Chapter 28 – Pill boy


After being hit by a huge heat wave, the ordinary person let out a scream of misery and rolled towards the stone wall.

Mi Xiaojing saw it very clearly. When the prohibition formation cracked open, the heat around the pill furnace was like having an outlet, directly rushing out. However, the jade pendant on the ordinary servant’s body could not completely protect him and he was burned by the high heat. He couldn’t resist it.

In an instant, large blisters appeared on the man’s face and arms, his skin quickly reddened and swelled, and soon his face swelled up like a steamed bun.

A person next to him quickly took out a jade box and handed it to the guy who was still screaming. The man quickly applied the ointment in the jade box to his skin. A magical scene appeared. Although Mi Xiaojing was standing far away, his eyes were sharp and he could see clearly that the man’s skin quickly subsided, and the screaming stopped, but he still made a humming sound in his mouth.

Then Chen Shouyi shouted again, “Next!”

One by one, everyone repeated this process without exception. Everyone screamed miserably. After one round, no one was spared. Fortunately, there was ointment in the jade box, otherwise these people would have been burned to death, even if their jade pendants couldn’t protect them.

Mi Xiaojing also discovered a secret, that is, Mu Xiaoyin’s jade pendant was different. Her jade pendant was of much higher quality. She stood next to him, looking indifferent, and from her expression, she seemed to be used to it. She didn’t even frown.

“Why don’t cultivators do this?”

Mi Xiaojing couldn’t help but ask softly.

Mu Xiaoyin shook her head and whispered, “I don’t know, don’t talk, just watch.”

In fact, every pill master has their own quirks. What Chen Shouyi did, others would not care about it at all. It should be noted that people have died from refining pills like this, and the ordinary people serving here basically have to be rotated every three years. If they stay too long, the heat poison will accumulate in their bodies and they will soon be finished.

Even if it is a Qi refining cultivator, if they stay here for a long time, it will also affect their cultivation. Fire poison is something that can easily affect a person’s health.

Mi Xiaojing had been carefully observing Chen Shouyi, and he noticed a detail, that is, Chen Shouyi was not completely standing still. He moved his feet from time to time, and every time he moved, there were spiritual lines flashing on the ground. After watching for a while, he suddenly realized that this was adjusting the earth fire. He used the formation arranged on the ground to adjust the size of the earth fire.

It was very magical. Mi Xiaojing felt that his eyes had been opened wide. Evolutionary Immortality had relatively simple methods and didn’t have so many strange means, while cultivators not only had magical alchemy techniques, but also other strange methods that Evolutionary Immortality could not compare with.

“It’s time to refine the pill!”

Mu Xiaoyin said nervously. Her voice was small, but Mi Xiaojing heard it clearly. He suddenly became excited and focused his attention on Chen Shouyi. He was very curious, how would the pill be refined?


With a loud noise, a flashing white liquid sprayed out and was blocked by Chen Shouyi’s true qi, and it instantly hovered in the air.Chen Shouyi made a quick stroke, dividing the flashing white medicine liquid into seven parts, each the size of a fist.

Immediately, he cast one magical technique after another onto the medicine balls, and in an instant, there was a faint crackling sound. Each ball of medicine began to shrink rapidly and soon became a pill the size of a finger, and the sparkling white light gradually dissipated.

Chen Shouyi took out a jade bottle and quickly put the pills inside.

Mi Xiaojing noticed that after Chen Shouyi finished collecting the pills, he took a big step back. In an instant, a spiritual rune lit up on the ground, and then the rumbling sound of the earth fire gradually disappeared. The red light under the pill furnace also gradually dimmed. He suddenly understood that this prohibition formation was probably used to shut down the earth fire.

As the earth fire was shut down, the surroundings began to cool down. The ordinary people and servants by the stone wall seemed to breathe a sigh of relief and left one by one towards the passage. At the entrance of the passage, they all silently saluted Chen Shouyi and quickly left. As for Chen Shouyi, he didn’t even look at them.

Soon, only Chen Shouyi, Mu Xiaoyin, and Mi Xiaojing were left in the stone hall.

When Chen Shouyi walked out of the protective prohibition of the pill furnace, he finally glanced at Mi Xiaojing and said, “Xiaoyin, is this the pill boy you brought?”

Mi Xiaojing felt like it sounded like “egg pain,” as he was extremely sensitive to words. He thought for a moment and realized that it should be “pill boy,” not “egg pain.” He almost laughed but couldn’t because of the solemn atmosphere.

Mu Xiaoyin said, “Old man, this is the pill boy that Guan brought. His name is Mi Xiaojing. Hey, go and meet the old man.” She pointed to Chen Shouyi and said to Mi Xiaojing.

Mi Xiaojing thought to himself, “Why is she so fierce?” He had seen Chen Shouyi’s alchemy and instinctively knew that this guy was powerful. But from the way Mu Xiaoyin spoke, she showed no respect. She was just an ordinary person, a standard ordinary person. How dare she speak like that?

Mi Xiaojing also did not dare to be careless. People were easily killed here, and he did not want to be killed for no reason. But he couldn’t bow his head either. He said calmly, “Greetings, Master.” And then he stopped talking.

Chen Shouyi glanced at Mi Xiaojing and couldn’t help but be surprised, “Huh? Great Perfection in Qi Refining…not an ordinary person!”

Mu Xiaoyin was startled. She only now realized that Mi Xiaojing was a cultivator.

Although Chen Shouyi was surprised, he did not continue to inquire. After all, he was brought by Guan and as long as he could be useful, it was enough. He was a Foundation Establishment Ancestor, and a cultivator at the Great Perfection in Qi Refining was not even worth mentioning.

Mu Xiaoyin was a little impatient and said, “He was brought by Guan. How would I know if he’s a cultivator or not?”

Chen Shouyi seemed to dote on Mu Xiaoyin. Even if she spoke rudely, he did not mind. He said, “Okay, it’s not your fault. Let’s do this. Follow me from now on and be my pill boy…uh, the treatment will be the same as the outer disciples. You go and help arrange it.”

Mu Xiaoyin finally agreed and smiled.Although Mi Xiaojing felt inexplicable, he also knew that this time there was finally a specific task. In a sect, once there was a specific job, it meant that one could integrate into the sect. Of course, Mi Xiaojing’s hatred towards Heart Sect had not diminished at all.

Chen Shouyi said, “Alright, you take him back and arrange everything. From now on, he will be on duty here.”

Mu Xiaoyin asked, “So he is my junior martial brother now?”

Chen Shouyi helplessly replied, “Yes, he is your junior martial brother now. Take care of him.”

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