging to the school.

Chronicle was well aware of all this, but he didn’t mind, he was even happy about it.

“Who wouldn’t be happy if someone is nice to them? That would be a serious problem, wouldn’t it?”

Chronicle muttered to himself, then turned his attention to the materials:

Summoning materials: “Trick Flower Dawn” (Green), “Bridgehead Shadow” (Green), “Beggar with Scabies” (Green), “Yin Music Band” (Green), “Corpse Demon” (Green)…

Item materials: “Sun-avoiding Green Black Robe” (Green), “Cedar Coffin” (Green), “Evil Cultivator’s Arm Bone Flute” (Green), “Yin Script Top Hat with Feather” (Green)…

Skill materials: “Ground-level Yin Cloud” (Green), “Trick Play Disguise” (Green), “Dark Green Corpse Poison” (Green), “Red Moon Night Walk” (Green), “Trick Eye Cover” (Green)…

It must be said that the materials provided by the school this time were quite comprehensive, covering various types of ghosts and goblins.

There were no scene materials, which were the most valuable, like last time. This surprised Chronicle.

It’s not that he was greedy and had to have the expensive ones.

With the “Zhao Nan County North Yin Theater” still not sure how to use, getting other scene materials would only distract him and slow down his growth.

He knew this very well.

Of course, he wouldn’t let his greed cloud his judgment.

The reason for his surprise was simply because the school was being “too good” to him.

He was a very self-aware person, knowing that his current talent and quality were not much better than Yao Yuan and Ginger Tea.

But the value of the materials given to them by the school was like heaven and earth, a world of difference.

“What’s going on? Charity? Or buying a horse bone with a thousand gold?”

Chronicle was a bit puzzled.

Little did he know that the reason he could receive more and better resources was largely due to his own merits.

For example, the “Zhao Nan County North Yin Theater” last time.

In fact, it was a reward from the city president for his act of “saving the building”, but it was delivered through the school.

Because he was worried that this young talent would become arrogant because of this, he didn’t explain the reason to the leaders of Third High School.

This led the school to mistakenly believe that their student had been noticed by this important figure and would soon be taken as a disciple, soaring to the sky.

So they increased their investment and also gambled on him to achieve results in training.

These details were quite secretive, even Wei Ya, the class teacher, didn’t know about them, let alone Chronicle.

Unable to figure it out, he had no choice but to accept the school’s goodwill for the time being and investigate the reason later.

“You can freely choose four materials.”Wei Ya yawned, reminding from the side.


Chronicle nodded, hesitating for a moment.

In theory, all his current material choices should serve the “Zhao Nan County North Shadow Playhouse”.

After all, the scene-type materials corresponding to the “Domain Card” are the core of a deck, with many ingenious uses, which are self-evident.

In this view, he seems to be more inclined to choose “Tricky Flower Dan”, “Shadow Music Band”, “Tricky Play Makeup” and other materials that obviously match the “Shadow Playhouse”.

But the key problem is, if he chooses these materials, it would be equivalent to locking his first domain card in the direction of “Ghost Play”.

The limitations are too great, the optional stories are few, and there is almost no room for progress.

It would be better to suppress this invaluable “Shadow Playhouse” material for the time being, and wait until he has an idea, then collect matching materials specifically.

As for now…

“Teacher, I want to choose the ‘Corpse Demon’, ‘Sun-avoiding Black and Green Robe’, ‘Shadow Script Top Hat with Feather’, and ‘Dark Green Corpse Poison’ as my four materials.”

Chronicle pondered for a long time, then took a deep breath and made up his mind.


Wei Ya looked puzzled, clearly not understanding his choice.

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