Chapter 26 – The Great Perfection of Qi cultivation

After dark, Mi Xiaojing arranged for Luo Bo to sleep, and then sat cross-legged on the kang and began to recite mantras.

This time, Mi Xiaojing immediately noticed that the mantras were different from before. Although he was curious, he didn’t stop and continued to recite the mantras.

The mantras unexpectedly merged with true qi, which meant that the evolutionary force and true qi combined without conflict. The true qi was like a stream, while the condensed mantras were like small fish swimming freely in the stream. This strange phenomenon completely dumbfounded Wang Weijun. He had no idea what was going on.

Mi Xiaojing felt for the first time how wonderful cultivation was. The feeling of being like a fish in water made him feel that his strength was growing rapidly.

After the mantras were nourished by true qi, their power increased significantly. When they brushed against the heart tower, they became more solid and firm, and the heart tower also grew slightly. The speed of his cultivation was much faster than before. He could see that the heart tower was about to reach the third level. Once it reached the third level, he could step into the first stage of the observation realm, which was equivalent to the foundation establishment period of a cultivator.

According to Mi Xiaojing’s own estimation, as long as he continued for a few more days, he could be promoted. So he was a little excited, but he still had to maintain a certain level of calm during cultivation.

After a night of cultivation, the sky was slightly brightening. Mi Xiaojing stopped his cultivation and looked at the sleeping Luo Bo. He quietly went outside and followed a small path up to a cliff to the east. Sitting here to cultivate, he could absorb a trace of Qianyang purple qi.

A moment later, the rising sun leaped from the horizon. Mi Xiaojing took a deep breath, and a stream of Qianyang purple qi fell into his spiritual energy. In an instant, this Qianyang purple qi combined with true qi.

A tremendous force caused the true qi to expand, and his bones made a continuous cracking sound, like a string of firecrackers. He inhaled three mouthfuls of Qianyang purple qi in succession.

Mi Xiaojing found that he had entered the realm of great perfection in qi cultivation, which was unexpected.

In fact, in the world of cultivators, absorbing Qianyang purple qi was only possible for those who had reached a high level of cultivation, at least at the foundation establishment period. Mi Xiaojing had been able to do it since he was young, which was one of the reasons he could produce true qi smoothly.

Wang Weijun was miserable because the Qianyang purple qi was directly intercepted by true qi, so the amount that could enter the Mantra Banner was much less. He was so frustrated that he wanted to cry.

“No, I must think of another way. It’s too much of a disadvantage not being able to communicate with the little guy.”

Wang Weijun was a high-level cultivator in his previous life, so under pressure, he began to think about how to communicate with Mi Xiaojing. After thinking for a long time, he finally came up with a way to cultivate a magical technique that should allow him to communicate with Mi Xiaojing.

“Just three days, well, if I practice seriously, maybe just two days! Little guy, I’ll definitely fool you well!”

Wang Weijun gritted his teeth. Since he entered Mi Xiaojing’s body, he had been so suffocated. He finally found a way, although he didn’t know how effective it would be, he was full of hope.

Regardless of what Wang Weijun was up to, Mi Xiaojing didn’t know anything. He only knew that not only had he reached the realm of great perfection in qi cultivation, but his evolutionary immortality had also advanced a lot. It seemed that after cultivating, the speed of his evolutionary immortality had also increased, which made him very satisfied.Returning to the room, Mi Xiaojing washed up by the creek in the small courtyard before returning to the house. Luo Bo was still sleeping.

Mi Xiaojing picked up the book that recorded the spirit herbs and medicines. The book was thick and the pages were specially processed. Every spirit herb was vividly depicted, and with a little bit of contemplation, one could observe it from all angles. This required a bit of true qi. If an ordinary person looked at it, they could only see a flat image, but cultivators could see it in three dimensions.

Moreover, cultivators could use a bit of true qi to directly imprint the properties and characteristics of the herbs into their minds. After a few times, they would not forget. Ordinary people could only rely on their memory and repeated studying and recitation to remember, and they would still forget some of it after a period of time.

Therefore, for cultivators, this book was extremely easy to remember, but for ordinary people, it was very difficult. However, Mi Xiaojing was different. He was from the Evolutionary Immortality lineage and had a natural affinity for words and images. Any text was like a weapon to him, a tool for cultivation.

In one day, Mi Xiaojing completely memorized the thick book and even had his own thoughts on it.

In the evening, Mi Xiaojing took some time to teach Luo Bo how to read. He used the Qi Refining Technique as the model, not intending for Luo Bo to cultivate, but to help him recognize more characters.

He taught one character at a time and put the ones Luo Bo recognized aside. He taught ten characters at a time, and soon Luo Bo recognized the first paragraph and tried to draw it on the ground with a stick.

Luo Bo was very serious about learning. He knew that only by studying hard could he have the opportunity to live a good life. Moreover, he trusted Mi Xiaojing completely. As long as Mi Xiaojing gave him something to do, he would do his best to complete it.

The next day, as soon as it was light, Mi Xiaojing went to the cliff and absorbed three breaths of Qianyang Purple Qi before washing up by the creek, putting on new clothes, tying his belt, and hanging his identity badge. He then quickly walked towards Grass-Benevolence Hall.

The small path in the morning was covered in a thin layer of mist, but fortunately, Mi Xiaojing had a good memory and didn’t get lost. He soon arrived at the plaque of Grass-Benevolence Hall and felt the sharp killing intent emanating from the three characters.

He went around the plaque and arrived at the courtyard, where many servants were already busy. Everyone looked at him when he entered. They knew that Mi Xiaojing was different and had a much higher status than them. The person who invited Mi Xiaojing last time had already told them about his experience, so no one dared to provoke him.

Mi Xiaojing walked along the small path and entered the side door of the courtyard. The small courtyard was very quiet, and all the room doors were closed. Mi Xiaojing didn’t know what to do and just stood there in the courtyard.

He didn’t know who to call, but since he was already there, they shouldn’t make things difficult for him.

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