Chapter 27 – Pill Room

After waiting for half an hour, Mi Xiaojing had been silently reciting mantras to himself. Although this kind of cultivation was done in his mind, the effect was not bad, and he appeared calm and patient.

With a creaking sound, Mi Xiaojing saw Mu Xiaoyin walk out with sleepy eyes. She stretched deeply, her hand still raised above her head. She saw Mi Xiaojing standing there silently and let out a startled cry.

“Ah! You scared me standing there so quietly…”

“No one was around, so I had to wait in the courtyard…”

Mi Xiaojing was a bit confused. Wasn’t she too timid? It was daytime after all.

Mu Xiaoyin said, “You fool, why didn’t you knock?…Forget it, let’s go inside and sit. I’ll go freshen up.”

Mi Xiaojing shook his head and said, “I’ll just wait in the courtyard.” He didn’t want to go into the little girl’s room.

“Suit yourself…”

Mu Xiaoyin turned and ran out. Ten minutes later, she hurried back in, already dressed and ready.

After changing her clothes, Mu Xiaoyin said, “Follow me to see Old Chen! Oh, and you can’t call him Old Chen, or you’ll be beaten to death. You have to call him Master…”

As they hurried out, Mu Xiaoyin gave instructions to Mi Xiaojing.

Mi Xiaojing silently followed along. He had a deep hatred for the Heart Sect, but he knew he couldn’t show it. If the other side noticed, he would surely be killed. He also knew that as long as he disguised himself well, the other side would not pay attention to him.

For a cultivation sect that could completely destroy the Western Expansion Sect, they really didn’t take Mi Xiaojing seriously. Otherwise, they would have killed them all instead of capturing them.

Leaving the courtyard, they walked along a winding mountain road and soon arrived at a huge cave under a cliff. Two disciples of the Heart Sect were standing at the entrance, both outer disciples in the Qi refining stage.

The two disciples only glanced at Mu Xiaoyin and then ignored her. Obviously, they knew her, but neither of them spoke. They just looked at her indifferently. Mu Xiaoyin didn’t say anything either. Instead, she led Mi Xiaojing straight into the cave.

This was a natural cave that had been arranged by magic spells. It was spacious and tall, with eight huge stone pillars, each carved with countless patterns. These were formation spirit patterns. Once activated, a killing formation would be formed here to prevent strangers from entering.

The alchemy room was usually heavily guarded by formations, and the pill room was always a place of strict defense for the sect.

However, the formation was not activated today, so Mi Xiaojing was able to follow Mu Xiaoyin in without any trouble.The surroundings soon became dim, and as they went deeper, formations used for lighting were activated above the passageway. Once someone passed by, these formations would automatically close, so everything around them was still clearly visible.

Mi Xiaojing had already felt a surge of heat surging in the passageway, and as they went deeper, it became hotter and hotter.

Mu Xiaoyin glanced at him and explained, “There is geothermal energy here. After being transformed by the Immortal Master, it has become the best alchemy location in our Heart Sect. Only Pill Masters are qualified to have a Pill Room here. Other students who study alchemy can only rent a Pill Room temporarily, and the price is very expensive.”

Mi Xiaojing remained silent.

“He’s just a little mute. He looks good, but he’s a closed book!”

Mu Xiaoyin was unhappy with Mi Xiaojing’s silence.

They saw many cultivators along the way, but they only glanced at them and pretended not to see them.

It was known that even ordinary people under Chen Shouyi’s command were not willing to offend other cultivators. Chen Shouyi was the most powerful Pill Master in the Heart Sect. No one was so foolish as to offend a master for the sake of an ordinary person. Of course, they couldn’t even flatter an ordinary person.

The air became hotter and hotter. Suddenly, a halo flickered on the jade pendant hanging from Mu Xiaoyin’s neck, and in an instant, her body was enveloped in a misty light. Even Mi Xiaojing next to her could feel a chill.

Mi Xiaojing was not concerned about this heat. After all, he had already reached the Great Perfection stage of Qi cultivation. Even without it, the power of the Evolutionary Immortality’s True Words could protect his body. So he followed along as if nothing had happened.

Mu Xiaoyin’s eyes flashed with surprise. She knew that ordinary people would find it difficult to resist the heat when they reached this point. Curious, she said nothing and continued to walk forward quickly.

Then, the two of them entered a huge stone hall, where there was a huge Pill Furnace that was eight meters high and three meters in diameter. Its shape was very strange, like a large gourd standing on the ground.

The bottom was shimmering with dazzling red radiance, and it emitted a roaring sound that was heart-pounding and frightening.

An old man stood in front of the Pill Furnace, constantly performing magical techniques. Every time he did so, there was a loud noise and the spiritual lines on the Pill Furnace quickly flickered.

Within ten meters of the Pill Furnace, there was a red light that was full of heat, and the hot breath rolled in the prohibition. The old man stood nonchalantly in the red radiance. At this time, no one dared to approach him. Several people stood on the surrounding walls, and each of them had a layer of green light protecting their bodies.

If ordinary people did not have special protection, they would die as soon as they entered this place due to the heat. Cultivators had to reach the initial stage of Qi cultivation in order to barely resist it.But Mi Xiaojing stood there as if nothing was happening, and there was no sweat or fear in sight, as if he completely ignored the scorching heat around him.

Mi Xiaojing knew that this old man should be Chen Lao, the master alchemist Chen Shouyi.

His feeling towards Chen Shouyi was that this person was very terrifying, and his strength was absolutely unfathomable. Only Wang Weijun in the Mantra Banner was grinning, and with his previous strength, he could easily slap such a small character to death.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Spiritual runes exploded on the pill furnace, and every time they exploded, the entire stone hall would shake. Spiritual runes also occasionally flashed on the stone walls, which were used to reinforce the entire stone hall formation.

A vague fluctuation came out of Chen Shouyi’s mouth, and the sound was very strange, outsiders could not understand it at all.

Mi Xiaojing’s spirit was suddenly lifted, and he listened carefully. In fact, this was his first time encountering an incantation. This kind of incantation was used in conjunction with magical techniques to activate various formations, and the pill furnace was a collection of various formations, which had to be activated by incantations and magical techniques.

Fluctuations, various fluctuations, somewhat similar to mantras, but mantras were very clear, while incantations were very vague.

Suddenly, Chen Shouyi shouted, “Come!”

A disciple with a red face and a fearful expression on his face ran over with a jade box in his hand, his footsteps stumbling.

When he reached a distance of less than one meter from the restriction, he tried to turn his body, holding the jade box with one hand and raising it high, while also squatting down.

Chen Shouyi reached out his hand and grabbed it, and in an instant, the restriction opened a gap and the jade box flew into Chen Shouyi’s hand like lightning, and the restriction gap closed immediately.

The following scene completely stunned Mi Xiaojing.

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