Chapter 25 – Cultivation

Mu Xiaoyin said, “Mi Xiaojing, this is your identity badge, and here are your clothes.” A large package was placed on the side.

Mi Xiaojing took the identity badge somewhat dazedly. It was a palm-sized silver badge with the words “Grass-Benevolence Hall” on the front and his name in small letters on the back. No wonder Mu Xiaoyin could easily say his name.

“This identity badge should be worn around your waist. Don’t lose it. As for him… he’s still too young to register his identity.”

Luo Bo didn’t care about having an identity badge. As long as he followed Mi Xiaojing, everything would be fine. He didn’t ask any further questions.

Mi Xiaojing asked, “What am I supposed to do?”

Mu Xiaoyin smiled and said, “Oh, you can talk! I thought you were mute. Well, from now on, you’ll be like me, following Chen Lao in alchemy and learning about herbs. Take this book back with you, and this Qi cultivation technique too.”

Two small books, one thick and one thin, were placed in front of Mi Xiaojing.

“You should have a place to stay, right?”

Mi Xiaojing nodded, “Yes, we have a place to stay.” He rarely spoke, only answering when asked. He was a man of few words and preferred to do things rather than talk, a self-protective instinct.

“Come back the day after tomorrow. You don’t need to bring the little guy with you… he has nothing to do here.”

“Okay, what time should I come?”

“Come early in the morning, as early as possible. Also, you can choose to learn or not learn the Qi cultivation technique, but you need to familiarize yourself with the contents of this book as soon as possible. By the way, you can read, right?”

Mi Xiaojing nodded, “Yes, I can read.”

Mu Xiaoyin nodded and said, “That’s good. You can go now. Remember, if you’re late, you’ll be punished!”

Mi Xiaojing didn’t want to stay here any longer. He didn’t say anything, picked up the large package on the ground, took the two books, and left the room.

Although Mu Xiaoyin grumbled to herself, her ears were sharp enough to hear everything clearly. She couldn’t help but smile slightly. This little girl had left a good impression on him.

Back in his courtyard, Mi Xiaojing placed the large package on the bed and opened the Qi cultivation technique book to read.

Mi Xiaojing was very curious about cultivation because the power displayed by cultivators during the destruction of the Western Expansion Sect was too shocking.

He thought that even if he didn’t cultivate himself, he should at least understand what cultivation was all about.

The Qi cultivation technique was very simple, a basic cultivation method that allowed cultivators to cultivate their true Qi and reach the initial stage of cultivation, which was the primary Qi cultivation period. Mi Xiaojing was already at the Great Perfection stage of the Qi cultivation period, so the Qi cultivation technique was not mysterious to him. After reading it once, he immediately cultivated his true Qi, reaching the initial stage of Qi cultivation. In other words, he had cultivated his true Qi just by reading the book once.When the true Qi was swirling slightly in his body, Wang Weijun went crazy in the Mantra Banner. He couldn’t believe that Mi Xiaojing had actually cultivated true Qi. You should know that ascension and cultivators are different. Once ascension is cultivated, the ascension power will conflict with the true Qi, and ultimately, either the ascension power will consume the true Qi, or the true Qi will consume the ascension power.

But why didn’t Mi Xiaojing’s ascension power dissipate, and the true Qi still existed? What kind of monster was this? He couldn’t understand it at all. If ascension and cultivation could be carried out at the same time, the world would have been in chaos long ago. But why could Mi Xiaojing do it?

Mi Xiaojing didn’t understand at all. He didn’t know that ascension and cultivation couldn’t be carried out at the same time. Once he discovered that he also had true Qi, his curiosity expanded. He followed the breathing technique step by step and began to cultivate.

In a moment, Mi Xiaojing’s true Qi had surrounded his meridians and smoothly returned to his Dan Tian. After rotating like this for a week, he had already broken through to the mid-stage of breathing cultivation. The speed was so fast that even Wang Weijun in the Mantra Banner was stunned.

Mi Xiaojing muttered, “It’s so strange. Why is cultivation…so easy?”

Wang Weijun felt like he was going to spit blood. When was cultivation ever easy? Back then, when he was cultivating, it took a whole month from the breathing technique to finally incorporating spiritual Qi and cultivating the first true Qi, which then entered the early stage of breathing cultivation.

It took Wang Weijun half a year to go from the early stage to the mid-stage of breathing cultivation, while Mi Xiaojing had arrived with just one rotation of true Qi. It was really maddening.

Mi Xiaojing didn’t hesitate and sat down seriously to begin cultivating. True Qi began to circulate rapidly in his body.

When Mi Xiaojing opened his eyes again, he had reached the late stage of breathing cultivation, just one step away from achieving the Great Perfection of breathing cultivation.

Wang Weijun felt pitifully helpless as he felt Mi Xiaojing’s cultivation level rise at a rapid pace. He was completely speechless. In less than a day, a person who had never had a trace of true Qi had cultivated to the late stage of breathing cultivation. Back then, he could be considered a cultivation genius, but it took him three whole years to reach the late stage of breathing cultivation. The two of them were simply incomparable.

The breathing technique was almost a magical technique that all cultivators must practice. Once they entered the breathing cultivation stage, they could actually practice other magical techniques. However, Mi Xiaojing didn’t have any other magical techniques, so he just followed the breathing technique to cultivate. In just one day, he almost reached the Great Perfection of breathing cultivation.

However, Mi Xiaojing felt that it was almost enough. He naturally knew the principle of “haste makes waste”. He stretched lazily and took a deep breath. He finally woke up completely and couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He had actually cultivated without realizing it.

“Xiao Mi, I’m hungry…”

Mi Xiaojing then realized that the sky had already darkened. He had actually been cultivating for a whole day. He touched Luo Bo’s big head and felt a bit guilty. “Don’t worry, I’ll cook for us.”

He cooked some rice and stir-fried some wild vegetables. The two brothers ate heartily, cleaned up the dishes and then Mi Xiaojing finally opened the big package.

There were four sets of fine cloth clothing, pure white in color, four green belts, two pairs of black cloth shoes, two blue printed cloth strips, two face towels, and a thin quilt, all brand new without a single patch.Mi Xiaojing and Luo Bo both froze, they had never seen so many new things in their entire lives. After a while, Mi Xiaojing let out a sigh, “Cultivation sect…they are really wealthy…” Even the supplies for ordinary people within the sect already made him feel luxurious, he couldn’t imagine how rich and prosperous the formal disciples of the sect would be.

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